Jimmermania 2.0 Set To Begin

Jimmer Fredette's time with the Kings appears to be ending. (Rocky Widner/NBAE/Getty Images)

Jimmer Fredette’s time with the Kings appears to be coming to an end. (Rocky Widner/NBAE/Getty Images)

The Kings and Jimmer Fredette appear to have moved their breakup date up about four months. Reports say that the sides are nearing a buyout agreement that would make him an unrestricted free agent on the spot instead of July 1 and give him another chance to jump start the career that reportedly began in 2011.

Nothing changes except the calendar, in other words. The Kings actually cut Fredette loose when they declined the 2014-15 extension in a clear sign he had no future with the organization. General manager Pete D’Alessandro had previously tried to trade Fredette, who was played only 11.3 minutes in 41 of a possible 56 games. Sacramento couldn’t get a late-first for him the first few months, couldn’t package Fredette in the four deals it made since opening night, and by the trade deadline last week couldn’t give him away.

That is the painful, indisputable fact as Fredette tries to build a career with an inordinate amount of attention for a No. 10 pick that didn’t work out. Hard worker, quality guy, enough of a threat at 47.5 percent overall and 49.3 on 3-pointers (though unable so far to make the qualifying minimum)… and unable to win a starting job with any of three coaches in Sacramento or make himself a valued commodity around the league. The Kings close the books on the 2011 draft debacle of moving back from seven to 10 and taking on John Salmons as part of a three-team trade, then choosing Fredette one pick before Klay Thompson and five before Kawhi Leonard. But this just became all about what Jimmer does with a fresh start.

His phone will ring with immediate attention as a free agent from teams looking to add shooting and he will draw interest as a free agent again in the summer, assuming there is no deal now that carries into 2014-15. Being so much as a decent perimeter threat, not even the BYU sensation with limitless range, means something for a club lining up a long playoff run.

But put it this way: The Kings acquired Jason Terry last Thursday, then announced he would not join the team while (cough, cough) rehabilitating a knee injury, an alternative to a buyout that gives Sacramento the flexibility of trading him in summer or early next season a an expiring contract. That would be the same Terry who was able to break 20 minutes in three games for the Nets since Feb. 7 alone. With Fredette, the Kings took the minimal savings on a late buyout to part now, understanding hopes of getting anything from a sign-and-trade in the offseason would have been a long shot at best.


  1. Left Hand Hook Shot says:

    This season is about to get better for Jimmer. He will be raining 3’s from an NBA court near you soon! Ben McLemore shooting .358% from the field. Sacramento screwed this one up, not surprised…

  2. SACRAMENTO is dumb team! they keep getting high scoring guards!
    and they will not use them all! there wasting the players years!
    KARMA hahaha look what it did to your team!

  3. He could play in Euroleague for sure, because all teams use a lot of tactics and schemes like the Spurs do. He’ll be open to shoot and be helped in defence.

  4. dustydreamnz says:

    Interesting situation. I think he has the potential to be a star if given the chances. I don’t believe he got anywhere near enough mins at the Kings so I’m pleased he is leaving. He would know he needs to work on less turnovers but he’s young.

  5. bouljhit says:

    fredette the giant hobbit GOAT

  6. Bob M says:

    I have a soft spot for the ole Jimmer. I loved his college rampages of buckets!! He really doesn’t have the greatest shot to be a rotation player, but………… he can spot up and drill them at a high percentage.

  7. waltwilliams55 says:

    Funny how an article was written today claiming no one would take any trades for him, and you think his phone will ring off the hook for people to want him. Jimmer’s game did not translate and has disappointed me in Sacramento. Put him on the Spurs for a real chance at anything. Steve kerr would agree.

  8. okc2014 says:

    What are the Kings doing? I don’t get it.

  9. jdub455 says:

    Luv 2 see him in a wolves uniform… dis guy wasnt given enough playing time. Even miami can make a pitch 4 him but we all knw that hey cnt afford him. So go wolves!

    • realknlckfan says:

      Steve Kerr had a long NBA carrier and Jimmer is better than he was. The Knicks should give him a call . When Melo has the ball in his hands which is the only chance they have of winning jimmer will kill the double team.defence is a team effort, ask Greg Pop in San Antonio.. cut some of the useless and call him Knicks .

  10. Skeets says:

    Any chance Utah would have a look at picking him up?

  11. Blake says:

    As a Kings fan, It hurts me deep down to know we are losing a guy with so much potential. Yes, its been 3 years and he hasn’t proven himself, but that doesn’t take away his talent. Watching him light up was the funnest thing to watch. He’s going to thrive as a role player on a contending team.

    • tenby0630 says:

      Lakers get him! Melo should consider a lakers transfer as well. Lakers in order to start rebuilding for the next season, should add new guys this second half of the so-called “lost season” in order to convince Melo to join them next year. .

      • Elesa says:

        Why would Melo wait on a rebuilding team that’s in a mess like the one he’s already on. I say he stays. Because he loves NY as a city. I’d hate to seem him leave a place that loves him so much.