Talk Aside, LeBron’s All About Business

VIDEO: LeBron takes over in fourth, leads Heat past Mavs

DALLAS — It is now possible to erect a new Mt. Rushmore from the words written and spoken on the subject since LeBron James shared his rock-solid, all-time NBA foursome during a wide-ranging interview with NBA TV over All-Star weekend.

As news cycles go, Mt. Rushmore is burning Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman deep. James didn’t ask for it, but he did say it and now we, the media, can’t stop asking anybody associated with a round, orange ball whom they’d put on their own Mt. Rushmore.

Shawn Marion, the 6-foot-7 Mavericks small forward who did a magnificent defensive job on James during the 2011 Finals — and is just the type of savvy veteran (and a free agent this summer, to boot) Miami loves to place around its King sculptor — said after Tuesday morning’s shootaround that James wouldn’t be on his Mt. Rushmore, at least not yet.

By the time the news of this injustice got back to James during his pregame media session in the visiting locker room about 90 minutes before he buried Dallas with 42 points, nine rebounds and six assists in a 117-106 win, it came to him in the watered-down context that he flat-out didn’t make the cut on Marion’s Mt. Rushmore.

James was already in something of a foul mood, having decided to reveal a stern demeanor to show his teammates that the league was back open for business, and so was he. Less than 72 hours after rocking the stage with the The Roots at a New Orleans warehouse party, and 48 hours after playing in the All-Star Game, the Mt. Rushmore recurrence again put LeBron in a mood to scale the mountain.

“I really don’t care what people say or what people think, that’s not for me or my concern,” James said. “I think, once again, it was blown out of context. But, I feel like when it’s all said and done, my personal goal is that I can be one of the greatest to ever play this game, and I won’t sell myself short and I won’t continue to stop believing and saying and thinking what I believe in as far as personal goals. So, it doesn’t matter what Shawn Marion says, or what anybody says about the way I play the game of basketball.”

Is Mt. Rushmore becoming bulletin-board material? James was asked.

“I don’t need bulletin board material,” he answered. “My bulletin board material is the name on the back of my jersey and the name on the front of my jersey; and the youth and the kids that I inspire every day, every time I go out on the basketball court. And I witnessed that Saturday when I had my foundation event in New Orleans, when I was able to give back to a Boys And Girls Club and see over 30, 35, 40 kids smiling the whole time by my presence being there. My calling is much bigger than basketball. While everybody else focuses on just basketball, I’m focused on bigger and better things.”

He wasn’t finished: “And, you know, nobody can still guard me one-on-one.”

Not Marion or anybody else Dallas tried on him. James had 30 points after three quarters, but with Dwyane Wade only 4-for-7 overall from the floor, the Heat trailed by one point, 85-84. LeBron got some needed help from his friends to start the fourth. He sat out the first 4:13, while Dirk Nowitzki was in, trying to be all things for his club with 22 points, nine rebounds and seven assists. With James out, Miami only lost three points and trailed 95-92.

James returned and it was, as they say, church. He went coast-to-coast, he dunked forcefully, hit step backs and drained four 3s on the night and shot 16-for-23 overall.

“When we turned it off, he was gone,” Marion said afterward. “He’s one of the fastest guys in the league in the open court. After his fourth open-court dunk, the basket started to get bigger for him. Then he started pulling up from 3 and started hitting some. It just opened the game up.”

As soon as he checked in, he scored eight consecutive points and fueled a 16-0 run as Miami’s defense also stiffened. When James could have been fatigued — from hitting the game-winner on the last night of games before the break and flying in the wee hours Friday morning from Oakland to New Orleans; participating in numerous NBA activities throughout the weekend; and suiting up in Dallas on the first night games resumed — James didn’t flinch when asked before the game if he’d gotten much rest.

“No, I haven’t but I’m ready,” James said. “I’ll be ready tonight and if I continue to stay on the path that I’m on, obviously I want to stay injury-free, we all want to stay injury-free, that’s the No. 1 thing, but I’ll be all right.”

On Thursday, the Heat (38-14) conclude this six-game, all Western Conference road trip with a visit to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the return of Russell Westbrook and against Kevin Durant, the man who’s tired of finishing second to the King. With or without Mt. Rushmore pushing him, James will be ready to close out this business trip.

“In this league you pay for motor,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. “And he’s got all of it, he’s got talent, motor, skill, dedication. But the motor is one of the things that stands out the most. It’s in every practice, it’s [Monday] in practice, it’s [Tuesday] in shootaround. He only knows one way; he’s hyperactive.

“So when you can channel that on a competitive field, that’s special.”


  1. LBJ
    Michael Jordan
    Kobe Bryant

  2. thespectator says:

    people who still hate lbj is beyond me, dudes got 4 mvps and 2 titles…actions speak louder than words…anyone who hates lbj at this point is purely a hater…give it a rest…hes the closest thing we got to MJ in this day and age of the nba..

