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Point guard Chris Paul and forward Blake Griffin of the Clippers (Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE)

Point guard Chris Paul and forward Blake Griffin of the Clippers (Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE)

> MVP of the Clippers: Studly power forward or savvy veteran point guard?

Steve Aschburner, NBA.comI’m sticking with Chris Paul as the Most Valuable Clipper because he organizes their offense, initiates their attack and shoulders the greatest responsibility for taking them where they want to go. Even in his injury absence he brought value: Blake Griffin stepped up his game and their group is better for it. It’s a tough choice, but if I were running that team and had to do without one, it’d be the power forward. I want my point guard.

Fran Blinebury, I know that Blake Griffin did excellent work while Chris Paul was injured. But it’s still CP3 that makes the Clippers’ engine run at full throttle. I’m giving the edge to the little man, but he’s got to show leadership and get them at least to the second round.

Jeff Caplan, NBA.comBlake Griffin. Who carried the team through 18 games without CP3? Yeah, Jamal Crawford was great, but Griffin emerged as the leader he needs to be. It was a major step forward in his mental and emotional development to go along with the great strides he’s made in his physical game.

Scott Howard-Cooper, Chris Paul is the best point guard in the world, and that is a unique level of special considering the position, but the highlight-smasher is the MVP of the team. Blake Griffin was just as great with Paul out with a shoulder injury and with CP3 regaining his rhythm as with Paul in a good place. The Clippers are better this season because Griffin is better. He should get third-place votes in the real MVP race, the league-wide one.

John Schuhmann, Blake Griffin is their regular-season MVP, because he carried the Clips to a 12-6 record (along with one more win in November) and the No. 1 ranking in offensive efficiency in that month-plus that Chris Paul missed. But point guard is still the most important position on the floor and they’ve been much better defensively when Paul has been healthy. So he’s more important to their success in the postseason, though they wouldn’t get out of the first round if either of the two wasn’t close to 100 percent.

Sekou Smith, This is a great question and one that I’m sure Doc Rivers is glad he doesn’t have to answer. I’m going to split hairs and make it clear that Blake Griffin, as of this moment, is the Clippers’ best player. He’s done more this season, with and without Chris Paul in the lineup, than even the most optimistic of fans (yes, I’m talking about you, Clipper Darrell) could have imagined. Griffin will rightfully finish in the top three or four of the MVP race and has legitimized his profile as one of the league’s truly elite power forwards and overall players. But if someone asks who the Clippers’ most valuable player is, Paul has yet to relinquish that title. The Clippers’ turnaround that began before the arrival of Rivers, was spurred by Paul. He was a culture-shifter and franchise-changer for a Clippers outfit in dire need of some project rehab work in both departments. Best player right now? Griffin. Most valuable player? Paul.

Lang Whitaker, All Ball blogHow about neither? Honestly, I’d like to cast a vote for the guy who has the offense clicking, who has the defense playing a million times better than they were the first few weeks of the season, who has figured out how to overcome the loss of guys like that gritty point guard, and who has put the highlight-smashing power forward in position to succeed, and who has added guys like Hedo Turkoglu and Big Baby Davis and Danny Granger. I’ve said all along that this season, the Clippers’ MVP has to be Doc Rivers.

Davide Chinellato, NBA Italia: My man is Blake Griffin. He has been consistent all season long, he has grown into a complete basketball player, he added a weapon as important as the mid-range shoot to his arsenal of spectacular dunks, he became not only the terminal of Lob City but also the assist-man. And he also proved he can be a leader for this team, given the way he played when Chris Paul was injured. CP3 is still the mind of this Clippers, but I think Blake should be their MVP this season. They make a tremendous duo who can take the team very deep into the postseason.

Stefanos Triantafyllos, NBA Greece: Forget Kevin Spacey. The NBA is the house of guards. Basketball is the game of the perimeter players (forgive me Kareem). They are the ones to handle the ball, to make plays, to decide, to execute at crunch time. That’s the way things go, so Chris Paul is the man for the Clippers.


  1. Flyin Lion says:

    Close but it has to be Griffin. Hasn’t missed a game and has been more efficient at scoring and underrated playmaker.

  2. jeff says:

    Chris Paul would not go to the Clippers if Blake Griffin wasn’t there.

  3. okc2014 says:

    Blake Griffin. Cliff Paul is overrated.

  4. Alireza says:

    Chris paul

  5. Alireza says:

    Mvp chris paul

  6. Edub says:

    Blake MVP this year.
    CP3 MVP of Clippers every other year.

  7. Why not both? says:

    Why not both of them competing for the MVP title really? Though I may pick Blake, the point guard is that position on the floor you cannot single out in the contention for greatness.

    Blake Griffin for MVP though!

  8. Fony says:

    Most valuable, it’s gotta be CP3. Blake is amazing too, but what CP3 has been doing is something nobody else in the league can do. Yes the Clippers are a great team now, with many great weapons, but Chris is irreplaceable.

