Hang Time Podcast (Episode 149): The Brooklyn Nets … Featuring Joe Johnson And Jake Appleman

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It’s rare that we get to examine issues like freedom of speech, civil rights in sports, the ongoing debate about the “N” word being used on the court and field of play and locker rooms and other hot button topics of the day beyond the game of basketball.

Then again, is there a better forum for a closer of examination of those issues and how they impact the broader context of sports than right here? From Jason Collins to Michael Sam to the current state of affairs of the Brooklyn Nets and where they are headed, we’ve got it all on Epispde 149 of the Hang Time Podcast: The Brooklyn Nets … featuring All-Star swingman Joe Johnson and Brooklyn Bounce author Jake Appleman.

Collins and Sam are breaking new ground in their respective sports, Collins as the first openly gay player to suit up and play in one of the major North American sports and Sam as the first openly gay NFL draft prospect. Collins has history with the Nets, having played for the franchise earlier in his career (during their Finals days) and as a former teammate of Johnson, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and even Nets coach Jason Kidd.

Our friends at NBAE also provide us with a fantastic look back at All-Star Weekend in Sounds of the Game and the basement gets a new tenant in this week’s edition of Braggin’ Rights.

You get all of that and more on Episode 149 of the Hang Time Podcast: The Brooklyn Nets … featuring All-Star swingman Joe Johnson and Brooklyn Bounce author Jake Appleman …


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VIDEO: Jason Collins makes history with the Brooklyn Nets


  1. olojo says:

    JJ is not only underrated and unjustly ridiculed/hated by people who don’t know what it takes to be selected 8 times as an all star. Common sense says they are simply ignorant of the game or they lack common sense at all like everybody has or supposed to have. Anyway, among themselves I would like to believe that they have their own kind of sense that is very uncommon, if not weird. I will not be surprised if my comment does not make sense to them at all.

  2. jay ware says:

    I will agree maybe Joe Johnson didn’t deserve and all star spot this year but he did avg more than Lowry and lance during January. Out of those guys who commands a double team every night? Every fan seems to grade this man on his contract and not on his play on the court. I live in ATL and watched every game he was the reason they went to the playoffs 6 years in a row. No he ain’t flashy but I bet if u ask any of those big names about him they would agree with the coaches.

  3. jeffery says:

    Jason colins is anon factor homo or hetro!

  4. jeffery says:

    colis was a sorry player anyway so himcomming to the nets will not help, I pitty hime for choseing a life without the lord!

  5. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Just a bunch of haters.

    Joe Johnson has ALWAYS BEEN underrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since his Suns days up until now.

    He is a 7-time all star and he deserves EVERY SELECTION BEFORE THIS YEAR. Yes he didn’t deserve this year (and I’m a Nets fan for life and has been for 14/15 years). Kyle Lowry or Lance Stephenson should have been there (but fans are to blame too for voting D-Wade, who is a beast but didn’t even play a lot before All-Star game; then coaches were dumb to select him).

    In any case, people (average NBA fans who have short/selective memory) tend to forget all the past and just say he’s overrated because of his inflated contract + just by repeating what they have been hearin’ from haters.
    It’s not because he is having and underwelming season (he is playing through injury always, let’s not forget) that he is soo overrated. He was overrated by the coaches this year, to select him at All-Star game: but he is a killer in clutch time & has always been underappreciated by fans (who prefer to cheer on big-mouth, selfish star players ; something hard to understand).

  6. okc2014 says:

    Joe Johnson is way underrated. Even since when he was a Hawk.

    • Akeem says:

      Thank you. He ave. 20 points as a Hawk, took over many 4th qtrs, hit many game winners, and continues to hit them, but people just don’t get it. No he’s not LBJ, Garnet, P Pierce, but how many players are? He was selected 8 times as an all-star, at least the coaches know who he is.

      …..Oh and two teams agreed to pay him megga bucks. So much for the haters…

  7. brad says:

    He gave us an autograph.

  8. kevin says:

    u know the most funny thing i think of when i hear joe johnson is that hes a 7 time nba allstar….thats just hillarious