Rockets’ Beverley not lost for season

By Fran Blinebury,

HOUSTON –Prior to Saturday night’s game against the Clippers, Pat Beverley said if the medical staff would let him just slip a protective brace onto his injured right knee, he would have been back in the Rockets’ lineup.

That time might now be closer than originally thought.

Following an examination by renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews, the word is that Beverley will be able to avoid surgery for the torn meniscus and be able to return to the court after several weeks of rehab.

When Beverley suffered the injury on Thursday, it initially was thought that he was lost for the season, which would have been a significant blow since he brings critical aggressiveness and defense to the Rockets’ starting lineup.

However, following another MRI and an exam at his office in Alabama, Andrews determined that Beverley will be able to work his way back through a rehab regimen. He is expected to be sidelined for at least another week. Exactly when Beverley returns will depend on the pace of his rehab progress.

Beverly had said on Saturday that the swelling already had gone down in his knee and he was feeling no pain.

“It’s always a great thing,” Beverley said. “No swelling is a great thing. It wasn’t in the same area where a lot of players tore their meniscus at. It’s a pretty solid area. I feel pretty confident about it.”

The Rockets had their five-game winning streak snapped by the Clippers with Jeremy Lin replacing Beverley in the starting lineup. Beverley is averaging 9.9 points through 53 games this season.


  1. overTHERE says:

    He plays out of control and is just going to end up ruining his knee for good by coming back too quick. Not worth it for their probable 1st or 2nd round playoff exit. Harden for all his offensive ability is so utterly atrocious on defense, playoffs are good for exposing his weaknesses.

  2. Tito says:

    Glad to hear Pat Beverly is okay, but it’s still karma that he tore his meniscus. I hope he has a speedy recovery so Westbrook can fly past him to the rim.

  3. LBJ says:

    The Rockets will never win a ring while the Heat are on fire. They should make some smart trades for the future instead. Howard should come to Miami and play with the King! We can give the Rockets a newly refurbished Greg Oden back to Hall of Famer status and give them future Hall of Famer Norris Cole for Jeremy Lin. They get a young and talented core to build around for future championships and we get a 10 peat right now. Everyone wins!

    C Howard
    PF Bosh
    SF James
    SG Wade
    PG Lin

  4. Rocky Mountain says:

    “The Rockets had their five-game winning streak snapped by the Clippers with Jeremy Lin replacing Beverley in the starting lineup.”
    This is definitely a misleading statement. Rockets lost all games to Clippers this season.

    • Kalbo!! says:

      I agree with you and the rest below who commented the same. Only goes to show a major fallacy and very damaging writing mistake in behalf of NBA.

      From the most part of this blog, I would say Mr. Blinebury is more of reporting the news rather than giving insightful thoughts. That 2nd to the last sentence is subtle in implying his only insight. An insight which I strongly believe to be biased and he knows it that’s why his imposing it between the lines. He either hates Lin or maybe discriminates Asians. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have written that statement that way at all.

      Then again, he probably just don’t know well enough things around the NBA particularly on what’s going on in this season for each team.

      Either way, this is definitely not the way to go, Fran!

  5. Houston fan says:

    i am a Houston Fan. why would it be J. Lin’s fault that they have lost. Its unfair for him since Rockets have not really won against clips this season. Is J. Lin at the point for that games to say that rockets lost because he is at the point. clear out dude.

  6. jdub455 says:

    Doesn’t make any change.. yes, an upgrade to the team… but can they beat the clippers or Spurs?? Nope… I don’t think they can even beat OKC/GS or the Grizz in a 7 game series… playoffs is much different. I wudnt b surprise if Dwight fades away….

  7. okc2014 says:

    Of course I’m a Thunder fan, but why should I, other Thunder fans, and the OKC team be crying? For what reason? Nobody is scared of Beverly, certainly not Westbrook. And the jury is still deliberating on whether or not Beverly is really coming back. Sounds far fetched if you ask me. And if he never comes back to the NBA at all, I will not miss him. How do you like them apples?

  8. eric says:

    Yes, god is the only one that could make this possible…..too bad god let it happen in the first place. Imaginary man in the sky, must have made a booboo.

  9. tool316 says:


  10. Houston says:

    Pat is the Real Deal!!

  11. Ken says:

    “The Rockets had their five-game winning streak snapped by the Clippers with Jeremy Lin replacing Beverley in the starting lineup.”

    Lol, ouch! Let’s not forget it was against the Clips…

  12. Rockets fan says:

    WOLVERINE!!! LEGGO! Thunder fans are crying now HAHAHA