Knicks fire Woodson, entire staff

By Sekou Smith,

VIDEO: The Knicks fired Mike Woodson and his entire staff Monday morning

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The New York Knicks fired Mike Woodson and his entire coaching staff this morning in a move that should surprise no one.

Woodson’s future with the Knicks was in jeopardy long before Phil Jackson took over as president of basketball operations for the Knicks last month. But the scrutiny intensified after Jackson assumed control. And after the Knicks failed to salvage a playoff bid out of this brutal season Woodson-watch went into overdrive.

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for Mike Woodson and his entire staff,” Jackson said in a statement released by the team. “The coaches and players on this team had an extremely difficult 2013-14 season, and blame should not be put on one individual. But the time has come for change throughout the franchise as we start the journey to assess and build this team for next season and beyond.

“Everyone in this franchise owes a great deal of gratitude to what Mike and his staff have done. We wish him the best.”

Woodson was 109-79 in parts of three season coaching the Knicks, including a 54-win season last year that included winning the Knicks’ first Atlantic Division title in 19 years. They also won a playoff series for the first time in 13 years under Woodson. But the Knicks fell woefully short of expectations this season. With Carmelo Anthony‘s looming free agency adventure, Jackson decided to start fresh with a coach of his own choosing.

The coaching search will begin “immediately,” per the Knicks’ release.


  1. jyb says:

    Woodson was a scapegoat. He’ll be employed again soon.

  2. Dagameswaggadaht says:

    They actually wrong for firing someone who have led them to a playoff spot and win the Atlantic division in 19 years and winning a playoff series in 13 years. He have done way much better than Mike D’Antonio on the lakers, we barely made playoffs last year and we are 26-55 this year and is in 14 place in western compared to knicks who are in 9th with a better record!!!!!

  3. Big Al says:

    Woodson just became the scapegoat of all this. The Knicks are already a terrible lineup to begin with. Amar’e is still nursing injuries and currently just a shadow of his former self. J.R.’s offense is on-and-off, so only Melo is really scoring consistently. Bringing back Felton was a huge mistake, and Tyson just isn’t the same guy who helped Dallas win it all.

    If Anthony agrees to stay, then take in Tyreke Evans to start at the two, and trade away Felton, Shumpert, possibly even J.R. if need be, in the interest of increasing bench depth. Substance has to go with all that pride in NYC.

  4. JC says:


  5. dpmac1571 says:

    the knicks won 54 games last season with woodson. so how long will it take phil to produce a 50 win season?

  6. dpmac1571 says:

    the knicks won 54 games last season with woodson. so if they win 50 games next year hold the praise.

  7. gunner says:

    it will be a coach who knows triangle offence.

  8. I’m not a Knicks fan, but Mike Woodson thank you for bringing back the fire at MSG and giving those Knicks fans some great games. And why I thank you? Because that clown called d’Antoni and others before him made the organisation look horrible on the floor. You can say whatever you want to say about Mike Woodson, but going 109-79 & a division title is a marvelous achievement compared to what MSG was going through before he got the job. They should at least give him 1 more year. His roster was not complete for 80% of this season and lots of injuries were not in his favour (yes I watched those games). If you don’t have the complete material how does PJ expect a 50+ win season? Did PJ forget what happened to him when MJ took a year of to play baseball? So he should have understand what Mike went through this season. I wish Mike all the best and hope to see him back as a head coach in the NBA.

  9. Well the knick’s time in the sun sure was short-lived weren’t it?

  10. Chris says:

    First mike was a good coach he had his poor decisions making choices like all coaches we all expected him to be released this year with the signing of Phill so I’m not surprised he wants a coach that can run the triangle or at least imitate it as much as possible that’s why they brought in Lamar Odom already it ran through him not kobe we need to get rid of Felton great guard but defense is terrible plus keep admire when healthy he’s a beast still numbers don’t lie reconstruct his contract ofcourse I say drop chandler find a big man similar to Noah from Chicago that can produce on both sides of the court lastly Melo isn’t going anywhere! He 30 mill is 30 mill no other team in the league this year can really give him a max contract plus all we need is to fill the voids at that guard and big man positions and we will be fine I’m sure Phill can handle that!

  11. Louise says:

    Firing coach Woodson was devastating. I sure hope that whoever takes his place they help us to win the championship. This is New York. Go Knicks!!!!

