Blogtable: How Do You Pick This MVP?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes across the globe to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Deciding factor, KD vs. LBJ | Next step after preps | Remembering Nash

VIDEO: Greg Anthony, Chris Webber and Ernie Johnson break down the MVP race

What will be your deciding factor in picking between Kevin Durant and LeBron James for MVP? Are there any other contenders?

Steve Aschburner, It’s a two-man race. And ultimately, it’s going to come down to their team’s regular-season records and playoff seeding. The rest of the criteria might cancel itself out: James has his reputation as the NBA’s best player working for him, while Durant gets handicapping points for Russell Westbrook‘s long absence. Durant might win another scoring title, while James draws raves for his shooting percentage. One of them might slip below 30.0 on the PER scale, which could swing votes of the numbers crunchers. One still might (knock on wood) get laid up by an injury. But when the smoke clears, the Thunder or the Heat will have the better record and berth, and that team’s guy will be the MVP.

Fran Blinebury, In a beauty contest that might be like choosing between Charlize Theron and Halle Berry — there are definitely no losers — overall team performance will likely tip the scales. The fact that Russell Westbrook has missed exactly half of the schedule and yet Kevin Durant has the Thunder positioned to win the No. 1 seed in the West, and maybe overall in the NBA, means K.D. has done more heavy lifting. Those two are separate from the pack of contenders.

Durant, James (Issac Baldizon/NBAE)

Durant, James (Issac Baldizon/NBAE)

Jeff Caplan, The deciding factor will be which player, KD or LeBron, shines the brightest down the stretch. What we see last sticks, and that’s the way it will be with the voters. Blake Griffin should be in the running. The Clippers were without Chris Paul for six weeks, J.J. Redick‘s been hurt for two extended stretches and they have some real deficiencies on the wing. But right now it’s KD’s and LeBron’s universe.

Scott Howard-Cooper, This will probably be business as usual — player performance (meaning both avoiding a collapse) plus team success (ditto) plus big individual moments (see: LeBron James, Monday, Miami). Injuries to teammates are the potential X-Factor. Durant obviously got a bump when he carried the Thunder in Russell Westbrook’s absence. Those stretches, taking on adversity, can matter. People notice MVP play more in the challenging situations. And, no, no one else is in the running.

John Schuhmann, Once you figure out who the top candidates are via the standings and overall production, then the impact each guy has on his team numbers should be considered. Durant currently has the edge there, mostly because the Heat defense has been much better with James off the floor. And no, there is no other candidate. Kevin Love’s team (and defense) isn’t good enough, Chris Paul’s team played well with him out, and Paul George has Roy Hibbert anchoring that No. 1 defense.

Sekou Smith, The efficiency of both players this season makes it extremely difficult to separate them. In fact, I don’t know that there is way to separate them statistically. They’ll both have individual numbers that are unparalleled by anyone else in the league. Their teams will finish at or near the top of the standings in their respective conferences. And their impact on games on a nightly basis is undeniable. Like any good race, this one comes down to who finishes stronger. There is enough time left in the regular season for one of these guys to create enough space to win the MVP on finish alone. And there will still be a vigorous debate about whether the right man walked away with the hardware. And if they both shut it down today, I’m not sure anyone else could lay legitimate claim to the MVP.

Lang Whitaker, All Ball blog: In my mind it’s down to to two, LBJ and KD. What makes the MVP voting so interesting is that the criteria is so undefined. For me, I try to look at the totality of the player’s value to his team. So that means offense, defense, leadership — the total package. At this point I have no idea who I’ll be voting for, just that it’ll be either a guy known for two initials or one initial.

Adriano Albuquerque, NBA Brasil: It will be in the crunch of the numbers. Whoever gets a small but decisive edge on any of the major stats, maybe on the modern “analytical” categories, will take it. Right now, I’m leaning on consistency, record, PIE and PER — and all of those still favor, by a slim margin, KD.

Philipp Dornhegge, NBA Deutschland: It’s “unfortunate” for the rest of the league that these two players are so extraordinarily good. Guys like Paul George, Steph Curry or Blake Griffin probably won’t get a single vote when it’s time to determine the MVP. Between the two megastars, I think it will ultimately come down to their respective team’s playoff positioning. OKC is primed for the top spot in the West, while Miami is in a battle with Indy. That’s why KD is my favorite right now.

