Brutal Knicks Wasting Melo’s Best

VIDEO: Carmelo Anthony’s 44 points came in vain as the Knicks lost to Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — If and when Carmelo Anthony decides to leave New York, he’ll be justified in departing the premises.

The Knicks are wasting the prime of Anthony’s career, his best years, with a staggeringly putrid season that has included on-court foolishness (yes, I’m looking at you J.R. Smith) rivaled only by even more bone-headed decisions off the court (really Raymond Felton?).

For years, ‘Melo has been an easy target for haters who insist he isn’t LeBron James or Dwyane Wade or Kevin Durant. He’s the only member of the top five of that vaunted 2003 Draft class without a ring (yes, even Darko Milicic has one). But he’s done yeoman’s work this season, most of it in vain. Because the Knicks can’t get right. Injuries, dysfunctional chemistry and an overall lack of clear thinking on the part of a several folks has led to the tire fire we are all witnessing.

The Knicks have been scrambling all season trying to clean up this mess, a futile effort to clean up a mess of their own making. Waiving Metta World Peace and Beno Udrih, as they did Monday, won’t do it. They tried to move Felton prior to and up until last week’s trade deadline but could not find a taker … anywhere.

Throw the shade on Anthony or Knicks coach Mike Woodson or whoever you’d like, but make no mistake, this is a systemic problem with the Knicks that has no quick fix. We’ve heard for years that you cannot afford to “rebuild” in New York, that the rabid fan base will not allow it. That’s nonsense. The only way you get out of this mess if you are the Knicks is if you rebuild and start that process now.

And again, that is why no one should be upset with ‘Melo if he decides he wants no part of a rebuilding effort at this stage of his career and decides to chase a title elsewhere by using his free-agent escape hatch this summer.

The Knicks’ current free fall, nine losses in 11 games after Monday night’s crushing home loss to Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks at the buzzer, only exacerbates the problems of this season. They are running out of time to salvage this thing. They are six games out of the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference playoff chase, a post currently occupied by an Atlanta Hawks team that has won just once in its last nine games and is limping to the regular-season finish line.

The Eastern Conference, after Indiana and Miami, is basically a blank canvas and the Knicks aren’t even capable of joining that party. It’s a disastrous way for ‘Melo to spend what could (and probably should) be his final season in New York.

“It’s a damn shame,” Woodson said of the way the Knicks are squandering Anthony’s splendid individual work this season. “The way he’s played, it’s a damn shame that we’re in the position we’re in, because our team doesn’t deserve [it] and he definitely does not deserve the position that we’re in.”

Making matters worse long-term for the Knicks is that they’re loaded with awful contracts that make it virtually impossible to rectify this situation before ‘Melo can walk. The only tradeable assets the Knicks may possess are Tim Hardaway Jr. and Iman Shumpert, young talents with reasonable contracts that New York would need if it decides to start rebuilding.

They’re on the hook for $50 million in salary for Amar’e Stoudemire, Tyson Chandler and Andrea Bargnani in the 2014-15 season. And that does not include the more than $10 million owed to Smith and Felton that same season.

While we’re staring at the numbers, it should be noted that a max-deal in New York would net ‘Melo some $129 million. The most he could get from another team is $96 million. That’s a huge amount of money to leave on the table. But it wouldn’t be unprecedented. Dwight Howard made that extremely tough choice last summer, opting to chase his title in Houston rather than staying in Los Angeles with the Lakers in an environment that didn’t agree with him.

‘Melo’s specifics are different. However, the decision could end up being the same. And who could blame him for fleeing the scene of the crime that is the Knicks right now?

VIDEO: Carmelo Anthony talks after the Knicks’ home loss to the Mavs


  1. terrence says:

    Another thing the cat has the best looking sneakers out of all the signature athletes this year Melo M10 and then they brought back his rookie sneaker the melo 1.5 and they both fly and comfortable coppem if you dont havem.

  2. terrence says:

    If Melo&Bron end up on the same team they would a title for at least the next decade only way others could win a title would be when they both retire they’re best friends so dont be surprised if that happens.

  3. terrence says:

    Melo does everything for this team but drive the freaking team bus and he may be doing that if he had weapons around him like the other stars he would win rings every year like Jordan until he got tired of winning them he’s a future hall of famer so stop all the hating his teammates from Denver to NY have been garbage.

  4. JEMIUS says:

    The only team I see Melo going to & winning a championship now is the
    1. Heat for Wade
    2. Indiana for George
    3. Chicago for Boozer, Dunleay, Hunrich, or I hate to say Rose
    4. San Antonio for Green, Leonard & Splitter

  5. john blaze says:

    Let’s not forget a great statistic mello is top ten in 3 point% this year. Kevin Durant isn’t even shooting that consistent from the 3 point line this year.

  6. john blaze says:

    It all comes down to the same problem we had for years since rod Strickland got traded. Yep it goes extensively that far. Knicks lack a true point guard playmaker.

  7. seanypan says:

    Former coach wanted to trade Camelo and keep Jeremy Lin. He was fired. Knicks deserve what they are doing in 2014.

  8. seanypan says:

    Knicks turned away Linsanity, fired coach to keep Camolo. They deserve this.

