All-Star Game’s Record-Setting Night

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From Staff Reports

The 63rd edition of the NBA All-Star Game was a dandy … and was one for the record books, too. Our friends over at have a complete breakdown of every stat that was broken or tied last night, but here’s a quick list of them, too:

  • Most Combined Points in Game:  318
  • Most Points by Team: 163, Eastern Conference
  • Most Combined FG Made: 135
  • Most Combined 3-Pt FG Made: 30
  • Most Combined Assists: 88
  • Most FG Made by Team: 70, Eastern Conference
  • Most 3-Pt FG Made by Team:  16, Western Conference
  • Most 3-Pt FG Attempts by Team:  56, Western Conference
  • Most Combined Points by Teammates: Durant & Griffin, 76
  • Most Combined Points in Half: 165 (first half)
  • Most Combined FG Made in Half: 74 (first half)
  • Most Combined Assists in Half:  50 (first half)
  • Most FG Made in Half: 40, by Western Conference in first half
  • Most Points in Half: 89 by Western Conference in first half
  • Blake Griffin: 19 field goals made
  • Blake Griffin: 9 field goals made in a quarter
  • Carmelo Anthony: 8 3-pointers made
  • Kevin Durant: 17 3-Pt attempts (Durant also tied the record for FGA in an All-Star game with 27)- 27
  • Kyrie Irving: 24 Points in 2nd Half (Ties record for most points in any half –Glen Rice- 24 points in second half, 1997)
  • Kevin Durant: First player in history with four consecutive 30-plus point All-Star Games
  • Kyrie Irving: Second Cavs player to win All-Star Game MVP (James was first)


  1. Ben says:

    Even though these are only All-Star Game records, Russ is right. Before, if someone scored 38 points in an all-star game, that was very impressive. But today, there is no defense whatsoever. 38 points is more like 20 points compared with the earlier eras of the NBA. If you look at all the of this past All-star game highlights, there is no help side or defensive effort. It’s nice to see windmills and powerful dunks, but we want to see a competitive basketball game with the league’s best players. Something should really be done about the lack of defensive effort in the All-star game. It was pathetic.

  2. Russ Flythe says:

    Twenty points scored in a soccer game sounds impressive and might be a record somewhere, but if you were aware that there were no goalies in the game, it wouldn’t seem such an accomplishment. A record is part of an athlete’s legacy, and in a way, a means of remaining relevant or even immortal. It’s a shame that those of the past who actually earned a place in the record books have their names erased by hollow inflated statistics, not real accomplishments. What’s the honor in that? And then thereafter none of the records are viewed with as much respect because the whole thing has become tainted.