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Sixers expect decision on Granger soon  | Celts to ask Rondo about Sacramento absence | Big Baby to debut Wednesday? | Knee injuries may force Billups to retire

No. 1: Sixers’ decision on Granger buyout coming soon — Newly acquired Sixers forward Danny Granger has yet to suit up in a game for Philadelphia, and questions remain as to whether or not that will actually ever happen. According to Dei Lynam of and Christopher A. Vito of the Delaware County Daily Times, the Sixers and Granger are working to resolve his future with the team, which may soon lead to a buyout of Granger’s contract so that the veteran can sign with a contender before the March 1 deadline.

Here’s Lynam’s report on Granger, who sat out last night’s game against the Bucks:

Danny Granger, who was acquired in a trade with Indiana last Thursday, is in Philadelphia but is not at the Wells Fargo Center for the Sixers’ game against the Bucks tonight.

“The discussions and meetings are continuing on with Sam [Hinkie],” Brett Brown said prior to tipoff. “I spoke with him yesterday and that really is the latest update.”

Brown called his discussion with Granger a “private meeting” giving no indication if Granger had any thoughts of playing for the Sixers for the remainder 25 games after tonight.

A buyout of his contract is thought to be the topic of discussion but that is speculation based on Granger not yet being with the team despite having passed his physical.

“In the next short period of time, maybe even in the next 24 hours and announcement will be made on the direction our situation with Danny Granger will go,” Brown said.

And here’s Vito providing another angle (and a great Brett Brown quote) on Granger, too:

Danny Granger’s status with the 76ers remains unresolved, though it appears both sides could be working toward a buyout arrangement.

Granger is not with the Sixers. He was not at Wells Fargo Center for Monday’s game against Milwaukee, Sixers coach Brett Brown said, and there was no locker room stall arranged for the ninth-year forward.

“He’s in the city of Philadelphia. Go find him,” Brown said. “He’s got a fake wig and sunglasses on.”

Granger finished his physical examination Sunday, meeting with Brown after doing so. He also sat down with Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie sometime over the weekend.

Brown wouldn’t divulge what was discussed when he spoke with Granger.

Acquired from Indiana at the Feb. 20 trade deadline, Granger does not seem to have any interest in playing for the foundering, rebuilding Sixers. If he seeks a buyout of the remainder of his expiring contract, it’d be for roughly $4 million. Brown insists that “there’s still more going on with the discussions,” however.

“He most definitely wants to play basketball this year,” Brown said of Granger, the one-time All-Star. “The obvious stuff is assessing his goals at this stage of his career. He’s a player and he wants to play. Just trying to sort out what’s going to be best for both parties has yet to be determined.”

But Granger and the Sixers are at a critical juncture: the 30-year-old Granger has to be signed by a team by March 1 to be included on that club’s playoff roster. That gives him and the Sixers a small window within which to complete the buyout process.

There have been multiple reports that Granger, upon his release, will opt to sign for a championship contender like Miami or San Antonio.

If Granger’s brief tenure with the Sixers plays out the way it looks like it will, the Sixers will have come up almost completely empty-handed on their deadline day deal with Indiana. They acquired Granger and a 2015 second-round draft pick from the Pacers, in exchange for forwards Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen. And since the Pacers are expected to contend for at least another few years, that second-rounder from Indiana will likely fall between the 50th and 60th overall choices.

VIDEO: Sixers coach Brett Brown talks about Danny Granger’s future and more


No. 2: Celtics plan to ask Rondo about Sacramento absence — Last Friday, the Celtics took on the Lakers in Los Angeles with Rajon Rondo in the starting lineup at point guard. Rondo finished with six points, six rebounds and 11 assists in 34 minutes of work in a 101-92 loss. After the game, the Celtics were due to take on the Kings in Sacramento the next night, but Rondo did not play in the game. The official word was the Rondo didn’t play so he could rest his still-recovering knee, but he did not accompany the team to Sacramento and it may have created an issue the team has to address, writes Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald:

The Celtics are not taking it as a major issue, but the team is still hoping to straighten things out with Rajon Rondo after his decision to stay in Los Angeles and not accompany the team to Sacramento for Saturday’s game.While some were displeased by the move, for which Rondo did not receive official permission, others pointed out he was not scheduled to play in the game anyway (on the second night of a back-to-back), and that he may have simply been making some assumptions based on precedent. Multiple sources say he remained in LA for a birthday celebration. He turned 28 on Saturday.

The captain didn’t want to get into the matter before last night’s 110-98 loss to the Jazz.

“We already talked about it,” Rondo said. “There’s nothing to talk about.”

That doesn’t appear to be the case. President of basketball operations Danny Ainge said yesterday he is still looking into the situation.

“I plan on talking to Rondo when he gets back into town,” he told the Herald. “I’ll find out more about what went into it, and then we’ll handle it internally. We handle all of those kind of issues internally.”

