Blogtable: LeBron’s Next Move

VIDEO: LeBron James discusses his future in an exclusive NBA TV interview with Steve Smith

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LeBron says he can’t envision leaving Miami. Can you? What do you see, this summer and beyond?

Steve Aschburner, He’s staying put. This ain’t 2010 anymore. James has checked off the big thing from his bucket list (multiple NBA titles) and doesn’t need to be the chaser anymore. Miami is a destination market for most NBA players anyway, and more so with LeBron as its sun, exerting real gravitational pull on those in search of rings. At this point, LeBron is like Moe Greene (“No, I buy you out, you don’t buy me out!”) but with the clout and game of the Corleones.

Fran Blinebury, As long as puppet master Pat Riley is there pulling all the right strings, I believe LeBron stays in Miami and eventually recruits new partners to replace Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

Jeff Caplan, Where’s he going to go, Cleveland? Really? Chicago? The Lakers? I don’t see it. It makes no sense to hopscotch around the league when he’s already got Pat Riley, sunshine and palm trees. Yes, Dwyane Wade is on the decline, but instead of going elsewhere, LeBron can recruit any talent he wants to South Beach. That’s what I envision.

Scott Howard-Cooper, You’re asking the guy who for the longest time didn’t think he would leave Cleveland, so definitely bet everything on this prediction. But since you did ask: He does not become a free agent this summer specifically to put off the decision about whether to stay or go and give the Heat every chance to show they can build a bridge to the future. He stays on in a situation he apparently likes a lot but retains the option to change his mind before too much longer.

John Schuhmann, No. Dwyane Wade’s health is obviously a concern and the importance of Shane Battier retiring (if Shane Battier does indeed retire) shouldn’t be understated, because he’s a key cog in their positionless rotation. But success in the NBA starts at the top, and LeBron should have confidence that Micky Arison, Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra will put him in a position to compete for more championships.

Sekou Smith, NBA.comFor the life of me I cannot figure out why LeBron would leave what he has helped build in Miami. There is no reason to flee the scene in search of championship glory elsewhere when the Heat have the chance to reload and rebuild another contender around James starting with the moves they make this summer. So no, I can’t see it. I can’t see him departing Miami for greener pastures in … I don’t know where it is he’s supposed to go that could provide a better platform than the one he’s created for himself in Miami. People keep talking about LeBron’s potential move but I’m much more interested in seeing what Pat Riley has up his sleeve and who he will try and lure to Miami to work with LeBron in the next phase of his career.

Lang Whitaker, All Ball blog: As I’ve said all along, I don’t think there’s any way he leaves Miami this summer. And to be honest, I don’t think it’s really close. I understand that Cleveland is basically home for him, but he left before, so the need to play nearby apparently isn’t all that important. Why stay? The Heat have shown an ability to continually put together a championship-level team since LeBron’s arrival, and that doesn’t look to be changing any time soon. Besides, have you seen those Samsung commercials? He’s got an infinity pool right by the water! You really think he’s giving that up?

Philipp Dornhegge, NBA Deutschland: Let’s start with what I don’t really see at this point — and that’s another successful title defense. What I do see, however, is Dwyane Wade on a downward trajectory (even though he has his occasional Wade games or moments) and an aging supporting cast which won’t be able to sustain that defensive intensity for much longer. Miami will have to change some of its pieces in the near future, and you never know how that plays out. Ultimately though, there are no guarantees for LeBron anywhere else, either. Unless he really wants to follow in the footsteps of some of those Laker legends, I think he stays — possibly for the rest of his career.

Davide Chinellato, NBA Italia: Honestly, I don’t see right now a team that could attract LeBron the way Miami attracted him in 2010. The Heat went to LeBron with a plan to win and win now. Do you see a team that can offer him the same next summer? I don’t. So I think LeBron will most likely keep his talents in South Beach next season. But Dwyane Wade’s health will play a key role in his decision: the longer D-Wade is the great player we know, the longer LeBron will stay.

Adriano Albuquerque, NBA Brasil: From day one, the idea of LeBron leaving his destination of choice seemed far-fetched to me, but then again, so did Miami putting together a superteam with three All-Stars in their primes when it happened. It will come down to what happens in the postseason; if Dwyane Wade does look washed up and they fall to Indiana, LeBron might see that it’s gonna be hard to rebuild the team to championship level and could test his options on the market. If Miami gets to the Finals again, winning or losing, I feel either way LeBron will think they still got it, will just need to replace some pieces, and stays.


  1. xyz says:

    great godfather reference 🙂

    as to the topic I don’t care all that much about lebron. With that said to my mind nothing has changed the heat remain huge favorites to win it all. can’t see any other team to knock them off unless the Spurs are putting on a huge show right now in pretending not to be any threat

  2. LBJ4MVP says:

    I honestly believe after DWade sacrificed so much to bring 2 more titles and 2 of the best players for their positions in the league to Miami, the Heat owe him a lot. He handed the keys to HIS team to the new guy, thats gotta be a hard pill knowing that you cant be THE GUY and win titles. He seems to love Miami and wants to be there. LeBron, Bosh, and the Heat, owe him the right to choose where he ends his career. If he wants to stay he’s earned that right.

    Keep DWade, keep LeBron, keep Bosh, and get Oden some quality minutes. Thats one big powerful man and the Heat need the rebounding.

