Morning Shootaround — March 14

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Report: Rockets could push for ‘Melo | Pau backs Kobe’s L.A. viewpoint | McHale: Noah should win DPOY | Bynum focusing on playoff role | Jazz home-game attendance in major slump

No. 1: Report: Rockets could push for ‘Melo — The rumors about where Carmelo Anthony might sign this summer have been buzzing ever since he said he’d opt out last October. While the Los Angeles Lakers and perhaps Chicago Bulls have led most of the chatter — as well, of course, is the option that ‘Melo will stay in New York — a new team may be entering the fray. Marc Berman of the New York Post reports that the Houston Rockets could make a big push for Anthony this summer:

Could Carmelo Anthony rocket off to Houston?

According to a league source, the Rockets will make a bid for Carmelo Anthony this summer, even though they probably won’t have cap space and would have to orchestrate a creative sign-and-trade. The source said Houston asked the Knicks about Anthony before February’s trade deadline.

The Knicks have held discussions with the Rockets about power forward Omer Asik. Even though Rockets president Daryl Morey is the pioneer of advanced statistics and Anthony has never fared well in some efficiency categories, Morey’s old-school instincts believe he could form a terrific Big 3 with Dwight Howard and James Harden. Rockets management also believes Anthony has made advancements in the grit department the past two seasons.

The only way the Rockets can get under the cap is by dealing the expiring contracts of Jeremy Lin, who is entering the poison pill year of $15 million, and Asik, also scheduled to make $15 million.

But even if the Rockets don’t, a desperate Knicks team could take on Lin or Asik and draft picks if Phil Jackson doesn’t believe in building around Anthony. The Knicks still would be set for 2015’s free agency and Lin wold be a drawing card during a season the Knicks may want to tank and fall into the lottery.

Howard has been most outspoken in encouraging Anthony to consider smaller markets than New York just like Howard did in eschewing Los Angeles.

The Lakers, Clippers and Bulls are other potential destinations for Anthony, who said his “first priority’’ is to remain a Knick if he likes their future blueprint.


No. 2: Pau glad Kobe called out Lakers’ front office — If you somehow managed to miss it Tuesday night or all day Wednesday, Kobe Bryant — in announcing his season was over — was not happy when asked about the Lakers’ long-term outlook and front office (you can read all the quotes here).In short, Bryant is wondering what kind of direction the Lakers are going and he’s not about to wait around for a full rebuild. While what L.A. does next is anyone’s guess, teammate Pau Gasol supported Bryant’s words, writes Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News:

The bond Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol formed runs in many directions, and it doesn’t just include winning two NBA championships and meshing complementary personalities together.Gasol also supported Kobe Bryant for publicly questioning the front office. Those included issues ranging from wanting executives Jim and Jeanie Buss to improve their relationship, decide Mike D’Antoni’s future as head coach and build a championship caliber roster this offseason.

“I’m glad that he spoke his mind,” Gasol said following the Lakers’ 131-102 loss Thursday to the Oklahoma City Thunder at Chesapeake Energy Arena. “He wants to win. He’s got two years under contract with the franchise. He wants to be in the best possible position to win. Whether you do that publicly or internally, that’s totally up to you. He spoke his mind and you have to respect him for that.”

Will the Lakers pull that off?

Perhaps easier said than done.

Meanwhile, the Lakers don’t expect LeBron James to leave the Miami Heat if he opts out of his contract. The Lakers aren’t thrilled about Carmelo Anthony should he opt out of his deal with the Knicks. The Lakers wouldn’t want to spend a max-level contract on Cleveland’s Luol Deng and on Toronto’s Kyle Lowry. GM Mitch Kupchak had suggested earlier that the Lakers may use their financial flexibility more conservatively both to save up for a star-studded 2015 free-agent class and because of recently-imposed harsher penalties for high-spending teams.

“It makes things harder for teams, but it is what it is,” Gasol said. “The rules keep changing over the years. But you have to adjust and make the best out of it.”