  12. Ballin all day says:

    Woow… Woody did something special last year with the knicks… That is just wrong to fire him over one bad season… Thats why teams and coaches often fail to be successful, because the minute something goes wrong they want to fire someone or trade players away from the team. You cant always destroy and rebuild everytime things dont go according to schedule.. These knicks have been in so many trade rumors this year including jr. smith, shumpert, bargnani, chandler and felton. How can you compete when you think u will be traded to a new city every 3 weeks… The organizations these days do a bad job at keeping their teams together and growing as a unit… Spurs are one of the few teams that actually honor their contracts and commitments to their players… They dont have to play under pressure, trade rumors and scrutiny every night. And they do very well every year, while getting older and older.. The knicks used to be my heart but its some nasty stuff going on and I can no longer support them. I wish the players the best of luck and I prey melo leaves new york. If he stays he may not recognize anyone on his team next year, not to mention everyone in NY is always on the chopping block. Run for the hills melo, you wont find a ring in new york and the same thing thats happening to your team around you could happen to you on any given bad season…Yes I love Phil Jackson, but as a coach and not as a man i remember destroying my favorite team. At least coach the team yourself…

    • Ballin all day says:

      And raymond felton should not be new yorks starting point guard. He can only create for tyson chandler everyone else’s offense is stagnant. Mike Woodson did not ruin the team, the knicks organization did. Woodson did not allow steve novak, chris copeland and jason kidd to leave without replacing the shooters, the knicks organization did. By attempting to fill the void with metta world peace and shannon brown.. Woody didnt give amare stoudemire 120 million dollars from the teams cap space, the knicks organization did. The organization made crutial mistakes that translated to woodsons failures.

    • artifex says:

      I agree on the need for steadiness. If you look around, ehich teams have consistent rosters over the last years it’s the Spurs, OKC, Pacers, Grizzlies and Bulls (sans injuries), Heat (since 2010) – or who grew most consistently with key players around since 2010 or ealier…
      All are among the best in the league.
      On the other hand you have to consider the potential and at some point most of the mentioned teams went through rebuild (like OKC since 2007, Heat in 2010, Bulls since 2007/08 with Noah/Rose).
      If Melo stays in NY I think he needs some defensive minded players – Chandler is a great start, but only one, who was injured for ca. 6 weeks…

  13. Andrew says:

    Maybe Patrick Ewing will finally get his chance at being a head coach. He would definitely be loved by the city of NY.

  14. Wing Wang says:

    Firing Mike Woodson was a wise move. I sometimes did not understand him. Playing both JR Smith and Melo at the same time is something I wouldn’t do. Both of them hog the ball too much. Melo should really leave the Knicks and join a team who has a potential in making the playoffs. He shouldn’t join a team like Miami or Chicago because that is like betraying the Knicks. He should return to Denver. Denver really needs him back considering that most players are injured.

  15. Lee says:

    Woodson had to go, he’s a good coach but not great. Meaning he couldn’t keep things together in the team, the same thing happened when he coached the Hawks. Management didn’t help either, first Raymond Felton is not a starting Pg, neither is Prigioni or Udrih, they got burned by quicker pg, and were not consistent scoring points, The Sg trio Shumpert loses a step every time he gets injured, Smith doesn’t mature and Hardaway the future at that position is still developing. Melo is not God he could only do so much as the only perennial all-star. Stoudemire will never be the same player he was before the injuries, and his contract is eating too much money, money they need to get help. Chandler plays defense but doesn’t produce offense, they pick up a player that can’t figure out how to be the NBA player he’s supposed to be in former first pick Bargnani. Overall the team was too slow for teams that had speed. If Jackson can’t figure out how to put a winning suad on the floor quick for next season Melo will walk. If the Knicks end up with one of the top 4 picks in this years draft Melo walking out is a sure thing, and his replacement won’t be hard to find and the can build and wait till the summer of 2014 when Stoudemire is finally off the books. Lets wait till the lottery in a few weeks to know if the Knicks fans should worry or not and with Phil Jackson the worries should not last long. Best case scenario ending up with a pick like Wiggins or Parker, Melo walks, but the following season you find a way to sign 2015 free agents maybe Kyrie Irving. Imagine Irving, Parker or Wiggins, Hardaway, Marc Gasol? Common it doesn’t look that bad for the Knicks they’re just not winning a championship right away. By the way I’m not a Knick fan I just know what can happen.

