NBA Might Extend All-Star Break So All-Stars Get A Breather, Too

VIDEO: CP3 arrives in in New Orleans for the All-Star Game

NEW ORLEANS – As Chris Paul returned to the city he considers an adopted hometown, and worked his way Thursday through both his obligations as a West All-Star and several community events pegged to this showcase weekend, one thing became increasingly clear:

The All Stars need an All-Star break. Even new NBA commissioner Adam Silver thinks so.

Paul’s hectic Thursday schedule — arriving in the Big Easy at 5 a.m. after his Los Angeles Clippers’ game against Portland Wednesday night at Staples Center — was just a sample of what he faces over what essentially is a five-day commitment. Keep in mind, Paul also is the new president of the National Basketball Players Association, so he has a meeting to run Saturday afternoon squeezed in between all the basketball, commercial and charity events. Add travel time at both ends and it’s a grind.

Like folks who really cram in the fun on their vacations, some of these guys need a breather from what, for most of the league’s players, actually is a bit of R&R.

“I definitely think it’s something that should happen,” Paul told while attending a pep rally and press conference at a New Orleans grade school, where he was inducted into the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation ambassador program.

Paul said he spoke with Silver about the possibility of a longer All-Star break.

“Obviously All-Star Weekend is all about the fans and showcasing our game to the entire world, but it would be nice to get a little break,” the Clippers guard said. “Not saying the all stars are unhappy or ungrateful for being all stars, but to enjoy your family for a couple days would be nice.”

Silver — also busy Thursday making the rounds in New Orleans, including opening the annual Jam Session at the city’s convention center — said he supports the idea. Silver also spoke about it in the offseason with other NBA players, including Miami’s LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

“I said, ‘We’d be happy to look into it,’ ” Silver said. “The notion is that, in addition to the All-Star Game and the events itself, there would be a break built into the schedule. Maybe we could resume play on Thursday night, later in the week, to insure that the All-Stars got time off as well.”

Matt Winick, the NBA’s senior vice president of scheduling and game operations, said Thursday that under the current agreement between the league and the players, the only provision is that teams that play on the Thursday before All-Star Weekend aren’t booked to play again until the following Wednesday. This year, that applies to Brooklyn, Chicago, Oklahoma City and the Los Angeles Lakers, who were active in TNT’s doubleheader.

This season, 10 of the league’s 30 teams will have six days between their pre-break finale and their post-break opener (Phoenix, Houston, Minnesota, New Orleans, Boston, Portland, Golden State, Sacramento, Utah and Oklahoma City). Everyone else gets five days between games. No one gets a full seven.

Winick said no allowances have been made in next year’s penciled-in schedule to accommodate a longer break, but that doesn’t necessarily block an extension.

Said Silver: “I was explaining to [the players] that our buildings are so full [with other events], it’s complicated making the schedule. But it’s not impossible. It probably means pushing the season back a couple of days, but I said ‘We’re very open to it.’ I think it’s fair and guys need a break, there’s no question about it.

“The ‘All-Star Game’ turned into ‘All-Star Weekend,’ and that turned into ‘All-Star Week.’ There are enormous amounts of pressure and pull on their time. So, it seems like a very fair request and something we should address.”


  1. J4CK Nicholson says:

    And can they please change the game line-ups so it can be more competitive and exciting? I propose:

    1) Game 1: High School Selection Team VS. College Selection Team
    2) Game 2: Rookies and Sophomores VS. 3rd and 4th year Selection
    3) Game 3: Team USA VS. NBA All Star Selection

    Games 1 and 2 will be a 15 player line up team and each quarter will be a bit longer.
    Game 3 will feature 15 NBA All Star lineup while Team USA will only have 12. Olympics rules will apply.

  2. Dan says:

    For those that are saying it is a business you are right. Surely the players having an extra day or 2 to get some more rest will help them improve their play heading towards the playoffs? This will then make for more exciting basketball and get more people interested. So as a business perspective it might make sense for an extra day or 2

  3. Chris S. says:

    I say just to treat people human, no matter what they’re paid. If we especially ask for time for jobs that’ll never pay the millions, they need to feel the same about wanting it the same, too.

