Blogtable: How can Phil fix the Knicks?

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> What must happen for Phil Jackson to have a chance of fixing the Knicks?

Steve Aschburner, NBA.comA fistful of compromising photos of Mr. Dolan? OK, failing that, patience on everyone’s part to get to the summer of 2015, not 2014, for a massive overhaul to really take shape. I’m not even sure how Jackson feels about Carmelo Anthony, but if we assume Anthony sticks in NY, it won’t be until 2015 that the Knicks’ payroll cooperates with a desire for real change. Here’s my Jackson concern: Will rival GMs be loathe to deal with him? He has had an air of condescension toward other organizations in the past, and many could shy away from transactions that might grow his legend further.

Fran Blinebury, Pigs must fly. Hell must freeze over.  The always hungry, ridiculously partisan NY media must face reality. There is no quick fix, but living on the back pages of the tabloids has never afforded the Knicks to take a prudent, patient approach. Assuming there are no shenanigans such as frozen lottery envelopes — wink! wink! — in the early days of the Adam Silver regime, it is a long-term project. The Rockets never took a dive to the bottom for lottery salvation, and GM Daryl Morey needed seven years to finally reel in the combination of James Harden and Dwight Howard. Can the NY media wait that long with out its collective head exploding? Good luck, Phil.

Carmelo Anthony (Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE)

Carmelo Anthony (Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE)

Jeff Caplan, NBA.comJames Dolan has to get out of the way. Write the checks to Phil and let Phil take the wheel. That’s the deal right? Arguably the most messed-up franchise in all of sports hires the Zen Master to make it all better. Well, get out of the way and be quiet. There’s no guarantees Phil the Rookie Executive can get this done, but if you hire him, back off. Also: Don’t re-sign Melo, get the books more in line with the CBA and start from scratch.

Scott Howard-Cooper, First, he has to have the job. If that happens, he needs to be three times the general manager he was as a coach. He needs to be more than great, in other words. Not only are the Knicks overhyped and mediocre, they’re not in a very good place to do anything about it. Jackson would be looking at two summers of heavy lifting before New York has a chance, just a chance, of becoming real, unless he finds a genius general manager who will take Amar’e Stoudemire or Andrea Bargnani. Otherwise, it will be seeing what the Knicks can get for Iman Shumpert, J.R. Smith, etc. They want to keep Carmelo Anthony, but doing that also means a commitment to trying to win now that will stand in the way of the necessary renovation job.

John Schuhmann, A lot of time must pass. This is not a quick fix. Not only are Amar’e Stoudemire, Tyson Chandler and Andrea Bargnani on the books for almost $50 million next season, but the Knicks have hardly any assets in the cupboard. So, while some 2015 cap space is nice, they must also find and develop young talent to fill out the rotation, have available if a star can be acquired via trade, and to give any potential success a longer shelf life.

Sekou Smith, A Zen-fueled asteroid storm that reverses time and takes us back 40 years to the … no seriously, there is no chance. None. It’s not happening. Fixing the Knicks is like beating Floyd Mayweather … 45 men have tried and 45 have failed. No one has better championship credentials than Phil. But he’s never had to bring a patient back who has gone to the other side. He’s never done it. Never even had to think about doing it in his previous stops. So it’s hard to just assume he can or will with the Knicks. Watching him try, though, could be some of the best fun any of us have had observing the Knicks.

Lang Whitaker, All Ball Blog: I’ve heard the questions about how Phil Jackson will fit into the power structure of the Knicks organization, and I get it. But to me the only real way for the Knicks to build a championship contender is to rebuild. Ditch all the high-priced contracts and go young, even if that means a team of D-League players. If I’ve learned anything living in New York the last 14 years, it’s that New York City loves the underdog, the people who have to fight for everything. I mean, remember Linsanity? Rebuilding might mean they may lose a bunch of games for a few years, but if the Knicks leave it all on the floor, they’ll at least earn the respect of Gotham as they build toward something bigger down the road. Which is more than this current crew has done.

Simon Legg, NBA Australia: Well, what do the team’s owners want them to be? That’s the big question. He needs to make sure that he has a positive relationship with James Dolan. Then make sure Carmelo Anthony signs, try and somehow acquire some meaningful assets and just do well on draft day. Then he has a platform to build from.

Karan Madhok, NBA IndiaTo allow Phil Jackson to do more with the Knicks, team owner James Dolan has to do less. This means more autonomy to Jackson in the decision-making process in hiring the coaching staff, negotiating trades, player contracts, drafts, etc. Jackson may not be a proven executive yet, but he’s a proven great basketball mind. And for him to achieve more, the owners have to take a step back and allow him his free space, like Pat Riley in Miami.


