Beverley ready to bounce back again

By Fran Blinebury,

HOUSTON — Pat Beverley’s recuperative powers continue to surprise even his teammates.

After the feisty point guard re-injured his right knee in a collision with Portland’s LaMarcus Aldridge with 1:04 left in overtime, most of the Rockets feared the worst.

But after an examination by team physician Dr. Walter Lowe Monday morning, Beverley has been cleared to play in Game 2 on Wednesday night against the Trail Blazers.

“I knew how I felt when I woke up this morning that I was OK,” Beverley said after going through practice with the team. “Hearing him agree with me was a blessing.

“I felt a real stiff little pain as far as the knee area where I hurt before. But I’m fortunate. I don’t know. I heal fast, I guess.

I woke up at home, tried to put some weight on it. Squat, it felt good. One leg jump, it felt good. Did this all at home. I just have an ability to heal.”

Beverley had torn the meniscus in his right knee on March 27 and missed eight games. He remained in the game Sunday night after banging into Aldridge on a pick, but hobbled off the court 20 seconds later after fouling out.

“Stoked,” said forward Chandler Parsons. “I didn’t see that coming. He never ceases to amaze me. I’m glad he’s healthy and went through practice today and hopefully he’ll be able to go Wednesday.

“Last night he was really shaken up and pretty much wasn’t walking, was really upset. I didn’t know what to think. I thought the worst.”

Center Dwight Howard expressed relief, both real and comical.

“I’m happy. Our prayers were answered,” Howard said. “He’s playing. I think he went home and just shook his leg a million times and whatever happened, it just popped right back into place. It’s amazing.”

The medical clearance means Beverley will be able to resume his head-to-head battle with Blazers point guard Damian Lillard, who shot 9-for-19, scored 31 points, grabbed nine rebounds and had five assists in the first playoff game of his career.

Lillard and Beverley have squabbled on and off the court this season. Lillard has complained about Beverley’s aggressive tactics and Beverley went on a Houston radio show in response and label Lillard “a whiner.”

“He raises the level of the game when he’s out there,” Lillard said on Monday. “I wish him the best. Hopefully, he’s healthy. When I know he’s subbing in and out of the game, I think they’re just a better team.”

When informed of Lillard’s comments, Beverley did a double-take and then smiled.

“I don’t know if he’s trying to use reverse psychology on me,” he said. “I don’t know how to take it.”


  1. Nick says:

    I think all these comments are hilarious…. I was born an raised a BLAZERS fan but regardless of who I’m rooting for, It never should have mattered what call was made and what call wasn’t made. There were horrible calls right and left but if either team had stepped up IN REGULATION and made their free throws, it never would have mattered… Both teams combining to miss 24 free throws is completely unacceptable. Quit blaming the refs, bad calls happen all the time. Step up and make your shots. Obviously I want the Blazers to win but ultimately I just want a good series and for people to quit complaining.

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  3. danny says:

    beverley is a scrub

  4. Fans r fickle says:

    Beverly is good, but he is a drama queen. Also, u Houston fans need to realize that there was a terrible call on Portland as well, when Lopez fouled out. Howard traveled(big time), Lopez didn’t even touch him, seriously, watch the replay, and they called Lopez for his sixth foul. This was just as big as the Howard call. And if u step out of your Houston color blind vision u will see that Howard grabbed freeland first. Portland took game 1, deal with it!

  5. Patty says:

    Beverly is a Great Player.

  6. willie says:

    beverly’s a thug

  7. Big Al says:

    Now it’s time for Houston to sweep the rest of the series. It’s potentially San Antonio in the next round, and Dwight, The Beard and Company know their number. Portland just woke up a sleeping giant.

  8. JCVS101 says:

    overrated player.

  9. to all you uneducated rockets fans, the reason they did not shoot a free throw in the first half was because they didnt GET FOULED!!!!! there were bad calls both ways, stop blaming the refs, it was a great playoff game, bad calls happen, howard got away with two travel no calls, you see us talking about that as what made the game or didnt, shut up, move one, RIP CITY BABY

  10. buckarooski says:

    @Panda…don’t know what game you were watching…even the NBA’s Rod Thorn agreed the refs botched the call that cost the Rockets the game in the last 11 seconds (a foul that was called on Howard that should have been called on Portland)…

  11. steven says:

    The rockets got screwed that whole game. the first half when they did not shoot a free throw at all and portland got every single touch foul. dwight had three missed calls on him in the first quarter with lopez pushing all up on him. but if howard touched someone they would call a foul in seconds, the rockets always get screwed by the refs and will continue to do so this whole series. nobody wants to give them love, kevin durant gets every single foul called for him, even if you blow on the guy. portland is a bunch of cry baby whiners and are bigger floppers then the rockets. nobody flops on the rockets and the refs missed two huge calls in overtime. the dwight howard call which was clear as day that dwight should have gone to the line… portland won by 2 and barely with harden going 8 for 28 and howard having a poor shooting night. it will be much different on wednesday.. IF THE REFS LET THEM PLAY!!!!!

  12. Panda Rancher says:

    The Blazers deserved that win and a lot more respect. They fought threw bad calls all night.

  13. NBAFAN says:

    Herr, you made me laugh but I am rooting for the Rockets. I don’t think the Rockets flop nearly as much as the Clippers. If you watched the game and read the news today, the refs actually gave Portland a freebie in the last game when Dwight should have gotten 2 more free throws. The Blazers are a good team but the Rockets are alot more entertaining to watch IMO.

  14. jdub455 says:

    Its funny several articles are written about this guy when all he does is act like a Detroit “Bad Boy” wannabe for the team. He aint gonna stop lillard. No matter what jumpin and fist pumpin he does.

  15. okc2014 says:

    Herr, you are mean. I don’t care for Beverly, but I like the Rockets and hope they beat the Trailblazers and win round 1. Dwight Howard needs to prove a point. I’ve not seen this flopping you mention. LOL

  16. Herr says:

    He faked it like Chandler Parsons “injury” with 2.9 seconds left in the game. Rockets are just Floppets. Glad Portland won 5v8 last night. They’ll have to continue that the entire series, especially since Harden the Fish is going to be flopping a lot more and Dwight Coward will be throwing random elbows at peoples stomachs.

    • himm says:

      oh, that’s just adorable

    • mike says:

      u got that right oh and all of you for got the travel by Howard and got two free throws out of it so the miss call were there all game and can name more but its all good

      • Drew says:

        Theres always gonna be bad calls in games. Why does everyone complain about bad calls? It’s gonna happen regardless.