Clash Of Cultures Is What Separates Bulls Vs. Knicks, Melo Vs. Thibs

VIDEO: Bulls send Knicks, Melo to sixth straight loss

CHICAGO – Boil it all down – the hand-wringing over Knicks star Carmelo Anthony‘s future whereabouts, the wild guesses about Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau‘s long-term future and the grass-is-greener presumptions about one or both somehow coveting what the other has – and what’s left is pretty simple:

A clash of cultures. Anthony’s vs. Thibodeau’s. The Knicks’ vs. the Bulls’.

The gap between them had little to do with Chicago’s 109-90 pasting of New York in a Sunday matinee at United Center and everything that went on before, during and after that lopsided network game. It was more than just one team losing six straight and the other bagging its ninth win in 10 games, getting right to the respective organizations’ tone, vision and priorities.

The Knicks are of, and for, Anthony. He is the sun of their solar system, around which everything revolves. It’s the supernova, BIG MARQUEE approach that New Yorkers love. So fans at Madison Square Garden can’t have LeBron James now or Shaquille O’Neal or Michael Jordan back in the day? Fine – they’ll take a second-tier star and feed his dreams as if he is one of those guys.

And that’s what they have. Anthony is a prolific scorer who does the most important thing in basketball – he puts points on the board – without doing a lot of other things that matter on the very best teams. Like defense, intensity or making lesser players better.

Then there are the Bulls, who continue to draw admirers and win over doubters with their Three Musketeers approach. Already this season, they’ve taken two of the most severe hits a team can endure – another season-ending knee injury for MVP Derrick Rose and the trade of All-Star forward Luol Deng. The Bulls took those hits, their knees buckled even … but they have steadied themselves right into the third-best record in the Eastern Conference.

“Everybody knows what this team is going through, playing without our best player,” Bulls center Joakim Noah said after orchestrating his way to 13 points, 12 rebounds and 14 assists, his second triple-double this season. “Right now, our mentality is, we just want to get better playing those big games and do everything we can to play the best basketball possible. So when our young boy comes back, we’re ready.”

Ready for what? That barely matters. It’s the attitude evident in words spoken by Noah but straight out of Thibodeau in all his next-man-up glory.

Thibodeau is the guy who renders any personnel losses or roster shortcomings irrelevant in Chicago. As much as his players miss Rose as their offensive big gun or felt sorry for themselves and their friend Luol, on and off the court, in the days immediately after the trade, the Bulls have pushed forward with shark-like tenacity.

The Knicks, meanwhile, get lost gazing into their vast, shiny navel over whatever that day’s crisis might be, whether it’s yesterday’s shot-blocking or next summer’s free agency.

“It says a lot about their team, the character of the players in the locker room and their preparation,” New York center Tyson Chandler said after the game. “They obviously feel that they can win with whoever they throw out there. It wasn’t fun to watch, playing against them, but as a player, you can respect what they’re doing.”

Said Noah: “Y’know, people really counted us out. We’ve gone through a lot, and just to be in this position feels good. We’re happy with today. We’re not satisfied. We’re still hungry – I feel like we’re still the hungriest team playing in the NBA.”

Now compare that to Anthony’s comments after he scored 21 points on 8-of-17 shooting.

“It’s just hard to keep coming up with excuses about whys,” he said. “We’ve got to have some sense of pride just to go out there and compete. It doesn’t seem like we’re even competing right now. … It’s frustrating, it’s embarrassing. A winning attitude is just not happening.”

That’s it right there, isn’t it? A winning attitude doesn’t just happen anywhere. It isn’t happening in New York because it hasn’t been a priority of the team’s best players and of management. It didn’t happen in Denver when Anthony was there, either, in the way that the Nuggets needed.

George Karl, who coached Anthony to a string of Denver playoff berths but just one trip beyond the first round, talked with Harvey Araton of the New York Times recently about Anthony and his history of never really going “all in”.

… “I don’t think Melo understands that coming to work with the best attitude every single day is a precious commodity when you’re the best player. That’s not the same thing as playing hard. That’s bringing the total package, 100 percent focused on all the little things. Those are rare breeds. Kevin Garnett. Michael Jordan. LeBron didn’t always have it, but he has it now.

“Melo doesn’t get an A in that department — maybe not much more than a B-minus. It is, in a sense, the A.A.U. mind-set: We worked hard yesterday, maybe we can take a day off today. That’s why he really needs that player – the point guard or someone who takes on that role – to be the bridge from the coach to him.”

