Panic button pays off for Pacers

By Steve Aschburner,

VIDEO: Copeland’s last-gasp shot lifts Pacers over Bucks

MILWAUKEE – By the end of the night, the players and coaches of the Indiana Pacers could look you in the eye, smile ever so slightly and shrug, “What?”

As if it was the most natural thing in the world to play an NBA game that still mattered – the top seed in the Eastern Conference bracket still TBD – with all five starters healthy but banished to the bench.

But nobody was fooling anybody. This was a risky move, risky on the verge of panic, for coach Frank Vogel to sit down – to rest, en masse – the five guys who have defined the Pacers’ largely successful season. But there they sat: Paul George, David West, Roy Hibbert, Lance Stephenson and George Hill, from beginning to end, mere spectators and cheerleaders Wednesday night at BMO Harris Bradley Center.

After multiple consultations between Vogel and the players, among Vogel and President Larry Bird and the coaches — and a heads-up courtesy call to NBA headquarters in hopes of avoiding any fines — the Indiana coach shortened his bench by whacking his starters. He did, from the rationale he gave, what he should have done in February or March, if only the alleged wear, tear and fatigue from season’s first five months had shown itself before the sixth.

If you asked Vogel in February or March about his starters’ workload, the answer was the same: None of the Pacers was averaging more than a tick beyond 30 minutes a game. They were healthy, young and they could handle it.

Until, that is, they couldn’t. It took five losses in their six most recent games, eight in their last 11, a 20-18 record since Jan. 20 and a 23-point first half against Atlanta on Sunday to push Vogel to the unusual and non-guaranteed homeopathic remedy of enforcing a day off.

That loss at home to the Hawks had been “disturbing,” Vogel said 90 minutes before tipoff Wednesday against the bottom-feeding Bucks. What he was doing was a “dramatic move,” primarily to give the starters a breather but also to rattle the backups’ cage a little.

It could have backfired massively, losing to the team with the league’s worst record, “sacrificing” a winnable game while ceding even more ground to the Miami Heat in the East. But it did not.

By the end of the night, after Chris Copeland‘s drive to the rim with 1.2 seconds left won it, 104-102, after everyone in the Indiana dressing room exhaled and after the Memphis Grizzlies put down Miami 107-102, the Pacers could pinch themselves over this:

1. Indiana, 54-25, .684
2. Miami, 53-25, .679

They were headed to south Florida next, a 2-1 lead in the series already, with a chance Friday (7:30 p.m. ET, NBA TV) to pretty much seal the deal. After so much gnashing of teeth over their tumble – in the standings, yes, but also in confidence, trust and other team qualities – the Pacers were able to act like they knew this outcome was coming all along.

VIDEO: The Pacers discuss their thrilling win in Milwaukee

“We accomplished the purpose,” said George, who spent the game in warm-ups after getting in some conditioning and shooting. “We felt very comfortable with the group we had, that they were going to go out there and get us a win. It wasn’t like we were sacrificing the game. We game-planned. Coach really drilled and worked hard with the unit he put out there.”

The Pacers’ All-Subs put up good numbers against a Milwaukee team down to eight players itself through injuries and the start of Larry Sanders‘ five-game suspension (drug-policy violation). Luis Scola scored a season-high 24 points with nine rebounds, flourishing like he seldom has off Indiana’s bench this season. Same thing with Evan Turner, the trade-deadline acquisition who had to be feeling Philadelphia after logging more than 41 minutes, jacking 18 shots and finishing with 23 points, nine assists and seven boards.

Copeland missed just one of his eight shots, scored 18 and was good for four of the Pacers’ 11 3-pointers. Backup point guard C.J. Watson returned after missing 13 games, and his impact shouldn’t be understated; Indiana is 47-14 when he plays, 7-11 when he doesn’t. The Pacers outshot the Bucks and had 26 assists to 11 turnovers.

“Served the purpose,” said Vogel. “We got the starters the rest that hopefully will help them find their rhythm, and we let our bench guys get extended minutes so they could get comfortable. Evan Turner hasn’t been that comfortable in a Pacers uniform.”

How badly have the starters needed a breather? The math says very: the five Pacers have averaged 2,521 minutes, which might not seem excessive (32.8 per game). But compared to the deftly managed San Antonio Spurs, the difference is considerable. The five Spurs who have played the most have averaged 1,934 minutes. That gap of 587, doled out 30 minutes at a time, is nearly 20 extra games’ worth.

It just could be that the Pacers are more ground down because their key guys haven’t had significant injuries.

“I don’t know if I’ve seen any guys ailing,” Copeland said, “but I know they needed a rest, because it’s a grueling season. A lot of ’em are playing through a lot of things. You look at David West, he’s playing with Rocky’s glove, y’know? That shows the type of guys we’ve got. Nobody’s complaining about playing with injuries, but trust me – all five who sat out have something going on.”

Hibbert, in a robin’s egg blue sport coat and tan slacks, was officially listed as inactive because someone had to be. The other four watched in game gear but budged only to root, clap and mill around on the fringe of timeout huddles.

“It was a weird feeling, sitting out a game,” Hibbert said. “But I was really happy for those guys. They’ve been working extremely hard the whole season. To see them go out and play, and not have to worry about making mistakes and having the starters come back in, I was really happy for ’em.”

Hibbert said getting the game off was both a physical and mental health day, and none of them seemed to need it more. The big fella hit some sort of wall Sunday against Atlanta, playing just nine minutes, going scoreless with no rebounds, then languishing on the bench through the second half in some sort of bad body-language funk. He was way more engaged in this one, encouraging the reserves, snarling toward the crowd a few times.

