Report: Biceps injury could sack season for Irving

By Sekou Smith,

VIDEO: Kyrie Irving suffers a biceps injury in last night’s loss to the Clippers

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving might have played his last game this season.

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ star suffered a biceps injury on his left arm late in the first quarter of a loss to the Los Angeles Clippers Sunday night and could be done for the season, according to Mary Schmitt Boyer of the Plain Dealer.

More will be known after Irving is examined today, but the fear is that he could have yet another season curtailed by injury. And Irving has a peculiar injury history that seems to impact him season after season. If he gets sacked again this season, that might be the end of the Cavaliers’ last-ditch effort to make a play for the eighth and final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference chase.

Irving’s future, however, isn’t in question. The MVP of the All-Star Game last month in New Orleans, over leading MVP candidates Kevin Durant and LeBron James, the Cavs have surely seen enough from Irving to know that he’s a building block for years to come. That said, his injury history is hard to ignore. More from the Plain Dealer:

Irving, the Cavs All-Star point guard, left the game with a left biceps injury late in the first quarter, and he left the arena with his left arm in a sling. He is scheduled to have an MRI on Monday in Cleveland, but two NBA sources indicated the injury could be severe enough to end his season in the worst case scenario.

That would be a blow to the Cavs, 26-41, clinging to their fading playoff hopes in spite of being 4.5 games behind eighth-seeded Atlanta with 15 games left, as well as to Irving, who worked extremely hard last summer in order to prevent the sorts of freak injuries that have plagued him throughout his career.

He has missed just three games this year with a left knee contusion, and even played through a broken nose suffered when he was elbowed by the Timberwolves’ Corey Brewer at Minnesota on Nov. 13.

Unfortunately for him, that wasn’t the case in his first three seasons. Last year, he missed 11 games with a fractured left index finger, three with a hyperextended right knee and a total of nine after suffering a sprained left AC joint. He played through a broken bone in his jaw that was protected by a mask. Before last season, he broke his hand when he slapped a padded wall in frustration during a summer-league practice.

His rookie season, he missed 13 games with a concussion and a shoulder injury. His one season at Duke was limited to 11 games because of a toe injury.

This is setting up as a potentially huge free agent summer for the Cavaliers, depending on which players make themselves available. James and Carmelo Anthony could headline a bumper crop. The Cavaliers have assets and cap space to work. Having a healthy Irving coming off of his best season as a pro would make the Cleveland an even more appealing destination.

So the results of Irving’s evaluation today could very well have long-lasting ramifications for not only the young point guard but also the entire organization.

VIDEO: Kyrie Irving’s banner season included his first triple-double last month


  1. kobeballhog says:

    After all the trash dan gilbert gave lebron. All the bad mouthing you guys still thinks he wants to go back there? Lmao cavaliers one of the worst team to play for.

  2. okc2014 says:

    It’s unfortunate that Kyrie Irving is hurt, yet again. I feel bad for him, he has went through this over and over. I don’t feel for his team at all. I had high hopes for them coming into the beginning of the season. Take a look at the Leastern Conference Standings. They never had a chance anyways. He should restnow, through the remaining season and they (team) should regroup over the summer. Hey Cav’s, your not alone. So should the 76’ers. Bucks, Celtics, Magic, Kings, Fakers, Wolves and Jazz.

  3. Dcon says:

    I don’t feel the least bit bad for the cavs….they’re management has been atrocious the past few years. I feel bad for Kyrie though…he should jump ship the first chance he gets. Nothing agains the city of Cleveland. It is a great place and they have awesome fans, it is just the Cavs are almost as badly mismanaged as the Knicks and T-wolves.

  4. dustydreamnz says:

    I’ve always thought 82 games was too many. Agree with Gregabdul.

  5. GregAbdul says:

    The season has too many games. Any coach with common sense imitates Pop. You keep the starters minutes down until the playoffs. Thirty minutes max. 83 games is stupid and torture. If you are a real fan of the game, then you understand when Kyrie plays against Steph, that should be once or twice a year and a BIG deal. They are super point guards and two of the best on the planet. Kyrie’s ball skills are unreal. Steph shots threes off one foot. They are supposed to be out there for six months, four times a week full blast. Greed is the issue and the only partial solution is to expand the playoffs and cut the regular season with plenty of byes for the top finishers of the regular season. If you love the game, you have to love the players. Right now the players are being put through an inhuman grinder. 83 games costs us seeing the best players play at their best. WE NEED A 50 GAME SEASON WITH A MAX OF THREE GAMES A WEEK WITH AN EXPANDED PLAYOFF SYSTEM THAT LET’S EVERYONE IN BUT THE WORST TEAMS! The present 83 game schedule means we end up not seeing Kyrie. He is paying with his body. I know he’s paid, but he is a great talent we don’t get to see because of owner greed.

    • Raptors2014! says:

      You can’t be serious, right? This is the professional’s league where players are supposed to condition selves to play night in, night out. The NBA has been like this since inception, and you find a reason for it to change because of 2 players? Why don’t we take out the anomalies and consider that most players can grind out seasons and recover their body over the course of their careers. If you want adjustment, perhaps some of these highlight type plays should be pulled back a bit. It’s always the acrobatic, fearless plays that put injuries to these players. Or perhaps coaches should be smarter about how they rotate their players. Not to mention you have other leagues who play just as many games.

    • Witness says:

      Its 82 games bro. 82.

    • squala96 says:

      You can’t possibly think that the Cleveland has the same sort of luxury San Antonio does. Take out Parker, Manu, Duncan and another guy (Green or Belinelli), and the Spurs will still be miles better than the Cavs.

  6. John says:

    Kyre Irving should take the season off and rest his body. It’s not like Cleveland was going to make the playoffs not to mention reaching the eastern conference finals!

  7. Jkwon says:

    One of the best point guard ( too many injury ) that’s not good for his career.

  8. Baller says:

    Lebron won’t leave Miami.

    • Taz says:

      Who cares?? He’s a cheater just like he tries to get the rest of his team doing! Let him stay as a Miami cHeat, I’m glad people are starting to see what I was talking about with his flops, dramatic reactions, and dirty plays. He’s been caught numerous times, but it seems people are finally paying attention. Holding lin? Nice move for all the little Lebron wanna bees out there, also a nice message for your kids. Well, I guess calling someone a king doesn’t automatically instill honor and loyalty in someone.

      • Baller says:

        I am not even a Lebron fan. Cheats or not, I am not gonna judge. But he certainly is the best player in the game right now.

  9. Fred says:

    They’re still writing about James coming back to Cleveland? If the Knicks don’t cough up Phil, rumors of LBJ winding up in New York are going to come. As a player in your prime, where would you rather work: New York, Los Angeles, or Cleveland?

  10. priadr says:

    i hope he’s okay. i specifically bought tickets to the next brooklyn v cave game to see him play.