Don’t Forget About ‘Dre (Drummond)!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — While the entire basketball world and the Twitter-sphere were busy going off the rails about LeBron James and his monster, 61-point night, another Eastern Conference human behemoth was busy turning Monday night into his own personal showcase.

Andre Drummond, the Detroit Pistons’ young giant, went to work on the glass in a win over the New York Knicks. He grabbed 26 rebounds, to go with his 17 points, to tie Dwight Howard for the league high this season and the most by a Piston since Ben Wallace grabbed 28 on March 24, 2002.

Drummond, 20, joins Howard as the only players to grab 26 or more rebounds in the game at the age of 20 or younger. The Pistons haven’t had much to get excited about this season, as they have struggled with consistency. But Drummond’s future is bright if he keeps at his overall game and continues to polish his rough edges.

Check out his work against the Knicks …

VIDEO: Andre Drummond goes to work on the New York Knicks


  1. JM says:

    Aside from Hooper, he’s one of the positives in this Detroit team. If his offense continues to develop, I think we’re now looking at the future of the center position in the league in this guy.

  2. maybe in few years. Im talking this season. Dre has alot of devoloping to do exspecially to improve all around game. yes i watch nba everyday and pistons record speaks for itself. and if hes best centre then y wasnt he a allstar? Just give him some time b4 u make this comment

  3. jeffreyhopkins says:

    philip drummond ?

  4. took 1 line to mention lebron! haha, drummonds a beast, i dont know about best centre in nba tho. I would take Hibbert, Noah, Cousins, and B Lopez over him. he needs better team or trade Josh Smith hes not a team player and he needs to be on a team like Bucks

    • Jake says:

      Wow. Have you seen dre play? Lopez? Noah? Drummond is TWENTY years old. Twenty. Only big I would take over him would be AD.. maybe..

  5. jake s. says:

    Nice job with the article title.

  6. Celtics fan says:

    when Isiah Thomas becomes the GM of the Pistons i hope he trades Drummond for Rondo lol

  7. dustydreamnz says:

    He’s a freak Drummond, give him 2 years and he’ll be an All Star at 22 I reckon. I forget he’s so young.

  8. mee(a)t says:

    26 REBOUNDS!!!!!
    to be fair it was the Knicks
    BUT STILL!!!!

    • krishawn-MIA says:

      Drummond is underrated to be honest but he has majoooor portential, if he can dominate more offensively then he can definitely take his game to a new level and be the best center in the league