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Detroit has fired another coach: What does GM Joe Dumars do now?

Steve Aschburner, Since he’s unlikely to find a taker over the next week for Josh Smith, a dubious addition from the get-go, Dumars needs to do two things: Trade Rodney Stuckey by the Feb. 20 deadline to a playoff aspirant that craves more scoring punch off the bench, and then devote what’s left of the schedule to figuring out the best ways to use Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond as a full-time tandem. If the two can’t thrive on the floor together, each logging 35 minutes, then Monroe should be dealt this summer for a nice return.

Fran Blinebury, If he can’t unload the big contract he just gave Josh Smith, and that’s highly doubtful, then he might have to make a move a he doesn’t want to do, trading Greg Monroe.  The big lineup of the Pistons didn’t work under coach Mo Cheeks and there’s no reason to think it will work under another coach. That’s a chemistry and rotation problem that was created entirely by Dumars.  It’s time for Dumars to stop handing out free-agent money just because he has the available space — Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva, Smith.

Jeff Caplan, NBA.comThe obvious thing to do is get rid of Josh Smith and that ridiculous contract he was awarded over the summer. Only one small problem: No GM is dumb enough to take it under today’s CBA. Is there a chance to get out of Brandon Jennings‘ contract? Doubtful, but I’d try like heck. Otherwise, there’s some cap room coming this summer, so try to fill positions of need to maximize players’ strengths.

Scott Howard-Cooper, NBA.comBuild a time machine, go back and not sign Josh Smith and not sign Charlie Villanueva, although at least Charlie V comes off the cap after this season. Beyond that, Dumars does have options. Greg Monroe will be a restricted agent. Dumars can trade him by the Feb. 20 deadline and get something in return, and teams will be interested. Or do a sign-and-trade in July and get a return then (though with fewer options because that would be Monroe dictating the team the Pistons would have to strike a deal with) or keep Monroe with Andre Drummond.

John Schuhmann, NBA.comTrading Greg Monroe is still the best way to go. But whether he trades Monroe, trades Josh Smith or trades neither, Dumars needs to acquire more shooting. The Pistons could be more successful by staggering their big three’s minutes, with a 30-minutes-per-game small forward who can space the floor (and play some defense). Shooting is so critical these days and the Pistons are the worst jump-shooting team in the league.

Sekou Smith, Joe Dumars doesn’t do anything now. His owner, Tom Gores, is the man who better have a master plan for what comes next. Because he’s now undercut Dumars twice (the first time was forcing Lawrence Frank on Dumars when Frank clearly was not his choice as head coach and now firing Cheeks just 50 games into this season). The fact is, Dumars had a fantastic run with the Pistons as both a player and executive that, barring a miraculous turn of events between now and the playoffs, has likely come to an end. It’s just time to pack up and move on.

Lang Whitaker, All Ball blog: Can Joe D. come out of retirement and play the three? It seems like everyone watching seems to realize that the Pistons have a logjam on the interior, with Monroe, Drummond and Josh Smith jockeying for playing time and floor space amongst themselves. Signing Smith wasn’t Mo Cheeks’ fault, but attempting to use him as a three out around the perimeter was. You want a quick fix? Trade Monroe or Drummond, move Smith to his natural four, and crank up the volume in Motown.

Aldo Aviñante, NBA PhilippinesI think he should stay put and not tinker with the roster too much. They just came together this year, so a little patience should be practiced with the roster that he has put together. They have the talent — it’s just a matter of building chemistry, teamwork and letting the team create its own identity.

Philipp Dornhegge, NBA DeutschlandFrom what I saw in the Spurs game the players really did respond to what Loyer was doing and saying. So it might have been the right decision to move on from Cheeks after all. Having some inside information through a colleague, I know that Chauncey Billups will have a bigger part on the coaching staff, Rasheed Wallace will have a more important role. So the dynamics will be a bit different. In terms of players it will be important to make Brandon Jennings happy again because he was close with Cheeks. Andre Drummond, on the other hand, has some issues with the former coach. I don’t think the Pistons will make a trade going forward.

XiBin Yang, NBA ChinaIf Dumas won’t move the three big guy lineup, he really needs more consistent shooters. When you got two or even three big men on the front court at the same time, you’ve got to make the open court for them, which is tough with guys like Stuckey or Bynum, who have been living to get to the basket. Billups seems get ready to be an assistant coach or a head coach like Kidd, so it’s time to find some reseve guards such as Ridnour or Blake who can play both 1 and 2 guard position, to balance the spacing of the floor. Pope is good, but he may not provide what the team needs badly at this stage.


  1. JAM says:

    You people do not know a single thing about basketball!!!!! For real, i’m laughing so hard at your trade comments!!

  2. justsayin says:

    Lionel Hollins.

  3. Gillsy says:

    Yes getting rid of Smith would be good but as said who will take his contract. But Monroe my be just as hard to move as he has already said he wants a max contract, so he may just be a rental. It was a silly move in the first place as they both play the same position. As mentioned Drummond wont go so the expiring contact of Monroe will be the best to move. One option could be to swap Munroe for Turner, Green could be another option but Munroe, Noel and Carter-Williams, plus a good pick at the 3 could be good.

  4. DunamicDuo says:

    Monroe & Villanueva for Ryan Anderson & Austin Rivers. . . DET gets shooting and NO gets a center for the future to pair with A Davis

    • Duke says:

      This trade makes sense but your not getting what greg monroe is worth with his potential they can get way more in return may anderson and gordon instead since gordon is good when healthy but due to injuries he is constantly on the decline. but still can be effective for the pistons

  5. dustydreamnz says:

    They’re an interesting lot. Young, talented but inconsistent. Josh Smith is trouble wherever he goes. I can see Monroe being most likely to be traded though. Drummond must be kept because of his enormous potential. I think they should keep Stuckey.

  6. dan says:

    Monroe for jeff green, throw in some others to make the contracts work…

  7. grek says:

    Mo Cheeks is gone, finally, one of the worst nba coaches. Now find a good one.

  8. eran says:

    People focus on their need for shooting, which is true, but you have to remember that teams cannot get along with only one playmaker. That’s why at times Rodney Stuckey made such a huge difference. So they need a wing that knows how to shoot, run plays and defend. Cheeks tried to put that on Smith, which obviously couldn’t do it. But not many can.. It takes an all star for all of that. I think they must make a trade. Monroe for Evan Turner sounds good to me. Turner can’t shoot but he’s better at it than monroe. Both are young and should develop. Eric Gordon for Josh is also good. Two bad contracts, although the pelicans don’t need Josh, so a third team is needed. The are many options out there but don’t forget about playmaking. The only player who handles a team alone is CP3. All the rest have help. Jennings has been good this year but he needs help. Singler, KCP can’t was supposed to be Billups’s role.

  9. i thought this team would be a contenter…and has a huge chance to beat the heat with their huge front court