Stefanos Triantafyllos, NBA Greece: Every race must have its underdog. Sure thing: LeBron James and Kevin Durant are the favorites to win it, and to be honest nobody thinks that there is another player that can steal their thunder. But – here comes the but – it is not fair to Paul George and the Pacers to take him out of the picture. His team is leading the NBA standings! So, despite how slim his chances are, you cannot leave him out.


  1. JM says:

    I would go w/ Goran Dragic. He has made doubters of Phoenix out there look like idiots when they predicted that the Suns will win only 20+ games. He is clearly the heart and soul of the Suns. I would love to see this team make some noise in the playoffs the way GSW did it last year.

  2. ADOR says:





  6. KD35 says:

    If KD doesnt win the MVP award, it just proves that the media and the entire league is LBJ biatch

  7. leWis says:


  8. Mo Rida says:

    Both! They can score as they want, they can rule a game from start till end. Both are efficient on both ends. Both tall, strong, fast, technical, shooters, dribblers, rebounders, visionary, etc. However, they are not at the same level in their respective careers, and it is unfair to put one above the other at this point of time. Lebron is cruising with an experienced team while KD is still running in his brilliant OKC stable. How can you choose between these 2 masters ? I can’t!… 2 MVPs? Why not!

  9. philly says:

    #lebroneJames = MVP

  10. metiow says:

    I’m a LeBron fan but this is the year of KD, no doubt!

  11. Ike says:

    Why not Greg Oden?? He is so consistent and plays solid minutes (roughly 8 per game). And he is never injured! G-Oden for MVP!

  12. Zoli says:

    dont care much of the mvp race..
    in the end miami will win and the King will be crowned!
    Simple as that.

  13. Kobe fanatic says:


    • Witness says:

      no doubt. dude barely ever gets touched and its another trip to the line. think he averages like 30 FTS a game hahaha

  14. WolfDesing says:

    Lebron James MVP 2014 !

  15. Baker says:

    KD all the way Kevin Durant and OKC have one of the best records and he did that without Russel Westbrook. KD has better stats and has won by himself. James has Wade and Bosh he needs those guys to win.

  16. Bilguun says:

    Lebron James Is the best player in the world he’s the MVP

  17. bopols says:

    KD asked SI to break LBJ’s nose for him to be sidelined and give KD a chance to lessen the gap between him and the King. Pathetic!

  18. aaron says:

    MVP race is over. KD has been the most consistent all season, and his January was above anything LeBron did in Feb. Sorry but KD is the MVP by a wide margin…Player of the Month from Nov-Jan. in the West. averaging 31, 8 and 5? His team is #1 in the West and 22-8 w/o Westbrook, when he went on an absolute tear. its over

    • Witness says:

      No sorry it wasnt. and its def not a wide margin. LBJ all day . sorry

    • chopped says:

      “by a wide margin”? This is Kevin Durant and LeBron James you’re referring to right? In the NBA right? You must not be coherent for the games….

  19. KnicksFan07 says:

    JR Smtih

    • Mo Rida says:

      Both! They can score as they want, they can rule a game from start till end. Both are efficient on both ends. Both tall, strong, fast, technical, shooters, dribblers, rebounders, visionary, etc. However, they are not at the same level in their respective careers, and it is unfair to put one above the other at this point of time. Lebron is cruising with an experienced team while KD is still running in his brilliant OKC stable. How can you choose between these 2 masters ? I can’t!… 2 MVPs? Why not!

  20. Bobson says:

    Lebron will win the MVP, he has majority of the time been #1 on the MVP race.

    KD had a better January month, Lebron was better everywhere else.

  21. =) says:

    KD should be MVP. I think he’s playing better than Lebron this season.

  22. poooya says:

    i think this year kd is better than lebron so kd is mvp

  23. McPoppy says:

    KD, ez win

  24. Kevin Durant says:

    KD = MVP

  25. 0205jordansa says:

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  26. Cynical? says:

    LeBron will win, no doubt, because he sells better. And that’s all there is to it.