That’s why the talk about Anthony maybe signing with Chicago this summer troubles some skeptics, including this one. He is a culture unto himself who, so far, has swamped two organizations. Even if Rose returns as the player he was, the point guard’s personality isn’t dominant enough to prevent the Bulls from becoming “Melo’s team.” And all indications are, “Melo’s team” will be winning nothing, not now, not later, not with Anthony as the unassailed No. 1 option and presence, not with him on the dark side of 30.

Anthony increasingly needs to be the second- or third-best player on a contender, which will require him taking less money in a shorter contract if he’s even willing to leave New York. He needs a point guard more headstrong and established than him – the Clippers’ Chris Paul would be ideal or, as Karl suggested, Jason Kidd of about five years ago. He needs to bring as much good Melo as he can while shedding the bad Melo, in terms of ego, sideshows and what his old coach in Denver flat-out called selfishness.

Could Thibodeau’s drive and will impose itself on Anthony’s habits and sense of entitlement without any player-coach “bridge” from inside the locker room? Or maybe, could Noah be that guy? Anthony did call him the Bulls’ “quarterback” and “spirit of their team” Sunday.

But 11 years into his NBA career, he’s never done it. He’s been Allen Iverson with more size and less incorrigibility, a scorer who needs to have (and stop) the ball and a supporting cast fashioned around him.

Even if Anthony really wants to win – enough to leave New York, enough to give up serious dollars for four years and that fifth-year bonanza entirely – he would have to have the guts to seek out a possible champion with no assurances. He would risk signing with a better team but not the right team, getting himself two, three or even four rounds of playoffs but not necessarily a ring.

He would have to answer the question, what’s more important to him really: Two months each springtime, possibly without a payoff? Or 12 months guaranteed as a billboard in New York?

It comes down to a clash of cultures, instilled by Anthony and Thibodeau and embodied by the Knicks and the Bulls for all to see Sunday: Me vs. we.

VIDEO: Carmelo Anthony talks after the Knicks’ blowout loss in Chicago


  1. Eddie says:

    I would love to see Carmelo in Chicago but he wont come. Before he signs I hope Thibs and Gar tell him that hes gonna have to take less than a max to keep Taj and Noah around. He will have to work on defense and work as a team player. And for this reason and for the money, he will not come.

  2. Faba says:

    @jori Reijula: Melo is averaging 8.5 rebounds per game this season get your facts right. And im sure with two All Stars and a bunch of shooters Melo would win a NBA championship like lebron but with less floping

  3. Anthony says:

    The same people that were saying Melo needs to change his game for Jeremy Lin and they ended up w/ the 2nd best record in the eastern conference last year. Melo has faults, but he is far away from the reason why the team is struggling. JR Smith, Felton and Shumpert are invisible. Stoudemire is hobbled and Chandler is average, extremely limited offensively.

  4. Alexander says:

    In playoff circumstances in response to aura no, for team records and statistics absolutely.

  5. lbattle7915 says:

    Good points

    Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2014 23:44:31 +0000 To:

  6. aura says:

    having a good team in paper and high score in games but not winning is not good right?

  7. Alexander says:

    Those who criticize the substance of this article FAIL to realize that it takes a multi-dimensional mindset to acquire and construct a championship contender team. New York at this time DOES NOT have that mindset and a player with Carmelo’s talents should take his talents elsewhere but that will be completely up to him. Great Article Steve, Chicago would be an ideal stop for Carmelo because he needs exactly what George Karl has expressed, he needs to mature from the AAU mindset to be able to understand that there’s more needed to added to his hard work ethic. Carmelo is an amazing talent and once he realizes that he can achieve the similar success that Paul George has currently with the Pacers.

  8. juju says:

    i hope melo leaves NY… so i dont get to see his video every single time i watch an NBA video…SMH… why do they show himeverytime when his team is not even due to make it in the playoffs?

  9. trueHEATfan says:

    Even though i’m a true Heat fan (since Glen Rice and Smitty days) I always hoped the best for this Knicks team. The though of seeing a rekindled 90’s rivalry would have been fantastic for the east. The dream of Stat staying healthy for three or four more seasons after his fantastic 2011 campaign just never happened.

    What killed in reality was the idiots making the deals in the Knicks upper office. Don’t enjoy offending folks but thats all you can call them … idiots. Why give up for Melo when you knew for a fact he was leaving to the Knicks franchise. Too late now to point fingers but could you imagine would could have been if the team Stat had around him in 2011 just added Melo without losing anyone except maybe Danilo or Wilson Chandler.
    Knicks ownership likes to talk the talk. But while they are talking about winning other team like The Heat are too busy winning to talk about it. Sorry Knick fans but if I was an N.Y. fan at this point in time I would not even be watching basketball at this time or would maybe be a Nets fan. At least the Russian is showing he will spare no expense at building a winner. In his case he just needs personnel that is better at scouting because they seem to overpay injury prone half decent talent.