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant sounds off on the Lakers’ future during his news conference


No. 3: McHale backs Noah for DPOY — Rockets coach Kevin McHale knows a thing or two about defense. As a player, he was an All-Defensive Team first or second teamer six times, is the Celtics’ second all-time leading shotblocker and, oh yeah, currently coaches former three-time Defensive Player of the Year winner Dwight Howard. So it carries some hefty weight when McHale, speaking before last night’s Rockets-Bulls game in Chicago, says that Joakim Noah of the Bulls is the DPOY. Nick Friedell of has more:

Kevin McHale said Thursday that Bulls center Joakim Noah should win the league’s Defensive Player of the Year Award based on his performance this season.

The Houston Rockets coach knows a special defensive big man when he sees one. He was one himself, being selected multiple times to the NBA all-defense team. He has also coached two previous award winners in Kevin Garnett and Dwight Howard.

McHale included Noah in that elite category Thursday. Noah is averaging 12.2 points, 11.3 rebounds, 4.9 assists, 1.1 steals and 1.5 blocks this season.

“He’s played very well,” McHale said after his team’s shootaround at Moody Bible Institute. “He should be defensive player of the year. He’s done a great job with these guys. They’ve been winning a lot just on his energy and effort, his kind of determination and toughness. Those are all qualities everybody appreciates.”

McHale was complimentary not only of Noah’s defensive game but of his offensive one as well.

“He’s just more confident in what he’s doing,” McHale said. “He’s making plays with the pass. He’s driving and kicking. When he was coming out, I thought he’d be a pick-pop-and-drive playmaking 4. He’s doing more of that now.”

VIDEO: Joakim Noah talks after the Bulls’ win over the Rockets Thursday


No. 4: Bynum embracing long-term view to season, playing time — Center Andrew Bynum made his Indiana debut on Tuesday night and gave Pacers fans a nice taste of what he can bring to the court: eight points, 10 rebounds and solid interior defense in about 15 minutes. Bynum won’t play tonight in Philly (7 p.m. ET, League Pass) and told’s Mark Montieth that he’s more concerned with gearing up for the playoffs than getting in tons of regular-season game action:

Short-term, Andrew Bynum sat out the Pacers’ practice on Thursday, will sit out their game in Philadelphia on Friday, and then return the following night in Detroit.

Long-term? That question mark will follow him everywhere he goes for the remainder of the season, particularly on the walks from the training room to the basketball court. Does the 26-year-old eighth-year pro have enough left in his knees to recapture something resembling his All-Star level of two seasons ago, or is backing up a healthier player his future job description?

“I don’t think back-to-backs are prime right now,” he said, resting in an end zone seat at Hinkle Fieldhouse following the team’s workout. “There’s two more left after this one, and we don’t want to risk anything. It’s more about being healthy for the playoffs.

“I’m pleased with the way it’s responded to the treatment I’ve been getting. I don’t have any swelling, just general arthritic conditions, I guess. We want to calm it down. Everything is about not causing a flare-up that causes me to miss four or five consecutive days. If I can play two really strong hard days and take a day off and it’s fine, that’s the remedy we want. We don’t want to have any bone bruises or flareups, because that’s when you start to lose conditioning.”

Bynum is to the Pacers what Greg Oden is to Miami: a talented 7-foot center with tender knees, being nursed along in hopes he can be a difference-maker in the quest for a championship. They’re in a gimpy-legged race to the finish line, and who remains healthiest could have a lot to say about who reaches the NBA Finals.

As for Bynum, the Pacers would be thrilled to keep getting what they got in Tuesday’s game against Boston.

“He got me excited,” Pacers coach Frank Vogel said Thursday. “He’s one heck of a basketball player and he’s really going to help us. Now it’s a matter of getting as much work as we can in with him while managing the soreness in his knees. Hopefully come playoff time he’s healthy and as far along as we can get him.”

Beyond that, Bynum has no way of knowing what lies ahead. But he wants as much as he can get out of his remaining years.

“I think I have to monitor my body, always staying in shape, being more professional,” he said. “A lot of times in the summer I would take two months off and then attack it like a boxing training camp where I’d go for eight weeks twice a day, really hard. I obviously have to change that. It’s a young man’s game, and I’m still young in the human sense, but as a basketball player, a thoroughbred, I’m pretty old. So I have to revamp my training strategy.”

