Heat, Pacers and the fight for No. 1

By Sekou Smith, NBA.com

VIDEO: The Miami Heat and Indiana Paces have been battling all season for that No. 1 spot in the East

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — LeBron James insists the collective health of the Miami Heat means more to him than chasing the top spot in the Eastern Conference standings.

Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel rested his entire starting five Wednesday night in Milwaukee, swearing that his starters needed a break (mentally, physically and emotionally) more than they needed to continue their season-long quest to wrest away that top spot from the Heat.

What do you take us for, gentlemen? Surely you don’t think we’re buying this business about the No. 1 seed in the East, and the home-court advantage that will come with it in the Eastern Conference finals, suddenly morphing into some trivial pursuit at this late stage of the season.

We all know what’s at stake Friday night in Miami (7:30 p.m. ET, NBA TV) in your final regular-season matchup of the season. Don’t toy with our emotions because yours are frayed after a wild, roller coaster of a season that has seen both of your teams endure your fair share of struggles  (relatively speaking, of course, for two teams with a combined 107 wins and just 50 losses). It’s basically a winner-take-all showdown for that No. 1 spot, a chance for the struggling Pacers to make one last statement to the world about their intentions for the postseason and the Heat’s opportunity to remind the upstarts from Indianapolis that if they want the crown they better be ready to bleed for it.

“It’s going to be intense,” said Heat forward Chris Bosh, a man always good for an introspective word or two about the challenge at hand. “It’s going to be a hard-fought game. There’s something at stake. It’ll pretty much be the playoffs and I think it’ll be a great atmosphere. … We expect them at their best. Everybody we play, we expect them at their best because that’s what we get.”

It doesn’t matter that neither the Heat nor Pacers have looked like a championship team for much of the past six weeks. The Pacers have won just eight of their past 20 games and struggled to get most of those, while the Heat (playing without Dwyane Wade for eight straight due to a hamstring injury) have won just 10 of their past 21 while struggling to find the groove that guided them to 27 straight wins down the stretch last season.

This last regular-season game between to the top two teams in the conference sets up as a battle royale, with the Pacers holding a 2-1 edge in the season series and needing a third win for their collective psyche if nothing else. These past few months have been tumultuous, to say the least, for a fragile bunch that’s struggled with the weight of increased expectations brought on by their mercurial start to the season.

VIDEO: The Game Time crew weighs in on the Heat’s struggles

The way they’ve played recently doesn’t guarantee that either the Heat or Pacers will have what it takes to get past the Western Conference representative in The Finals. The San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Clippers are all primed for a world-class tussle if they get that far.

But this is about the Heat and Pacers first and whether or not either one of them is psychologically prepared for what comes next. The Heat, grinding through a fourth straight season with a target on their chests every night, appear to be wearing down just a bit under that relentless pressure. The Pacers, who thought they knew what it took to be an elite team night after night, are finding out that it’s much easier to talk about it than to be about it.

“If I’m Indiana, I just want to get my mojo back,” TNT and NBA TV’s Chris Webber said, “go to wherever Stella went and get my groove back. Right now, they’re not playing well and it’s obvious to everyone in the league.”

TNT’s Reggie Miller knows this rivalry game from the inside out, having spent his entire Hall of Fame career with the Pacers. He knows the politically correct thing for all involved to say is that they want that No. 1 spot, but …

“Both will say, ‘We want the No. 1 seed.’ You always want Game 7 in your building, but when you’re the two best teams, you can go on the road and actually get a win. If I’m Miami and I’m looking at the landscape of the Eastern Conference, you get by that first round, you’re very well going to play either Chicago or Brooklyn, and Brooklyn has won four straight against Miami this year. I’m not quite sure you don’t want to get that No. 2 spot and take a little bit road less traveled to the Eastern Conference finals.”

That’s blasphemy in Miami, of course, where Heat boss Pat Riley and coach Erik Spoelstra demand that the Heat walk through every fire necessary to reach the summit that is hoisting that Larry O’Brien trophy at season’s end. No challenge is too great when you’re aspiring to be one of the game’s all-time great teams.

That said, the Heat learned a valuable lesson last season while chasing history and that 33-game win streak. They spent so much energy during the regular season that they were riding on fumes midway through their postseason run. They had to survive themselves and the Pacers in the conference finals and then barely survived the Spurs in The Finals.

They know that controlling your own destiny based on home-court advantage comes at a price. That regular-season grind is expensive, it takes a toll on the body and mind, one that the Heat are a bit reluctant to pay when they know that they have an extra gear they can get to in the postseason.

“It’s not controlling our destiny about the No. 1 seed,” LeBron told reporters after the Heat lost in Memphis on Wednesday night. “We want to get healthy. That’s all that we care about, going into the postseason healthy. Once everyone comes back, then we can get everything rolling.”

Why wait for the playoffs when you can get it rolling against the Pacers one last time? The playoff-level intensity is already embedded on both sides. They cannot stand each other and play like it every time they suit up against one another. This fourth time this season will be no different.

And keep in mind, the only way these two will see each other again after this regular-season finale will be in the Eastern Conference finals … provided they both make it there.

VIDEO: Round 4 of Pacers-Heat this season should be as intense as ever with all that’s on the line



  1. Jesson G. Tanjay says:

    Play the replay

  2. Cpt G says:

    The eastern conference is just above the developmental league, right?

  3. RON says:


  4. Bp says:

    Go Heat…..show who is the King.

  5. big cheese says:

    thats what I’m talking about

  6. Person says:

    I disagree with Sekou, he acts like Miami is some type of op god team that injuries don’t affect. Lebron meant what he said and anyone should agree that miami’s health is more important than the #1 seed. He didn’t say the #1 seed wasn’t important, he just said health is more important. Really though, the pacers need it more than Miami does.

  7. Sean says:

    Playoffs are different ball game. It wont matter how bad you are playing at the end of regular season. Two teams playing 7 games consecutively, and when you have Bron on one side with 2 rings and hell sized confidence. It will take a LION HEART to beat down Bron and his company who ever that might be.

  8. Flexy says:

    Heat all day, they rested enough. They have the talent, LBJ can’t be the all in all, CB needs to step up, Rio needs to hit dem 3s, RA needs to hit dem 3s, SB needs to hit dem 3s, RL needs to wear some Tommy and then hit dem 3s…This is what really makes the difference for the Heat. They don’t have the size so they need their perimeter shooters to hit those shots, when they do that the Heat are unstoppable. Lets be real D Wade hasn’t been himself for the last couple seasons and they still won, they don’t “need” him to win, sure it substancially increases their chances, but they just need their perimeter guys to hit those shots, and CB to step up or go home, that dude makes me sick…so much wasted talent…so busy trying to be a guard, or euro big man, you could keep the finese style bro, but take the ball inside, get dem foul calls, and get to da line. you ain’t dirk, grab dem rebounds for Bron, and help out Birdman down low for once in yo life. they do all that, i smell another ring fo sho

  9. I’m a Heat fan…I’m going for the #2 seed plain and simple.

  10. NBA Fan says:

    Going off what reggie miller said, would it be better to have home court advantage or take the #2 seed and an easier path to the ECF.

    Chicago is a pain in everyones side in the playoffs and so are the nets. The 2 seed would have to play Washington and the winner of Charlotte and Toronto; not super tough.

    But nonetheless, should be a great game tonight!

  11. cp10 says:

    Pacers will sweep Heat in the playoffs, I called it!

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  13. standard says:

    huge game today
    i hope indy wins