  1. Trayton The Messiah says:

    The Knicks need to fire Mike Woodson and hire Lional Hollands. Get rid of Amare, Andrea, J.R., and Raymond Felton. Get Jermey Lin & Omer Asik from the rockets (Houston could take on the big contracts and amnesty them creating much needed cap space) and with the Knicks having cap space they need to sign Kyle Lowry in free agency and if the Knicks have the oppurtunity to unload those terrible contracts of Amare and Andrea but only by adding Melo as a centerpiece than I say go for it and sign Luol Deng as a free Agent as well.
    So let’s recap
    Coach = Defensive master mind Linoal Hollians (who should have never been fired)
    Point guard: Starter – Kyle Lowrey
    back up: Jermey Lin?/ Pablo Pigioni
    Shooting guard: Iman Shurmpert/ Tim Hardaway Jr.
    Small forward: melo ( hopfully) or Luol deng
    Power forward: whoever they get through trades and free agency ( if they trade Melo they’ll get a solid PF. Also they’ll hopfully get Greg Monroe if they go to free agency)
    Center : Tyson Chandler/ Omer Asik
    BOOM just made a squad they’ll be wearing 2015 championship rings

  2. isb says:

    You have discussed Patrick Beverley in a way that strongly suggests that he is a dirty player. I have one question. What do you call Kevin Durant punching the Rockets player and only receiving a T, and not being thrown out of the game the same way Hamilton was on the same kind of play in a previous game? Is what Durant did a basketball play? Because unbiased reports like Rick Fox definitely agreed during the broadcast that Beverley was not playing dirty and that his play was a basketball play. However, I’m not sure what to make of Durant punching a player and not being thrown out. Where is the article about OKC playing dirty? Did you watch the calls where no-one could touch an OKC player but it was okay to throw down Harden (Adams)? Or allow Jackson to do to Harden what Patrick did to Russell and get no call even as Jackson continues to run his mouth? And once again, Durant isn’t thrown out after punching a player without any non-basketball act from the pinch receiving player?

    What I see you and the league doing is a whole lot of babying and covering up for the potential championship contenders. At least as reporters you could discuss the game being disgusting on both ends, and discuss how there were potentially non-basketball plays on both ends. Instead you choose to pick on the non-superstar player doing his job.

  3. lbj says:

    Melo will not win a championship in New York. Come to Miami via free agency and the Heat Big 3 will all resign for 14 mil/year.


    2014/2015 Miami Heat All Time NBA Record = 73-9

  4. Gillsy says:

    I like the idea of having Amar’e off the books this year, via amnesty. Melo could be worth it but depends on weather he wants the world or weather is prepared to sign for something reasonable which he says he is prepared to do. Then there is Chandler who says he may not want to stay around and is a player who can sure up the defence in a number of teams. So I think they still have options. But good luck PJax

  5. well i guess melo will fall down in the joining of his friends and join the heat next season? why? because he is not sure if he could win a ring on LA. and if he goes to chicago there’s no drose there and other team the houston . there’s a lot of team in west that has a strong line up.. therefore melo will join the heat and it would be a friendship game this guys melo,james,wade and bosh are in the same year to enter in the NBA. riley is wise. he knows what carmelo anthony can do in miami a long with james and wade. there are 3 best rookie NBA draft 2003. and they are friends as brothers they bonding together even they off the court they go out side for a dinner.. so probably melo join the heat even a lot of strong team that want him. but no way he’s friends will need him. no dough MELO to MIAMI!

    • keek says:

      ur an idiot if you think its even possible for the heat to sign melo.

      • Witness says:

        No he’s not. You are for apparently not reading other articles a couple weeks ago explaining that it most definitely WOULD be possible. If all 4 of em just took around 14 mil a year it be all good. So yea its possible. Whats 6 mil a year when you already are makin 14 and playin for a RING.

  6. Mike says:

    Steve Clifford did a good job at his first year at Charlotte and now they seem to be heading the right direction. Now no one thinks of them as a bad team anymore but respectable. The Knicks have a long way to do and got work to do but they can also get the ship headed in the right direction at least over the summer with the draft and free agency.

  7. Marcus Pearl says:

    The mistake was Dolan firing Donnie Walsh. He should be the one running the team not Steve Mills. Now he’s back in Indiana and the Pacers are one of the best teams in the NBA.

    • yy says:

      I agree Walsh did a great job last year, and Dolan like always is an idiot, who doesnt know what he`s doing.

  8. okc2014 says:

    I don’t like the Phil Jackson to New York move. To do what? More tanking? Okay, so start off by putting Carmello Anthony out of his misery. I can see him to Chicago, LA or even Houston (imagine that!). They need to amnesty, trade, waive, D-League, Ukraine, Spain, or Harlem Globe Trotter every existing player on that team. I still maintain this team is a ticking time bomb. They are going to explode and implode simultaneously.

  9. Heriberto Rivas says:

    Just the action of Jackson signing with the
    Knicks has a tragic to magic and a no be to
    kobe. That’s right, bright; take that to a light and feel their fright. Just sign, that’s it baby. How it goes down? Just check out the clowns. Welcome home, baby, welcome home. Where the first rings of the player rang and the heart sprang, today an enemies mind got banged. What can the Zen Master do, you ask… How can he help? Take a good look, fool. It’s helping, the rumor alone has them on heels.