VIDEO: Andrew Bynum talks after Wednesday’s practice about his role and his debut


No. 5: Jazz home-game attendance in sharp decline — Given that the Utah Jazz are firmly in rebuilding mode and are tied with the Los Angeles Lakers for the worst record in the Western Conference (22-43), the fact that attendance is down in Salt Lake City isn’t shocking. But according to Aaron Falk of The Salt Lake Tribune, the rabid fan base in Utah has taken attendance for the team’s home games to levels not seen since before 1991:

As he walks out onto the court with his team before each home game, of course Tyrone Corbin sees them.

“You notice,” the Utah Jazz coach says. “You notice the green seats.”

And for Corbin, who spent three seasons in Utah as a player and a decade as a coach, he’s seen more of them this season than ever before. With the Jazz, owners of a 23-42 record, firmly in rebuilding mode, attendance — an average of 17,947 announced fans per game, though there are often far fewer than that actually in the building — has dropped to the lowest the franchise has seen since moving out of the Salt Palace and into the Delta Center in 1991.

It’s a four-percent decline from a season ago, and a nine-percent decline from a peak of 19,908 six seasons ago when the Jazz won the Northwest Division and made it to the Western Conference semifinals.

The drop, however, was not unexpected for a franchise that let four of its five top scorers from last year leave for free agency to make playing time for a younger, developing base.

“We anticipated that we would have a slight decline,” Jazz president Randy Rigby said.

It would be a hit to the bottom line, Rigby added, especially in one of the league’s smallest markets, where ticket sales are a “critical component” of financial viability. Helping ease concerns, Jazz officials believed the team had a fan base that was “supportive of the plan and strategy.”

With just nine home games remaining in the season, franchise leaders have been happy with the numbers they’ve drawn. After drawing the ninth-most fans in the NBA on average last season, the Jazz have dropped to 14th-most and are still above the league average of 17,297. Among teams with losing records this season, only the New York Knicks, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics are drawing more fans.

Commitment to the rebuild took faith and market research. Rigby said Jazz officials also heard the message from fans last season that they would endure rebuilding, taking “short-term pain for a long-term reward.”

“They’ve been very supportive of the plan and the strategy,” he said.

And as the season draws to a close, Rigby is still preaching “patience in a very impatient business.”

“We all want to have a winner sooner than later,” he said. “But we’re not going to skip steps. We’re going to do it right, so we can have something that will be sustainable for a long period of time.”


SOME RANDOM HEADLINES: In a Q&A on the team’s website, Kings GM Pete D’Alessandro said he hopes Rudy Gay sticks with the team long term … It doesn’t seem likely that Al Horford will be be back anytime this season … Jazz veteran forward Marvin Williams is having an MRI on his back today … Wizards guard John Wall says the reason Kemba Walker gets calls is because he screams a lot … The Blazers got some bad news: both LaMarcus Aldridge and Mo Williams will be out for a little while … Milwaukee’s guard rotation of Nate Wolters, Brandon Knight and Ramon Sessions have been playing well lately …

ICYMI of the Night: The Bulls’ Taj Gibson made up for his dunk fail the other night with this monster slam on Omer Asik last night …

VIDEO: Taj Gibson powers one down against the Rockets


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  2. Bulundo V says:

    The /nuggets-Knicks trade was just a nightmare for both clubs..they were good teams b4 the trade..Melo needs to understand Basketball

  3. Bulundo V says:

    without D’antonni..the lakers will be fine..they have great talent,just needs a better coach to maximize these talents..The Spurs are not the greatest team talent wise, but they have a great coach..Kobe and Gasol can be the parker and Duncan..just get them a more experienced coach..say, try another “Mike”?..(Fratello’)

  4. Carlo says:

    Not all the NBA teams front offices are stupid and not all of them have to face irrational and exigent fans like NY or LA.
    I think all have well in their mind the Melo-vs-Gallinary+Chandler+evrythingelse trade which rebuilt the nuggets and set Knicks problems into cement.