  10. Will says:

    MELO TO CHICAGO… Welcome to the Chi…Carmelo is a leader, but he’s not a captain. That New York locker room is tarnish and filled with overpaid and immature grown men. Carmelo
    deserves to be a champion in this league. The question is will Melo play his roll as a Capo and submit to the Bosses, (Thibs, Noah and Rose). This could be the best big 3 basketball have ever seen if everyone plays their rolls. Starting with Melo, he must first accept that to win multiple championships, it’s going to take sacrifice. He will have to sacrifice his home city not liking him, money and his roll as the man. Don’t get me wrong he will be one of the men of many that will take this new Bulls team to glory.Secondly, he must take a huge pay cut. Money isn’t the issue anymore. Coming to Chicago is a great fit and all with Rose and Noah, but you can not let Gibson walk. He is the key piece to this Championship run. Thirdly, have fun again doing what you love to do. Chicago media and fans are the greatest. Carmelo and his wife could enjoy a great life here for the rest of his basketball career and beyond. The spot light is on Chicago. Carmelo will become apart of that. Welcome to the Chi……

  11. Crystal says:

    Love this article.. As the biggest Melo fan in the world, it is true, there is something that the stats are hiding. Melo is in a horrible eastern conference and can’t make the playoffs.. 15 games under .500 ??? Even as my favorite player i cant excuse that. He shoots the ball all day yet isnt the first one back on defense half the time, leaving other teammates to do the dirty work.. Does anyone here know that transition defense is one of the most important aspects of basketball ?? When Melo holds the ball for 10 seconds just to shoot and miss and the other team sprints down to score in 5 seconds, or sprints down to get a foul on raymond felton, look at melo jogging down the court not taking accountability for his defense.. There is no effort stat, and i must say i agree with Steve saying that Melo isn’t the intangible leader of a team.. He doesn’t make his teammates want to get back on defense every play, if anything, he makes them want to STOP playing defense because they never get to shoot.. Who wants to do that? In Melo’s defense, he doesn’t have much of a complete team around him, But let me tell you why you truly have to agree with Steve, BECAUSE HE ADMITS THAT SCORING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE GAME. STEVE ADMITTED THAT MELO IS A DEADLY SCORER. When it comes to defense, intensity, and making lesser players better, clearly MELO isn’t that guy.. Must agree Steve.. Look no further than the record, you mean to tell me that Melo is a GREAT PLAYER and his record is nearly the same as the Utah Jazz.. (the jazz are actually a half game better than the knicks right now) Plus Melo is in his prime.. The only GREAT PLAYER i remember not making the playoffs in their prime was Kobe.. And if i recall, he went for 50+ 4 straight games. Not quite what Melo is doing. Honestly as a Melo fan, i accept that he’s a ballstopping player who can literally score on anyone in the league 1 on 1.. But outside of him having the ball in his hands IN A TRIPLE THREAT SITUATION, melo looks pretty average on the bball court..

  12. Luke says:

    great article

  13. duff says:

    comparing melo and AI is an insult to iverson. iverson is all about effort during the game and intensity and competetiveness. he doesn’t like practices but when he’s on the court he gives up all his body and heart in order to win. have you seen his team when he brought them to the finals? it was a very mediocre team but iverson carried them all the way. if he had tyson chandler and melo’s teammates in the knicks today i would say that he would have defeated the kobe and shaq lakers in the finals. carmelo anthony is lazy doesn’t play defense, blames his teamates, while iverson during his philadelphia years was totally the opposite. he was very hard working and sacrificed his body just to score, he led the league in steals, and was the consummate teammate. melo is just a lazy fat bum who has a lot of talent to score the ball and nothing else.

    • mbuda732 says:

      I am a Knicks fan and I agree that comparison is an insult to Iverson. Iverson has 10 times the heart and tenacity of Melo. yeah they both like to jack up shots and score a lot of points, but Iverson was a steal machine on the defensive end and a league MVP. Both of which Melo will never be.

