Hang time podcast (episode 151) featuring Tina Cervasio of MSG Network

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — As soon as Phil Jackson accepts the most challenging mission of his professional career, running basketball operations for the New York Knicks, the rest of us can get back to normal.

Any day now PJax, we do have a regular season to finish here Zen master.

Good luck to anyone trying to figure out how having Jackson on board helps fix a Knicks team that is saddled with bad assets through the end of the 2014-15 season, a superstar, Carmelo Anthony, some believing is eyeing his escape route and a head coach in Mike Woodson who has repeatedly been undercut?

There are, of course, some $15 million reasons for Jackson to come out of quasi-retirement to take the job. But it’s still a seemingly impossible task, fixing the Knicks.

We do our best to sort it all out on Episode 151 of the Hang Time Podcast featuring Tina Cervasio of MSG Network.

We also have the latest installment of “Are You Kidding Me?” featuring special guest debater and Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas, filling in this week for fellow Hall of Famer Reggie Miller, squaring off with the Dean of Discipline Stu Jackson. They tackle LeBron‘s black mask and the “one and done” rule and whether or not it harms the NBA game.

And someone had a perfect run in this week’s edition of Braggin’ Rights.

Check out all of that and more on Episode 151 of the Hang Time Podcast Featuring Tina Cervasio of MSG Network …


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  1. Isaiah1111 says:

    I have been following Mello since College and can’t understand when, where and how people can say he is a selfish player. If you compare his stats from his rookie year on you will see that he doesn’t take a lot of shots during most games. The only reason why Lebron got a ring is because he went and joined other super stars. The NBA has changed. The problem with the Knicks has always been the front office from Ewing days. Now they are doing something about it and I hope Mello benefits

  2. okc2014 says:

    Does this mean Coach Woodson is fired?

  3. Carlo says:

    Again! Anthony saying Jackson is hired is a further – as if it was necessary – demonstration about how and why things go wrong in NY: a player (it doesn’t matter he’s the “star” of the team; he’s just a player!) saying it before – or even instead of – any franchise’s official saying it.
    No surprise that a franchise which is “ruled” like that is in total shambles.

  4. bernardo says:

    first move of phil jackson : send carmelo anthony in another team. phil jackson is a winner, he will build a winner team, anthony is a selfish loser

  5. bballjunkie1 says:

    Carmelo staying with Phil will allow him to be a part of the new process (winning), as opposed to going to Chicago or anywhere else and having to fit in. He is not at the tail end of career and had better jump to win. Players will come to a Phil Jackson backed program.