Season On The Brink For The Hawks?


Atlanta Hawks vs. Magic

The Atlanta Hawks have struggled to keep up their early-season success of late.

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Sooner or later, one way or another, you knew it was all going to catch up with the Atlanta Hawks.

The injuries.

The close losses.

The missed opportunities.

The injuries.

They weren’t going to stay above the fray in the Eastern Conference mix behind the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat forever. Not without Al Horford. Not with coach Mike Budenholzer pushing every button possible to make up for the loss of the team’s franchise player after his season-ending pectoral muscle tear the day after Christmas.

It’s amazing it took this long for the wheels to come off for the Hawks. They held on to their top-four status in the East for a good month after Horford went down. Jeff Teague played his guts out before injuries interrupted his season and he hasn’t been as consistent since. Elders like Elton Brand and Kyle Korver and pups like Mike Scott and Shelvin Mack rose up when they were needed. Paul Millsap even earned an All-Star nod, the first of his career, stepping into the void to replace what Horford gave the Hawks on a nightly basis.

But here they are now, with the smoke clearing and the mirrors smashed, facing their most grueling stretch of the calendar with their season on the brink as they cling to the eighth and final spot in the Eastern Conference playoff chase.

Wednesday night’s game in Boston begins a season-defining road stretch that includes stops in Phoenix Sunday, Portland (March 5), Golden State (March 7), Los Angeles (the Clippers on March 8) and finishing up in Utah (March 10). Survive this stretch and there is still hope that the Hawks can get healthy enough in time to at least fend off late-season charges from issue-laden Detroit, Cleveland and even woeful New York.

If the Hawks get buried on this road trip, they’ll surely get caught (and be passed up) by one of those teams. Not that they are looking that far ahead.

“You never should look ahead that far,” forward DeMarre Carroll said. “We’re just trying to get better and trust the system and let our work do the talking.”

Al Horford suffers a season-ending pectoral injury in Cleveland

The power of positive thinking might not save the Hawks this time around. They overachieved early this season and their above-.500 work through early February was fool’s gold. The Hawks are 2-9 this month and don’t exactly boast a road reputation that gives reason to think this big trip will end well.

They are 9-19 on the road with wins over the likes of Sacramento, Charlotte, New York, Detroit, Cleveland, Boston, Orlando, Milwaukee and Philadelphia. Of that group, only the Bobcats are in the playoff mix.

The only saving grace for the Hawks is that they are not alone. Every team in the Eastern Conference not named the Pacers or Heat have to operate like their season is on the line over the course of the next four to six weeks. That’s how fluid the playoff picture is. Whoever gets hot the fastest can chew up some real estate in the standings and push their way into that No. 4-5-6-7 mix in the pecking order.

“We talked about that Monday in our meeting after the [Sunday loss to Miami],” Bulls forward Taj Gibson said, taking his cue from Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau. “Thibs said it best, we cannot exhale right now. We have to push through these next couple of games and weeks because this next stretch can alter your season and what you want to do if you let the fatigue of the season get to you. We look at the loss columns for everybody and we feel like we’re right there. You have to bounce back from tough losses and get back at it. Miami and Indiana have separated themselves from the pack, so everybody else has to be fighting for that next spot, that No. 3 seed. And we’re grinding for it right now.”

The Bulls are also grinding without the face of their franchise, Derrick Rose. They’ve surely dealt with their fair share of injuries and adversity this season. But some teams handle it better than others. They are 16-8 since trading Luol Deng to Central Division rival Cleveland. While the Hawks struggle to dig out from under their February avalanche, the Bulls surge along.

Thibodeau oozes confidence when talking about his wounded group, insisting that they have more than enough to get the job done each night. The Bulls’ experience operating under duress in recent seasons certainly aids that cause. Their familiarity with one another (and Thibodeau’s hard-charging style) are assets as well.

The Hawks, with a first-year coach in Budenholzer and a largely revamped roster, have no such benefits. General manager Danny Ferry had a chance to look for some temporary roster help at the trade deadline, but didn’t come away with anything that would make a significant impact.

The fact is, the Hawks are still finding out if they are cut from that same tough fabric the Bulls are. Time will tell. And time, particularly the next 13 days or so, will tell about these Hawks. They are 10-17 without Horford and their confidence seems to be fading.

“The interesting thing about the East,” Hawks veteran guard Lou Williams said, “and I’m trying to say the politically correct thing here … a couple of wins in a row here and you’ll be right back in the fold. We recognize and understand that. So our job is just go out, take it one game at a time and see if we can put a string of wins together and get there.”

That’s much easier said than done at this juncture for the Hawks, who can hear the clock ticking on their season.

VIDEO: The Hawks fight back, but can’t finish off the Bulls in Atlanta


  1. okc2014 says:

    I’m convinced the Hawks have already decided to tank and looking to rebuild. But they seem to have this standard mode of operation every year and it’s getting really old. C’mon, Let’s Go Hawks!

  2. jdub455 says:

    the hawks’ coach has also done an outstanding job given that horford went down for the season… the way his system made millsap an all star, teague a solid player, korver, brand, scott, great job. he is what coach hornacek is to the west. eastern coach of the year wid all due respect to coach spo (also an unbelievable job considering their run for 3peat and dwades on and off playing)… but still, coach horny is COTY… hands down.

  3. kosbby says:

    seriuosly think the hawks shouild tank the season and rebuild

  4. Da Grandfather Clock says:

    Joakim Noah for DPOY. 2nd best defense in the NBA. They shouldve tanked this year, but Noah is too good defensively

  5. A.J. says:

    Atlanta is a place where players want to party, it’s not a place where players want to play.

  6. Jemal says:

    I think what everyone has been saying that the Hawks do not have enough talent to win it all is true. With Al. hortford gone, they should miss the postseason and tank the reason of the season to develop their younger players and gain a quality player from the draft (if they have picks. if not they better stop giving teams like the Knicks and other teams chasing the 8th seed hope)

  7. Bob Slydell says:

    About time… seems like every season for the past 7+ years the Hawks get ~50 wins, get into the first or second round, and don’t go any further. They need an actual star

  8. A.J. says:

    Sekou Smith is the world’s biggest Danny Ferry apologist when he’s not too busy apologizing for everybody else.

  9. dustydreamnz says:

    It’s a shame Horford got injured when he did, they were a clear 3rd in the East. Millsap has been great.

  10. really tough for atlanta…they’ll probably be in the playoffs but they’ll never be a contender

  11. thespectator says:

    hasnt it been the same for the hawks every season? slightly over 500..make playoffs and then the typical exit and wait til next season…this team needs a mega superstar…