Blogtable: The Pacers, back in biz?

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> Was Tuesday just a good blip in a bad month, or did the Pacers finally rediscover their mojo?

Steve Aschburner, Blip. C’mon, even the crowd at a sold-out Target Center in Minnesota doesn’t cry “Wolf!” the way the Pacers have over the past month. Their funk-slash-tailspin was over, we were told, when they beat Chicago at home. Then it was over when they beat Miami. Wait, no, it finally ended when they (barely) seized the No. 1 seed. Wrong, wrong and wrong. Their performance in the series opener against the Hawks — on the heels of a reported Lance Stephenson-Evan Turner practice fight — still carries more weight than Tuesday’s Game 2 face-saver. Let’s see how Indiana does in Atlanta in the next two. Only if they now take this series in convincing fashion, the way a No. 1 is supposed to over a No. 8, will they get any credit for mojo from me.

Fran Blinebury, One game does not mojo make. I still expect the Pacers to beat the Hawks in this series, but things have got to settle down considerably in that locker room and on the court before I can put Indiana back in the elite mix with the Heat, Spurs and Thunder to win it all.

Jeff Caplan, NBA.comWho knows? In their final 12 regular-season games Indiana was 5-7 but two of those wins came against Miami and Oklahoma City. We know they’re capable. The eighth-seeded Hawks — hey, they play hard, no doubt — should be fodder. So we’ll see.

Scott Howard-Cooper, NBA.comI have to go with good blip until proven otherwise. Can it be a step toward rediscovering their mojo? Absolutely. Are the Pacers still capable of getting back to the team that could challenge Miami in the East? Yes. But the finish to the regular season and the very start of the playoffs was so bad that Indy is a group with everything to prove. No benefit of the doubt anymore.

Sekou Smith, NBA.comA really good blip in a bad month for Paul George and Luis Scola. I think we’re still waiting for the Pacers to rediscover their collective mojo, so to speak. The Pacers have to finish off the Hawks before I’m ready to pronounce them cured from whatever has ailed them since the All-Star break. You don’t stink up the place for the better part of two months and come out smelling like roses after a good third quarter.

Lang Whitaker, All Ball Blog: Just as one loss does not make a streak, neither does one win. There sure were signs of life, though, like the way George Hill played, on both ends of the court. Just as obvious, however, were signs that the Pacers still have plenty of things to fix. Like when Lance Stephenson was subbed out and he went and sulked in the corner. Or when Paul George hit a last-second three at the end of the third quarter to go up 14, and the Pacers reacted as though they’d just won the NBA Finals. Or when their All-Star center Roy Hibbert finished with six points and four rebounds playing mostly against a 31-year-old rookie. It was a good win, to be sure, and one the Pacers will definitely be glad to have in the books. But let’s not go jumping to any conclusions because they won a home game against the No. 8-seed.


  1. Kws1066 says:

    The Pacers are the #1 so they had to win more games than everybody else, making them elite. and I didn’t know Birdman and Greg Oden weren’t 7 foot? I’m just saying if the Pacers actually show up, the hawks dont have a prayer.

  2. WillGee says:

    I have been watching the Pacers all season and they are not an elite team at all, they have no offense sets that work only thing that helps is having an athletic guard in George, stephenson dribbles the ball in circles and Hibbert is overrated cause he pounds the heat which have no 7 footers in the lineup. The Hawks have a solid and even offense, they just need to stick to defensive matchups and they win this series in 6.

  3. Kws1066 says:

    Everyone knows the pacers can its just if they will. Indiana is an elite team that is in my opinion the only team able to beat the heat in the East. But, Paul George needs to continue to play well, the defense nenes to be as good as it was before the allstar break, and Roy Hibbert actually has to show up when they face the Heat. I they can do those things, they’ll get to the finals.

  4. Pindy says:

    This is more exciting if it reaches game 7. But Indy is not that ready to make it to the eastern finals. I’m willing to sell all of our properties if they reaches to finals. I would even sell our neighbor’s house and lot.

  5. DeJerald Elder says:

    All I have to say is read my comments I made on Feb the 26 affter a Hawks Lost. Click

  6. okc2014 says:

    The Hawks will probably win one game in Atlanta. Then it’s all over. Not because I don’t like the Hawks (cause I do), but Indiana is an elite team and will pull through. I’m still waiting for Larry Bird to make this statement: “Andrew Bynum has been released from the team to tend to personal issues. We thank him for his contributions to the team for the time he was here”. LOL.

  7. The Pacers are back in business! They have put themselves in position to make this series as HeKnowsHisSport predicted a 6 game series in the Pacers favor!

  8. Game Time says:

    These two will spit the next two games I’m sure. I still think it’s anyone’s series because even in last night’s win it looked more like Atlanta stopped playing defense rather than Indiana turning up their game.

  9. RTV says:

    back in it