LeBron Busts Nose, Free Of Concussion

VIDEO: LeBron James goes down after taking hit to nose and finishing the play

OKLAHOMA  CITY — LeBron James left Thursday night’s showdown against the Thunder midway through the fourth quarter after getting clobbered in the nose on his way to completing a highlight-reel play at the rim.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said James’ nose was swollen and bleeding, but confirmed that he passed concussion tests. Asked if James had X-rays on his nose, Spoelstra would only say that his superstar will be checked out Friday back in Miami. The Heat just finished a six-game road trip and don’t play again until Sunday against Chicago.

“He’s got a swollen nose right now, it’s bleeding. We’ll evaluate him when we get back to Miami,” Spoelstra said. “It’s sore, he took a shot; probably should have been at the free throw line after that, but he was aggressive and it was a heck of an attack right there. He got hit pretty good though in the nose, so we’ll just have to see when we get back.”

James put on a dominant performance and outplayed MVP frontrunner Kevin Durant in the Heat’s 103-81 thumping of OKC. James had a game-high 33 points in 33 minutes on 15-for-22 shooting — 14-for-17 from inside the arc. He scored Miami’s first 12 points of the game and was a menace from the start on the defensive end as the Heat led 34-17 after the first quarter.

With the fourth-quarter clock ticking down to the six-minute mark, James drove to the basket and appeared to get walloped in the nose as he blew through the lane. James soared across the front of the rim, left to right, against Thunder power forward Serge Ibaka looking for a right-handed slam, Ibaka kept him far enough away that James couldn’t stretch far enough for the dunk. High above the rim, James still managed to score before crashing to the floor.

Game action resumed at the Thunder’s end as James squirmed on the Heat’s baseline. It wasn’t until play stopped on an OKC travel call that Heat guard Ray Allen made it back to the other end and was first to reach James. As soon as he saw him, Allen waved for the trainers.

Heat players circled around James and everybody in Miami black held their breath.

“You just don’t know what it is,” Spoelstra said. “I’m like everybody else, you’re used to seeing him like Superman and get up and sprint back even after tough hits and tough falls, so you knew something was up.”

James was finally helped to his feet. He walked slowly while holding a towel over his nose and eyes. He was first seated on the Heat bench before escorted to the locker room to be further examined.


  1. Beverly says:

    Every official in that game should be fired!!!! They didn’t even call a foul !! And then they just kept playing
    as if LeBron was not even hurt and he was bleeding terribly from his nose. The officials refuse to even stop
    the game until his team-mates stopped the game. The officials are accustomed to just letting players beat-up
    on LeBron and that is just not right! Stop it !! Enough Already !!

  2. pathekingJames says:

    EVERYBODY laughed when leflop was on the ground (and stayed on the ground like a girl) just because of a hit on the nose. no injuries nothing, just a little blood. BUT, now that everybody laughed because we saw once again the “supertough guy” sisies, guess what, finally heuu… it’s a broken nose.. LOL, what a king of BS

  3. teebone says:

    “oh LeBron cooked Durant” .. “LeBron proved his better then Durant in this game”.. all the heat fanatics is sickening.. people do you even watch games, consistently ? first off, LeBron didn’t cook Durant in this game.. LeBron started and played the 4 position the whole game.. therefore he was cooking Serge Ibaka and Perry Jones , not Durant. did we forget about the 2 games Durant had over Lebron on Miami heats court, and Kevin Durant was 1 on 1 WITH LeBron , not others or how about All star game??… Lebron is a great player, and fun to watch.. but those “fans” that like to over do the worshipping, this is why so many people dislike Lebron, and Lebron Fans.. Lebron had a good game this game, but as far as him proving that his better then Durant is a wash… as far as 1 on 1 play goes, Durant is the better player… as a team player, Lebron is a better player. I have yet to see Lebron and kevin Durant face up, and Lebron win that battle.. until I see them playing the same position , head to head in a game… (which the 2 I have this year, Durant was the dominate player).. this last game when tip ball started, I noticed Lebron was playing the 4, and they had Shane Battier at the 3 , where Durant was… and on Defense, they used the 1-3 to defend Durant… lol

  4. I am surprised the nba don’t charge him for flapping .

  5. mike russell says:

    To say kobe is weak this man was still ballin with a broke index finger on his shooting hand do u kno how hard it is to shoot with a broke finger kobe is the closet to jordan that we have ever seen lebron isnt cuz hes not a good shooter or a defender kobe and jordan are lock down defenders cuz kobe or jordan wouldnt let kevin durant dunk on them in the open court kobe already embarrased lebron in the allstar game last year and got the most allstar last year and this year and he didnt even play!!!