  9. Shah Sultan says:

    Its going to be the same problem and its been the same problem as always. New York fans deserve much better. It the Knick’s owner’s that are taking the life out of new york. When you let a franchise once in a life time man as in legend the one and only Pat Riley go because you don’t want to give some ownership. If not him, who? That proves how greedy they are. Now instead of Lebron going to Miami he would be playing in new york right now. Not enough for knick fans to notice? OK let me put the icing on the cake. When you let your franchise player the heart and soul of your team have no even the least bit of honor? Ok let me rephrase instead of letting your franchise player who’s jersey is going to be retired hanging in tribute. He started his career in NY Dave Debusschere drafted him for crying out loud. Let me cut to chase you’re going to trade him to Seattle his last season instead of letting him retire in new york with honor with franchise team he stayed loyal to even though he didn’t win a championship in NY we didn’t switch side neither. So his last year you could of gave him that respect. WAKE UP NEW YORK WE ARE CURSED BECAUSE JAMES DOLAN NOBODY RESPECTS HIM OR WANTS TO PLAY FOR HIM. DO YOUR RESEARCH AND SEE WHAT EVERYONE AROUND THE LEAGUE FOR YEARS WILL TELL YOU.

  10. iamsecond2God says:

    I agree Melo is at his prime, but at the same time, let’s not justify Melo’s choice when leaving the Denver Nuggets “not having to rebuild” a team. If Melo would have thought this out, and given the next 4 years of his NBA contract some thoughts, I believe he would not be in this situation. He was so close to getting his first ring in Denver. I guess fortune and fame is more value to some players. The NYK’s have a LONG competitive way to go before winning a ring folks.

  11. daku says:

    Why the hell NBA doesn’t follow NFL for contracts all these bad contracts nba teams have just dont make sense should be able to cut non performers like NFL

  12. iceynyc says:

    oK CarmeLLo, this is for you 🙂 keep smiling baby boy and move on; because the NY Knicks franchise is awful. you know i’ve been a KnicK fan forever and I’ll be a NY KnicK fan when you’re gone already and playing with another NBA team. Here’s the deal bRo… the Dolans can’t put a real NBA team together they just don’t have what it takes to be a great professional basketball team owners. I’ve watched them over the years destroy great players future in basketball without winning seasons. They can’t and don’t know how to build a professional basketball team. if you noticed the awesome players that come to NY to play basketball and all their talents … what where and disappear because they drain your career until you’re nothing and not appreciated by the fans. Poor MeLLo is one of the greatest and I always believed he’s a play shooter than Lebron James and many others. I pray for you to get with a better team and teammates that want to win every night they hit the court. Come oN KnicKs Play Killar Basketball like The MeLLO 🙂 ONE PLAYER CAN’T BEAT A 10 MAN ROTATING line up all alone. CarMeLLo Anthony he’s so up there with Patrick Ewing, Bernard King, ReGGie MiLLer, and all the greats. THe New YorK KnicKs on the fliP siDe is always on a downward spiral …. I wish MeLLo the best because he doesn’t deserve the bad plays from the NY Knicks organization, he deserves a winning Knick team and players that play 4 quarters of playtime and serious basketball. And another thing they must bring their A- GAME evry night in other to be a winning NBA Championship Team…. enuFF saiD Go KniCKS Go !!!! ICEY NYC it’s fuN and all in the GaMe.

  13. iceynyc says:

    oK CarmeLLo, this is for you 🙂 keep smiling baby boy and move on; because the NY Knicks franchise is awful. you know i’ve been a KnicK fan forever and I’ll be a NY KnicK fan when you’re gone already and playing with another NBA team. Here’s the deal bRo… the Dolans can’t put a real NBA team together they just don’t have what it takes to be a great professional basketball team owners. I’ve watched them over the years destroy great players future in basketball without winning seasons. They can’t and don’t know how to build a professional basketball team. if you noticed the awesome players that come to NY to play basketball and all their talents … what where and disappear because they drain your career until you’re nothing and not appreciated by the fans. Poor MeLLo is one of the greatest and I always believed he’s a play shooter than Lebron James and many others. I pray for you to get with a better team and teammates that want to win every night they hit the court. Come oN KnicKs Play Killar Basketball like The MeLLO 🙂 ONE PLAYER CAN’T BEAT A 10 MAN ROTATING line up all alone. CarMeLLo Anthony he’s so up there with Patrick Ewing, Bernard King, ReGGie MiLLer, and all the greats. THe New YorK KnicKs on the fliP siDe is always on a downward spiral …. I wish MeLLo the best because he doesn’t deserve the bad plays from the NY Knicks organization, he deserves a winning Knick team and players that play $ quarters of playtime and serious basketball. And another thing they must bring their A- GAME evrey night in other to be a winning NBA Championship Team…. enuFF saiD Go KniCKS Go !!!! ICEY NYC

  14. ko0kie says:

    the knicks management has done a terrible job in the last 3,4 years.. first of all, the team was fine without melo.. with amare, wilson chandler and gallinari. they never anticipated that it wouldn’t work. then a series of bad moves followed including getting all those old players, etc.

    probably the only good move they made was getting chandler from dallas…the metta world peace signing would have been a good thing if it happened 5 years ago 😉

    • john blaze says:

      that’s the thing the knicks always till the player is washed up in the end of career and than they sign them to million dollar contracts. Years they done that.

