MVP Ladder: LeBane James Lives

VIDEO: There is no stopping LeBane … er, LeBron James when makes up his mind to attack the basket

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Now we know exactly what LeBron James is willing to go through to get his job done … another man’s flesh if need be.

James powered through Serge Ibaka‘s left arm for the final two of his game-high 33 points (in 33 minutes, he also scored his team’s first 12, too) in the Miami Heat’s win over the Oklahoma City Thunder Thursday night on TNT. He’s ready to go through Kevin Durant as well, if need be, to reclaim his perch atop the KIA Race to the MVP Ladder.

He assumed the top spot this week, the culmination of a four-game stretch that has seen him average 37 points on better than 60 percent shooting as the Heat, winners of four straight and eight of their last 10 games, close in on the Indiana Pacers and that top spot in the Eastern Conference standings.

Bloody nose or not, LeBron continues to remind us that he’s the most powerful force in the league when he’s at the top of his game … #BaneJames as he coined it on Instagram:

I mean I just might have to…BaneJames #StriveForGreatness

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Durant, Blake Griffin, Paul George and Steph Curry round out the top five of the Ladder this week.

Dive in here for more on who made the cut on this week’s KIA Race To The MVP Ladder!


  1. Goran says:

    He should better be more careful that nobody breaks his nose again on the court! I am certainly talking about players who could do this to him. Who in his sane mind would print a T-shirt with the writing “The Truth” on it? Does he need some counseling?

  2. dreadyjun says:

    Just wait for the big games. Lebum will lechoke again.

  3. dreadyjun says:

    He should wear that mask forever.

  4. keeponhatin says:

    For someone who knows anything about the actual game of basketball(which most of you clearly dont) lebron james is shooting over 60% from the field, You guys fail to realize the only reason KD was putting those points up is because russel was injured, and now that hes back in the lineup KD’s numbers will for sure go down. Lebron never got burnt in the first game either he scored more than KD in both games.. Everyone is such a hater.. let the king be great like he has been since he entered this league… hes won back to back championships and mvps… get off his di*k…

  5. cry says:

    lbj haters should shut up,this mvp ladder can change on weekly performance basis,

  6. lbj says:

    LBJ is the best basket ball player in the world but KD has more FG attempt and of course more points. Thus for LBJ is the MVP and KD is the scoring champ. END OF STORY.

  7. LBJisSOOOOoverrateITScrazy says:

    Heat beat thunder on a game where westbrook returns and our chemistry was off. OMG Lebron did it. He won one game. He is now the leagues MVP! Ha. What a joke. I feel sorry for KD. He plays Jordan like for months and queen james has a few good games and knocks him off the mvp spot. NBA is rigged. NBA stop trying to make LBJ your new Michael Jordan. There will never be another MJ. Let it go and be fair to your atheletes.

  8. Joe says:

    Kevin Love has to be in the too ten again soon. 37 12 and 10 last night. 33 and 15 in last 9 games and the wolves are on a 3 game winking streak.

  9. JM says:

    I think this race is a close one…. but judging by the overall season performance, KD is the MVP…. LBJ maybe playing better as of late but KD is dominating throughout the season… not only is OKC at the top of the west but KD’s stats are better than LBJ’s

  10. okc2014 says:

    Kevin Durant will win MVP. He is the only contender for Lebron James, who will not be able to keep up with Kevin Durant’s stats. You heard it first from me.

  11. tommy says:

    How can you put lebron over durant because he played better that one game, the whole season durant has been better and in the first matchup durant played better and won, stop overrating lebron

  12. Jason says:

    When OKC won a few weeks ago and Durant lit lbj up no one made this big a deal. Not saying he doesn’t deserve it this week, but come on. At least make an effort to write about and compliment other guys.

  13. Superstar Boss says:

    This MVP ladder on lacks any credibility. LeBron is back in the lead after just 4 recent good games. Durant has been playing mind boggling basketball for the whole 50 something games since the season started and sekou smith has dropped him behind LeBron just because has averaged over 30 points in the last 4 games???
    Can someone please fire that midget called sekou smith and get him away from writing or compiling any basketball or MVP list!
    What a dumb stump of a moron, sekou smith !

  14. Rubio says:

    Where is Kevin love?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Mitra says:

    Uniqueness of LBJ is that he can be equally effective in all positions -a rare quality. Look at Miami Heat without LBJ. James pulled this team day in and day out, made them world champion consecutive two times, and still in the contention for NBA title this time as well.

    Think about how profound the impact of his play could be on a team as a whole. That’s the reason he is a strong contender for MVP this time.

    No other player in the league has that kind of influence though we have several brilliant players around.


  16. okc bandwagones sinse 2011 says:

    okc wins no one bats an eye
    prob because durant had no competition the 1st 55 games

  17. benedict0132 says:

    Where is Kevin Love on the MVP ladder!

    • Scott Camuto says:

      Kevin Love is a contender on the ladder but he is definitely not performing to Durant’s and James’s level individually. Nor is his team having any measure of success. He is probably the third best player this season.

  18. Adrien says:

    LeBron James at the top of the MVP Ladder after a couple good games? You can’t be serious. Kevin Durant has been playing his behind off for the past couple of months while his star teammate Russell Westbrook has been injured. KD scored 30+ points in 10+ consecutive games this season. LeBron played 4 good games and people are saying he is MVP. Forget Logic

    • KDfan says:

      LBJ does not have to prove anything to these LBJ Kool-aid drinking NBA media. I agree with you Adrien, It just took 2 good games to wipe out KD’s great run and record. Much was made off LBJ’s game in a losing game last time. Don’t let this bother you guys, the ones who vote had already made up their minds who this years MVP is–LBJ. Doesn’t bother me. It’ll bother KD a little but he’ll get over it. KD and we the Thunder are focused on a Championship this year not MVP’s.

    • JAJO says:

      I agree with you

    • IAMAHEATFAN says:

      what couple of good games??? ur now watching him so don’t tell me it’s just a couple of games. he’s very consistent and efficient throughout the season compared to KD. and it just happened that Russ went down with injury that is why his numbers went up but now Russ is back so expect KD numbers to go down while LBJ will reclaim what originally belongs to him.

    • Game Time says:

      4 good games? You realize that Wade hasn’t played a bunch of games as well? Do you realize Lebron has been putting up numbers that have been getting better for FIVE YEARS IN A ROW? He’s coming off his 2nd championship run, 3rd straight finals appearance and he’s still out performing everyone. Yeah you obviously forgot logic.

  19. Jarin says:

    Despite Durants scoring surge in January, Lebron has been consistently more efficient than his rival all season. Now that Westbrook is back, expect Durant’s numbers to drop as Westbrook becomes a ballstopper for OKC. I’m sure Lebron will come on strong, and if the heat get the number 1 spot in the east, I would be shocked if King James doesn’t walk away with his 5th MVP in 6 years. Also as a side note, one of my favorite players Goran Dragic is the only player on the MVP ladder who was not an all-star in New Orleans this year (and he’s all the way up in the 5 spot). Looks like a serious snub people. Dragic deserves it more than some players (like the chronically injured/inconsistent Dwyane Wade).

  20. George says:

    The MVP race is not done yet. KD watch out. Looking forward to see what LBJ can do stats wise the last 30 games of the season. And it’s a joy to watch these 2 players playing the game.