    About the DPOY, Noah deserves it but putting him in the 1st team NBA would deliver the Bulls a problem: it’ll mean an extra 500M$ bonus to Noah which set the Bulls over the salary cap and for another season, which in turn would mean A LOT of money going to salary cap sanctions. Veeery baaad.
    Jordan DPOY? You’re joking. He’s an intimidating shot blocker. Which is a totally different thing than a defender. He’s a fairly good defender but a great shot blocker (as much as a great ball stealer) tend to be less careful and “pestering” in his defensive effort for he “knows” he can go and block (or steal) the opponent if he lose him.
    A great shot blocker blocks 4/5/6 times per game. There are dozens of shots in a game. To be a great defender you must be there to make EACH of those shots a difficult shot.
    Beverley, Noah, Leonard, Duncan, Heinrich, Deng, Battier are great defenders.

  5. Shaq says:

    U not see clippers is the new champ.

  6. Unkle Daddy says:

    Melo to the Rockets, bad idea. Great on paper a guy who can get you thirty a night, sure but at what cost, the ball stoping everytime he touchs it. Wait, when the Clippers don’t win the west and they won’t, pick up Granger.

  7. dustydreamnz says:

    If Melo wants to stay in New York it’s clear he doesn’t want to win, Jackson won’t turn this thing around in a hurry. The sign and trade would work well with Houston though I doubt it will happen.
    The Lakers have missed the Buss.
    Hardly surprising Jazz crowds have gone down fast. Fans like watching winning teams but hey, they are rebuilding.

  8. M Farley says:

    Kobe’s window for championships is closed.The Lakers signed him just to insure their franchise has significance; a marketing move. Kobe’s injuries will continue unfortunately; I hope to be wrong. But P Gasol should be let go. He’s part of that complacent culture; he thinks he’s entitled to get calls; he thinks he hits the O boards. The guy can barely jump and can’t even run up the court fast enough. The Lakers might have a shot when Kobe’s 2 year contract comes off the books – in the mean time – we’re developing a team for when Kobe finally retires.

  9. go to miami carmelo if you want to win a championship ring

  10. John says:

    I thi k carmello Anthony should get traded to the bulls and I am a knicks fan living in ny! The bulls will have to give up Noah, taj Gibson, butler, and a first round pick.
    Then knicks will sign Kyle Lowry in offseason

    Starting 5
    Pg Lowry
    Sg jr smith
    Sf butler
    Pf Noah
    C chandler
    Knicks will be the best defensive team in history and will win an nba championship!

    • ray says:

      Typical Knicks fan over valuing their players to man good players for one good player. Noah is one of the best centers in the league.

    • Boogo says:

      Kyle Lowry & JR Smith in “the best defensive team in history” … you certainly are joking … Oh, yes you are!

    • qwere says:

      Dude, you’ve got to be kidding me. That trade would be far too dumb for the Bulls. Melo is not even equal to Noah in Thib’s system. NO WAY for a future star in Butler, a current star in Noah, and a very strong and potential star in Gibson. Then you get the bright idea to throw in a first rounder. Dream on. Atleast look at the trade from both perspectives.

    • Daniel says:

      dumbest thing I’ve ever seen, why would the bulls trade Noah who is a leader and an all star taj Gibson and jimmy butler, both great supporting roles and a 1st round pick for a ball hogging scorer only? the bulls already have one of the best teams in the nba and in the east top 3 and they don’t even have Derrick Rose who would solve their offensive troubles, Carmelo has never won, he’s always been a good player but he can’t win so the it’d be no point to throw out a great team for him

  11. jake s. says:

    It is highly unlikely that ‘Melo will go to the Rockets. Soon Parsons is going to ask for more. The Rockets go writing checks their brains can’t cash.

  12. Shawn Kemp no. 1 says:

    are you people HIGH or something???? Deandre Jordan over Noah on defense?? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  13. bballjunkie1 says:

    Hope Kobe can go out the way he want’s as all the great ones have. Wish he would have blasted management earlier as Phil and him should have been able to end their chapters together I personally would have like too see. But as the brain child of Chicago/Laker runs if it’s true he will be going back where it all got started for him playing for the legend Red as a Knick and winning championships as a player. Then it will be stage finale I can’t wait to see who will join him in the next 2 seasons too draw on that fountain of bball as MJ/Kobe/Shaq/Pippen and the rest have.

  14. Pierre says:

    It sure would be ironic if Melo is off to Houston and J Lin is back with the Knick.
    Melo couldn’t handle Linsanity. The rest of the team was fine with Lin.