  15. Dom says:

    Carmelo should just opt out and go to Chicago or LA. Obviously hes not winning in New York. Not saying he will win immediately if he comes to the Bulls or Lakers but its a higher possibility (next season)

  16. BigPicture says:

    Melo has one of his best performences this season of his entire career . scoring 40+ but for nothing??? yeah its time for Melo to sign for another team IF hes team doesnt make playoffs.


  17. pokie says:

    I don’t think I have ever seen a team play harder or shoot the three with such abandon as the Knicks did last year. It was impressive. Carmelo and J.R. were amazing. It was like “Nellyball” with claw-your-face-off defense. It was inspiring. That was last year, kids. They had the same roster this year. I think with the injuries and disfunction this year they probably could use a long summer to heal and forget. Contractually these guys are stuck together for a while. Let the front office pull in a few new pieces, spend that lottery pick wisely, and hopefully they can put this dreadful season to bed in April and regroup for 2015. This team doesn’t need to be torn down, just retooled.

  18. Casray says:

    Melo for Lakers Lol. I am a lakers fan. i can’t see Melo heading towards the direction of Lakers. melo is a ball hook and so Kobe. Secondly D-antoni is in Lakers and the two know each other pretty well. How do you think that will work out? D antoni out, Melo in then i believe things will start to click in Laker land. For sure Melo is in his prime time, he need to get a ring very soon. Otherwise we are gonna witness one of the best shooter retiring without a championship ring in his luggage and that will be sad. Its going to be a tough choice for him to choose. One direction for Melo is Chicago….

    • terrence says:

      Melo would win a ring with any squad he goes to because other squads have consistent players he can score and play defense Melo is surrounding with nonthing but garbage that no other team want.

  19. Armstrong says:

    all the knicks need is 2 gud point guard such as one they lost in jason kid to run the floor at the same time

  20. Armstrong says:

    shame on u guys knicks are not a bad team.. wat the knicks are missin is another point guard one as gud as jason kid…they need 2 point guards running the floor thats way they were so succesful last year..they get in trouble this year an everyone thinks the team need rebuild they need 2 gud point guard to run the floor

  21. satsuppi says:

    what if.. what if when he goes to bull and change his game and play more defense?? may be it will be good thing,, but still… i dont really hope that he will come to Chicago…..

  22. Deepu George says:

    Melo should take a pay cut so that knicks can add some good players and get rid of some parasites next year.Deng, The big 3, Marcin Gortat, Pau Gasol, Trevor Ariza, Randolph and Rudy gay will be available in next free agency.Knicls should trade players like Stoudamire and Bargnani and add some new pieces. Lebron James says he will sign with Miami if they win the championship this year. And if they dont, Melo can push him to Join in Newyork, and probably they can trade for a swingman and a backup center..

  23. Melo says:

    I am going to LAKERS whether they like it or not.. LA haters will go nuts..

  24. dustydreamnz says:

    There is a thing called a salary cap people.
    There are so many possibilities but the top 3 teams I’m predicting have a chance are:

  25. NUMB says:

    Lakers 2014-2015

    Demarcus Cousins
    Kevin Love
    Carmelo Anthony
    Kobe Bryant
    Kyle Lowry

    Steve Nash
    Xavier Henry
    Jordan Farmar
    Metta World Peace
    Tyson Chandler

    Kent Bazemore
    Marshon Brooks
    Ryan Kelly
    Robert Sacre
    Kendall Marshall

  26. Danilo B. says:


  27. CARLITO says:

    CLIPPER BABY… With all things happening to the CLIPS.. they’re missing a go to guy.. Blake is great but hes not a post up guy .. PAUL is great but ur point guard should nvr be the go to guy.. imagine if he plays for the CLIPPERS next season.. they’re missing a 3 and MELO would be a perfect fit.

  28. MELO4LIFE says:

    Melo needs to leave NYC if the Knicks don’t step it up. He Definitely needs to leave if they don’t make the playoffs. But one thing is for sure if he doesn’t leave this year, he has a hidden agenda set for next year. Maybe K-Love?

  29. jcrus says:

    if melo really want a ring …chicago is the best place for him…..

  30. TALENTED says:


  31. jake s. says:

    He will be going to the Lakers, I promise.

  32. bouljhit says:

    “N.Y. is wasting Melo’s season in what may be its last dance with him”


    NY wasted years, good players, and a lot of money on carmelo anthony, he is not a franchise player and ridiculously overated. NO defense, playground offense.

    ANY team will destroy any title chance if they take melo as a number 1 max contract player, he is not the same caliber as a real deal.

  33. NotMellow says:

    Melo deserves better? That’s a laugh. No one doubts that Melo’s a great scorer, but he is no leader and is very much responsible for the insatiable position the Knicks are in now. Remember he conspired with JR Smith and Woodson to drive the promising Lin away from NY? Linsanity was once in one lifetime phenomenon in basketball and he, with his cohorts, including Dolan, snuffed it just like that. Inexcusable, from a basketball fan’s perspective. On the side, Dolan should fire himself. How can nepotism be allowed to happen in NBA so blatantly at this time and age? The Knicks deserve all their current ills.

  34. Gary says:

    Melo should stay. If he leave’s his going to join another superstar just to get a championship. Which won’t be credited to him. If you can’t win it in NY, might as well get rich!