  3. KingLBjBoy says:

    If KD gets the Mvp it doesnt mean hes the best …
    Clearly Lebron is All Time Great

  4. Lebrons greatness will be determined by what happens when d wade finally calls it quits (or when his knees do). The question being if LeBron can win more championships without wade – and bosh you might add. Along same line, if spoelstra is a good, bad or mediocre coach will be seen when he,s not coaching a star stud team such as heat now

  5. cheflola says:

    @floppycomment….Lebron is a quitter?? OH please grow up. If you want to judge a player, judge him for his track record. Not because you are an infantile and dislike him personally.
    Quitting Cleveland..??? Of course, a player goal is to win….was he supposed to wait another 7 years??
    Only children as fans? You obviously don’t read “your basketball” news…His Jersey is the #1 jersey in sales at this point. Wow…thats a lot of children.

    • King Jordan says:

      Jordan didn’t need to choose another team to eventually win he waited til the team came to him. Besides for that I respect LeBron for the player he is but the flopping needs to go. Someone of his stature who’s supposedly the best needs to stop trying to draw fouls and just win the damn game straight up. Also to compare him to anyone from the past is futile cause the league is so soft nowadays Jordan would of put up monster numbers too. You have to remember he was being hacked every time to the hoop in a league where that was basically fair play. When LeBron gets barely touched he’s flying down like he was shot in the head. Greatness doesn’t need to act.

      • Lebron James says:

        King Jordan you are right. I am dumb : ( I am nothing but a freak athlete not a basketball player. Today’s game is soft. Charmin ultra soft.

  6. Nore says:

    Nobody cares about LeTraitor … After all said and done he will finish his career with three rings and thats that …

    Not even close to MJ and also not close to Bryant (NOT a Bryant fan)…

    The only thing he really has – which is his advantage – is to my mind the fact that he has the best body ever to play the game – but he is not even close to be the best baller ever – HINT: Thats MJ!!

  7. True_That says:

    He did it because his team needed that performance to win, not because he wanted to show Shawn Marion that he cant defend him. On the other hand I understand your point @Timpson with the monologues, I wouldnt say anything either lol. Those who know what he´s all about don´t need it, and those that still doubt are not gonna be changed by such monologues. He should let his balling skills do the talking, other than explaining what he thinks means alot to him. Am sure we have heard enough till to date.
    Hell I wouldnt even bother uttering anything to any media, just ball… actions definitely speak louder than words.

  8. Nbalover89 says:

    Floppy first of all you are a absolute moron, Second of all learn to spell or learn proper English. Third Lebron is correct he will go down as one of the greats. He has every sports caster talking about him n he is correct no one can stop him if he wants it. So shut up you know nothing about basketball. Every player flops 2 get calls it happens in every major sport so get over it you clown.

  9. wew says:

    well, he just said that he wants to be one of the best to play the game and focus on his goal. i don’t see any negative thing in that, considering that every nba player share the same goal with him.

  10. floppycomment says:

    he doesn’t care but… makes a monologue about why he doesn’t care, about sawn marion, and then try to score a maximum points on him last night.. lies lies lies this lebron, always lies and so dumby that he thinks people believe him or don’t see it.
    life IQ is not basketball IQ lol.
    by the way, lebron, peoples don’t respect floppers, superteam business to buy titles, and they hate quitters.
    your fans are essentially kids, you act like one. grown mens don’t like you because you are too cheaty/floppy/kiddy.
    lol like your freaking stupid signature move after a big play? the legs and knee thing, lol that is so ridiculous, you make laugh the adults.

    • Heh says:

      Awwie how much do u make mr 60k or less?? Lebron takes pride in what he does. Did ur bend over buddy Kobe not want a trade too in 06? And yes he doesn’t care what Marion thinks. But it’s the same guy who did a number in him in the finals so he’s retaliating

    • Mike says:

      Haha I got you bro, but you are off on two parts. First of all millions of adults love Lebron (and mature adults who actually can enjoy the greatness of basketball, and don’t make a living hating on Lebron. And two, last night he scored 42 because he had it going, not cause he wanted to prove anything to Marion who hasn’t been able to guard him since the 2011 NBA finals. You haters need to relax. I’m not saying Lebron’s perfect but people need to just enjoy greatness as it is between him and Durant and let them do their thing.

    • awwww says:

      awww poor you :))))

    • mee(a)t says:

      The irony in this post is funny

    • Destiny Fashek says:

      If you don’t respect him why are you up 5:51am commenting about lebron. You know all haters talk about he wants the spotlight, but you all talk about him more than your favorite player. If you don’t like a person don’t watch his games, highlights, interviews and read articles about him it’s just that simple

    • warrior fan says:

      Nice hater…

    • ivysaur23 says:

      what a sore loser/hater we have here…what a pity..

    • yes you! says:

      butthurt! haha! cry baby…

  11. timpson says:

    Lebron just want people to like him that’s all he’s always in spotlight wow give it a break lebron.