When Indiana visits the Heat on Friday, its starters will have gone five days – more than 120 hours – between games.

“We probably haven’t had that since the season started,” Stephenson said. “Any rest can help us right now.”

Nothing’s guaranteed now, either, except a big dose of irony: The Pacers’ staked out that No. 1 seed as a goal back in training camp so they wouldn’t have to win a big game in Miami come springtime. Now, in order to actually claim it, they have to win a big game in Miami come springtime.


  1. Bucks4Life says:

    This game was a win-win if you want the Pacers w/ the #1 Playoff seed over Miami and the Bucks w/ the #1 Lottery Seed over the Sixers. Which, I have to admit, a fair number of people do.

  2. dustydreamnz says:

    Nothing has changed YET. They beat the BUCKS by 2 POINTS. Most teams beat the Bucks by more than that. Come on now.

  3. marty says:

    Really.First blame PG on struggles (whole team).Now you want to give credit to Bird and Vogel for getting a win against the Bucks.

  4. smh says:

    one win and theyre back to being the eastern conference favorites. gotta love these blogs lol

  5. Adam says:

    Homeopathic remedy? Is the author is saying this move is nothing more than placebo?

  6. vinsanefan says:

    Alright let’s be real here. Rest may have been a factor in Vogel’s decision to rest all five starters, but this has a lot more to do with team chemistry and the mental state of the Indiana Pacers than it has to do with the physical state of the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers starters have gone away from the style of play that allowed them to take command of the overall number one seed in the NBA, and in the past several weeks they’ve been dysfunctional and haven’t been playing well as a team. I think that Vogel wanted to send a message to his starters that their chemistry issues can’t continue, and one of the strongest messages a coach can send is benching his entire starting lineup. I think it was a also a move to instill more confidence in players like Evan Turner and Luis Scola who’ve played who haven’t seemed to be quite as comfortable or productive as one would expect them to be in Indiana. The whole idea that this is primarily about Vogel wanting to rest his starters because they’re tired is bogus. A team that has publicly declared that their goal is to win the number one seed in the Eastern conference, and that has been playing for that all season long, doesn’t suddenly rest their entire starting line up because they’re tired when they’re neck and neck with Miami in the standings.

  7. Edub says:

    I love how they win against the Bucks and suddenly they have their mojo back. Excuses for a young team that they are tired. Everyone loves giving this team an excuse. Funny they needed rest right before they play Miami, where last time they beat Miami, Paul George said “They brought “fun” back”, and they proceeded to get whopped by ever team again. Same thing is going to happen. 2nd maybe 1st round exit for these Pacers.

  8. Marco29 says:

    And why does Vogel not get fined for this one? It must be hard to swallow for Pop. The players probably needed some rest but Vogel could have noticed earlier and rested part of his starting five and not all at once.
    I think the risk was calculated playing against the worst team in the league.
    The irony about this game in Miami is funny indeed but I don’t think Indiana will win it and maintain the N°1 seed even though Miami is not playing at a very high level at the moment.

  9. nbahuddle says:

    Its nice to see that the work put it gets paid out. Indiana bench was more than excellent in the game. I do have to give them props for being able to hold down a game even if it was only against the Bucks. Brandon Knight and Ramon Sessions are pretty solid players.

    In regards to the Heat/Pacers 1st seed in the Eastern Conference I do hope that the Pacers do end up snatching it as I believe they have the best chance to win it all. Even though Miami has the easier final stretch of games.

    • 11 says:

      You are happy becasu they beat the Bucks??? They are pathetic… I want to see them pulling something like that against Miami on friday to see if they lose by 40 Point. hahahaha They stink.

      • nbahuddle says:

        Did you not read that it was the bench?

        Only time will tell. Miami isn’t very strong at the moment too without Wade, and Bosh isn’t mentally strong. With LeBron being known for disliking carrying a team, no disrespect there, I wish them the best of luck in getting to the Eastern Conference Finals. That with such a weak conference too.

        I am sorry Sir but learn about the NBA and basketball and get back to me. ^.^

  10. amitpal says:

    The irony in all this is funny. But the reason I thought this team is extremely tired was because the players on this team play extremely on the defense end something most teams don’t. Remember before the slump, this teams defense number were considered historically great. Paul George had to guard the best player on the other team while still leading the offense every game. That’s something not even lebron does. But one problem I consider with this team is the rest to little to late.

    • Ndbreeze says:

      AMITPAL, its true Defense is not a constant with NBA players or Teams. In most cases very talented teams can on spurs play both ends, but because of their offensive skill fights teams who don’t have the gifted player who can be unstoppable. That being said, it seems like the Pacers playing so hard on defense became very unrelenting while the other good teams in the second half of the season started there push for playoffs wore down the Pacerss and a lot of confidence was lost but Miami probably helped the Pacers by them wearing that target and confronting the best from several teams that have became more talented. The team that can play the most complete Team game on both ends of the Court will prevail from the Eastern Conference. GOOD luck and ENJOY!!

  11. Romeo Aguirre says:

    I’m a Kobe fan seeing that he’s on his way out I’m liking Paul George he’s a good talent the leader of this team and a hell of a player soon to be superstar love this team

    • Marco29 says:

      George is not there yet. He is not consistent enough and does not really carry his team. West, Hibbert and Stephenson are almost as important to the team.