  35. FERNIE says:


  36. Handsome Henny says:

    Melo to Dallas

  37. Angel says:

    Melo should leave the Knicks and go to a team like the Wolves!!! Or Lakers!!!! Him and Kobe would pair up so good and with Gasol as well!! Although I think the lakers should chase Melo and Kevin Love!!! Kobe,Melo,Love would win 2 championships!!!!!!! Let the 2 guys that they just brought in leave!!! Buyout Nash and Robert sacre!!!!! And resign farmar Meeks and SWAGGY P!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also hill and Marshall and kaman

  38. lakerslakerslakers says:

    carmelo is talented, but too selfish and lazy on defense. he does not make the players around him better… a MJ or Kobe. Yes i said Kobe.
    Lakers should not take carmelo for a max contract.

    • Pakyaw says:

      Make the players around him better don’t apply for the name Kobe. Yes! I said it!!.stop the delusional..

  39. Switchblade says:

    To those discussing Dwyane Wade’s “role player” status, I’d like to point out that he won a championship WITHOUT LeBron (whereas LeBron had to come to Miami WITH Wade to win his…) as the BEST player on that 2006 team. Arguing that Shaq carried that team is asinine. He was important, but not the MVP. And Wade is far from one-dimensional. Check some of his multi-faceted stats

    While correct in stating Carmelo is mostly one dimensional, perhaps you haven’t seen Dwayne Wade play without LeBron hogging the ball.

    And yes, I am a HEAT fan since the Tim Hardaway/Alonzo Mourning prime days.

  40. melo to cleveland or maybe DC! join with those sick explosive PG thats exciting
    please melo leave the knicks you dont need that much money anymore
    you need a ring! noone is willing to go to newyork team anymore
    its time for you to swallow some of your ego and let your pocket loose and
    accept lower cap! its for your own good

  41. okc2014 says:

    I’m still stuck on this comment: “The Hawks are limping to the finish line”. That cold! Their wings have been clipped and I’m sad about it. And I’m furious that Ferry has not acquired or made any spectacular trades with all that cap space money they haven’t used since last summer. What is he waiting on? The Hawks can’t fly!!!!!!

    • OldCelt says:

      Apparently they CAN watching Jeff Teague in that CHI game 🙂 Have faith, you get Horford back, maybe sign Danny Granger, and you are better than ever.

  42. Viper139 says:

    Look at Dirk – he makes everybody around him better. Melo is a really good Player, but he is too selfish. He takes contested shot after contested shot – tries to beat double Teams – and even so he manages to do so from time to time, the Overall offense is stagnent – everybody watching… most of the time.
    Selfishness will not win you championchips. Involve your teammates, share the fame and you will be able to achive something.

    • Kasheem Nivens says:

      Dirk ain’t never made anyone better he ain’t Magic. Dirk can score and rebound which reminds me of exactly what Melo can do. Dirk has been on some real good teams with role players that excelled at their roles. The same as any good player that ever won anything so stop it.

  43. TT says:

    I’m a Knicks fan, but I wouldn’t even be mad if Melo left to get a shot at a ring.

    Upset that the Knicks traded Udrih and wasn’t able to let Felton go. He was unproductive this season and last season. If they trade Hardaway Jr or Shumpert, I’m officially done with them.

  44. kd35=mvp says:

    Melo should go to the suns if he wants to win a championship.Good combination with Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe

  45. Melo says:

    I’ll go to LA.. That’s it!!

  46. rodrigo says:

    Come to the Celtics Melo! There with Rajon you can build something nice, the next big 3 era. Rond, Melo, Love

    • OldCelt says:

      If you already have Love on our team (apparently I missed him signing) you don’t need Melo. Kevin is a better player in pretty much every aspect except maybe ball handling. And what is the point of signing Love if you already have Sullinger who does the same thing Love does (minus the difference in experience)?

  47. BlackDove- says:

    but Melo needs to get out of there, he deserves better!

  48. ripcity says:

    Dude’s a virus; his iso style stops the ball and his hero-ball loses games. He leaves the Knicks and they will eventually be better off for it. Whoever he joins goes downhill–every here better hope it’s not their team.

  49. RK Brown says:

    This bleeding hearts for Melo is BS. Yes he’s played well, but he’s the one who held Denver and New York hostage to get into this situation. He also plays a brand of basketball that doesn’t make his teammates better. He puts up tremendous individual stats but it’s not getting wins.

  50. Wow says:

    Star player should be responsible for team’s demise, right? If you are a superstar, you are suppose to make everyone around you better, right?
    Melo is just not that good.

  51. Bronx says:

    After reading everyone’s posts, thoughts, and opinions I would have to say this….

    First off basketball is a TEAM game. Melo is a great player BUT he CANT lead a team to win a ring by himself. Most of you said this already, Melo needs to move on to another team IF he wants a better shot at EARNING a ring. In my opinion, Melo should look at other teams and join a team that will give him a one year contract. If I was Melo I would join either the Lakers or Warriors.
    I honestly don’t think he would do well playing for Heat (too many all stars), OKC (lol! Seriously? KD and Westbrook aka mr. Nut, Melo wouldn’t even last 3 games with Westbrook taking all them crazy shots), Bulls (they need a PG! I bet the Bulls GM missing Nate Robinson now) and Pacers (Pacers is the best team in the league, they have both good team chemistry and good players that compliment each other very well. No need to add Melo).
    I do think Kemba Walker and Melo playing along side one another with Jefferson can make Charlotte Bobcats a much better team but Melo time is running out cause he is getting older and older as these seasons continue to fly by.
    All in all when it’s all said and done, if Melo wants a ring he better go to a team that has at least another all star or even superstar like Lakers, Nets, and Warriors. OR he can just take a HUGE paycut and join the Heat.

