Blogtable: The next coach fired is …

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VIDEO: Mike Woodson talks to the media after New York’s loss in Miami on Sunday

> Who will be the first coach to lose his job at season’s end?

Steve Aschburner, I’m calling “asterisk,” because this might come down to semantics. John Loyer might be done as Detroit’s main guy but he’s only an interim coach anyway, a place holder till owner Tom Gores makes his next basketball decision. Then there’s Rick Adelman in Minnesota, who is likely to opt-out of his deal for next season and has to exercise that window in his contract in the next few weeks. But that would be by his own hand, not quite “losing” his job. Golden State’s Mark Jackson and Indiana’s Frank Vogel might be in jeopardy, should their teams’ postseason ambitions land with a thud this spring, but that still would require a couple more weeks at least. New York’s Mike Woodson, however, seems like he’s on borrowed time already, his new boss dropping hints about a coming triangle attack and other looming changes. Only Jackson’s tendency to ponder things – and maybe possible replacement Steve Kerr‘s TV contract? – might slow the process.

Fran Blinebury, John Loyer and Tyrone Corbin. The Pistons need a complete makeover and owner Tom Gores is looking to rid the team of GM Joe Dumars and any remnants from his time in the Motor City. The Jazz gave Corbin a chance to move ahead in new era after the legend Jerry Sloan stepped down after the Deron Williams saga, but Corbin hasn’t produced in Salt Lake City.

Jeff Caplan, Utah’s Ty Corbin by a nose over New York’s Mike Woodson. Or vice-versa.

Scott Howard-Cooper, Rick Adelman, depending on the semantics in Minnesota. Fired, resignation — the change is coming. Maybe the Pistons beat the Timberwolves and remove the interim tag from John Loyer’s title in a bad way.

John Schuhmann, John Loyer and Rick Adelman for the reasons Asch stated above, it’s most likely going to be Mike Woodson. Not only did his team have the most disappointing season, but it just hired a new head of basketball operations, a move which almost always produces a coaching change. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tyrone Corbin is also on the chopping block. He obviously wasn’t given much talent or experience to work with, but you don’t need a lot of talent to be a decent defensive team and the Jazz have been the worst defensive team in the league.

Sekou Smith, One of the inevitable downsides of the end of any NBA season is that a few coaches will get their walking papers the morning after the last game. Detroit’s John Loyer will have that interim tag removed from his title, but not in the way that usually signals good things for an interim coach. Loyer, though, doesn’t deserve to do the coaching plank walk for a team that has underachieved this season. That honor, if you will, belongs to folks higher up the food chain in Detroit.

Lang Whitaker, All Ball blog: Well, the worst teams in the East are Boston, Orlando, Philly and Milwaukee. Only one of those teams isn’t supposed to be in the running — the Bucks. So I guess Larry Drew will be in the crosshairs. In the West, Utah, the Lakers, Sacramento and New Orleans are in the mix. So I suppose Mike D’Antoni will be in the conversation, with or without Rex Chapman‘s tweets. If I had to pick one, though? I guess D’Antoni, although I don’t necessarily think it would be a just maneuver. Too bad Phil Jackson already got a gig.


  1. silviu says:

    Jacque Vaughn should be out as well..2 very very disapointing seasons..lots of bad calls during games

  2. Akeem says:

    Woody needs to go. He has an all-star front court, with JR and Felton, decent bench players, and can’t even make the play-offs. He should have been playing Staudimire all along.

    He can’t coach offense. Give the ball to Melo and go iso-joe like he did in Atlanta.

  3. Akeem says:

    Loyer, Woody and pleeeeeease D’antoni. NOT Vogal, or Jackson.

  4. Casray says:

    Mike D-atoni definately should leave the Lakers…

  5. Jun says:

    WTF!!! Frank Vogel and Mark jackson in Jeopardy!! Do you guys even know what these coaches have done to their team!

  6. hh says:

    Jazz should hire George Karl, Young athletic team, perferct for karls system, he also dont need a bunch of talent to win games.

  7. squala96 says:

    It will have to be D’Antoni. I tried to like this guy, but he simply cannot maximize his players. The Lakers don’t have a worse lineup than let’s say the Suns, which lost almost all its stars this season. But rookie coach Hornacek surprised by making the most out of his roster, and they are seriously gunning for playoffs contention. Mike is also criticized for not having any know-how on defense, but even in games where it was pretty much all-offense, LA still lost. A guy like Thibodeau, let alone Popovich, would have certainly taken the purple and gold to the post-season.

    Second is Woodson, for obvious reasons.

  8. dustydreamnz says:

    No way Stevens, Vogel or Jackson should go.
    D’Antoni, Corbin, Loyer, Drew, Adelman should go in my opinion.

  9. Henry says:


  10. Shawn Kemp no. 1 says:

    Woodson and Dantoni. Loyer doesnt even count

  11. jazz fan ryan says:

    tyrone needs to go! I think the jazz should give Malone a year at it and see what he can do!

  12. mee(a)t says:

    Why in the hell would Vogel or Mark Jackson get fired? Don’t these GMs know what these coaches have done to their team? Look at Denver and Grizzlies…

    • lakersfanforlie says:

      Why Mark Jackson and Vogul, their teams have improve alot since last season, This GM’s need their head to be exam.

    • lakersfanforlife says:

      Why Mark Jacson And Vogel, Indiana And The Warriors specially are having their best season in Years, I can Believe the GMs are thinking on Letting them go.

  13. dan says:

    i also think kobe should retire because he can’t play any more and lebron should play for another 30 years

  14. dan says:

    if Tyrone Corbin gets fired then the jazz should get jerry sloan back.

  15. phil says:

    Eliza, either you’re a troll or an idiot…

  16. eliza says:

    I think brad stevens should go..

    • NORINGSNYC says:

      Please Elaborate. Why should he get fired? He just took over a team in the beginning of the rebuilding process.

      • Desmodeus says:

        Brad Stevens has done an almost perfect job in Boston. He has his team competing at a high level and not getting blown out but losing the vast majority of their games. That’s exactly what you want from your coach when you’re tanking (and you better believe Boston are tanking). I’m a lifetime Celtics fan and I couldn’t be happier with the way this season has gone.