  27. Smoke says:

    LBJ 4 MVP! Coz he got more muscles than kd! Lol

  28. Jess says:

    Here’s a SIMPLE category to distinguish who should be MVP if almost everything is so equally matched:

    Who can dribble the ball better (through traffic)? just as simple as that (BASICS)

    And with that my vote goes to K.D…

  29. Jay-Dee ¹° says:

    LBJ > KD


  30. Mark Anthony says:

    Kevin Durant M.V.P this season, no doubt.

  31. Juan navrro says:

    Lebrón James MVP 2013/2014 que no se diga mas….

  32. huyguhyuhug says:

    KD for MVP!!!!! He plays better than LBJ!!!!!!!

  33. Filip Macedonia says:

    I’m a Miami Heat fan, but I think that this year KD deserves the MVP award. There is no big difference between him and Lebron in the MVP race, but I think a player with his talent deserves at least one MVP award. Also, I think that the Heat even without Lebron are still a playoff team, whereas the Thunder without Durant would not be playoff contenders

    • chopped says:

      MVP award isn’t a sympathy award. If KD deserves it then it should be because he is the best, not because we should feel sorry for him that he is overcast by Lebron. Also, you dont know how each teams performance will specifically be affected with the absence of their star player so that point is irrelevant. Obviously production would decline in both cases, but to what extent is just a guess.

  34. Mattia says:

    KD i s a better shooter and scorer but LBJ is a better basketball player!
    LBJ for MVP! no doubt.

  35. Abby says:

    KD for MVP!!!!!

  36. mac baracael says:

    how come bacame an mvp.for 4 times and even this season…he has no heart in playing…he only play for stats…LBJ is good but KD is just superb.

  37. johnyy12 says:

    i’m not a lebron hater but here are some facts why he shouldn’t be MOST VALUABLE PLAYER
    1. its a revard for most valuable player not the best
    2. lbj has an allstar player playing besides him all season
    3. miami is in eastern weak conference and is still number 2

    • Leonardo says:

      Right on man.

    • kev says:

      1. – whatever
      2. – dwyane wade has missed alot of games, .. pay attention
      3. – miami has an outstanding record vs. western conference teams, .. pay attention

  38. KD_MVP says:

    KD DESERVE THE MVP, and I don’t get why LJ is at the top of the MVP race. Just because OKC lost badly against MIA? 3 game losing streak? 61 points for LJ? this make no sense. OKC also had a 17pts win against MIA, and MIA also had a 3 game losing streak. so it is all about LJ 61points huh? although durant doesn’t have a 60+ game, he got ten 40+ games, along with 12 consecutive 30-point games. most importantly, he single handedly brought OKC to a 10 game winning streak by defeating rockets, warriors, blazers, spurs, hawks, and heat.

    • KDMVP2 says:

      adding that the West conference teams are tougher than the East. If Durant and the Thunders were in the East Conference they would have made 60+ wins in the last 3 years.

  39. john carlo bere says:

    Lebron james WIN THE MVP why ? because way back the 2011-2012 finals HEAT VS THUNDER , who”s gonna win ?

  40. Sheldon says:

    Yes, how does one pick this years’ MVP?

    I think it will come down to something I remember BIll Simmons had tweeted. It will come down to the player who (by box score) “doesn’t take a day off”. We can already figure that LeBron and KD will take their teams to the top, if not top 2 seed within their respected conferences. We know that LeBron is a facilitator, efficient scorer and all around complete player. KD is an efficient scorer who has seemingly improved his all around game. We kind of have an idea what we will see in a typical box score for each player, respectively. The consistency of the box score expectations, and increase in a statistically category may be a difference maker. If LeBron is not playing, the Heat will be alright for a good stretch. If KD is not playing, I can’t say that OKC will have the same success. Both players are valuable to their teams, obviously, but KD is vital for OKC in being a playoff contender.

    Surely reviewing box scores is NOT the way an MVP should be determined. It should primarily be who is most vital for their teams success, and the team production in wins and losses. Sure LeBron is the best player all around player in the league, but if all continues they way it has thus far up to the end of the regular season, KD can very likely receive his 1st MVP award.

  41. coolitdude says:

    KD for me… the West is always the tougher conference and he has consistantly bring more wins for OKC. He somehow picked himself up more this season with the absence of Westbrook since last season’s playoff collapse without his dynamic point guard.. Leo Messi has conceded his four-in-a-row World player of the year accolade to C.Ronaldo.. it is time KD takes over LBJ too..