    • OldCelt says:

      I like the way you are thinking there with Charlotte, but …

      Melo’s agent: Ok we are offered a max 5 year deal by Charlotte Bobcats
      Melo: Shar-what?

    • Pakyaw says:

      If he wants a ring, why would he go to lakers?one of the worst team in the league..

  52. JB78Michigan says:

    It is a damn shame. The problem in my opinion is that it is just not easy to play basketball in NYC. There is so much going on there that the players are easily distracted with. They need mature players, players with strong family values to put a team that will bond together. It’s too late this season but I will not blame Carmelo by leaving,

  53. TheAllStar136 says:

    Carmelo, leave New York.

    There is nothing good left there. Next time when he signs with a new team, they must have good players. He should NOT go to the Lakers. There would be too much pressure.

  54. ianken says:

    melo should go to Miami!!!!!!!

  55. squala96 says:

    Getting Melo and later Tyson to join Amar’e looked awesome at first. The Knicks were expected to contend, but Stoudemire’s injury that hampered his performance since was unforeseen. Anthony is not getting serious help on the offense, and those stupid critics even dare call him selfish. They should have also brought in Iverson when they had the chance, and since they didn’t, Carmelo should definitely leave. He is the same age as LeBron and the latter is enjoying immense success at his prime having teamed up with Wade in South Beach. It’s been long rumored that he will join the Lakers, and he should. When Kobe comes back and serious retooling is done to the rest of the lineup, then they can become a respectable (if not championship) team once more.

  56. dguy2hawks says:

    Come TO Atlanta Melo.

  57. Durant Love(s) Melo says:

    I want to see Durant, Kevin Love, Melo & Omer Asik team up.

    Put these guys with decent Point guard & Role Players and u got your self a winning formula…so who will pay me One Mill for this…pay me two million and I will come up with complemetery bench players.

  58. some dude says:


  59. CAR-ME-NOW says:

    lol says:
    February 25, 2014 at 11:51 am
    I blame melo for that loss, he didnt even contest Dirk’s winning shot, obviously scoring points is not enough to win games if u cant defend. I hope he teams up with Kobe next season, D’antoni+Kobe+Anthony = awesome L.A drama.


    THAT WAS A 6″8 GUARDING A 7″0 who shoots fadaway and over his head…no way carmelo could of played him better. It was a lucky shot.


    Not a bad idea joinging the lakers and kobe plus a top 6th pick. Not to mention the youngs guys like Jordan Hill, Nick Young, Kent Bazemore, Marshon Brooks & Kendell Marshall might return

  60. Shawn Kemp no. 1 says:

    i feel bad for Chandler, not Carmelo

    • OldCelt says:

      Don’t. Nobody forced him to sign with NYK and he does get good money out of it. Feel bad for Shumpet and Hardaway who are stuck in a poor team with a bad coach.

  61. LAKER FAN says:

    Everybody is talkin about next superstar next to Melo in NYK. But it is about chemistry, they have bad pieces. Felton is backup PG, JR is poor guy on and off the court. MELO MUST GO TO BULLS

  62. marko says:

    whereever Carmelo go that team is not wining.Melo is creating bad atmosphere.Dont get me wrong,he is not doing anything deliberately.He is doing that bu doing nothing belive me,If he want to change his carear he have to start demand bether plays bu his teammates and if somebode doesnt like that he can leav.

  63. B says:

    let melo and james teamed up

  64. BlazingTrails9 says:

    If I were Melo, I would sign a one-year deal.. wherever I go (not New York). Don’t commit to another team that might just be wasting your prime again

    Of course the 1 year deal idea comes from him finding out that maybe he doesn’t know what team he fits best in (imagine what the Denver Nuggets could have been with him now)

    The NBA is about finding your fit (a la Dirk, Tim Duncan) or selling out for a ring (which has slowly begun to become reputable).

  65. JB says:

    I dont know if its Woodson or the GM but this season has been a mess,we signed Bargnani??? barely even played Artest, messed up Shumpert’s future in NY and god knows what else

  66. HV-Bulls says:

    I sure hope he’d join the Bulls, there’s definetly a potential. Waive Boozer off and next season will be around Rose (?), Anthony, Noah, Mirotic, Augustin, Butler and Gibson. There we have a serious contender!

  67. George says:

    If Carmelo wants to win a title, he must leave New York. I am a knicks fan for 20 years (from the 1993-94 season) and this is the first season i am so angry and disappointed. The team had some rough seasons during the 00’s , but this one i the most unacceptable. This is a terribly organized team with no future, a laughing stock, a joke. I ‘m done with them. A very disenchanted fan from Greece.

  68. Papa says:

    Hopefully Melo will make the good decision that will help him get a ring. I am a knick fan. But I wouldn’t blame Melo for leaving. He deserves a ring and Knicks will not give it to him.
    James Dolan should sell the team and go do something else. He is hurting the knicks fans.