  14. dq says:

    Great article

  15. ARticleOFtheYear says:

    Amen to that, carmelo anthony is a FAKE franchise player in love with himself, he will always be a loser, and any team is dead with him at max contract. dead, he kills franchise. toxic imposture

  16. BigPicture says:

    Basically, most people see Melo carrying his team which is basically true, In his recent games, he’s been scoring almost 30+ points a majority of the time. That clearly shows he’s trying to win it for his team, but it isnt enough. They seem to have a good line up but its not working out for them. Most Knicks fans and fans around the nba would say, they’re just having a bad season.(they were 2nd place last season). But Melo hasn’t seen anything close to a champsionship yet in NewYork. He’s has the right pieces but when you put it together, Well what do you see in it. I see is no possible chance for a championship in New York happening without more help defensively.

    Melo to the Bulls: well if u were just to picture it: Melo scores more for chicago, Rose more time to rest and let easy of scoring for a while, Champioship. But I myself don’t really want him in Chicago nor do I see the aqquring him.

    For you Knick fans blabbing on this article, calm down. This actually does fit to what carmelo is now, maybe not the anologies he mentions but everything else fits.

  17. JMac says:

    sorry. I meant steve aschburner, not sekou.

  18. JMac says:

    Wow. Sekou cant write good articles anymore. Melo has a certain playing style that needs to fit in with a team and a coach that will utilize him well. Not his fault they’re underperforming. this article is a joke. give other staff their chance, because sekou isn’t cutting it anymore.

  19. whiteee says:

    Not having read all the messages, this may have already been said – I can understand the negativity towards Melo but it seems you believe the only way he can achieve “true” greatness is to do the one thing that almost the whole world of basketball media slated LeBron for doing… joining up with an established team of All-Stars. I can only imagine he would be labelled a sellout also!

    • trueHEATfan says:

      Yeah but people forget that all great teams that have won hardware have had more than one all star.

      1 – Its either you get two all stars and surround them with mid level not quite all star but better than most players talent.
      Jordan and Pippen Bulls
      Shaw and Kobe. LAKERS
      Wade and Shaq Heat
      Kobe and Gasol Lakers

      2 – build a team with 3 all stars and sign the rest to minimum deals. As long as at least one of your all stars makes lesser players better your good to go.
      Bird , McHale, Parish Celtics
      Magic Kareem Worthy Lakers
      Jordan Pippen Rodman Bulls
      LeBron Wade Bosh Heat
      Pierce Garnett Allen Celtics

      Say what you want but these were all super teams I listed. People act like this type of winning formula is new news but hate to break to you its been around for a long time. Even the Celtics and Lakers of the Sixties were considered super teams compared to the rest

  20. knicks to start over says:

    After relooking over the NYK roster doing so from my previous comment next years srarting lineup could be:
    PG:(Whoever they can get in free agency)
    SG: Tim hardaway jr. (Lance stephson type of roll)
    SF: Iman shumpert (tho indersized can defend the lebrons and KDs Paul Georges and this position)
    PF: Get one from a chandler deal
    C: Bargarni
    Young developing guards and experced vets in the back court that can spread the floor.

  21. knicks to start over says:

    At seasons end NYK needs to use their amnisty clause on amare and let melo go in free agency trade the ageing chandler for draft picks. Use there money from amares contract to pick up a reliable PG and with the roster thats left they should have a top 10 pick in the 2015 draft and should pick up a PF or SF then move Bargarni to center. Give the propects time to learn to play the game and build for the future instead of right now.

  22. Weasl13 says:

    Wow. Some one doesn’t like Melo. You should really do your reaserch Steve. Melo has won a high school and college championship and one of only 3 active players to make the playoffs 10 years straight. Winning attitude?? But yet one of the most overrated players ever Keven Garnette is a hero. Must of forgotten about KG’s years Iwith the T-Wolfs with a very good team including 3 Allstars and did nothing. I wouldn’t have expected amature writing like this on this site

    • dq says:

      This guy didn’t write it, he was quoting George Karl. You wanna argue with George Karl?

    • ACE says:



  23. BasedonStats says:

    Iverson and Melo have never had the supporting cast that those greats you mentioned had. Also LeBron had to join with a few other stars to win. An organization is supposed to build around its best player so to use that as an insult is dull and hyprocritical considering that’s what most NBA teams with good front offices do. This guy is a troll.

  24. Lukwsme says:

    All this “Win alone in your team or be burn alive” is a total non sense and needs to stop.
    I don’t understand how can still allow this kind of ridiculous things you call articles.
    Melo is giving is best on the court EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and you still find way to be such a hater ? Author, you should be ashamed and question yourself if the only things you find to write and publish are these hate encouragement.

    No one will ever win a title with teammates like Melo is having right now. The Amar’e contract is a deadbody that NY is carrying and if the knicks cannot get rid of it, Melo needs to find a team with decent trade managers.