    • oH wOw says:

      LeBron not a good shooter? No. He is not as good as Kobe or Jordan, but he has improved drastically since entering the league and is now a good shooter. He is also one of the best defenders, way better than Kobe and arguably better than Jordan. I won’t even tell you why he is a better defender than Kobe because it is pretty obvious, but he is arguably better than Jordan because he can guard guys from all 5 positions and do it well. He got the all-star team this year because of stupid fans, not that impressive anymore.

  6. Brenda says:

    I pray to God that Lebron’s injury is not a bad one. It was a very tense moment watching him on the floor .Let’s not forget that first he is a human being, besides being a great athelete. Hope to see him recuperate soon.
    GO HEAT!!! My respects to the organization.

  7. Demetrius says:

    Lebron the best alive..forget KD, weak Kobe, Rose, George

    • mike russell says:

      To say kobe is weak this man was still ballin with a broke index finger on his shooting hand do u kno how hard it is to shoot with a broke finger kobe is the closet to jordan that we have ever seen lebron isnt cuz hes not a good shooter or a defender kobe and jordan are lock down defenders cuz kobe or jordan wouldnt let kevin durant dunk on them in the open court kobe already embarrased lebron in the allstar game last year and got the most allstar last year and this year and he didnt even play!!!

  8. BadAd says:

    @okc2014 hell ya best two players goin at it

  9. fronz6 says:

    Steve Nash fixed his own nose when he broke it. Lebron is weak like most players now a days. The real OG’s are the tough ones.

  10. nyc16 says:

    hope lbj gets better and perform the same way against indiana.. looking forward to miami vs pacers.

  11. nyc16 says:

    burn im a heat and d’wade fan dude, your not a real basketball fan. its nice to watch 2 even match team going in each other, but dude your saying non sense againts okc player, all of them. men thats not good sport.

  12. LebronShaqfan says:

    LEBRON G.O.A.T. – Greatest Of All Time. Glad your O.K.

  13. Mobo says:

    LeBron is good but he’s too soft. After Kobe BROKE his nose he wasn’t crying and holding up a cloth.

    • krishawn-MIA says:

      Really?!…they cuddnt stop the bleeding genius that’s y he left

    • thespectator says:

      lol cmon really? he was bleeding man, hes soft cuz he got smacked in the face and blood was oozing down his nose?why does lBJ get so much hate? jeez..you guys really needa chill…

    • mnai says:

      well firstly, lebrons nose could still be broken they do not know yet, and secondly kobe’s nose wasnt bleeding as much as lebrons was, they put a swab in kobes nose and that was it, i dont think a swab would have stopped lebrons bleeding because it was bleeding alot more than kobes nose injury

    • Hehe says:

      Ur mom is soft

  14. okc2014 says:

    Even I as an OKC fan was stunned when he went down and the blood made it even more scary. I don’t want Lebron James to get injured. He is the face of the NBA. Ibaka was being Ibaka, it wasn’t a flagrant foul. But yes, the Heat had a good win. So we now tied up! Competition is good! Go OKC! OKC2014!

  15. BURN says:

    Ibaka is a dirty thug, Fisher is a weasel fouler, Perkins is a terrible player and only knows how to foul, Steven Adams talks trash and gets technical, Westbrook is a ball hog hot head with anger issues and poor Kevin D is a mommas boy who needs a new team. All these bad attitudes on OKC are like a weight pulling KD under water. KD, find a new team before it’s too late. OKC is full of poisoned players

  16. And down goes Frazier, oops wrong sport. I mean down goes Lebron.

    All hail King Ibaka !!

