MVP ladder: make room for big Al!

By Sekou Smith,

VIDEO: Al Jefferson takes “old school” to new heights this season with the Bobcats


To most players currently collecting NBA paychecks that name evokes memories of one of the game’s all-time greats, but a face many of the league’s young stars might not recognize. That’s not the case for Charlotte Bobcats center Al Jefferson, captain old school himself, who fashions his pristine low-post game after the great Moses, who put on big man clinics on a nightly basis during a career that included his ABA days and his time in the NBA.

Jefferson is bringing old school back today on the KIA Race to the MVP Ladder. The Bobcats big man joins the party this week at No. 9, and truth be told has been knocking on the door for weeks now. Not only is he leading the Bobcats’ march to the playoffs, he’s doing it with a style that has been lost among today’s generation of big men who prefer stretching their shooting range out beyond the 3-point line rather than mastering a two or three pet moves around the basket.

Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Blake Griffin, Joakim Noah and James Harden comprise the top five of the Ladder this week.

Dive in here for more on who made the cut on this week’s KIA Race To The MVP Ladder!



  1. Marcus says:

    Kevin Durant, as of the Raptors game, has had more PTS than FGA for 179 straight games – I think that’s worth a mention, showing his consistency and proficiency. I’m all for LeBron getting MVP, but Kevin Durant is likely to beat him out.

  2. okc2014 says:

    Gotta love John Wall and the Wizards too!

  3. sire2334 says:

    Did, John Wall offend you some how?

  4. okc2014 says:

    Al Jefferson’s career got revived just by moving to the Charlotte Bobkittens. I love this player and I’m glad they finally made playoff: because of this guy.

  5. C says:

    Jeffere does deserve the love, but not as much as Kevin Love. I can’t comprehend how you would have Jefferson on the list before Kevin Love. His team has a better record than the bobcats (34-33 vs 33-36), his 26.5 and 12.7 are head and shoulders about jeffersons 21 and 10.4 (especially considering that their FG/Game are identical). And Kevin Love beats him in your favorite stat. His PIE is 19.5 vs jeffersons 16.5. I cannot see any justification for having Jefferson about Love

    • Harris says:

      Using stats, Love is a top 3 player.
      However, Love haven’t made the playoffs his entire career. If his team is in top 4, he will be mentioned alongside KD and lebron as possible MVP candidates. Despite lack of team success, Love should still be in MVP race. He would be in playoffs if he was in the east – T-wolves record is better than bobcats.

  6. marty says:

    Its a two man race with BG third.Everybody else is looking in..

  7. Oakley34BLAM says:

    Jefferson surely deserves this love. Nice pick Sekou. If All star ballots were drawn today he beats out Milsap or J.Johnson 10 times outta 10. Great season for the big man. Even been serviceable on D.