Hang Time Podcast (Episode 147) The All-Star Debate Featuring Reggie Miller And Stu Jackson

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Another NBA All-Star Saturday night will come and go without LeBron James, the marquee player of his generation and a future member of the league’s Mount Rushmore (according to his own calculation), taking part in the signature event.

LeBron has never and perhaps will never participate in the Sprite Slam Dunk contest. And it’s a shame that we have not and might not ever get to see him on that stage.

Hall of Famer and TNT analyst Reggie Miller thinks James owes it to his own legacy and those of dunk legends like Dr. J, Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Vince Carter and others to do it at least once, particularly in his physical prime.

Reggie makes his case to Stu Jackson and the world in “Are You Kidding Me?” on Episode 147 of the Hang Time Podcast: The All-Star Debate.

We also sneak a peek at the looming NBA trade deadline and discuss who needs to do what to push themselves to the next level after All-Star Weekend, the Suns and Pacers being high on our list of teams that could change the game with the right move at the deadline.

Check out that and more on Episode 147 of the Hang Time Podcast: The All-Star Debate Featuring Reggie Miller and Stu Jackson …


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VIDEO: LeBron James shows off his dunking skills after practice


  1. okc2014 says:

    The slam dunk contest gets sillier and sillier every year. I don’t blame Lebron James for opting out. He’s above that nonsense. Too many capes and props if you ask me. I’m happy seeing the dunks during practices or games. LOL.

  2. Giddi says:

    Reggie argues the fan vote was wrong because Joe Johnson got in, but it was the coaches who voted him in .

  3. bballjunkie1 says:

    Lebron’s legacy is secure just getting to finals 4 times and champion twice, don’t forget those MVP’s. Reggie is back in the day when the dunk contest brought people back to NBA along with MJ, Dominique, Magic and Bird. Whether he dunks or not will not effect his place in the record books. Why didn’t he dunk?

  4. L Broadway says:

    Le Bron doesn’t owe the league…the dunk contest is voluntary…I don’t understand why Miller (0 championship rings) is making a big deal about it…those that want to participate should. Those who don’t shouldn’t be made to feel like they have to. Get over it already. The man is a great player, a 2 time champion, and all around good person. I’m a Lakers fan, btw.