    I had my money on OKC but Miami was the better team. Good win Heat. Hope Lebron get back soon.

    Just as in Portland, now we can see what the Heat can do without a solid starter. OKC survived without RW but Blazers will struggle without Aldridge. Will the Heat 2 without Lebron?

  17. Red says:

    sunsman really think its exaggerate the pain LBJ have… maybe if u play in the NBA and clobbered in the face by one of the best defender under the rim, maybe you’ll go home crying like a baby.. you see a blood then its exaggerated?! give me a break!!

    • Sunsman says:

      Wow… did you people read what I wrote…. I’m not hating on Lebron, and he obviously was injured. But the impact that broke his nose was a glancing blow that didn’t even knock his head back. As AnotherHeatFan said it is actually easy to break someone’s nose, and it will lead to you bleeding. Basketball is a contact sport, and people get injured, but seriously, clobbered? that wasn’t a swinging arm with follow through that was the norm in the 80’s/90’s. Was Lebron injured yes, was he game playing to stop the game so his team wasn’t down to 4 players as he couldn’t get back on the court with his nose bleeding like that maybe. James could have been shook up from the fall more than the hit to the face, or maybe the delayed response from the break only started to hurt after he hit the deck. But either way, Ibaka hit him across the face with a glancing forearm because James had already gotten by him, bad defence which should have been called a foul. No flagrant, and definitely not a walloping.

  18. RAKEEM says:

    serg Abaka doin 2 much again

  19. rashawn says:

    I love LeBron he’s my favorite player inspirational when he went down I wanted to cry

  20. Jkwon says:

    To all the haters out there right now LEBRON JAMES is best N.B.A player.”no body wants to here truth”

  21. marvzky says:

    the king is down but miami heat stayed up…GO HEAT…

  22. Dude says:

    Chill Lebron haters the guy is bleeding. Let me graze your nose while your running towards me like a freight train and then tell me how it feels. Grazing the nose hurts more than a full impact depending on where and how fast you are coming toward the object in this case Ibaka’s huge hands.

  23. LBJ4MVP says:

    Clearly another missed foul call by the “officials”. This isn’t Indiana or Chicago refs. take off the blindfolds already.


  24. krishawn-MIA says:

    It is slightly exaggerated with the terms used wallloped?! But I do love lebron and I really didn’t feel bad when he got hit bcuz some people think he doesn’t!! Now there’s gonna be a huge discussion on the size of the hit just to discredit the man damn dats sad

  25. Boo Thunder says:

    Another cheap shot by Ibaka? What’s his problem?

  26. Blazek says:

    exaggerating?/ really?? lol. i wonder how would KD react to a hit like that. He was bleeding man!! people dont bleed for slightly touching your nose…..GO HEAT

  27. gerald29 says:

    lebron and the heat made a statement game…

  28. ivysaur23 says:

    that’s the way to stop our king james..slap him on the nose..lol.GO HEAT

  29. Sunsman says:

    Clobbered? Walloped? Really? Lebron’s nose took a glancing hit the wrong way… it took the telecast about 5 views to even find where the contact occurred. Was LBJ injured, for sure, clobbered and walloped – really Jeff Caplan?…. exaggerate much. A basketball play – bumped in the face and kept on going – true to form and what he gets paid to do. Suppose that is why you’re exaggerating so much… it’s what you get paid to do…

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      First of all it’s clear on the zoomed image that he did get hit on the face. And in slow motion it’s difficult to appreciate that the impact could have been significant enough to break his nose.

      Second of all yeah you can use the term clobbered when someone breaks your nose.

      Third of all no one was really that worried about the nose. Nasal fractures are common even among non-professionals I can tell you from when it happened to me it’s not all that painful, you bleed like a faucet unless you hold your head up, but it’s an easy repair sometimes all that needs to be done is straighten out the nasal septum (local anesthesia, 12 hours in hospital and ur life resumes, you won’t miss a school day).

      What was a bit scary was that he looked shook up afterwards which makes you worry about a concussion. So yeah when someone hits you in the face, breaks your nose, and you get shaken up afterwards then you can say you got clobbered regardless of how many camera angles pick it up.