  69. I am a woman who believes that if you have a formula that works – stick with it – If the Bills make it to the Superbowl on the arm of Frank Reict – I say start him – maybe they would have actually won 1/4 they got to. If the Knicks make the NBA Finals without Ewing in the starting lineup – I say play the lineup that got you there – Maybe….. The Knicks were winning games when Amare was the big star in town – and when Linsanity was the order of the day – BEFORE Melo wat there. As much as all of these Orange folks up here love Melo – as soon as he went to the Knicks – I told them that the Knicks were doomed! What has he brought to the TEAM? The Knicks have gone about dismantling a group of hardworking team players – to go the superstar route – and BAM – No surprise here for me at all. Now you look across the country at a team like Phoenix – not big contract guys – just a team of hardworking ballers with something to prove. THEY are going to the playoffs -For me Melo is like D. Wilkins – A great talent – fun to watch – but could not play team ball – defense – or really bring what it takes to help make the players around him better.

  70. KING HEAT says:

    um. i think the knicks shoud not even traded melo becaues they needed him and they traded about 4 people i want the to get melo or boston or bulls or rockets caues they need help

  71. mark says:

    Yes the knicks team as a whole right now is not a good place for melo from top to bottom left to right back to front there players are just that players that don’t really understand there roles and are just making silly decisions injuries however no body can be blamed for injuries they happend F.Y.I kobe westbrook rose wade. B.roy .g.oden kevin love blake Griffin his 1st season so can’t really blame s injured player for being injured but back to the subject MELO and the KNICKS the knicks never fully recovered from the Isiah Thomas fiasco all thoses bad contracts and when things finally started to look better with signing of Amare Stoudemire and then melo with a couple of nice glue guys and big defensive minded center and good coach well here we come finals but things don’t always go as planned bad coaching bad system getting rid of a solid point gaurd in billups I bet you all forgot about mr big shot and then bad trades and never really buying in to a real system and never having the right players to play a certain system thoses are the knicks mistakes not melos he needs a team the can acount for his lack of defense because its not his strong point he’s a scorer a great one at that so he leaves new york and joins a team the can make up for what he lacks on thr defensive end and needs what he brings in terms of scoring and where he can be #1 I’m thinking Chicago solid coaching a real defensive team that can make up for his lack there of but what he brings to the team is what they he is the ying to there yang and they are primed for a tittle run if a few things happen and some already happend 1 clear enuff cap space for that big contract it has to fit the bulls in the area as, well melo and there are makin moves tradeing deng was one 2 letting rose come back 100 percent healthy and letting have the peace of mind that the offense does not have to run through him and he has to be on board to play second fiddle to melo I think he won’t have any issues with that he.s still young and melo has 1 more solid contract of playing years before anyone expects any type of signs of slowing meaning he.s a all star for the next 4 or 5 years is what everyone is expecting and rose will be able to save his body and not have the pressure of being #1 because melo has been therd done that and loves to be the hero ehen its hrwat and can handle being blame because he is the so to speak leader type rose is that also but with melo he can take a back seat and play off of melo and he will be the best version of D.rose we will ever see not to mention the team will love having to top caliber all star type players at spot they need help at so overall Chicago+melo+ a healthy rose +that defense I belive is a match made in basketball heaven but it remains just a idea untill further notice but its on the cusp it take 1 move just 1it sounds sounds like this melo signs with the bulls we can only hope

  72. Unkle Daddy says:

    Any team where Melo is the best player will never win a championship, and unfortunately where ever he goes he will more than likely be the best player, it’s a viscous circle. So, here is what I’m saying he needs to look for in a team, he needs to play somewhere where he is not expected to be the leader of the team, and there needs to be a player better then himself, not necessarily a better scorer, but a better all around player. I would say find a way to get to Minnesota to play beside Kevin Love. That’s my advice.

  73. Hehehehe says:

    I think Melo should go to Minnisota if the opportunity is given. Rubio, love, and melo? That’s not too bad is it? I’m not T- Wolves fan but I’m just saying that would be an interesting combination

    • Jack says:

      I’d like to see that. Love is a four who prefers the perimeter and Melo is a 3 who likes the block. None of them play defense so they should go 3 seconds or less and trade Adelman for D’Antoni and let him turn Rubio into Nash,

  74. R-Lo says:

    Melo is totally overrated. If he is a true superstar then he should be able to lead the Knicks to a decent record with the support cast he has now. He reminds of Tracy McGrady in his prime. A ball hog that can score but not lead a team.

    • OldCelt says:

      Yeah right. And T-Mac totally had twice as many APG in his prime seasons compared to what Melo has now even tho Orlando didn’t have anyone who could really score, unlike NYK.

  75. Miamence says:

    Let him come to Heat’s bench. He will help.

    • Heat Fan says:

      are you kidding me?!?!?!? first of all, melo is a ball hog. they will never get anything done with both LeBron AND melo. He will not take the bench spot, he will want the starting spot……. horrible decision for the heat AND melo

  76. kobe24theblackmamba says:

    i am a big MELO fan i feel sorry for him watching his team losing every games, shame on you MELO you should down your ”EGO” like LBJ did to cleveland he went to join Dwade and chrish Bosh to get the ring, now its your time to do the same go somewhere else like Thunder and Lakers they need you in the WEST, EAST is too many competitors, LAKERS need you MELO so think about it, its time for you to get the ring.

    • Vincent says:

      The difference is LeBron lead the Cleaveland Cavaliers to the playoffs on multiple occasion s plus a 66 and 16 record twice. Lead them to the finals. You saw the difference when LeBron left in 2010 they had one of the worse records. If Melo leaves ny you won’t see a difference.

