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VIDEO: Evan Turner talks with the GameTime crew before his debut with Indy

What do you expect out of the Pacers with Evan Turner in the rotation?

Steve Aschburner, I expect more of what we saw in his Pacers’ debut against the Lakers (13 points, six rebounds, two assists). The change in atmosphere will mean everything to Turner, from the smell of victory to the maturity and camaraderie in that locker room. He has enough time to carve out his niche as a sixth man, and he’s livelier than Danny Granger as far as helping Indiana defensively out on the wing. Terrific pick-up.

Fran Blinebury, NBA.comMore of the same … and more.  He fits nicely as a wing scorer into the offensive hole that’s been evident in the Pacers’ second team. Larry Bird is taking no chances and patching every potential crack.

Jeff Caplan, Considering the Pacers are already winning at a 76-percent clip, it’s not like you’re going to see them just go gangbusters, at least no more than they already have. They’ll integrate Evan Turner into the rotation and get a feel for how he can best enhance their situation as a needed additional ballhandler to help out George Hill and Lance Stephenson, and Turner will need some time to get acclimated to the Pacers’ defense. All in all, this should be a move that really shines once the postseason starts.

Turner (center) with new teammates Lance Stephenson (left) and George Hill (Ron Hoskins/NBAE)

Turner (center) with new teammates Lance Stephenson (left)
and George Hill (Ron Hoskins/NBAE)

Scott Howard-Cooper, I expect him to deliver a scoring punch off the bench, and any scoring is a welcome addition to a team around the middle of the pack in offensive rating. Not a lift close to his 17 points a game with the 76ers, and certainly not in a featured role with Paul George and Lance Stephenson on the roster, but enough to give the second unit a boost in the way Danny Granger could not. That will make it a good trade for Indy.

John Schuhmann, The Pacers need an offensive boost on their second unit, and that’s exactly what Turner should provide. It’s just a question of how much he moves the needle. Though they’re a below-average offensive team, the Pacers are already the best team in the league (in terms of both record and point differential) overall. That second-unit success will come down to chemistry between Turner and Lance Stephenson. It helps to have an additional ballhandler out there, but not if either of those guys dribbles too much.

Sekou Smith, I expect the same things out of the Pacers with Evan Turner that I did without Evan Turner, a deep playoff run that reaches at least the Eastern Conference finals and perhaps beyond. No disrespect to Turner, but he’s not a significant upgrade over a healthy and motivated Danny Granger. He is, as one general manager told me on trade deadline day, “a ball stopper who can’t shoot.” He’s also an energetic swingman capable of handling the ball and facilitating the offense in spots and a physical and willing wing defender. So I’m not suggesting he doesn’t help the Pacers’ cause. I just don’t think his acquisition pushes them over the proverbial top. The more intriguing question in my mind is what will Granger bring to his next stop, provided he joins up with a contender?

Lang Whitaker, All Ball blog: Well, I don’t think the Pacers will be any worse with Turner in the rotation. I think when Turner is on the floor, he gives them more flexibility, allows them to switch a little more defensively, and even will help create for other players. He should also help them take care of the ball more than their second team did last season. He doesn’t improve their long-range shooting, but maybe his presence and driving ability will give other guys even more room to get shots off.

Simon Legg, NBA AustraliaI don’t think it changes them a great deal. Their starting group will still play the bulk of the minutes in meaningful matches. I’m more concerned about Evan Turner and what it means for him. I wrote here that I wasn’t a fan of the trade given the Pacers need to acquire a spot-up shooter, not a ball-dominant player with a propensity for inefficient shots off the dribble.

Karan Madhok, NBA India: Turner was definitely the most important pickup of the trade deadline. I think he adds great depth to their bench and instantly becomes a stable safety blanket for the occasional moments when Lance Stephenson’s play turns erratic or inefficient. Plus, he becomes yet another player to throw against Dwyane Wade as the Pacers aim to dethrone Miami in the East.


  1. Curtis Key says:

    Danny was the face of the Pacers by default. George is a certified superstar. Evan will be the Robin to our true Batman. Give it time.

  2. Quote: No disrespect to Turner, but he’s not a significant upgrade over a healthy and motivated Danny Granger

    This is exactly what I thought when I heard about the trade.

    What a dumb trade by the Pacers. Sixers are buying out Granger too….I don’t see any benefits for the teams here. I guess the sports agents are the winners here. Turner plays for a title contender team & Granger will do so too after being buyed out.

  3. wade says:

    In an effort to be better prepaired for the future the Pacers let go of the one who basically ensured that they would be around to have one. I for one will miss Danny. He played the game how everyone should, with heart and soul. He looked good with blue and gold on his chest. Gold swagger Danny and thanks so much for just being you.

  4. okc2014 says:

    Having Evan Turner will mean….they beat the Heat….I hope…..

  5. jdub455 says:

    i dnt get all these talk bout turner bein able to defend dwade… stephenson is a much much better defender than turner, and yet a limping dwade can score against him… no one can guard those type of players one on one… its team defense that will challenge them. now on the issue, i think the turner trade makes the pacers more athletic defensively and offensively… granger was not d same player since his injury and he needs more playin time if ever he is to regain that form which obviously he wudnt get coz PG is already one of the top 10 players in the league. so the turner/allen trade was an improvement in the long run, but in this season, particularly the heat this playoffs, i wud go more with granger coz hes a veteran. that series wud always be close and if that is so wud always favor the heat hu hav alredi gone through the needle in last season’s finals… ask the spurs…

  6. A.J. says:

    What a coincidence, I had just been thinking to myself, “Boy, I wonder what Simon Legg thinks.”

  7. scott says:

    Hey Sekou, when was the last time you saw “a healthy and motivated Danny Granger”??? It’s not 2010 anymore!

  8. dustydreamnz says:

    I’m a big fan of Turner, he has been sensational at times this season for a poor team. I’m undecided about this trade however as I was a big Granger fan too. I guess we should know by the Playoffs if it’s a positive move.

  9. mark says:

    I been reading the post so far some are on some are off I can say this. a vocal leader david west yes he is veterans they have a few but none more valuable then him but guese what playoffs and years in the L will prove who will establish them selfs as leader and the more big shots big games and playing against super stars they will become that them selfs

  10. krishawn-MIA says:

    I agree with the writers that said it isn’t going to make a huge difference, turner’s role is goin to be smaller so he isn’t goin to see the same amount of touches, he is just more “livelier” than granger he doesn’t address the need for outside shooting at all

  11. bodjee says:

    I like his skill-set! He is good enough to be on their starting lineup and has the potential to be an all-start

  12. more reasons why the pacers will win the east this year

  13. thespectator says:

    with the exception of david west, where does the on court leadership come from? average age is 25 for indy. they have a ton of talent but in extreme playoff situations talent alone doesnt cut it..the mindset,maturity and discipline shine..their was a reason why indy got blown out on game 7 at miami last year…had nothing to do with whose floor it was..sure it helps that they faced that challenge but what happens in the locker room is huge and something we never get to see…at the end of the day the pickups they made were ok but long run? nothing beats veteran players…they may be older and slower but their actions and words carry so much more weight…this is gonna be quite an interesting playoffs…