  10. Ken says:

    Its coming Kobe for Melo

  11. vincent says:

    all this talk about rebuilding. But i don’t follow the Knicks so I’m suprised, after a great season last year with mostly the same roster and coach, wth happened this season?

    • qqqqq says:

      Well, They lost valuble veterans like kurt thomas, campy, JASON KIDD, Rasheed wallace, And good roleplayers, copeland and Novak, those 2 were the best shooters on the team. Stat, tyson, felton, JR, Prigioni, martin, all of those guys have been hurt for a large part of the season.

      JR has been terrible this year, Last yeat he played a big role in the knicks success.

      Alot of things went wrong this year.

  12. Ken says:

    The funny thing is. Kobe will be going to NEW YORK Now That’s right..

  13. Mr Gorgeous says:

    Phil has never been a GM or Executive nor has he negotiated a trade deal or picked a draft in his entire life. He is 68 years old now and very sentimental about his abilities. The other GMs will eat Phil Jackson alive during any trade negotiations. Phil Jackson is not the solution for the Knicks, at all. The Knicks need a good Team President, a fantastic GM, good scouts, and better management of their cap space in the future.
    Knicks should cut their ties with Melo. They’re never going to be able to contend with him. Melo will be 30 years old next season. The Knicks cap space will only clear up in summer of 2015 when Melo will be 31 years old by then. How are they even sure anyone will want to come to New York in 2015? It is done for the Knicks. melo made a bad choice years ago for choosing a full 5 year deal when Lebron, Wade and Bosh all chose 3 year deals. Melo is paying the price for his greed now.
    They should have traded Melo and rebuilt the team through the draft and free agency

  14. atakan imren says:

    absolutely melo will land in la.according to a source he had decided to join is cool fact…..

  15. Carlo says:

    NY is not SA and the Knicks are not the Spurs.
    That means that PJ will be allowed to do things only up to a point. A very little/short point, I’m afraid.
    After a few lost games in the near future, NY fans will start chanting “We want James” or “Fire Jackson” and Dolan will oblige.
    The Knick obtained an un-disputable record, though. They made ALL the possible mistakes a franchise could make – and maybe they even invented a few new ones.
    Anyway, I think Sekou Smith is right: it’ll be fun to sit down and look at it.
    Funnier than watching Knicks games, at least.

  16. go west young man says:

    Sign and trade Melo to Chicago for Boozer, Dunleavy Jr., Nikola Mirotic’s draft rights, a both of Chicago’s picks in the 2014 draft. Why Carlos and Mike? Because Melo makes so much money that they only way to trade him away is to take back both expiring deals (since they are expiring they wouldn’t take up 2015 cap space).
    The point of the trade would be to get Mirotic’s draft rights and the 2 first round picks. Mirotic looks good and can be brought over in 2015. The 2 picks from this years draft would give the Knicks some young talent (besides TIm).
    A Knicks roster that has a front court of Mike Dunleavy Jr., Carlos Boozer, Tyson Chandler, Amar’e Stoudemire, and Andrea Bargnani will not be very good (especially if it is led by Felton at the point). Tanking happens, which is okay because the Knicks own their 2015 first round pick. Now the Knicks have a high pick in the 2015 draft. If the Knicks can package Iman with J.R. they would have even more cap space in 2015.

    Now your roster is Tim Hardaway Jr., 2 mid first round pick from 2014, a high lottery pick from 2015, Nikola Mirotic, and you still have room to offer 2 max (or near max) contracts. Give that team a season to develop chemistry/ acclimate to the NBA and they could be really good. If Phil can can recruit and draft well that would mean by 2016 the Knicks could be fighting for a top seed in the playoffs again.

  17. bernardo says:

    anthony out of new york first, then build a real team, miami could take melo (a trade with norris cole)

    • laker says:

      really trade Melo for Cole…wow…u would b a great GM

      • The Voice Of Reason says:

        And obviously since Melo and Lebron are both officially listed as SF (despite occasionally playing PF) they will work in perfect harmony with sharing the ball. Melo is more selfish than Kobe! Seriously though you would be a GREAT GM -_-

  18. bballjunkie1 says:

    Simple, act as mentor, tutor to players and coaches. Carmelo will learn real leadership like knowing whats going on with the shot clock, directing, facilitating, getting others involved early, won’t have to throw up junk shots to win. Pop does it night in night out, Tibs does it with players communicating on every possession of defense. Not to mention players will want to play in a Phil Jackson program period.

    • skrutz says:

      I’m sure he will be involved with players, but really, he’s not coaching. I think his affect on Melo wiill be little to none – can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

  19. Ike_Wee_Knicks_Fan says:

    Get Rondo, move Melo to the #2, and amnesty Felton and A’mare.. *sorry* Chandler needs more touches..

  20. Ike_Wee_Knicks_Fan says:

    The triangle can help the Knicks in the half-court, but they need a bigger transition point guard.. Rondo, Lin, Westbrook..