  9. BO says:

    CP3 deserves all the acolaides he gets, but people dont remember the person who threw the alley oop. just the guy who fineshed it. blake griffin for MVP

  10. Dom says:

    MVP on the Clippers is Blake Griffin. CP3 and Jamal Crawford helps but Griffin did lead them on that big stretch. But overall the Clippers will choke in the playoffs

  11. ken says:

    don’t want to say witch one is MVP, but missing either one? champ?? you got to be kidding me

  12. J K Rich says:

    Chris Paul all the way. He has been the true leader for this franchise longer than Blake has. He’s been the reason for even making the playoffs the last few years. He is the man!

  13. Scisca says:

    Blake and CP3 are the modern versions of Malone and Stockton. So who was better among that duo? Does it really matter? I just hope they manage to win a title at some point. Clips have made a bunch of great trades this season, but the most important one was getting Doc. He’s finished their big 3 and turned them into real contenders. I wouldn’t be surprised if they won it all this year or the next one.

  14. oneandonlygdog says:

    Why are people saying CP3 is the best point guard on earth? Tony Parker is by far and away the most disrespected player in the league. That guy is amazing!

  15. HI says:

    I THINK ROBERT SACRE IS THE MVP OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. The Official Blake Griffin says:

    I think I have been outstanding this year but man I think this award goes to Chris.

  17. commentkiller says:

    I think both players are really great, but none could beat the real NBA legend – WHITE MAMBA!

  18. Nay says:

    Who are your picks for the end of the season awards? Here are mine:

  19. bodjee says:

    CP3 is an excellent player but I think the Clips can easily replace him on their roster and still maintain their current standing. On the other-hand I don’t think the Clips can really replace Blake, therefore, I give my vote to Blake for Clippers MVP! 🙂

  20. Jamaal says:

    CP3 has been their best player, but Griffin has been more valuable.

  21. dustydreamnz says:

    Very tough this…I think Griffin because he’s he’s been amazing this year. Chris Paul probably has been too but Griffin has taken it to another level.


    DAVID STERN for vetoing the Lakers trade! true MVP.

    • Ralph Rodriguez says:

      I have to say I get angry every time I hear this brought up. The Clippers and the Lakers were both offering packages to New Orleans for Chris Paul. Both L.A. franchises experienced an initial rejection of their deal by Stern, but that goes unrecalled by many people. People like to paint the events as if Stern said an outright “no” to the Lakers package and a “yes” to the Clippers package at the first pitch. The Lakers were always in the drivers seat on this deal, and apparently they didn’t think highly enough enough of Chris Paul to offer the pieces that Stern would view as acceptable. The reason why the Clippers ended up with Paul is because they kept offering different packages until Stern viewed one acceptable. In contrast, the Lakers walked away when they felt the price for Chris Paul was too high.

  23. Bill says:

    There is no doubt that each are very valuable to their team and so at first glance this seems like a tough question. However, there is no doubt in my mind that CP3 is their MVP.

    Blake has improved his game this year, that is apparent. Nonetheless, CP3 will still be the man in the playoffs. When the Clips are in need of a score in a tight game, you can be certain CP3 will be the guy with the ball in his hands.

    The day the Clips start dumping the ball to Griffin in the post or on the wing, with the game on the line, and let him operate or create, is the day he becomes their MVP.

    Simple as that in my opinion.

  24. i-X says:

    MVP Blake! He has raised his level of play, better low post play and consistently hitting those elbow jumpers combining them with his powerful lob dunks. I applaud Doc Rivers though for telling him to stop flopping and start playing real tough basketball. Clips were winning without CP3 because their outside shots were falling ie. Barnes, Granger etc.

    • Game Time says:

      Not flopping when you’re getting hit, but his mental toughness has gotten better so now he doesn’t worry about the calls as much. Just plays strong. That’s why half the league is after him.

  25. Migs says:

    Blake is good, they are too many CP3 type players in the league now a days, some even better…

  26. Game Time says:

    Most of you writers (Lang Whitaker to be exact) probably don’t even watch the Clippers play. Matt Barnes has been the key along with Blake for the Clippers latest win streak so he deserves mention, but Blake is the most valuable Clipper. Earlier on in the season they struggled with CP3 and everyone healthy. Yes there were still building chemistry, but as soon as Paul got injured they seem to dominate teams more with Blake leading the way.

    • Ralph Rodriguez says:

      Exactly, Blake’s numbers speak for themselves, and to discount what he has accomplished and even think about giving the credit to Chris Paul for this turn of events is simply the media basing things more on reputation rather than real events. Blake is the catalyst and reason for this years turn of events. I love Chris but people that watch the games will tell you Blake is the guy putting in more effort and making the bigger impact. Also, Game Time brought up some great points, which is to give honorable mention to the ancillary guys like Barnes for adding the perimeter presence to make Blakes job easier

  27. laker says:

    blake….most consistent Clipper all year