    I just cannot wait for Melo to close all the mouths that have been opened so large recently.

  25. flip says:

    Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaah, because Melo, the guy that has been averaging 28 and 8; been the reason for most if not all the Knick’s wins this season; the guy that is so hardly trying to claw and carry his team into the playoffs, is the reason the Knicks are terrible? Really? Were you high on hate juice while writing this article? To blame it ALL on Melo is absurd and downright disrespectful. Did you even take into account what has been happening to their team as a whole? Amare has been hurt. JR is terrible. Felton is the worst starting pg in the NBA. Tyson has had injury problems. Iman has been inconsistent and has had injury problems. and they have no bench, apart from some good games from hardaway jr.. Now tell me again how this is ALL Melo’s fault?

    • dq says:

      LeBron had a pretty terrible supporting cast when he got to the Finals…and I think Melo’s is at least as good as LeBron’s was. Everyone admires Melo’s scoring, but it’s not yielding any results except for one “playoff push” last year. Remember how the Nuggets got better with literally the same team AFTER Melo left? Doesn’t that mean something…?

  26. nbafan says:

    Great article! Couldnt agree with you more

  27. asas says:

    This article is a joke!!!

  28. Mr Gorgeous says:

    Melo will not like Chicago. There is too much work there, and those Bulls play too hard. They even play defense ! How will he cope with that? Melo loves to count his money and he is a very greedy human being. He will take all the money NY Knicks give him and he will stay there and win nothing. Do you think Melo cares about championship rings? When Melo signs a big contract, he looks in the mirror and says to himself, “damn I’m winning !”

  29. bball fan says:

    It shows how little some reporters and fans know about basketball. The stupidest article you can find.

  30. John gkio says:

    Kobe says he loves anthony about his work ethic and how bad he wants to win,who said that?KOBE BRYANT..that says it all…

  31. SixerBuff says:

    If the Bulls acquire ‘Melo, it will be their worst acquisition move since the signing of Kornel David 😉

  32. Weasl13 says:


  33. trueHEATfan says:

    I agree and disagree with you Steve. Firstly I am one hundred percent in agreement with the fact Melo does not make his lesser teammates better. It takes a vocal leader that shows it night in and night out on both ends of the court… LeBron for example.

    Also agree with Melo maybe taking a lesser role on a team not necessarily as leader but leading scorer would be fine. Carmelo happens to be one of the best catch and shoot players when he is not over thinking or over dribbling. Just check advanced stats. Therefore l laying with a great leader / superstar facilitator like say, Lebron . This would be ideal for Melo , also LeBron is a strong enough leader to where Melo can still keep his superstar mentality and even takeover scoring load most night since Lebron wouldn’t mind anyways. Melo would definately shoot a much better percentage playing alongside King James.

    Basically bye bye New York and hello Miami. Don’t mean to break any hearts but word in the 305 is deal is basically done just waiting for summer so Melo can walk. Wade and Bosch have already locally stated about taking much less come next season when the big three all opt out just to resign for less money to bring in Melo and win even more titles.
    might sound stupid to some but LeBron was dead serious when he said not 5 not 6 not 7. These dudes have made there millions all they care about now is LEGACY.

  34. Fez says:

    Only reason i agree with a part of the article is that the Knicks have no right to be in the east and not make the playoffs. They’re playing so badly its sickening. I personally think Melo gave up long ago on this season and just plays for himself and his numbers so he can headline New York billboards till the summer where he’d probably get a trade. where ? i dont know but not chicago.

    P.S Allen Iverson just got his jersey number retired, Show him some respect ! The Sixers didnt have half the players the Knicks have now and he still led them to the finals making some huge plays down the stretch. All that was missing from his career was a ring but we can understand that, right ?

  35. Adoe says:

    Does this guy even watch Knicks games. Melo has had one of his best seasons ever. Putting up almost 30 points and about 9 boards! He merely has a poor team around him. His defense has been quite good considering the amount of work he has to do on the offensive end. The team and the system just don’t work for eachother and Melo can’t be blamed for that

  36. No Regrets says:

    NY needs to offload Carmelo and change their approach, because this, will never work. It didn’t work in Denver either, and ‘Melo isn’t going to get better now.

  37. you says:

    getting really sick of low life articles and reporters like this, we need to start a petition for reporters with honour and integrity not these low life reporters who write gossip, let’s make that petition happen and send Steve Aschburner to a gaspump…. he get’s it every time he writes an article but never has the balls to respond to us…. Fire him hire new young guys to do the reporting keep David Aldridge at least he’s educated in the game of basketball

  38. you says:

    Steve why don’t you keep the honors to yourself and give in your resignation you are a joke of a reporter …

  39. phldude says:

    Should sent Melo to Houston to team with Harden, both are ISO ball player, it will be interesting to see it they can work out or fight to death.