  42. kubanatubane says:

    i’m glad to see best players of season on the top , both are extraordinarily in game but to mention that KD did better and he has lead the team in absence of westbrook. otherwise KD is my favorite

  43. Warthock says:

    LeBron did the most fabulous things currently this season.

    And if I have to add an other contenders, I will pick Carmelo Anthony ! He’s trying so hard to help is team, and is the still the champs at shooting the ball.

  44. petar says:

    Lebron is a better player period. Love KD but Lebron is a machine, even no I am not Heat fan.

    When Lebron was in Cleveland they were No1 seed in East and when he left they were last… I dont think there is more to say.

  45. 4TimeMVP says:

    i think, LBJ will win the mvp. he is an all around player with a higher percentage of shooting than other… He is still the best!

  46. Mark says:

    KD no doubt

  47. eX says:

    Let’s make it simple.and switch teams. kD play for Miami. LJ play for the thunder. That most likely to be 5 times Champion for the heat and thunder would be 6-7 seat in the west.KD will make Wade &CP much better

    • Bobomotanga says:

      How will KD do that? I think you switched them. And as far as carrying a team goes, lebron is far better. He carried a low caliber Cleveland team to a contender. Unlike durant, who is just starting to do it. Overall, kd is just a better scorer and shooter, while lebron is a better basketball player.

  48. jumppong says:

    like Sam Smith Said.. Joakim Noah!!!! for MVP

  49. jfack says:

    id pick kd right now. no doubt. but that said. i know lb is coming. he has been very strong since all the mvp talk and will continue to be strong down the stretch. i just hope kd wins though he deserves it. lebron needs to stop hoggin the mvps lol

  50. Irene Adler says:

    Kevin Durant really deserves to win the MVP Trophy. It is a gigantic effort for him to put his team at the top of the toughest conference- the West. I hope the voters will not overlook what he has done. Go KD.

  51. ehhhhhhhh says:

    Paul george shouldnt even be considered in this race. When you look at his team, its obvious they function well with or without him. He is way too inconsistent and his stats arent even in the same breath as kd and lebron

  52. LBJ - MVP says:

    LeBron has to win the MVP with no doubt… He has played tremendous game this season with higher field goals percentage, with a broken nose, and he haven’t forgiven his teammates. I think people should also vote for mvp races.

  53. Dreamchaser says:

    Although KD went in a scoring rage while westbrook was out, Serge Ibaka was right behind him putting big numbers in to.!

  54. Ron says:

    Winning the MVP is not being the top scorer… KD beats Lebron in terms of scoring and Lebron envy’s KD because he can take as many shots as he wants… but then again it all falls out to who plays as a leader and a team player who not only scores but get’s his teammates involved… KD may lead his team but he lacks involving his teammates during games… like everybody said when Lebron was just starting he’s an all around player… which also makes him the leading ACTIVE player with the most triple double.

    For the Kobe fans who hate lebron… the reason they hate Lebron is because they feel threatened on Lebron’s performance… when Anthony or KD scored their career high’s it wasn’t a big deal for them but when Lebron scored his careers high there was too much criticisms… one thing’s for sure Lebron is one of basketball’s all time greats!

  55. Tinozius says:

    To the greek guy: I think tonight’s pathetic performance by George alone took him of the picture for the MVP race… Indiana won’t get top seed in the East, that’s Miami’s. KD vs LBJ for MVP race, KD vs LBJ on NBA Finals. Can’t wait for June…

    • Bobomotanga says:

      Im betting okc wouldn’t come out the west. SAS or the clippers has a better team play. Shutdown durant and the okc is nothing, I know its hard to durant kd, but if you have a green or leonard, or griffin or barnes to defend him, kd might be slown down. Give the mvp to kd, but he wouldn’t go as far a s the finals.

