MVP Ladder: Durant’s streak impresses

By Sekou Smith,

VIDEO: Kevin Durant talks to the Fan Night crew after dropping 42 on the Houston Rockets

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Six times in the last 50 years a NBA player has strung together a streak of 29 or more straight games of scoring 25 or more points. Just six times in five decades.

Oklahoma City Thunder scoring ace Kevin Durant has done it twice … in the past four seasons.

He’s on the elite streak scoring list that also includes Michael Jordan (40 straight in 1986), Spencer Haywood (31 straight in 1972), Bob McAdoo (29 straight in 1974) and Oscar Robertson (29 straight in 1964). Scoring isn’t the only thing that helps a player built his MVP case, but scoring at a transcendent clip certainly strengthens one’s case.

Durant’s all-time great scoring ability and his better-by-the-day all-around game has propelled him back to the top of the KIA Race to the MVP Ladder this week … and perhaps for good, if he keeps this up.

LeBron James, Blake Griffin, Joakim Noah and James Harden round out the top five of the Ladder this week.

Dive in here for more on who made the cut on this week’s KIA Race To The MVP Ladder!


  1. KDfan says:

    LBJ is a great player and good to the league. MVP is given for that particular season, not past years performances or how good or dominant a player has been in the league. Let’s not prematurely hand over the trophy or judge too early. There are enough games left in the regular season. Let the best player this season win (and don’t be surprised if it doesn’t turn out to be LBJ or KD).

    • KD get it this year says:

      I’m a Lebron fan. Also a Durant fan, I don’t see why it’s not compatible. This year, Durant is a clear winner. He’s posting a 30+ PER, only the 18th season with PER 30+ so far (LBJ, Michael Jordan, Shaq and Wilt make 14 of those 17 previous seasons). He can even challenge MJ record of consecutive games over 25 points. He’s nearly at 50-40-90 again, and will get the scoring title too. His team is top 4 in the league in Regular Season, despite losing second best player in the team for a long stretch. He’s the MVP

  2. Bob says:

    I have to admire obj for his talk and it is true Lebron is mvp, and second of all in my dictionary LeBron means MVP.

  3. xlr8_555 says:

    If KD doesnt win the MVP, he better win the ring. Thats because he never won an MVP before, and after his awesome season he still doesn;t get it?That fire will be used in the playoffs, and hopefully can win a ring even though he got no MVP award. I wanna see him mad and take over playoff games to win a chip. Who needs MVP awards anyway? Its a team sport.

  4. Kinberly says:

    KD obviously! This year he’s the man!

  5. Deano says:

    Can’t believe it’s still a debate KD clear winner. LBJ already has at least 1 to many MVP’s

    • Too many mvps? says:

      Which one? Which one MVP do you think it’s not deserved? He posted 4 seasons of PER 30+ (just like Durant this year). Which one do you think is not worth an MVP?

  6. thespectator says:

    realistically kds got this…at least at this exact point in time…can lbj turn it on like he did beginning of the year and run away with the mvp? sure but i think the heat are more worried about keepin the big 3 healthy for the playoffs..the larry o brien is more important than the mvp..but kd deserves it

  7. THEREALKD says:

    IM MVP THIS SEASON!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Rhedz says:

    Hes good…but i still go for Mr. Lbj for Mvp, But wether Kd gets it or not, Okc wont win a championship…maybe next year…but not this certainly sure about it. Nxt season he Okc will win the finals and Kd will get his first ring. After this season, Lbj will go somewhere else…wade will get injured next season and allen will retire. It will be a rebuilding process for the heat around bosh, chalmers, cole, beasley, oden as battier will retire also. Lbj will be on another team…thats what i see, thats how it will happen.

  9. marlon green says:

    You guys stop hating on KD! He was clearly the MVP at the halfway point of the season hands down. And he hasn’t slowed up either. Lebron hasn’t done anything at all ever since the 61 point game. Average perfromances and a losing streak. Yes OKC lost some games two but when you compare what KD and Lebron did in those losses you will see KD was more productive and more of a factor. Stop hating of KD, lets just be real people. Lebron’s got 4 of them, it’s ok if another true superstar gets one.

  10. lbj says:

    an impressive streak will not win you a ring you need to join our King “LeBron” and win multiple championships.

  11. panafan says:

    its obvious durant should be mvp but nba loves lebron…so lebron mvp,dpoy and sixth man….

  12. Super-Grover says:

    Season MVP: LeBron James

  13. jrwnd says:

    I don’t why they are making this a close MVP race. Durant is already the runaway winner a month ago! LBJ is nearly out of his prime and its only a matter of time! A 25 years old vs almost 30 y.o? LBJ’s time is running out! watch out!

  14. Fuzz says:

    Where is Kevin Love on this list? I agree completely about Durant being number 1 but doesn’t Kevin Love need some love here? At least on the top ten list.

  15. NoWESTBROOKnoRING says:

    @Shaq. OKC won’t win this year? Why? They have just as good of chance as anyone. Why do they need another strong third player coach? The MVP and the best PG in the league together isn’t good enough? Since when is having not one but two ungaurdeable players on your team not special? Stop watching basketball….take up chess or badmitten

  16. Even with LBJ’s so called ‘MVP Fatigue’ KD wont get it this year

  17. bryan says:

    Tony parker should be mvp he is the best

  18. tanibanana says:

    This will be his first of most likely few mvp awards… KD35 the beast! woot..woot..!!!

  19. marty says:

    A true sniper! I’d like to see how he will respond when adversity is factored..He has played with the wind at his back.Several gave him the MVP prematurely.

  20. Rocks says:

    Great player, good leader and one of the most humble super star in the league. It will be a great accomplishment for him to scoop the MVP trophy this season. He has showcased all the qualities this far. Anytime your name is mentioned in the same sentence as MJ then you know you are playing at the highest level. Big up KD!!!

  21. Shaq says:

    KD gets MVP, but OKC won’t win this year. They need another strong third player. They gave max contract to Ibaka who is over-rated. One more star player will get them multiple rings for years! Or, go to a bigger market an build a whole team around him. Kobe doesn’t mind sharing the ball with a worthy person.

  22. sirsparhawk says:

    KDs Got this easy.