  3. jdub455 says:

    Bron will stay coz theyll get that 3peat. But if 4 some reason they wont, then bron might not esp now that dwade is no longer as healthy

  4. asdf says:

    Fran Blinebury why would they replace bosh? he is playing very well, his numbers might not be flashy but he is still in my opinion one the most skilled Power Forward in the league, Wade on the other hand is a big question mark, how the hell are wade even gonna get into a good rythm when he plays one game and sits the next one, I agree that he shouldnt play back2backs but he`s got to play the games where he has 1 or 2 days rest.

  5. Lebronstinks says:

    Its sad he needs so many stars at his side to win a championship and then talk about he wants to be recognize as the best ever. I think he should be able of winning it all with an Iguodala maybe and some good role players. Learn to play without the ball in your hands thats what you gotta do! Be point guard or small forward! But look for good shots alone and let the pg make his job then. Trade Bosh for Demarcus Cousins and have the center of the future beside LBJ!

    • willdunk4donuts says:

      So I guess its sad that Jordan, Magic and Bird needed stars by their side to actually win a championship. And Kareem, The Big O, Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell… I think I just named most of the guys who are the consensus top NBA players in history. Then you have the second tier guys who had All Star teammates and future HoFers by their side. I guess the 2004 Pistons are among the very few teams that didn’t contain multiple future HoFers. And everyone else is just sad.

      Or perhaps (and more likely) you don’t know much about basketball but think that because you can type a load of nonsense… somehow you have a valid and useful thought?

    • timpson says:

      There is really not that many superstars left.

  6. Ju says:

    The hardest decision I think that will have to be made in Miami is whether or not DWade gets resigned. Lebron and Bosh stay, but if Wade does not take a Huge paycut. Management is going to have to make a heartbreaking decision. LeBrron and Bosh need a third allstar on the wing and some guys that fit that position are afflalo, evan turner, kevin martin, eric gordon, terrence ross, gordon hayward, lowry, thadeus young,

    Honestly I think Miami is going to figure out a way to wait til Kyrie Irving’s contract is up and scoop him from CLE.

    Kyrie is going to Miami and I hate the heat. And I have a feeling thats about to happen. but dwade will have to take a paycut for that to happen

  7. LeBron stays. So does Wade. Bosh is out. I don’t think Bosh has a huge ego but I do think he wants a little bit of attention for helping bring two championships to Miami, and LeBron’s All-Star interview with Smitty goes to show you how much Bosh is overlooked. Was there even a mention of Bosh in the interview on the site? I fell on a Q-Tip when I was a child–so my hearing is slightly off, particularly in my left ear–but I don’t recall hearing Bosh’s name once, not even as it relates to his excellent video-bombing skills.

  8. thespectator says:

    i have a feeling dwade may retire…u cant just skip out games long can they keep this process goin? dwades gonna leave and that will allow for another superstar to come to miami and keep the title run going…not that this would ever happen but imagine wade retires after this year and its bron bosh and melo…now thats a serious big three

  9. He will stay and so will the other 2

    Even if they lose to Indiana in the CF this season

    I don’t think Micky & Pat want to do what Danny Ainge is doing right now.

    • heat06 says:

      @Bstarr NBA Holland – good that you know they are loosing, but unfortunately Pacers will not reach ECF. at least your celebrating here.. another heat-er.

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      100% agree

      All 3 will stay, even if they lose to indiana in the conference finals this year which is a VERY likely scenario.

      The plan for the Heat to stay relevant? Simple: Do what the spurs did.
      The spurs managed to keep a core of 3 all stars and then slowly get the right pieces to fill the gaps. And I think the Heat can do the same. Even an aging Lebron + Wade + Bosh will attract good role players to come to Miami and compete for a championship.

      I mean first of all it’s Miami, which offers a GREAT quality of life for incoming players and their families.
      Second of all it’s run by Pat Riley. And Coach Spoelstra is a great young coach in the making.
      Third of all, and I think this is very important: LBJ Wade and Bosh have left a dynasty mark on Miami. The same way Shaq and Kobe left a mark on LA. Or Jordan and Pippen left a mark on Chicago. Or Bird and Ainge left a mark on Boston. It’s not just one championship, or one great season, it’s many great seasons. With memories, both good and bad. It’s enough to make a movie about one day. It’s worth staying in Miami to make that movie even better. To further extend the dynasty and truly make it one you can’t forget. Even if Lebron can find a championship outside Miami, I don’t think he can find another great dynasty.

      • ?????? says:

        Did you just compare, Shaq and Kobe, Jordan and Pippen, to Bird and AINGE???!?!?!? Know your history, friend.

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      Oh and fourth and maybe this is the most important point: If Lebron leaves Miami, he will have MANY haters, maybe even more than when he left Cleveland. He will be portrayed as a villain again. And I am 10000% sure Lebron doesn’t want that. Lebron wants to be liked. Lebron NEEDS to be liked.

      I think what he will do for right now is focus on defending the title, but then this summer here is what I think is gonna happen (and I will bookmark this page to remind people that I called it):
      Whether the Heat win a championship or not, Lebron is going to book an interview that will be aired on National TV which will be a sequel to The Decision. The proceeds will go to charity again. Everyone will hold their breaths AGAIN. But this time, he will tell everyone he wants to KEEP his talents in south beach and fans are going to sigh a big sigh of relief and be happy about it and Lebron will get scrutinized by the haters for his dramatical ego-tactics of another televised interview BUT this time he won’t be called a villain atleast and he will have more fans than haters.

      Another televised interview is going to be SOOO CLICHE but I expect nothing less from Lebron. Yeah he’s a little out there but that’s the way he likes it and the people love it and the haters can’t stop talking about it and criticizing it so it’s really great for everyone (no one gets hurt, not even the critics because it gives them something to criticize).