    • boots says:

      yeah, tyson chandler and iman shumpert were both rolling with Lin. He made them look really good.

  15. theking0522 says:

    Is Kobrick whining again? This guys whines like a baby every time his team has a bad season. Always wants management to bring more superstars so they carry him to win more championships.. Managament has always given this cry baby what he wants. And people criticize Lebron for leaving a franchise that did NOTHING to improve the team for 7 years? At least Lebron didn’t whine publicly when he didn’t have enough support.

    • theMamba0522_inurface says:

      Dude ur high or something? All he is asking for is to build a culture which has been damaged since jerry buss died…he doent need superstars to win…he showed that in 09 10…. lebron needed 2 more ppl who were superstars in their own right to win… and on top of that they almost lost the last finals had it not been fr one of the superstar heroics…

      • skrutz says:

        Uh… he does need them, to some degree. Although he cant function if he’s not taking up the entire spotlight. As for Miami, they’ve been very smart. 3 expensive guys and a bunch of cheap but valuable teammates. Also, people say 3 superstars… but Bosh? He’s great, but I still have a hard time lumping him in the same category as Lebron and Wade.

      • S-Klutz .. you've got to be kidding says:

        Even without counting Bosh, who’s at the very least a perennial All-Star, the HEAT are a loaded squad: LeBron & Wade asides, count Bosh and RayRay – and some of the other best 3-pt sharpshooters any squad could ask for, and Miami’s definitely star heavy. The Lakers haven’t had a loaded sqaud since Shaq donned the purple & gold. I mean, seriously, are you trying to suggest (with a straight face) that the Lakers that won b2b in 2009/10 “were loaded”? I double dare you… outside of Kobe, they had Gasol – who was, at best, borderline All-Star – and cast of okay players, at best. And whatever you do, please don’t try the BS line suggesting Kobe wasn’t worth the b2b Finals MVP awards he received. I’ll grant, Kobe’s probably very close to (if not at) the end of his impressive career.. meanwhile, clueless chumps like you and TheQueen0522, are talking out of their collective rear-ends. Get a clue before commenting next time, chumpsters.

  16. Gonzalo says:

    Phil Jackson is arriving sooooooo late to the NYK…he is not a freaking wizard who is going to dissapear the Amare Knee problems (and his contract) the lack of discipline of JR Smith….building a team is a long term issue….probably Melo won´t see the benefict of Phil Jackson administration…..Knicks doesn´t a have BIG THREE….neither Big Two……they just have Melo and….that´s it….so, he should leave….Lakers is NOT an option right now cause Jerry Buss is a disgrace as an owner, he´s still in the learning curve…..Chicago is THE option but, if Houston can trade Asik & Lin BEFORE get Melo….oohh may, we have a real contender

    • Gw3 says:

      Can’t be traded!!!! He’s going to be a free agent to late

    • boots says:

      If the Rockets trade for Melo, then the Rockets have a death wish. Part of the reason why Melo hasn’t won a ring yet is because of his attitude. Rockets are better off with what they currently have than if they were to trade Lin/Asik for Melo.

  17. sirsparhawk says:

    Mel too Houston would be good, Melo to timberwolves would be better.

  18. Someone says:

    actually Melo should go to the Bulls. and to those who have concerns about defense, you guys should not be worried… Thibodeau managed to make a great defensive team even with Carlos Boozer

  19. Trayton The Messiah says:

    There is about a zero percent chance that Carmello is going to opt out in his final year of his contract. With the legend Phil Jackson on the pay role it’d be a mistake to not to, at the very least, stick around one more year to see what happens. With Tim Hardaway Jr. Showing great potential and the more than likely possibility that the Knickerbockers will attract the grit & grind PG Kyle Lowry during this years free agency, I can’t even imagine Melo leaving. Oh and let’s not forget Carmello said multiple times he wants to STAY with the Knicks their is just no way he’ll leave.

  20. No name says:

    Oh hell naw, Melo in Houston, HELL NAW!!!!!
    The chemistry of the team is almost completed, don’t ruin it.

  21. #BullsFAnDAN says:

    Great game Jo. Bulls all day!

