Stern, Mourning, Richmond lead 2014 Naismith Hall of Fame class

VIDEO: The 2014 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame class is announced

From staff reports

Former NBA commissoner David Stern is only a few weeks removed from his 30 years on the job, but he’s got a new award for his mantle: Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Famer.

Stern is joined in the Hall of Fame by two players who were stars in the NBA during the 1990s: ex-Sacramento Kings All-Star Mitch Richmond and former Miami Heat All-Star and Defensive Player of the Year Award winner Alonzo Mourning. That trio leads a 2014 Hall of Fame class that was announced today in Dallas, Texas.

Richmond and Mourning are joined by Richmond’s former Golden State teammate, Sarunas Marciulionis, who was voted in partially on the merits of his play as an international star in the Soviet Union and Lithuania.

Rounding out the class were former Pacers coach and current team broadcaster Bob “Slick” Leonard, the ground-breaking Immaculata University women’s basketball team from 1972-74 and a pair of national championship-winning coaches: ex-University of Arkansas coach Nolan Richardson and former University of Maryland coach Gary Williams.

Honored posthumously are Nate “Sweetwater” Clifton, the first African-American player to sign an NBA contract, and Guy Rodgers, one of the NBA’s first league leaders in assists.

Some other notable award winners Monday afternoon:

  • The Bob Cousy Point Guard of the Year Award (given to the top point guard in men’s college basketball) — UConn’s Shabazz Napier
  • The Nancy Lieberman Point Guard of the Year Award (given to the top point guard in women’s college basketball) — Baylor’s Odyssey Sims
  • The Mannie Jackson Basketball’s Human Spirit Award: Former NBA referee crew chief Bob Delaney and former owner and founder of the Charlotte Bobcats Robert L. Johnson


  1. carl campbell says:

    sweetwater cliflton long overdue–kudos on guy rogers..

  2. TSO says:

    Bringing in Stern to the NBA Hall of Fame is a total insult. From what he did to Seattle, he should be run out of town!

  3. Don says:

    Remember, this is the Basketball Hall of Fame, not NBA Hall of Fame. Saru’s contribution to the game as an European player and what he accomplished to get here is what saw him in, much like Drazen Petrovic (who did have a better career over here with the Blazers and Nets). I don’t get Mitch over KJ but in an era where MJ reigned supreme, it’s easy to overlook any 2 guard making a staple on the game. He was still an incredible scorer with the Kings (a bad team) and Run TMC. he’s a dominique type, great player on a bad team overshadowed by MJ. His ring don’t play a factor. He was a bench rider with the Lakers, much like Adam Morrison was the second time. No arguments with Zo.

  4. Toron says:

    Mourning got traded to the raptors and he didn’t even show up , doesn’t deserve hall of fame

  5. James Kohn says:

    Sorry but to elect Richmond and to snub Kj and Hardaway is another diploma of poverty and poor decisions that are
    mirroring the decay of the NBA in general in recent years.
    Mitch Richmond? really ??? i grew up on NBA gold era of the 90’s Kj was one of the best point guard back then by far.
    Timmy was a good one as well.

  6. Antoine says:

    Richmond was an all star that’s it! He is far far of from being considered as someone who left an impact on the sport!
    He should not be in the HOF

    • LinkDeVille says:

      C’mon guy. Mitch was a premier player with longevity. He met the league requirement for retirement and was nice. In addition, it’s a pension plan. Let him have it.

  7. CS says:

    Correction – “era”

  8. CS says:

    Congrads to the ex-Hoya and Heat great Alonzo Mourning! One of the most dominate defenders of his error.

  9. Sixers together we build says:

    how about Iverson?

    • LinkDeVille says:

      AI cannot be inducted this year because he just recently retired. I believe there is a statute of limitations on how long a player has to be officially retired before HOF consideration. However, I have no doubt he will be there.

  10. GP says:

    this is a big joke by the hall of fame… richmond over kevin johnson? come on… what’s the basis? r.i.p. basketball hall of fame…

    • jon says:

      yes richmond over johnson. richmond averaged over 21 ppg in his career and he has a championship. dont get me wrong, KJ is good, but richmond was a scorer.

    • LinkDeVille says:

      Don’t sweat the small stuff cat. KJ does deserve to get in, but that argument could be made for quite a few ex-players. Just give it a moment. In due time, he will get in.

  11. Christian says:

    Hi, i want to play basket bal to learn and than i’m signing in by a team i think so that was it bye an greetings from christian grave

  12. SomeGuy says:

    hang on, if Richmond is in, if Reggie is in…if Mourning is in…. what about that guy who duelled Duncan and had good playoff success…not to mention all-star and first all nba team honours. Yes, I’m talking about Sprewell!

    Or does the politics get in the way and he is judged on other things besides his basketball skill & success… for entrance into the *basketball* HOF? Seems to me every time HOF selection comes around, its silly. Miller waited only for a year. They made King wait 20… Whats the criteria?

    • LinkDeVille says:

      I can definitely dig the Spreewell vote! Spree show these guys how to actually get out there and RUN! Had he been on a team with like talented cats there is no way he would have retired without a ring. I do not think the politics have forgiven him for choking Carlisimo. He will get in. It will just take a while longer.

  13. Hou yeah says:

    Tim hardaway and Kevin Johnson missed… Disappointing.

  14. Lbj says:

    Grats to Alonzo, but LBJ will get in faster!

    • LinkDeVille says:

      Of course! LeBron was a HOF’er as a sophomore in high school. Who else’s HS games are televised? Long live the KING!!!!

  15. danmcdunk says:

    richmond over kevin johnson? really?

  16. sakiii says:

    Congrats to everyone, but specially to Marciulionis. He was one of the best combo-guard ever to come from Europe, you can all thank him from bringing and showing the euro-step move to the NBA.

  17. andrius says:

    gratz to sarunas marciulionis well diserved he was a beast from the east ofcourse he could have had better carier but almost everyone could say same thing exept mj;DD gratz to zolo and others as well . we proud of you sarunas and we love you for what you did and what you represented Lithuania will be a top 3 team again in the world this year in spain;D

  18. marlon green says:

    Wow! New people added to the Hall of Fame and not one comment? This is crazy. Does everybody not know about the people selected or dont care? Anyway, I just want to say that it is well deserved for just about everyone who made it. I’m sure about Marciulionis because he was hurt and didn’t play ALOT. And when he did I didn’t think he did anything that would make a player HOF bound. Some of the other players to be enshrined missed games due to injuries too but they left their mark on the game. I have been watching the NBA since the late 80 til now and I honestly dont remember what Sarunas did.

    • vytas says:

      Article reads:
      Sarunas Marciulionis, who was voted in partially on the merits of his play as an international star in the Soviet Union and Lithuania.

      He was the first Soviet Union player to play in NBA. He escaped USSR to play in NBA.
      If you like basketball history, watch Sundance film festival movie – “The other dream team.”

    • John says:

      Marciulionis was one of the best international players of his time and I’m not sure but I think he was the first player to come over from the Soviet Union and play in the NBA. While his accomplishments in the NBA might not be HOF-worthy, what he did in international competitions and by being a role model for young basketball players back then, definitely makes him a worthy inductee.