  4. bamaboi says:

    dont have to make all star weekend longer just dont have regular season games wed and thurs. problem solved

  5. Whadafuk says:

    i work 6 days a week, for every whole fu*&king year. And i just make 10% of an average nba player’s salary. and if i miss one day of work,then i dont get paid. dafu*k is wrong with these ppl

  6. mz13 says:

    I dont like the babysitting the star players gets. 4 days are enough for me, the ASG is not a must-win game anyway. Ppl and player makes it look like they are slaves they dont look their children. Lol they are getting paid millions to play basketball, live a healthy life and care their body. Most of them went to college for 1 year, and at the age of 35-38 they retire and live a wealthy life – if they have brains and dont act like Antoine Walker. So please, 15 years of hard work > 40 years of wealthy life. To those who says that they are away from their families, y they are right, for 41 away games -.-. As for getting tired, their coaches are responsible for keeping them in shape, and fooling around the all star weekend except the all star game itself is not really sth to complain about.

    I am looking forward when the time comes for the next labor agreement to remember again how much spoiled today’s nba players are….

  7. melokc says:

    I’m a HUGE OKC fan & I don’t care how much money they make , money does not give them rest. I hope they extend their break so our guys & coach can get back in the game 100% instead of coming back into it tired especially since they’re trying to BRING IT each to win the CHAMPIONSHIP!! By the way KEVIN DURANT FOR MVP!!!

  8. not lbj says:

    The other 29 teams in the league will trade their best player to the Heat for 1/29th of future Hall of famer for everything, Oscar winner, Nobel prize winner, 97 time all-star, President of the United States & first man to set foot on Mars Mario Chalmers.

  9. Lauren says:

    All of the people whining on here about how much NBA players make shouldn’t even be commenting on an article that has to do with the NBA. If you’re not a fan of basketball, just shut up. You don’t know what you’re talking about and what most of these players deal with throughout the season. Practice upon practice upon practice, injuries, traveling, etc. I think the all-stars should be able to handle going back into the regular season after the all-star game because they are all-stars. BUT all of you HATERS go hate somewhere else. Sorry you’re jealous that you don’t have the talent these players have and feel compelled to whine about your boring, average lives.

  10. Ashton says:

    I do Backbreaking labor day in and day out. I have to call out lose money and get wrote up for missing mandatory weekends. And I only get 1 week vacation A YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I probably dont even make 1% of what a Nba player makes so I DON’T CARE AND DON’T FEEL SORRY FOR ANYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. David Loertscher says:

    I for one like to watch these stars perform at a high level. It isn’t cheap to watch a professional sports game anymore and I would rather to see a product on the floor where the stars are playing to their potential. For a couple of days rest to retain the quality of the product on the floor for those who are able to attend and watch does not seem like too much to ask.

  12. htg2828 says:

    Its a business! I repeat its a business! That’s first and farmost! When u are the creme de la creme of anything u do, it takes hard work n sacrifice to maintain it because u are a brand. Yes they are athletes, yes they work hard but they’re rewarded handsomely! And that’s what they signed up for!

  13. dustydreamnz says:

    Well said Andrew. Give them a week off I say. Sure they get paid very well but it’s a gruelling lifestyle and we’ve seen all the injuries this year so a week off wouldn’t halt the momentum of a long schedule.

  14. Andrew says:

    The people that talk about how athletes have such a cushy lifestyle need to think about how hard these guys work. These guys go through practice to training to meetings to travels, charity events, and that’s during a season where it’s tough enough to play. Then there’s obligations and demands in the off season. These guys have a ton on their plate to please a community and their fans and it’s a shame yhe only thing that you guys can bring up is the amount of money they make to justify their workload. You ever think how much more these owners make by exploiting these atheletes to fill their pockets? These guys are nothing more than cattle and once an athelete isn’t worth it in their eyes they get rid of them. Then these guys have to pick up and move on to another city with their families and start fresh again. It can’t be am easy life even if they have a ton of money. Wake up people!!!

  15. JT says:

    I think two extra days of rest would would make for a better post AS remainder of a season especially those running thru the playoffs……

  16. TTKIN says:

    Let’s keep in mind that to make the All-Star team, guys dont “rest” for the 3 months of offseason. Guys like Kobe, Lebron, KD, these guys take a week or 2 off after the season, then it’s back to 12-14 hour days in the gym practicing and improving.

    Honestly, I dont care if they want an extra day or 2 or something. I think it’s kinda stupid anyone cares. I mean cmon, games will start on Thursday instead of Tuesday basically? It’s not like theyre asking for a 2 week vacation midseason.

    But I know what it’s like to play basketball for over 12 hours a day everyday. And I never even made it to being a pro. Every now and then, ur body feels like ur 40. That’s why back-to-backs are so difficult. u can be the best conditioned 25 year old out there but ur legs will still be dead tired after back-to-back 40 min games. Ask Jimmy Butler, he’s the one who was averaging 45 mins a game in the series against the Heat…while he’s guarding Lebron.