    • artifex says:

      With the prospect of Parker and Wiggins being top5 picks the odds for the Knicks are really bad to land one of them.
      As bad as they are they are 9th in the East, i.e. there are 6 other teams with better odds plus the 3 (Sac, LAL and Utah) from the West. Even NO and Denver have worse records. So, they have only a 1% chance for even getting the 3rd pick… not too good.

    • Tiago Teixeira says:

      Knicks don’t have a pick this yr

  16. Spurs4Life says:

    No surprise to me, Knicks has to have someone to blame for their disappointing season and I just don’t really think that the Knicks will let go of Melo, he is a very talented scorer who is still in his prime. Phil should just overhaul the supporting cast just like how the sixers did with A.I when they reach the finals years back.

  17. jw says:

    I don’t know Woodson well. However, the one that the Knicks should let go next has gotta be Carmelo Anthony. Anthony is not a winner period. Anthony is ball hog. The flow of the game stops when he touches the ball. He couldn’t win with Denver Nuggets. George Karl couldn’t change Carmelo Anthony’s game style. No coach can. Carmelo Anthony came to New York and no surprise, he didn’t win at New York. What made it worse, was JR Smith came to NY Knicks along side Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo Anthony and JR Smith together are simply poisonous to any team building. Let Carmelo Anthony go to other teams!

    • Alice says:

      Phil will keep Anthony… he had the same kind of ballhog in LAL… all he needs to do is to surround this version with better players…

  18. Roscoe George says:

    Pu tthe coach from Durham and the coach from Syracuse together in charge. they did a greaT job in the Olympics with NBA spoiled brats. They will give the Knicks – whoever they may be – a potent offence and a sublime zone defense.

  19. PJax says:

    hah!! i smell PJax is gonna be a headcoach again :3

  20. IM Andrew Bynum says:

    Hire Dennis Rodman and Metta World Peace as coach

  21. okc2014 says:

    I think Spike Lee can do the right thing. No pun intended. LOL.

  22. D.Allen says:

    I can’t believe NO ONE is talking about Scottie Pippen!!!!! HE IS THE MAN for this job!!!!

  23. Regret says:

    In my opinion, they shouldn’t have fired him as coach. He was a great coach who led the Knicks to a 54-28 in the 2012-2013 season. It can’t be the players because they have 9.5/10 people that they had last season. It’s the players who did bad, not Woodson.

  24. Grouch says:

    Brian Shaw will coach the Knicks

  25. Peta says:

    Lol what joke, Knicks need to get it together I mean how could you fire Woodson? The Whole Nba can pretty see that the problem was the players attitudes and their personal life distractions they brought into the locker rooms, practice and the games and yet the Knicks management is going to put the blame on Woodson? What a joke. Its the management staff that put the Knicks in this position by giving away your 3 point shooters and not resigning new ones. The Knicks this year talent wise compared to last year is just horrible and it never had to be that way and Woodson was finally able to slap some sense into them which gave them a chance to get into the playoffs. Get ready for some more horrible years ahead at the bottom of the Atlantic because just about every Atlantic team is going get better next year but not you guys, even if Melo stays.

  26. Eve says:

    Woodson is a good coach. But due to thr type of season they had, this is the outcome. How about Alan Houston as the new head coach.

  27. Duko says:

    Phil, hire Mike D’Antoni now…

  28. Bu says:

    i agree wl some guys here saying Woods is a good coach and shouldn’t blame him. The fact is, the team has no leader and melo is too good a scorer to let go at this point. Woods can’t manage melo or any superstar well and this is a prerequiste for championship coaching in nba. so good coach like Woods will not fit into Knicks plans. Even if Woods can work well wl PJ using his systems, the players don’t respect him anymore and tough to turn this around. So he has to go.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if PJ’s disciples will come in as coach & coaching staff

  29. Wang says:

    Jackson is going to take over the coaching but like the Pat Riley Heat team he will coach from behind that’s why he needs a front coach that follow is instructions. He needs a Polestra kind of coach.

  30. BlackDove- says:

    Its about time! it should have happen last season after his performance vs the pacers in the playoffs!

  31. marty says:

    This is way beyond Woodson.Go ahead and get Kerr as HC.He’ll probably be as great as he was as a GM in Phoenix.