  22. JayTee says:

    Ummmmm, yo Kevin McHale…..DeAndre Jordan!

  23. some dude says:

    NOAH has been my top pick for DPOY the entire year! How can you even compare Lebron’s or Roy Hibbert’s defensive season compared to Noah’s. I never appreciated the guy, but I gained a new sort of respect for what he does this season. I agree 100% with coach McHale. (and I’m not a bulls fan, raptors all the way baby!!)

    • malachi says:

      hell no, deandre Jordan is defensive player of the year… He may not win it, but he is the best on defense this year

      • Common Sense says:

        They both are ridiculously awesome and they should both be at the top…But one is not amazingly better than the other, but DJ has seriously dominated this year for sure

      • kd for mvp says:

        Are these people crazy, Serge Ibaka should be the DPOY

  24. Michael says:

    If the NBA allows Melo, Harden and Dwight Howard on the same team i going to be pissed. They wouldn’t let Chris Paul, Howard and Kobe Bryant so the NBA shouldn’t allow this…

    • malachi says:

      but that was when the nba owned the hornets, so they didn’t accept the trade.. The nba doesn’t own the rockets or knicks, so it could happen.. But I honestly doubt it, Only because they would have to move lin and asik, and they wont move them until they have melo locked in, and if they wait too long they will be stuck with lin, melo, and asik (if they did get melo)… So only Chicago, lakers, or knicks makes true sense

    • MichaelHasNoIdeaAboutTheNBA says:

      newsflash to you michael, the only reason why cp never went to the lakers is because stern owned the hornets during that time. educate yourself

    • m jr says:

      uh, the nba “owned” the hornets at the time. it would be bad for the league to sell the team. on the other hand, the deal that sent pau gasol to the lakers and enabled them to win two more titles was generally viewed as one-sided at the time. should the league have blocked it back then? fortunately for the grizzlies, marc gasol worked well for them. no one is being favored here. the lakers had a good enough team last year. was it the leagues fault they had what they got then, a team some boasted would go all the way? can’t say they didn’t have their chances. stop crying over it then and move on.

  25. Knicks should never….& I mean never trade Melo for Lin, Asik & picks. Would be a foolish trade for NY. And one other thing: why do the Rockets think that a Melo – Harden dou can work while both want to take 20-25 shots a game…?? I guess Dwight Howard is only gonna touch the ball when he goes for a rebound. So how do you mean super trio??

    Maaaaan some ppl really think that Kobe can come back & make a big difference in the current Laker squad. I like the confidence they have in him but boy u gotta be more reaistic in this case. Mamba time is over. Time 2 move on.

    • jOLAN says:

      I laughed to about how he wants to be in the best possible position with the Lakers to win a championship!!! Then why did you accept such a large contract that wont allow them any kind of cap space.

      • Gw3 says:

        Because the lakers don’t take a pay cut ” he doesn’t write the checks” the lakers have billions of dollars from Time Warner Cable. You do the math.. Brooklyn doesn’t care about luxury tax why should the lakers.

    • boots says:

      actually, NY trading Melo for both Lin and Asik would be a coup for NY and a foolish trade for HOU.

  26. The Truth says:

    Melo should go to the Bulls
    Chicago have all the defence and they just need offence. Melo going there will allow him to play all the offence he want and give what the Bulls needed

  27. John says:

    Why would the knicks take asik and Lin from the rockets when they have better players to offer the knicks. If the knicks trade mello to Houston give us Terrence jones, chandler parsons, and their best first round draft pick so we can complete the trade

    • JBR says:

      You have absolutely no idea how trades have to work under the salary cap, do you?

      • malachi says:

        yea john, I don’t think that would be enough for melo, but if all the knicks are doing is a sign-and-trade they don’t have much choice, or they wont get anything for melo in return… cause chances are hes leaving

      • Da Grandfather Clock says:

        chandler parsons would be included in the jeremy lin/ asik deal for sure but he wont be the centerpiece only because of his insanely low contract

  28. lol says:

    where do Houston get the cap space from? Is letting Asik and Lin enough? Or does Parsons have to go too..?