  40. pavol says:

    good thinking but:

    you don`t have to be the best player in the team just to be the glue that really makes the winning attitude. If NYK would like to build a team around Melo, they can do that, but they need to find the right players. Tyson Chandler with Melo is a good combination, but unfortunately, Tyson is not what he used to be. NYK needs more big men to fight and open positions for Melo, Hardaway, any new pointguard. They need energy and power.

    In Hockey – when the team is down, you start a fight and the boost of energy can sparkle the team.. but you never ask the best scorer to fight. And Steve is asking that

  41. aa says:

    Noah is a top 10 player in this league, he is just so good, does everything well,

    If I were melo id take the dollars in new york, Melo would hate being 2 or 3rd option some place else, Knicks contract scrubs comes of after next season, maybe they can clean up their front office by then and actually build a solid team.

  42. aa says:

    I think its time to maybe start calling Noah a top 10 player in the league, he is just so good. he does everything for that chicago team.

  43. Sojourner says:

    knicks doesnt make right plays when is needed. on their first possesion agaisnt the Bulls, instead of setting perimeter Iman decided to go fo a 3 pointer with no regard for a rebounder inside and he hit brick……..on the other hand the bulls were rotating the rock and the plays payed off. o yah we need a point guard with Leadership skills…you know a “Jason Kidd” incarnate maybe.knicks is breaking my heart…

  44. Tommy says:

    To tell you the truth, coming from a warriors fan, he is somewhat similar to monta ellis. After being traded to dallas, he finally figures out that there is someone better than him (Dirk Nowitzki) to play with. Maybe if Melo goes to a team with players better than him, he will figure that out. But maybe im wrong. Melo has a big ego so…

  45. team_melo22 says:

    melo played a great role in the last fiba championships…. ur saying?

  46. Ben McMahon says:

    I’m surprised it took so long for this quality sentiment to break the mainstream media! Been saying it for years, he would be a BAD fit for the Bulls & it’s strong ‘team first’ culture. Sorry ‘Melo, don’t want you, don’t need you… we have enough to win! 😉

  47. psbbank says:

    Never seen Melo play on the USA team Steve? What an odd article and as so many others have said, one did a 1 man team EVER win a championship?

    • Lukwsme says:

      Thanks god somebody with a brain out here.
      Melo doesnt necesseraly wants a ME team, he just doesn’t have anybody capable by his sides…
      Look at his teammates, look at the stats…

  48. Jgards says:

    I couldn’t agree with you any more. Thanks for finally addressing what is really going on in the NBA

  49. RyBTheBEA$T says:

    Steve Aschburner you have clearly become senile in your old age. This article is a joke. You bash New York Management, that is understandable, they made one mistake with their current roster and that is Amare, betting his knees would last 5 years instead of 2 1/2. Other than that they have made great pick-ups and trades. With a good guard that can score the ball but also facilitate, like Dragic, Bledsoe, or Conerly they would be a great team, but again, they have Amare’s contract weighing them down. But back to this article and the overall poor quality. How do you have a job Steve??? You are horrible to bash Melo…the guy has literally done it all, he puts up 28 POINTS A GAME, and 8 boards, his plus minus is always positive. You are a bum Steve. Do some research ALL of the greats you named had great supporting casts. Jeez this is a horrible article. The Knicks woes are not on Carmelo. Over and Out.

  50. Lucky Star says:

    What’s going on in New York clearly has more to do with people not named Anthony than people who are.

  51. freal says:

    Steve I always love your articles but have you had a run-in with Anthony anytime in the past or something? This was a pretty overt and harsh bashing!

  52. A_Man_Hating_Woodson says:

    Knick is doing a worse job in trading. did not find a good point guard and a good power forward (nor using amire) honestly, steve blake is doing a better job than felton. felton commit turnover and miss shot most often. he cannot connect the offense, need melo to take over all offense. JR is struggling because of tim hardaway. same position, doing the same thing, putting together is not worked. both were shooting 3s and one on one. both would not run for fast break (very raw). as for the defense, no one run for fast break defense, always lose fast break point. doing a bad job on both perimeter and post defense, even worse in perimeter. bad offense, bad defense, it is not only melo problem. actually, melo did a decent job on his position. you cannot require melo to score 62 points per game. if knick really want to go to playoff next year, first, to fire mike woodson; second, trade iman, felton, amire; third, trade a superstar point guard and a good post defense power forward.