  56. phil says:

    Durant does it without the repeated flopping, the theatrics, without the drama, the premadona attitude, the ego actively seeking attention in the media… Durant makes mediocre players around him better and he does it without westbrook and with him in the lineup! Let’s not forget why steve nash won two in a row, self declared ‘king’ douchebag james is no steve nash… Never was and never will be! Let’s not forget his cleveland days, how would he fair without wade & bosh? Just look back a few years

  57. Lakers' fanboy says:

    honestly. Chris Bosh have been the X-factor of this season….why out him being in the picture…..heat will get run over….sadly there is no credit heading to CB1…..sad sad

  58. MR G says:

    There’s a lot of conditions to factor in. LBJ is dominant but does he get his team to win games? KD is scoring leader but will he cool down to get his team to win as well? I think LBJ is playing at an even higher level than last season; however, Kevin Durant proved that he can carry a team to WIN and that is what the MVP is about. I am a major Kobe fan, but in the two seasons that Steven Nash won MVP, he was getting his team to win. But I am getting off topic, I think Kevin Durant should get it, he will take his team to finals this season.

  59. Striker says:

    Kevin Durant Deserves MVP !!!

  60. cry says:

    yeah paul geogre for mvp….0 of 9 against the bobcats,what a joke!

  61. kdfan4life says:

    Durrant should win. Lebron sux. He is the worst player and okc would be bottom of ladder if durrant didnt play for them.

    lebron left his team clevland which isnt fair he should have stayed there his carerr and he said that he would win all those championships at miami wich is not cool.

    Durrant for mvp!!!

  62. DarylTee says:

    Depending on the deciding factor that’ll be considered, Durant had an easier setting slipping in to lifting his team without Westbrook since the scoring load would be with him. While James would eventually have a tougher time blending in and getting the comfort since the roster and the line-up often changes with Wade slipping in and out of the list making it somewhat tougher to adjust to, This could either be a positive or a negative note. It’ll vary depending on the mindset of the judging panel.

  63. Rolls says:

    Come on!!! I’ts clearly true that L J should win the MVP because he understood what it takes to win. Besides he is a big reason why nba has so mush values now. Just because KD has great scoring protential that doesn’t make him a MVP.
    LJ is the greatest on the court right now at this very momment i’m not a fan of LJ but i just know that he owns this title MVP

  64. Luis says:

    Lebron James Is the best player in the world he’s the MVP

  65. Lebron james says:

    i think lebron james all along coast the early part of the regular season but now in the second half of the season he will unvail his mvp form again and getz this award for the reason he is the best basketball player in the world ryt now!!!1 in terms of all aspect of the game you cannot choose an mvp who just known only by scoring and another fact you can not pin point any game that lebon james and kevin durant face each other lebron james always on top of kevin durant so you cannot choose an mvp that you that someone still better than him ryt???

  66. thetruth says:

    tell u what why dont u give it to kd and lebron is getting two much attention melo had 62 which is higher than lebrons but lebron is getting more attention. elgin baylor had 75 points and know one knows who he is they only know who lebron is

  67. Haris says:

    This isn’t a done deal. Let me do a good comparison, LeBron on a score of 10 , would get 8 in the first half of the season. They made a lot of careless mistakes. But once he took that clutch shot, against Warriors, he was heating up! Kevin would get a score of 9.5/10. First half of the season, went PERFECT, until Russell came back. And they went 0-3. Second half of the season, 1st Month was a no brainer LeBron outdueled Kevin one on one and against the OKC. Had a good streak until carelessness by the team caused them to lose to Rockets (yesterday).

    LeBron : Better Teammate, shares the ball more (play maker), had plenty of clutch moments including game winner. Great defender. Best small forward ‘post’ player ever. LeBron doing his best to close out gap with Pacers. Home advantage maybe? Out of 10. 9.5/10

    Kevin : Great shooter, great average, numerous game winners. Great rebounder, but needs to involve his teammates more often. Number 1 in East, home advantage maybe? Out of 10. 9/10

    It will be down to the last 10 games, only the most deserving will put on a show. Right now they are both neck at neck. I saw LeBron will edge Kevin.

  68. ricz says:

    KD should really need to win an MVP title

    It’s like saying 40 monster game + so-so team vs 10 monster game + monster team

    Let’s be realistic here pls. there’s no two man race here…. It has been KD since the beginning

  69. db says:

    If today, both KB & LBJ both went down for the rest of the season, it would quickly become apparent which player is more essential for his team’s success by which of the 2 teams fell further (a scenario we do not want to happen, but worthy of speculation). Hence of the 2 teams, the team that finishes the regular season ahead without losing it MVP has to be acknowledged as having THE MVP.