Among that which could have factored into Rondo’s thinking was he had been left home from the trip to Milwaukee for the Feb. 10 game on the end of a back-to-back as he returns from a torn right ACL. Then there was the birthday plan.

“His wife and kids were with him in LA, and there were some other people who came in,” a source said. “I think he felt obligated to them, too, and what they had planned for his birthday.”


No. 3: Davis expected to make Clips debut Wednesday — The L.A. Clippers signed veteran forward Glen “Big Baby” Davis yesterday in what they hope is a move to provide more frontcourt depth for a run to the Western Conference finals and beyond. Davis is happy to be reunited with coach Doc Rivers, who coached him when both men were in Boston, but he sat out last night’s win over the New Orleans Pelicans. Arash Markazi of reports that Davis is expected to get into the Clips’ mix sometime this week:

Glen Davis arrived at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans after signing with the Los Angeles Clippers but will not play Monday night against the Pelicans.The Clippers said Davis will take a required physical exam Tuesday and should play Wednesday at home against the Houston Rockets.

“We were on the phone with him and just told him what we offered and I’m sure the other guys did that,” Clippers coach Doc Rivers said. “I do think that it helped a little bit that we have a relationship. He knows me and I know him. I think that’s the situation he wanted to be in and that’s good.”

Davis, 28, reached a buyout with the Orlando Magic on Friday and was waived. The Brooklyn Nets had also shown interest in Davis, but decided to sign Jason Collins, feeling that they were out of the running on Davis.

“I just really felt the Clippers were heading in the right direction,” Davis said. “They’re young, they got a great coach, a great point guard, a great rising star like Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan and guys that you can build around and I feel like I’m one of those types of guys, a glue guy.”

VIDEO: Glen Davis explains why he signed with the L.A. Clippers


No. 4: Knee woes may force Billups to retire — If he never plays another minute in a Detroit Pistons uniform, Chauncey Billups‘ legend and legacy with the team is complete. That’s a good thing to realize as it seems his career may be nearing its end sooner than expected. Billups has been out since having minor knee surgery a few days ago and his timetable to return is 2-3 weeks. But according to the Detroit Free PressVince Ellis, Billups’ knee injury problems may lead him to retire early:

After Chauncey Billups finished speaking to the media late Monday night, he was asked if Father Time had him up against the ropes.

Billups just smiled and said: “The gas light is on. I don’t know if there’s 15 miles or 30 miles left.”

His response caused an eruption of laughter — the only laughing going on in the Detroit Pistons locker room after the latest loss — a 104-96 loss to the Warriors.

Billups, 37, spoke to the media for the first time since he had minor left knee surgery several days ago.

The diagnosis is 2-to-3 weeks of rehab before a possible return, but Billups said he isn’t going to rush back.

So with only one year left (a team option) on his deal, is retirement a possibility?

“It all kind of just depends how this feels, how things are with the knee,” Billups said of a return next season. “If the knee is fine, sure I would like to come back. But if it’s not, I don’t want to come back to this.

“It’s tough to do this and we’re not a winning team at this stage. It’s tough to do that, but hopefully in a perfect world and my knee is fine … I feel like if my knee was fine we probably wouldn’t be in the position that we’re in.”


SOME RANDOM HEADLINES: Chinese league star Lester Hudson is drawing some interest from a couple of contenders as the playoffs’ stretch run nears … Wizards seem likely to sign veteran big man Drew Gooden to a 10-day deal as they try to offset losing Nene for 4-6 weeks to injury … Clippers may have some interest in bringing the recently bought out Metta World Peace in for a deal, but don’t expect to see MWP in Brooklyn … The Jazz are simply better when Derrick Favors plays

ICYMI(s) of The Night: Dirk Nowitzki played hero last night against the Knicks with a game-winning buzzer-beater at MSG. That was great, but we also don’t want to overlook a pair of behind-the-back passes leading to power jams, the first one from O.J. Mayo to Brandon Knight and another from Brandon Jennings to Greg Monroe

VIDEO: Brandon Knight finishes strong off the O.J. Mayo feed

VIDEO: Greg Monroe puts down a power flush off the dish from Brandon Jennings


  1. Dbgrant says:

    He would be great in Portland coming off the bench… they could really use a player like him off the bench…

  2. Danilo B. says:


  3. rtrhyer says:

    people seem to forget that granger is as good if not better than paul George when healthy

  4. Brenden says:

    In my eyes i feel like the Washington Wizards will do anything to sign Granger…Nene is out 6 weeks the team just signed Drew Gooden to a 10 day contract and why not add Granger to a nice young talented team making a push for the playoffs? Im not saying this as a Wizards fan either i just believe Washington is a great fit. John Wall and Bradley Beal make up an excellent front court and why not add Granger to the mix? Although Trevor Ariza is having an excellent year i could see Granger fitting in great for some extra support

  5. okc2014 says:

    Rondo does what he wants, and gets what he wants. Next news out of Boston: “Rondo traded”. If he doesn’t get out, he is going to be feeling a very cool breeze…Boston can be very cold. I know, born and raised.