  53. BlowOUT!!!!! says:

    Melo should sign with Miami for 3 million and win a tittle. wherever you go, you not gonna win anything till Lebron retire!

  54. thunderup3 says:

    This article, while it has a point, is completely disrespectful to Carmelo Anthony. Basketball games are not won by one person whether that person is Michael Jordan, Karl Malone, Magic Johnson, or whoever you want to name.

    I also thought that the blow toward Allen Iverson was a cheap shot. Those 76er teams were built for AI to score the ball, and despite all of his efforts, they fell short. So to say he’s incorrigible for playing his role is ridiculous (considering he even willingly took a numbers and minutes cut to play with Carmelo!) I guess the author of this article is just another person who takes everything they hear at it’s face value without trying to make any sense of it.


  55. Elijah 41 says:

    chicago need another all star to their line-up and D. Rose to be healthy..they don’t Lebron james to win championship just a stupid thing..

  56. Mona says:

    Inevitably it goes to coaching, chemistry and a player’s willingness to change. This was said of Jordan in his early years where he was constantly criticized. The reality is it’s easy to buy a ring, but regardless of how much talent you have you must build a solid supporting cast and chemistry. Development is essential; however we are currently in a time where our top players are unwilling to take feedback and change. Their belief in themselves often outweighs the needs of the team. Let’s hope the Bulls don’t sign ‘Melo, they have great chemistry and it’s only a matter of time when they are back on top.

  57. Shon says:

    Put melo with players that have the right attitude and give him the right amount of talent and he can lead a team to win it all like he did at Syracuse mentioning LeBron having the focuz is irrelavent to the fact that look at the players he playing with wade one of the all time great shooting guard and bosh is underrated of the 3 but he was putting up 20 pts 10 reb a game for years and adding veteran pieces yes melo has had bad luck and tough situations but he can win in the bulls system with a healthy Rose and Noah and the right pieces around him it can work but it is a process.

  58. A.I. says:

    A.I. is a winner, defender, scorer and ferocious. Melo scorer. No comparison with these two players. Stupid article.

  59. Mark says:

    Did he just really compare carmelo Anthony this season to Allen Iverson?…
    that is the most disrespectful thing about this article… I get that they were both on bad teams… but the team A.I was on was down right awful… and he took them to the finals…

  60. kanuk says:

    been saying it for years … cheers.

  61. Jon says:

    Why is Carmelo Anthony deserving of all these criticisms while players like Kevin love who have not led his team to the playoffs even once not be in this conversation. Kevin love does not defend, only puts up huge numbers night in and night out like Anthony and he is in the top five race for MVP?! Are we being serious here?

    • kitten mittens says:

      k love is a young player on a young team, and k love plays team basketball and he gives way more effort than melo does and he is a better leader. the only reason the wolves aren’t a playoff team is because they play in the west and their pg cant shoot, like at all

    • NSJ says:

      I hear ya but Love is in the West. If the Wolves were in the East they would make playoffs no-dout

      • timpson says:

        Doesnt matter about division u need to play ball win games to put yourseft in position to win titles

    • Anthony says:

      WOW!!! Finally someone said the exact same thing i’ve been saying for some time. Last week, some teammates of mine were trying to convince me that Kevin Love is the ultimate winner. Really, WINNER? All i said was, “well ok, take your phone and google his playoff stats, compare them…” and they were like “uhm…where do they put the playoffs? I only get regular season and college…” Kevin Love hasn’t won anything. Neither has CP3, he’s been past the first round twice, and people claim him to be a WINNER. And, Paul has MISSED the playoffs i think twice in his career.

  62. patrick chewing says:

    i’m sorry you are completely wrong. Let me start out by saying that i am not a melo fan. Never been a huge fan. That being said this dude is going out there and getting you 27 and 9 every game. last time i checked, you need a team around you to be good. thats why Lebron went to the heat. thats why shaq and kobe have at least 3 rings. jordan had pippen and tons of shooters around him. Just imagine if kobe still had smush parker, chris mihm, and kwame on his team. he wouldn’t have 2 more rings i’ll tell you that. kobe didn’t make anyone better throughout his career, he had good teammates. the real problem with the knicks is they have no players, not carmelo anthony. dude has been a complete stud all year. you should know better than to post this ridiculous nonsense you call an article. i’m pretty sure all melo wants is to win.

    • timpson says:

      Remember what Jordan said he wasn’t teaming up with no one either he wanted to beat magic,bird and the others.