  77. friks says:

    Everybody seem to forgot that Melo (with his trade conditions) bringed a big part of this situation to himself. If he would cut the team some slack with his deal, they would probably be in much better position right from thr start.

    So saying the Knicks are wasting the prime of Anthony’s career is not realy fair.

    • Simba says:

      LOL what? How did MELO hurt the team with his trade “conditions”? He wasn’t a FA, the trade was made between 2 front offices with the only input from Melo being that he would sign the Knicks’ extension. New York management is to blame for giving up so lots of young talent AND picks for Melo when he had made it explicitly clear he wanted to play in NY and there was little trade market for him. Denver wasn’t in a position of power in these negotioations. They floated a rumour that they were willing to trade Melo to the Nets and NY management overreacted because Melo had already stopped a previous deal with New Jersey earlier in the season by not wanting to sign the extension. NY’s problems are as a result of poor front office decisions, not Melo. Melo didn’t pick up the team option on Billups only to then waste the amnesty on him in order to sign (and overpay) Tyson Chandler. An amnesty they could greatly use right now. Melo didn’t re-sign JR Smith and Felton to contracts with PLAYER options in the final season after they both had sub-par years. Melo didn’t trade 3 players and 3 Draft picks for Andrea Bargnani. I really can’t believe people are still blaming Melo for a trade that happened 3 years ago. The team’s make-up is almost completely different.

    • Azmain says:

      Bs! I’m a die hard Knicks fan and this in no way is Melo’s fault. For the sake of Melo he should leave us. I won’t even be mad. James Dolan is an effing idiot that can’t manage anything!

  78. Aaron says:

    Well, apparently Melo is really good. The question is, if Knicks gets another superstar on board and this new superstar become a little bit more popular then Melo in New York, then, can Melo tolerate it? Will he tries to squeeze he out of Knicks?

  79. celtic533 says:

    A perfect fit would be the Celtics.Rondo and Melo are friends(and Rondo is rarely friendly with non-teammates) and they are both beginning their prime.I dont know where Jeff Green will go in all this but Frankly as long as Melo is there,Green is expendable.Starting Lineup: Rondo,Bradley,Melo,Sullinger,and a legitimate center.Thats a great starting lineup if you ask me.Kelly Olynyk on the bench plus and bunch of shooters =Championship contention.

    • MB says:

      Agree that would be good team plus the draft picks that Celtics have, would like to see it happen but don’t think it will

    • OldCelt says:

      C’s play and will play team-first game. We need to sign Greg Monroe to fill-in a center position with a capable offensive big man and then teach him to play lock-in D. If done you got a championship caliber team. Don’t need Melo, he isn’t that better then Jeff Green and far more selfish.

  80. Kevin Gogana says:

    Its time to come to the bulls melo!

    • BigPicture says:

      You know as a Bulls Fan, I don’t see Carmelo coming here and infact from my view I don’t want him here and thats what smart bulls fans know. Yes Carmelo is really good shooter so if he were to join the bulls(unlikely), good factor would be he would take the stress off Rose for getting his game back and letting melo score more fro rose to go easy for a bit till hes mvp lvl again. But to get carmelo, understand one, melos a complete ball hog. 2 hes defense isnt that great, 3, chicago doesnt like him overall. Bulls are meant great fr their defense yes, (2nd in the league) but to get melo, u pretty much give up our best defense man aka taj g. which the bulls certainly don’t want to do Also Carlos booozer we see going b/c of the trade and too me , its unlikey he’ll stay there(melo) for 3 years max. Bulls should presuit Nikolia M. in europe wh has 50% 3pt % and the top best shooter in all of europe, He would be cheaper for the bulls to get and much more simple to get the orginal team getting it going.

      Refering to Melo, by the way his game is going this year with the Knicks, most likely hes not return for next season. So the better question to ask now is WHERE WILL HE BE GOING? no one knows…. unless ur just that smart

  81. Brain32 says:

    I’ve always been a Knicks fan but seriously it seems the management simply does not want to win, having a player of Anthony’s caliber is a rare opportunity even for big teams and they are just hopelessly throwing it away…too bad.

  82. Grapefruit juice says:

    This will be good for both sides if Carmelo leaves New York. When these idiots running the franchise realize that you can’t build a proper team by putting random would-be or ex basketball stars together maybe they’ll finally decide to go for a rebuilding season or (god willing!) they’ll finally step down and let someone competent clean the mess the Knicks are right now in.

  83. ruben says:

    Melo doesn’t deserve better. It’s not about Melo. It’s about the team. NY is just a sorry team. Wait..maybe it is about Melo ??!!

  84. J. says:

    i think melo is more part of the problem than part of the solution. i hope the knicks will get rid of him, jr and amare for that matter

    such horrible , horrible chemistry, and it isnt the first time with either of those


    The Knicks are the worst supporting cast Carmelo has ever had. After last night’s game I’m convinced Anthony has did everything possible to get the Knicks a win. Get rid of everybody except for Chandler, Hardaway and Shumpert.

  86. Vincent says:

    So this is what i want to happen,

    Melo leaves the Knicks after the season,

    Spurs-Duncan Retires,Ginobili Retires,



    spurs starting line up






    • Anonymous says:

      B/c Cousins didn’t just sign a new multi-year contract (sarcasm) and the kings definately want to trade him asap

    • Unkle Daddy says:

      No, no other Spurs fan would think of putting two guys like that on there squad you obviously don’t watch Spurs basketball, neither one of those guys play the style of San Antonio, they use ball movement as the weapon of choice, not isolation play after isolation after isolation.