  29. kevin says:

    no one wants to say it but kobe will finished up this new extension just like this..with the lakers heading to the lottery

  30. John69 says:

    Seriously who would want Anthony that guy is so greedy, it definitely wouldn’t fit well with what Houston has currently.

  31. standard says:

    haters gonna hate and you sally are one.

  32. bulls fan says:

    Melo would be a fool to leave the east and go to the west has to many good teams he better get on a good defensive team thats gone pick up his slack on the defensiv end

  33. dunkmycat7 says:

    REALLY the Lakers would be smart to just DUMP Kobe, buy out Nash and start again.
    Kobe has just become SO annoying , I would never want to play with this over the top NAG who thinks he knows more than anyone else…anybody out there silly enough to think he’s gonna be anything else than a shadow of his former self ?
    He Sure is NOT any reason to join the Lakers…go on ‘Melo make another career mistake. And Pau -really ? You would look great on about a dozen other teams where the coach GETS how valuable you CAN be.
    DH absolutely did the right thing leaving LA and I think we ALL get how that worked out.
    Stick a fork in him .He’s DONE !!!

    • Black Mamba says:

      I wonder if you will treat LBJ the same way when his time comes… you don’t know anything about managing a franchise kid… you never dump legends…. the only fact that Kobe is on the injury list fills up the staples center… Not only that he is one of the best that ever played the game…

      • jOLAN says:

        Still not worth that contract he got. IF he really did want to win, he wouldn’t have taken that contract, basically killing any chance at making a championship team. Not only can they not afford to pay someone now, but that person good enough and willing enough to give up the money has to play alongside kobe and take half they shots they are used to.

      • Witness says:

        never dump legends? how long have u been watching the game? theres been PLENTY of legends get dumped to other teams near the end of their careers LOL

      • @Jolanda says:

        Are you stupid? He is worth every penny even if he doesn’t play another game and if you don’t understand why the you should go off yourself. The Lakers don’t have any money problems. They have billions from TV contracts. Koke sitting in a suit on TNT against whoever brings in millions…idiot.

    • Witness says:

      what he said

  34. Gil says:

    Noah looks so pissed when she mentioned the Luol Deng trade

  35. sally says:

    who cares what Kobe wants, who is he ?? he’s just another player and he thinks he can tell everybody what to do !!! well that may have been true in the past when he was playing good but now that he’s not, it’s not going to fly, they could care less what he thinks, he should just keep his mouth shut and take what he can get which is probably going to be on someone’s bench. Get over it Kobe, we all have to get old !!!

    • b.ball says:

      say that again sally when kobe comes back to don’t know about kobe and what he can are just one of those kobe haters who doesn’t have enough knowledge about basketball..

      • I says:

        Are you implying that Kobe Bryant fans know alot about basketball and people who don’t like him know nothing? Or are you one of the too many that think you’re right all the time?

      • Chris says:

        Salley u must not know who your talking about your talking to a future NBA superstar who has 5 rings and 2 MVPS and there is no player in the league that has ever come closer to being the next best but him there is Lebron but he dosent have the drive that Kobe has the Black Mamba is the best and he can do what ever he wants . If u want your team to win you better open up them ears and listen and let teh BlackMamba work his magic hater.

    • Common Sense says:

      Black Mamba has two more years, he has a drive to win championships and thats why they paid 24 million! If they think he’s going to let them tank anther two years then they just wasted 24 million! If they have a problem with him sounding off, then they are ABSOLUTELY STUPID! This is always how he has been and they paid 24 million for him to continue being him. Anyone that has a problem with it is DUMB. He said it in the news conference “they have to do BOTH” They need to build for the future but they need to do their best to win now, period! Kobe may be annoying for management, but he’s right!

      • Witness says:

        Maaaan lol Kb needed to take less money . He didnt hav eto agree to 24 mil. SOrry. Hes already made over a quarter BILLION dollars in his lifetime. So NO he didnt have to take about 10 to 15 mil MORE a year than what he really deserves. Father Time already come for him, sorry. Hes a shell of his former self and will STRUGGLE to even get 20 5 n 5

    • @Sally says:

      Who is Koke?! Who are YOU? Some loser in a basement somewhere. You shut up and get over it. Go back to McDonald’s, you’re late for your shift.

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