  6. Dan says:

    Felt sorry for Granger,… for all his dedication and hard working for Pacer and now Pacer dont want him nor help him to deserve a chance to fight for another championship run.
    Well best of luck for Granger … u can try joining Bulls, Spurs, Portland for a good fit and chances……for Heat and Clipper i dont think they have room for Grangers…unless Granger willing to take minimum vet value for Heat…. but i dont think Heat gonna risk on Grangers this season since he aint 100% healthy or himself as before. Granger needs more game times to play to speed up his touches. So Bulls, Portland, Spurs is a good run for now.

  7. B. says:

    The trade was not bad for the Sixers. They wanted Evans out of the picture and free up money and received picks. For a rebuilding team… this is a win!

  8. Ken says:

    IF i was with a final contender why would i play for non contender after working hard to be healthy and bomb sixers,” they aint pushing to final jst tring to win games,”but grizzles or bulls a good fit.but he has to work real hard.or just sign with spurs but not much playing time their unless he out plays one duncan , parker or gin,

  9. dustydreamnz says:

    Raymond has guns so now ‘Everybody don’t love Raymond’.

  10. Eddie Green says:

    Heat, Spurs, Bulls in that order. Take the Vet minimum after the buyout and possibly get revenge and be a part of history.

  11. DesiOnTheLoose says:

    Granger to the Grizzlies. They could really use him at the 2 or 3 and let go of horrible Prince.

  12. NBA FAN says:

    Danny Granger still has god playing left, i realy think he could help a contending team in the playoff.

  13. Dr j says:

    Granger deserves a good attempt at an NBA championship, but life is not always fair!

  14. c man says:

    like the davis signing to clips now clips need a small forward that can start –the 2nd unit would then have Crawford barnes davis and collision and Dudley w0w go clips

  15. Chuck says:

    THE bulls could use Granger

  16. Mike B says:

    Maybe the Knicks should try Granger

  17. FearTheDeer says:

    Danny Granger doesn’t want to be on a rebuilding team. This upcoming draft, the sixers have two first round picks. And with such a horrible record they have a good chance of landing something big in this “deep” draft. I doubt Granger at his stage and level in his career would get much clock, let alone win a championship. But the real question now is, where will he go to improve his chances of obtaining one. But playing just for money is ok too, not everybody has to win a championship right? Last I heard Brookyln is still giving out money to oldies for basically free, just ask Joe Johnson.

  18. basketball fan says:

    He is going to go to a contending team if he moves this season, it would be great if he does go to miami. We moved roger mason so we have cap and roster space for another minimum contract if he gets a buyout, if granger wants to stay in east its the smartest move. However lots of great choices in the west with future promise and more pay

  19. Mike says:

    I feel bad for Granger. Hope he goes somewhere respectable. He could be a killer 6th man still.

  20. theking0522 says:

    Granger is going to Miami, for SURE!!! Nothing better than joining the enemy if you are upset at your old team. It is clear that Granger was really mad at Indiana. Nothing will make a player happier than getting back at the team that let you go. There is no guarantee that he will face Indiana if he joins the Spurs, but there is a guarantee that Miami and Indiana will meet in the ECF (unless one of the best players in either team goes down). Granger is going to the Heat

  21. No Joke says:

    Granger to the Clips! We’ll definitely take him.

  22. gbreeza says:

    Maybe even the Hawks or Bulls.

  23. gbreeza says:

    If anything Granger would go to the Spurs, Suns, or Wizards

  24. Jake says:

    I could see Granger going to the Celtics…

  25. Clipper Fan says:

    Granger to the Clippers!!!! Make it happen Doc!… Ur a genius for clearing space for players like Glen Davis and now maybe even Granger! Not sure if they even have $ for this… Anyone else know?

  26. jfack says:

    lakers could use him ha

  27. md9 says:

    Yeah if he joins Miami pacers fans watch out go heat lbj MVP

  28. standard says:

    felton got arrested with guns

  29. B Radd says:

    granger to the Pistons!!

  30. K Jo says:

    Every time any player is decent and it’s looking like he’s going to go to a different team everyone always says oh yeah miami that’s where he’s going. How is Miami going to make pay this man? This was a great trade for Indiana and I have no idea why the 6ers even thought about taking it.

  31. abu says:

    don’t like him but maimi will welcome u with open arms

  32. Lodiyes says:

    I have a feeling that Granger will join Miami next season.

    • Juan says:

      Hello? Nxt season? He knows big 3 id a caliber championship team hes going there and hes gonna show uo against indy

  33. kharsandi says:

    yeah i think granger will be (and he should be) going to the westerns like suns,nugs even thunder

    • Juan says:

      Thunder?? I dont think so he wanna face his former team and the only way to do it is joining the 2 times champions miami heat 2 game left against indy. Hes gonna learn a lot from the big 3

  34. Ryan says:

    Always thought is was a bad trade for Indiana expecially if Granger joins Miami…