  70. ricz says:

    My vote goes to KD IMO

    LBJ got miami heat to help him score effortlessly :C
    his FG% is good bec. LBJ is a power player who loves to use his body and attack the paint unlike KD

  71. #MJFan4Life says:

    The MVP in my opinion should be based on the equation that if star player of a good team (leading division, conference, above 500 and in playoff contention) is removed from the team, would the team be in the same position or similar. Lebron James will always be a force to be reckoned with and yes he is arguably the best player in the league. However, if you take him away from the Heat, I think they would still be in contention for best record in the (L)east. If you take KD out of OKC, they will not be anywhere near the top of the West. The numbers KD has put up to keep OKC in the position they are in are more the deservant of MVP this year. He has carried that team and shown he is the best scorer in the league.

  72. JJJ says:

    All the people whose argument is Durant carried OKC seem to have forgotten that LeBron did the same with an even more pathetic team in Cleveland but didn’t get an MVP for every year he brought them to the playoffs. Argument invalid. KD might deserve the MVP but that has no factor. Also LeBron efficiency is HUGE in the argument.

  73. abusadu says:

    KD will be The MVP this year bUt LBJ will The finals MVP this year also…

  74. adri says:

    LBJ is the favorite. Facing each other in Oklahoma certified that King is still in his prime. KD is a very good player but still LBJ stays on top

  75. cris garza says:

    everybody hates lebron for some reason, by now you should understand kd better scorer lebron is the best player overall…. mvp is not the scoring champ is the player that can do everything and give the teams wins when they need it

  76. Zach says:

    Here is the clear difference between LebRo and KD. Even though his team was up 17 points against Bobcats, LebRon stayed on the court just to score 60 or more points. He was not seated in the 4th quarter. Yet, Kevin Durant, even though he scored 30 or more points in 12 consecutive games and was just about to make a history, rather than going out there and try to score 5 more points, he did not play in the 4th quarter. Again, last night, even though he scored 42 in 3 quarters and had a chance to go for 60 in the 4th, he did not play in the 4th quarter. Just to be clear, I am a Lakers and a huge Kobe fan. But it seems to me that Kevin Duran is much more a complete player. He is way better shooter. He is way more skilled in his fadeaway shots. To be fair, LebRon is a great player. But I don’t see the skill that I see in Kobe or Kevind Durant. LebRon’s game is totally power driven. Kobe and Durant are Mr. Fundamentals. To sum it up, Kevin Durant should be MVP this year. Not by hair but he is the most consistent player in the league and he did not get a lot of help from Westbrook or any other player this year. And let’s be honest, his humility is something to be respected.

  77. Gil says:

    I’m agree with Mr. Stefanos of Nba greece. C’mon lets not forget Paul Geroge this young leg deserves it, he should be ahead of lebron the record proves it. Perhaps, if miami takeover the no.1 seed from Thunder & Pacers lebron has a chance.

  78. squala96 says:

    If the MVP was awarded before the All-Star break, then Durant definitely deserves it. Without fellow scorer Westbrook, he was seen to be more effective, not because his PPG increased, but because his team kept winning, even resoundingly beating a full-on Heat at one stage. LeBron, on the other hand, was seen to struggle a bit without his partner-in-crime, which involved a loss to Sacramento. Miami also had a handful of defeats by teams they should have easily dismissed.

    But after the East-West game has been concluded, things have drastically changed. Miami is currently on a streak while Oklahoma were oddly losing all of a sudden, and that’s when Russell stepped back in. Does that mean that KD doesn’t have that ideal chemistry with his co-superstar on board? Do the Thunder really need Westbrook less than they think? A proper MVP should be able to work with his teammates to seriously contend. Whether or not Durant is able to do that remains to be seen.

    …which brings LeBron back to the race for best player. The recent 61-point game by James should not be discounted. He’s also been just as awesome despite those novelty nose masks. Playing as if he isn’t injured must also count as a deciding factor.

  79. md9 says:

    King James MVP

  80. HP says:


  81. yeahhhh says:

    Phlilip Dornhegge says that Okc is PRIMED for the top spot in the west while miami is battling indy for the east’s top spot. The spurs are one game behind Okc just like miami is one game behind indy so how is Okc PRIMED for the top spot when the gap is the same?