  32. Michael says:

    Avery Johnson is a great coach, but why would he want to coach the Knickerbonkers?

  33. dustydreamnz says:

    Is Mike Woodson’s beard fake?

  34. jwt7000 says:

    I am glad Mike Woodson and company are gone. The question is, who will be the next new coach of the Knicks?

    Having George Karl to coach the Knicks may be a good choice as he had coached Melo before, but he’s now aging.

  35. John says:

    The knicks need a new coach along wih new players. Day by day we will see changes with new faces and come by next year playoff time, the knicks will draw all it’s aces !!

  36. MJ23 says:

    Melo is now a serial coach killer in New York.

  37. J12 says:

    Larry Brown, Avery Johnson, or Steve Kerr would be great choices if they were willing.

    • Pakyaw says:

      Steve Kerr a coach?.. Lol!..

    • Hmmm says:

      Larry Brown for sure. No on Avery and Kerr. I f you’re going to give it to a former player, might as well give it to Ewing!! He’s been snubbed for years and would obviously be a great fit given their past. But, I’d rather see Phil coach above anyone else. I don’t see a possibility of him taking over the head coaching job for at least a year. Or bring back ……..Isiah……..I still got faith in his ability to coach

  38. KingJamesBallin says:

    What a cowardly act by the Knicks organization! Now I’m a hardcore Lakers fan. Before Shaq, After Shaq, when we couldn’t get past the first round, two-peat and so on. However, I think Phil has made a terrible mistake here and dumping Woods. Woods is a great coach. Its not his fault the players can’t put their heart into the game and compete. Melo’ having to score 30+ pts a game just to keep them in contention for the 8th seed.

    Tell me three negatives about Woodson compared to the Knicks players. Just pathetic.

    • Hmmm says:

      I agree with Woodson not being deserving off taking the fall for this team. But, I can see why they would want to start fresh after last season. Also,now we’ll know faster if Phil will make a good team builder. I think Phil can, and will, change the culture around there, play team ball with a coach like Larry Brown and Melo could very well flourish into his full potential/ability (really scary)……especially if Phil ends up coaching sometime down the line!

  39. [knicks] says:

    It’s sad to see Woodson go. I been a knicks fan for 2 decades. Knicks went through a lot of ups and downs over the years. It’s not just Woodson’s and/or his stuffs ruin the knicks. Not one knicks roaster play up to their standard compare to last season. I’m referring to the stats. They don’t have the same mentality, chemistry, sync. Jackson need to restructure and tune the knicks. It’s a tall order but I have faith in him. I hope he find the perfect combo. I really missed the big 3 back in the days – Ewing, Oakley, Starks. If they can put together a similar trio, they’ll not only make the playoffs but most very likely to win the championship. Go knicks go! Once a knick, always a knick

  40. noyb says:

    Ah jeez, meant NYK. Ugh, speed-typing

  41. noyb says:

    How much you wanna bet PJAX & NYN make a hard run at Lebron after MIA gets dumped in the playoffs?!

    • steagl3 says:

      Not much. He’ll have to compete with LAL for that, and he needs a LOT of different players on the roster which means he will likely not have the cap space to get a max contract player (which you know LBJ will demand, after taking a “pay cut” for 3 years in Miami).

    • Big L says:

      I’d bet my house they dont do squat. Melo is out and that leaves you wtih Junior. Have fun being irrelevant for another 20 years

      • Hmmm says:

        Melo should give Phil a chance. His presence can certainly be beneficial for Melo, and even JR. The roster needs work and more effort. I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out. I just don’t see them continuing to flounder like they have.

  42. vquarter says:

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  43. Kingdom Man says:

    This is the thing that has not been highlighted: That roster is TERRIBLE! Props to Melo for keeping his mouth shout and trying to drag his team to the playoffs (well done Melo, it’s only taken you 10 years to mature) but if JR Smith is your second best player, you are in BIG TROUBLE! He of the elbow throwing (in the playoffs, no less) shoe lace untying antics…I am fascinated to see what PJ is gonna do with that roster. I don’t feel sorry for any NBA coach when they get fired, they’ve made their money and God ’em for it.

    • Dieter says:

      C’mon, before Carmelo came to the Knick they played pretty good basketball with Stoudemire. It’s just not wise to have 2 superstars who can’t play defense and don’t know how to share the ball. They made a big mistake by trading for Melo, everyone knows it. Phil would be stupid to not sign and trade Melo, because he wouldn’t fit his system.

