Fan Night 1-On-1 Finals: LeBron Vs KD

VIDEO: LeBron James discusses the prospects of a 1-on-1 matchup with Kevin Durant

NEW ORLEANS — What better stage for the finals of the biggest 1-On-1 tournament in basketball than All-Star Weekend 2014?

The lights are brightest here. No stage is greater. And we definitely couldn’t find two bigger stars to battle it out for the NBA TV Fan Night 1-On-1 Tournament title than reigning two-time MVP and Finals MVP LeBron James and three-time scoring champ Kevin Durant.

This clash of basketball titans pits the two players who have been at the center of non-stop MVP debates throughout the past two years. Whatever separation existed between the two in the recent past has dissipated as Durant’s game has grown and matured. The fury has reached a fever pitch, however, this season thanks to Durant’s mercurial season.

Anyone willing to completely dismiss Durant’s chances of defeating James in a 1-On-1 matchup clearly has not paid attention the work KD has done this season. He’s LeBron’s equal in almost every statistical category and is a better and more complete scorer than the man considered the be the best and most complete player in the game.

All that said, you can’t just mess with the King. You have to knock him out to pay for his spot. Durant knows that better than anyone and has made it clear on several occasions that he is fed up with finishing second to LeBron.

This is truly a flip of the coin matchup. LeBron fans will swear their guys is indestructible. Durant’s fans will swear it’s time for a new king. You all have time to vote, it ends tonight after the playing of the 63rd All-Star Game at Smoothie King Center.

Dive in here …

Since the league is experimenting with the All-Star Saturday night events and there is a bit of a transition period right now with new NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, this might be as good a time as any to bring up this new event for next year in New York. In the meantime, discuss and debate the prospects of the leading two players in the league battling it out for the title in the NBA TV Fan Night 1-On-1 Tournament.

That even would be the spectacle of the weekend and have everyone talking. KD (below) and LeBron (above) are certainly talking about it …

VIDEO: Kevin Durant talks about his potential matchup with LeBron James


  1. Jerson says:

    It’s a tough choice but I think KD will win this 1-on1. He is a tough shot maker and will have a higher chance hitting tough shots than LBJ. KD is probably one of the best 1-on-1 players in the NBA but he will surely get his money’s worth scoring and competing against LBJ

  2. Rhedz says:

    Kd is almost their..Maybe next year..Durant is without doubt the scoring machine that we haven’t seen in decades..But LeBron is something else…It’s like alien vs. predator…Lebron is the predator and Durant is the alien…its like Tyson vs. ali…LeBron being ali and Tyson being Durant…All in all..Durant will surely get his ring next season…But not in this current one as it is already belong to LeBron…

    • ADJ says:

      Durant is without doubt the scoring machine that we haven’t seen in decades? What about KB8/24 ( to name one)? I mean that guy surely scored some points in the last decade. I know, KD already won the scoring title a couple of times before, but even then Kobe was never far – and that was when he was already playing the more mature version of his game. So, I absolutely agree that KD is a scoring machine, and probably one of the better ones, but don’t forget that Bryant guy. Also other names that come to my mind: AI, Shaq, T-Mac, KG and probably some more. All guys that have put up big numbers over several seasons in the last decade. Don’t even get me started on the decade before that.

      Just a wink, nothing else.

  3. Lebron wins easily hes a bigger stronger athlete

  4. vinsanefan says:

    I could see a 1-1 competition getting really heated. It would certainly be epic to see guys like Lebron and KD go mano a mano.

  5. lebron fan says:

    I’m a LeBron fan, but in this case, I agree that Durant is better than Lebron in 1 on 1. Its reality, no defying that. Durant is a better shooter a better scorer, and a better ball handler. But I think Le bron is the better leader

  6. timpson says:

    Really getting tired of hearing about both lebron wants to be in spot light saying he’s jealous of what kd is doing.

  7. SammySam says:

    K.D no doubt !!! More of a scorer than LeBron James.

  8. dandan says:

    there are going to be a tonne of comments here soon…