    Especially with all the injuries that seem to happen these days and whatnot, just give em the extra 2 days so we dont have to hear millionaires bitch.

  17. TTKIN says:

    I dont see lbj and his comment saying the Clippers are gonna trade Chris Paul to the Heat for $1000 cash or something stupid like that.

  18. Jimmy says:

    I would like extending all star weekend if it will get the all stars to do the saturday events. Apparently they would rather rest so an extra day off means they would take part in the events, right? Unless of course they are all lying

  19. Deni says:

    YES YES YES! They need a True Break… They have been grinding since the Fall.

  20. joe says:

    Can´t spend the break with their families… I´m gonna cry… Oh much a year do they make? Millions of dollars.
    And they can´t book a hotel room in New Orleans, oh sorry, a suite, oh sorry a house… for a week.?

    • KJ says:

      ignorant!!! so their kids do not go to school and they do not nee stability!! what is the problem with them having a break?? in what aspect of you miserable life does that hurt you or affect you?

  21. okc2014 says:

    I agree with what everyone has said. But Scotty Brooks, Steven Adams, Reggie Jackson and Kevin Durant got hit the most this time. They played the very last game before the all star break, game just ended early this morning. That’s sorta grueling if you ask me. But you are right. They get paid oodles of money and they knew going into this profession what it would entail. Go Thunder!!!!!

  22. kek says:

    Players that dont make the playoffs has like a 5 month vacation, you wont see me feel sorry for anyone.

  23. baishel says:

    Yep, It’s gotta be tough making millions of dollars and then to be asked to show up to meetings. Are we seriously going to baby these people (players) more and more. Buck up! Yes I know, they need a rest. What’s the off season for, do they not get rest there as well. Come on people, it’s a game. And I love the game! – They see their family probably more than most people do, and if they wanted they could fly their family to every game and still have plenty of money left over, so don’t give me the farce about wanting to spend time with family. Who wouldn’t.

    • John says:

      Great One!

    • Baishel is stupid says:

      You’re an idiot. You’ve probably never seen nor understood the strains of being an athlete, let alone a professional ones. These players are paid big money for a reason – most everyone in the country, except you, understands that their salaries are accurate representations of the absurd amount of time and work they put into their jobs.

      And no, they can’t fly their family out to every game. Do you have a family? Do you understand what it’s like raising kids on the road, without stability? Clearly you don’t. The NBA season isn’t a vacation or a road trip, it’s a lifestyle that you can’t raise a family on, no matter how many “millions of dollars” any player makes.

      So before you go around being ignorant and spouting your jealous nonsense, try to stop and think about why things are the way they are.

      • mee(a)t says:

        This is the only sensible comment in this place so far. I’m starting to wonder why call it the All-Star Break when its only the stars that don’t get one.

      • Da Beast says:

        You gotta make sacrifices to make the money they make. They made that choice. Now they have to live through it. Money doesn’t come that easy, especially the amounts they’re making. Gotta work for it.

    • Couldn’t agree more with your comment. Well said!

      I Love the game & respect the players. They have to play & travel a lot but they get paid for it in a way that lot’s of people don’t! NBA players are employed in the sports & entertainment business. And of course they miss their family. But don’t their family live in fancy neighbourhoods, drive great cars, etc etc. So it’s part of the job to sacrifise the body & time for what you love to do & getting paid a lots of dollars for it too. When the season is done they can rest all they want….while normal people still need to work. Don’t change it!

    • kyle says:

      don’t you understand between the playoff’s and the start of offseason that they only get a few months to rest? and honestly a week off with nothing but family time would help them get refreshed and see there family’s they need rest and the playoff thing im talking about the 16 teams that make it even the bad teams need breaks

    • bradDmayor says:

      You’re a moron. Yeah never negotiate cause u might offend some random internet troll. Wats it to u if these guys get 3 or 4more days off a year smh

  24. yeah thats right these players are not robot and just obey
    their body is giving up as well how can they give us a great show
    if they cannot give their 100% game because their tired

    just give nba a 1 rest day before the start of AS2014

    • Kunjaymaster says:

      I don’t want to sound insensitive, but it’s a business. Thanks to that business they get paid millions. Our armed forces sometimes have bad schedules on horrible conditions and get paid only a fraction of what these athletes earn.

      • sirsparhawk says:

        Yea but the armed forces arent at war 100% of the time, they get downtime, they arent out there every other day waging war.