  82. Junior Sena says:


  83. Jefrey Landicho says:

    the fact that OKC was beaten by CAVS makes KD lose the mvp race

  84. Brenda says:

    Why do I have to be bombarded with LeBron James stuff each and every day I look on or am watching basketball games? Bottom line is that LeBron can do no wrong in the face of the media. Is he a human being or God? The last I checked he is human being like the rest if us in society. Let’s give Durant the justice and notoriety he so richly deserves for once. Durant is the full package and not a cry baby like LeBron.

    • krishawn-MIA says:

      Its what happens when you’re the best!!! Its like beinh in high school,1. Everyone talks highly about the best performer 2. Some people ride that persons di** without them asking them too 3. And other students(haters) find a reason to not like that student because of the attention(they don’t ask for) that they get. Its not like Lebron ask to be talked about all the time can’t hate him for other people overaffectionatly loving his greatness

    • Game Time says:

      Get back in the kitchen.

  85. Emmanuel says:

    Durant will win it (as he should) because people want new blood in the race. The only thing that can really change it is LBJ goes off and the Heat win 20 in a row. But the way he carried them without Westbrook, the way he’s made the NBA exciting when stars are getting injured left and right, he deserves it. LeBron would have like 7 MVP’s in a row if we just gave it to the best player every year.

  86. Victor says:

    I don’t really know why the NBA media keeps doing this, Besides the fact im an OKC fan, Durant was the clear front runner in the MVP race by the break (With all those consecutive 30 point games and having the team at the top on the stronger conference)… Now they are trying to make it look like they are head to head because of the bad game KD had vs Miami coming off the break and that 3 game losing streak plus the games Miami won against the awful East teams and that 61 point game he had few days ago… What i mean is, KD has been the frontrunner the whole season and now because in less than 10 games where Lebron has been looking better he is the MVP because of that? C’mon…

  87. dustydreamnz says:

    It’s still too early!

  88. kevin says:

    if james gets mvp it will prove all you have to do is turn it on last 2 months of season and u will get all the votes ..doesnt matter if you play whole season at a high level just last 2 months…that will be sad

  89. Franz says:

    How does Durant get handicapped for Westbrook’s absence when Wade has arguably taken as much time off?

  90. Rhumz says:

    I would go for Lebron for MVP……KD have lot of points but his FG % is more in missed shot^^

  91. Chrislovesball says:

    My comment. FIRST! Dispite James playing in a “weaker” division, that seems to have no effect on the out come (2 rings back to back). There is still alot of basketball left however. Though at this point KD takes it by a hair.

  92. Joe says:

    Give the MVP to Jason Collins. Nobody cared about the Nets, until they signed him. LOL

  93. Xavier says:

    KD!! why?? he by himself took OKC to the best record in the NBA, while in those games that Wade didnt play the Heat were just around .500, that’s what everybody should be looking at right now. KD have better stats that Lebron in 6-8 stats categories.

    • Game Time says:

      Yeah, but KD hasn’t been supporting a team that has had 3 consecutive Finals appearances. James has been running on high for a lot longer than Durant. So if he started off the season a little less than spectacular so what. He continues amaze us even past what he already has done. I can’t say I’m amazed at Durant, impressed that he stepped his game up, but not amazed at his performance.

  94. mezstah says:

    KD stats are better other then FG%. His team has the better record even without Westbrook. So KD MVP by far

  95. Patty says:


  96. Patty says:




  97. kenny says:

    watch James will get it again even thou Durant has out done him in a much better confence and much harder competition just like last year

  98. Dave says:

    @jeriel: Bosh is playing like he should be playing, and lets say some games he is off, well there is plenty of other players who can replace and help, MIA has plenty of good players, so MIA without Wade is not as powerful as it should be but at the end of the day lebron has enough help on this team…KD literraly lift OKC the entire season, yes he had reggie jackson who stepped is game up and ibaka, but thats it! KD never had all the good players Lebron had so that is why i think KD MUST win it this year!!! but it is a close one seriously…