  44. Peter jones says:

    The Knicks have more of a player problem than coaches. Woodson won 54 games last year when they players wanted to play. Get raid of JR, Felton and the old man stadmire, give Anthony the players he needs and watch the Knicks go places!

    • The RIGHT way! says:

      Hire Larry Brown, again. They can learn to play the right way, if they want to. I agree that it was more of a player problem. Thy just didn’t come to play a lot of the time. Larry Brown and PJax sounds like a good leadership situation to me! They’ve already signed Odom.

  45. steagl3 says:

    I would take George Karl or Jerry Sloan any day of the week over Kurt Rambis or Steve Kerr. No offense to those guys, but if you want to get back to playoff form fast, don’t go with someone that has little or no head coaching experience. Get a proven coach, and get proven players, and sell them on the new system.

    • Peter jones says:

      Carl and sloan are too old and out of touch. Both have health issues. I would go with Steve Kerr though, he can motivate them.

      • steagl3 says:

        I’m not sure I agree with the “out of touch” part but yes, they are old. That doesn’t mean they are unable to coach, lead, or succeed. These guys bleed basketball and know more about playmaking and team building than most guys out there, past or present. I think it would be a shame to not put their expertise to use. That said, I realize a rebuilding NY team may not be the best fit for either of them.

    • NewYorker says:

      Hmm, if they want to keep Melo it’s probably not wise to go for George Karl. He user to coach Melo in Denver and I’m not sure Melo likes him…

  46. rj says:

    jackson should take over the coaching job then!

  47. ray says:

    jackson needs to hire a handpuppet without a backbone, like riley did with spo

  48. archeonix says:

    Jackson’s been a winner but 2011 proved that the triangle can’t win against a well run modern zone, like Carlisle’s. Does he know that? I’ll bet he can do a bang-up job choosing players and coaches, but that remains to be proven too. At any rate there isn’t a lot to rebuild with in NYC if it comes to a restart, and if Melo goes what other options are there? Knick fans: 2020 will be your year.

  49. David says:

    hi all. I recomend great latin coach Julio Toro. He has a lot coaching experience.Phil Jakcson know him and the league who Julio makes big wins. Also he worked with Puerto Rico national team and Venezuela national team. I’m a basketball fan and the leadership and knowledges of Julio Toro make him the best choice for the position.

  50. Lakers4Life says:

    Please L.A.L Learn from NICKS.

    Imitate the KNICKS move or atleast replicate whichever your comfortable.

    Cheaply you rented a coach with a lsoing recored and a Gazel style of playing knowing you had veterans on the payroll.

    The Guy (D’Ananroni is a very good high school coach, surely not NBA Material worst, L.A.)

    Please do the honourable thing before we quit our 4 tickets next season, willing to go along with a rebuilding team headed by a Grade A coach,

  51. djMamba says:

    wow if the knicks never brought over bargnani, they could’ve easily made the playoffs ; ultimately blame bargnani for woodson being fired

  52. TayCloudz says:

    Kobe should retire and coach the triangle in New York

  53. BringBring80sNBA! says:

    Yey, too bad ‘ol Mike didn’t have the right *DNA* for being allowed a 2nd chance —–10 months removed from the best Knicks season in 13 years.

  54. Jeff Almai says:

    I will be praying for coach Woodson & his entire staff-that’s a tuff spot to be in due to the tuff season the Knicks had. It will be interesting to see if Melo stays or goes? NBA Champion Coach Phil Jackson will get them back to champion status! Steve Kerr anyone?

  55. knickerbocker says:

    Jackson has to clean out the team also. They need young legs. A new philosophy from ground up. Jackson needs to be thecoach for at least one year and groom the next coach.

  56. Kevin says:

    They Should Put Steve Kerr The COACH!!!!

  57. Rodrigo says:

    Thank the lord the finally fired woodson. Hopefully we can either get mark jackson or steve kerr.

  58. Nast says:

    Awwww, sad to see a good coach taking for management’guys mistakes..
    wish u the best Woody !!

  59. We need titles in New York.

  60. boss says:

    If nothing changes, nothing changes! I wish the former staff the best but this had to be done. Next perhaps they can reduce Carmelo’s shots and make a team of the roster.