    • Jack says:

      That is the exact opposite of a Spurs fan dream. We develop players and play team basketball.

    • gg says:

      that is the stupidest thing ever, melo’s style of basketball would make the spurs worse.

    • Jason says:

      A Spurs Fan that want Tim Duncan to Retire is not a Spurs Fan!!!!

  87. Carlos Claro says:

    Wade is an All-Star role player like Anthony. Both just know one thing and can’t accomplish anything without further help.
    In other words, are one dimensional players, but really good in just this only thing. And Wade is a dirty player and way overrated by these NBA american journalists.

    • LT says:

      im sorry, but wade is a superstar role player?? u need to check wade before his injuries. wade was a bonified superstar in the league. mind you that role player led his team to the franchaise’s 1st championship.

      • Carlos Claro says:

        Carmelo Anthony also, but he didn’t win anything because of this.

        Wade was relevant WITH Shaq and now WITH James. Shaq lead the Heat, not Wade.

        Jeff Hornacek was a better overal player than Wade.

      • #dwade#flash says:

        wade was relevant with shaq? Carlos do you watch football or basketball, check the stats or the videos of 06 you are a tool

      • chris says:

        The refs got his team the first franchise championship.

      • #dwade#flash says:

        okay Chris, if the refs did gave him his first, please tell me at least 2 questionable calls from that 06 finals, just to justify your idiocrasy. I will wait. again at least 2

        timer starts NOW

    • Van says:

      U are an ignorant idiot, Jeff better than wade, REALLY!!!!!!!!! You hater lololo. You dont know anything about basketball. Jeff is what you really call a one dimensional player. Wade is a first ballot HOF, u can’t say that anout Jeff Hornacek can u. You can’t be this dumb, you must be doing this on purpose.

  88. Knickerbocker says:

    Well the thing is that the Knicks lost the guys who kept other players like JR in check…
    Losing Kidd, Thomas, Wallace,… I can’t blame Melo for leaving, since the offensive burden falls on him each night. Without anything to show for it!
    People are always talking about Melo not being at the same level as his peers (LeBron, Wade, Durant,… As mentioned in the article) But on the other hand, he has never had another superstar that can pull a double team towards him. Give Melo a Shot to play with a good point guard, who can take the ball out of his hands in certain stretches, and he’ll raise his game even more!
    I just hope that he can get a good roster around him next season, because he’s put in the work to finally be able to get to the finals (at least).

  89. lol says:

    I blame melo for that loss, he didnt even contest Dirk’s winning shot, obviously scoring points is not enough to win games if u cant defend. I hope he teams up with Kobe next season, D’antoni+Kobe+Anthony = awesome L.A drama.

  90. Guest says:

    I didn’t watch the mavs game but in the hawks, and grizzles games just to name a few the knicks were up a good amount and as soon as melo left the knicks blew it. They need to get a legitimate, second scorer preferably in the backcourt

  91. standard says:

    Melo deserves better!

    the fat felton was arrested with gun possesion!
    so gansta cuz his team is losing and he was mad maybe?

  92. mfc13 says:

    Amare should never have come on board. I believe this is really where all the problems started for the Knicks (yes, even before Melo signed). Even PHX is doing better now, w/o Amare (he’s been a blessing for us Suns fans).

  93. AsmallLakersFan says:

    Hi Lakers, time for Melo?

    • Rockets Fan says:

      ummmm, did you not read the part about Melo not wanting any part of rebuilding? or that he is in his PRIME NOW and not later? lol. Bulls, Rockets, Spurs, Thunder, GS, and maybe even the pacers? although i dont see that..

  94. bless says:

    Well Well, it came down to this…when the GOAT Kobe was trying to save Melo future by saying he would be pleased to work with melo on another championship run he got slammed by NYK FANS! IF you know basketball like I do then listen:

    1.NBA doesn’t honor you for big money contracts, they honor you for history makings!
    2. For most championships [RINGS] ask Bill Russel and MJ etc…
    3.For most points scored in career
    4.For teams you helped to finals or championships
    5.The most endorsement DEALS you earned

    Now money can’t BEAT that!

    • kitten mittens says:

      then you don’t have enough money

      btw there’s no way a kobe-melo partnership would work even if kobe weren’t at the end of his career

  95. ChubChub says:

    Come to houston and play the 4!!!!

  96. qdqdq says:

    Well knicks are a terrible managed franchise, I can start with amare’s contract, that contract was bad from day 1 they signed him, he lasted one season, and was sidelined with injuries ever since, exactly how phoenix predicted. The trade for bargani, was a terrible trade, take on such a bad contract for a guy they expected to come of the bench, JR smith extension was also a bad call, to think he would keep up from last season. JR is offcourt trouble, he even finds a way for getting fined via twitter. what a knucklehead, sad to see melo most likely go, but I would not be mad at him for leaving in this stage of his career.

  97. thespectator says:

    if melo cares about winning a title, he has to leave the knicks, they are not doing anything nor can they do anything to help this guy..

  98. Anthony says:

    Great article, Melo should leave the knicks to have a great chance to win a ring