  99. Timmy says:

    I don’t understand the whole who’s team is better thing. OKC had the better record when LeBron won his first MVP in MIA. OKC improved their record last year after trading Harden who proved to be one of the best players in the league while KD had a 50/40/90 season. Oh, and he recieved ZERO first place votes! The NBA is so dumb sometimes, if KD doesn’t win MVP it’ll be a JOKE

  100. Timmy says:

    I don’t understand the whole who’s team is better thing. I guess the other players don’t have anything to do with team record, huh? Plus, OKC had the better record when LeBron won his first MVP in MIA. OKC improved their record last year after trading Harden who proved to be one of the best players in the league while KD had a 50/40/90 season. Oh, and he recieved ZERO first place votes! The NBA is so dumb sometimes, if KD doesn’t win MVP it’ll be a JOKE

  101. NBAIQ says:

    I’m sorry but LeBron had Bosh all season. Bosh is an All Star who else besides Westbrook is an All star on OKC’s roster…none. KD more than deserves the MVP trophy this year.

    • krishawn-MIA says:

      Bosh is an all star by virtue of a weak conference, okc had PLENTY of help, ibakas stats are nearly identical to bosh stats and he had contributions from LITERALY EVERYWHERE!!!!!

  102. droque77 says:

    I need someone to explain to me what MVP means. I thought it meant Most Valuble Player. Out of every team we watch can you say Lebron is the most valuble player on his team, meaning they would be lost w/o him on the team? Durant? How about Geroge and Al Jefferson

  103. Jeriel says:

    Without Westbrook, KD brought the Thunders to Top Seed, But Wade misses games too. Keep that on mind.
    IT is an handicap for KD, but how bout those nights that Heat wins with only LeBron as their Star Player because Wade has a Knee Injury, and Bosh doesn’t play that well (like he did in Toronto). I think, LeBron and KD is tied right now, but after the 61 Point Game of LeBeron last Monday, That puts him in the Lead by a small margin. 🙂

    • Clay says:

      Also keep in mind, though, that Wade isn’t in his prime anymore, while Westbrook is. So your argument about the Heat winning games when Wade has a kneww injury isn’t valid, because Westbrook was also out with a knee injury, and the Thunder were winning games with Durant, as the Heat were winning games with LeBron, so those cancel each other out.

      Now, if we’re going to base the MVP voting on highest single-game total this season, then Melo would win, so that argument isn’t really valid either.

      The MVP race really comes down to consistency, PPG average, and team record. And so far, Durant should be MVP based on all three of those. Plus he’s playing with MVP-style; he wants it. It will just all depend on how well these two guys perform through the end of the season.

  104. mortished says:

    it’s much more fun to look for a LVP : i would go for JR Smith !

  105. droque77 says:

    First, I need somebody to explain to me what MVP means. I thought it stood for Most Valuble Player. If Miami loses Lebron than Miami would still be a one or two seed on the strength of Bosh and Wade. If OKC loses Durant, they are out of the playoffs, I hear no one mentioing Al Jefferson, Paul George deserves more credit. This is not a two man race, just because the media wants it that way.

    • Pakyaw says:

      You put Lebron and KD to any team right now , it’s guarantee playoffs, I don’t know about Paul George., not yet..but he will..

    • krishawn-MIA says:

      1.If miami loses lebron it will be a good team not great same if okc loses durant so I dnt think that should be the reason for it all 2.let’s be honest the media isn’t really doing ne thing rong for once truth is it is a two man race, no ones discrediting paul george and others its just we wanna hear about those closest to the tropy(lbj and kd) not those fightin for 3-10 and 3. NO ONE THING should make a person the MVP

  106. astar23 says:

    Philipp Dornhegge, NBA Deutschland- “OKC is primed for the top spot in the West, while Miami is in a battle with Indy. That’s why KD is my favorite right now.”

    Not a smart statment at all. OKC is fighting for that 1st seed in the west just like Miami is in the east.

  107. krishawn-MIA says:

    The MVP race will ultimately be decided on what takes place these last 20+ games of the season and it is a two man race sorry Mr. Greece but Paul George is a top 10 candidate but that doesn’t matter anymore it is a two man race so far is till give a slight nod to KD but so far doesn’t win the race-it is won at the end, can’t go rong for choosin anyone though

  108. KD all the way!! Nuff said