  61. moocow007 says:

    Thank goodness…no more switching! Woodson seemed like a good person but he’s just not good enough as a head coach for what this team needs. I think his doom was cemented in the Pacer playoff series last season. His inability to make adjustments and overall predictability of his system just could not be overcome by the players the Knicks had on this team.

  62. atlshogun says:

    Woodson always gets stuck on teams with really bad management. Detroit, Hawks, and now the Knicks. Despite that, he has always proven himself to be a winner and having the ability to develop young talent. He will get hired quick. He is a hustler and always able to make a $1 playoff team out of 15 cents.

    • mike says:

      Not surprised but not happy….Woodson was tired of dealing with Crazy Jim Dolan….but to also fire a knick Fan Favorite Herb Williams too……ouch…..

  63. basketballfanatic says:

    loosing doesn’t measure the skills of a coach…it measures how the players executed their skills! and firing would be the worst solution within a solution. Sometimes to win basketball is to how well you shoot the ball and score, and not how well you defend but not score…you cannot win with 1000 blocks but win with just 1 point up against your opponent!
    its long winded…i know!

  64. jerrel says:

    Crzy he got the knicks to the playoffs twice n you guys fire him smh just bcuz he’s black

  65. Marcus says:

    As a Knick fan, I actually liked Woodson and, with veteran on-court leadership like we had last year with Kidd, Camby, Kurt Thomas & Rasheed, I think he did very well. But without those veteran leaders, he just couldn’t get these guys together. I wish him and his staff the best. Hoping that the next ones to go are the head-case that is JR Smith and the “No-D” Felton.

  66. Frank says:

    not a Knicks fan but Jordan called it Phil Jackson is going to build that team to what we wants and win doing so now far as who he going to get for the job of Coach if you don’t know something is wrong with you all Steve Kerr head Coach and some form or fasion Scttie Pippen will be on that staff along with the famous triangle smdh

  67. tiano says:

    new hope for the knicks!!!! maybe jackson will choose himself to be a coach! lol

  68. Troy says:

    Derek will be the coach but I am wondering how those teams spending tons of money for transfers and starting with a rookie coach instead of picking up one of the elite coaches in the market.

  69. eastbrook russell says:

    steve kerr

  70. Paul says:

    Poor Woodson. I don’t blame him for the Knicks season, the team was badly constructed. Thanks for your work Mike and good luck in the future.

  71. Tommy says:

    I think Steve Kerr will be the Next Coach for the knicks

  72. nico says:

    George Karl??????

  73. It Would Be Cool For Woodson to Go To the lakers!

  74. HeatFan says:

    I am not surprised at all by the change that Phil has made beginning with the coaching staff in New York. I have been following Phil ever since he was coaching the Chicago Bulls. Phil felt it was time to clean house and what better way than to start with the coaching staff. My guess is that the new coach will be someone that Phil has a close relationship with or even have coached – like Steve Kerr. Just waiting to see!!!

  75. LS says:

    Phil will probably hire a coach he can manipulate and control like Jerry Jones controls his coaches. He’s a guru you know.

  76. Glenn Marcy says:

    Overall it’s too late cause I’m sure they just lost Carmelo Anthony also. Mike is a great guy but this should have happened weeks ago. Phil knows basketball so trust he’ll get this team where it needs to be. New coach will be Steve Kerr mark my words.

  77. mesicbox says:

    Why not Patrick Ewing?

  78. theholyspectator says:

    melo is next to leave

  79. Nicholas says:

    They should hire George Karl since he coach melo in Denver

  80. Eden says:

    Get George Karl of the former Denver Nuggets coach.

  81. ronjohn260 says:

    So long Mike and hello Tex winters and the triangle offence…time for Phil to leave his stamp on these knicks….

  82. DICE says:

    About time!!!geez…They should’ve let him go the start of the new year!! He is too friendly, a players coach not a hard coach.

  83. Laker Fan says:

    Kurt Rambis or maybe Derek Fisher will probably be the coach.

  84. Brainundrum says:


  85. NBAFAN says:

    The Knicks lacked desire this season. Woodson had to take the cut.

  86. Romeo Aguirre says:

    Woodson to the lakers

  87. TheKush says:

    I’m surprised they took this long he’s a nice person but he lost that Knicks team month’s ago