      • krishawn-MIA says:

        He didn’t needed to team up either because the bulls brought him players, I’ve been sayin it for months lebron and co teaming up has been great for the league, because I’ve never seen management this aggressive around the league

  63. lakerslakerslakers says:

    why is george karl unemployed is still beyond me

  64. bernardo says:

    This year the Bulls are one of the best team in the history of the nba, they should definitly trade the injured Rose for norris cole, LeBron is the key if Rose want a title and he knows it

    • Kev says:

      A little too stupid aren’t we? Heat doesn’t have the luxury to avail Rose. Such bandwagoner not knowing the sections of NBA.

      • BigPicture says:

        Bulls give up Rose?!!! for that guy? your clearyl not a true nba fan or just some hater on chicago then beucase theres no way that chicago would ever give up an MVP player.


  65. Lucas says:

    Great article, I agree completely with you. Even though Melo has some moments while defending, like the other night when he blocked Lebron, he isn’t constantly battling to avoid the other team from scoring. As a Bulls fan, I’m worried he decides to leave NY and go to Chicago and keep that horrible mindset.

  66. 4pt.Range says:

    Narcissism is incurable?

  67. standard says:

    yeah all the blame to melo,
    the others are doin great right?

    Melo should leave that disaster team with a stupid coach a thug fat pg
    and Amare

  68. okc2014 says:

    WOW. Is the main point of this article, that Carmello Anthony, as good as he is, will never win a title no matter what? Because he has chemistry issues? I don’t know. Well, I do… He needs to leave the Knicks as soon as he has a green light. You can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results.

  69. DRAREG says:

    Wow, did he really just call Melo and second-tier star? Damn, that’s disrespect right there. Yes he is on a losing team now, but the NYK organization need to get their act together and build around him. With his situation now, that’s what’s making Melo look like a second-tier player. He can score all he wants, but he need teammates for support. No one can do it alone.

  70. Jon says:

    This article is biased against Anthony. Do you even watch him play? No intensity? Not making players better? He has been crushing the boards offensive/defensive hard like nobody else in the team. Fighting for loose balls and playing good defense in certain stretches. How can he make his teammates better with the teammates he has now? Who can he trust offensively? I agree that he needs a veteran point guard to take the leadership role but that doesn’t mean that a team can’t win by building around him. They almost got it in Denver with billups but ran into Kobe and the lakers who ultimately won the championship. I believe he can lead a team to the finals with a veteran point guard next season. Please watch some games before posting an article like this again. Thanks.

  71. CommentOfTheNight says:


  72. JM says:

    I think Melo has to be more of a do-it-all guy. If he is just a scorer, he won’t win any ring. He has to bring the hustle and energy that motivates teammates and coaches, and even fans to support the team he’s playing for. Sure, he can put 30 points on the board w/ ease but he is such a defensive liability. I don’t see him winning a title w/ him continuing to play solo basketball and zero defense. Great stuff, Asch..

  73. BasedonStats says:

    Considering the wreck*****

  74. BasedonStats says:

    Can you please tell me which team that Iverson or Melo have been on that even comes close to the Kobe/Shaq Lakers, Jordan/Pippen/Rodman Bulls, or the LeBron/Wade/Bosh/Allen HEAT. A winning attitude comes from a winning environment. A star player or two is a great start but it’s common sense that an organization needs to build around its star player(s) so you using that to insult two of the games best players is asinine an a bit hypocritical the wreck that was AI’s sixers and currently Melos Knicks.

  75. whypigsfly says:

    Nice article Steve, I was wondering when someone with the platform to do so was going to call out Melo for what he really is, a one way, sub par basketball player who has benefited from the me-first pre Madonna culture of a watered down NBA. I too, thinks he should accept less money to play with a thoroughbred champion, But then again, Melo and bright lights Knicks seem made for each other….all glitz and no gum

  76. steppx says:

    watching the game today, I was thinking all of this. You watch, Jimmer is going to be a new player in chicago. he WANTED to play for Thibs. Thats why he’s a winner. Watch Detroit this year, watch josh smith. You see the difference. We’ll see what happens with the Clips and Rockets………but I think one is starting to see it in Toronto and phoenix now.

    • Jori Reijula says:

      Great article Steve. Carmelo Anthony is – much alike Amare Stoudamire – a completely one-dimensional player who has never been forced to pay attention to other aspects of playing basketball than scoring. Carmelo and Amare are good scorers (at least Melo is) but together they compose a horrific defensive team. With Melo’s playing minutes and his 6’8 frame he is bound to record other statictics besides points — for example, at least 5 rebounds a game. As long as he is the best player in any given NBA team, he will not win a NBA championship.