NBA TV’s Fan Night 1-On-1 … The Final Four: LeBron Vs DRose And KD Vs Kobe

VIDEO: LeBron James shows off some of his finest above-the-rim moves … after practice

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We’re down to the wire now in NBA TV’s Fan Night 1-On-1 Tournament, and that means only best of the best are still in contention for the title.

That list starts with Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant, the current frontrunner for MVP honors this season, and the reigning two-time MVP and Finals MVP LeBron James. Only they won’t matchup in the Final Four four of this tournament. Durant faces off against Kobe Bryant in one semifinal while LeBron squares off with Derrick Rose. They both already own MVP hardware.

Claiming this title, however, won’t be easy for any of them, not in a 1-On-1 tournament where we are matching up the skills of each player in his prime against that of another player of equal or greater ability.

Durant has a distinct height advantage over Kobe and might be the only player of this generation whose competitive fire rivals that of the Los Angeles Lakers’ great. As great as Kobe has been throughout his career, I could easily see Durant as the superior player in a 1-On-1 setting …

Rose, for all of his fury when healthy, is simply no match for a player with LeBron’s unique combination of size, skill and otherworldly athleticism (check the video up top … we’re talking about practice?). Rose would make this interesting for a while, but LeBron is just too good and too powerful with a “mouse in the house.” …

 You need to get in on the conversation on who would win via social media (Tweet @NBATV #1on1LeBron or #1on1Rose and #1on1Durant or #1on1Kobe). The results will be announced during NBA TV’s postgame coverage of tonight’s the Fan Night game between Durant’s Thunder and the Portland Trail Blazers (10 p.m. ET, NBA TV) by NBA TV’s Matt Winer, Greg Anthony and Chris Webber.

VIDEO: Kevin Durant does it all for the Oklahoma City Thunder


  1. Francisco says:

    Rose is faster and stronger, and more ability than all… Healthy, obviously. On one to one, is unstoppable…

  2. deolly says:

    How dare u compare Lebron with Kobe and KD? Lebron is the king of all….

  3. cane says:

    lebron is better than kobe, durant and rose. put together

  4. mee(a)t says:

    How in the hell did D-Rose get more votes than Lebron?

  5. katrina robinson says:

    U see how they switched this up. D-rose won with 52% and lebron had 48%. But on NBA TV they got James at 52% and rose at 48% I can’t stand when they do that for James. There were many great ballets b/f his time don’t forget he did not invent the game of basketball. Durant and Kobe still better than lebron

  6. Team2Legit says:

    LBJ is the better choice the KD.And a 1v1 of the 2 would prove Lebron is the #G.O.A.T

  7. Willie says:

    Labron Kd Or D_Rose Couldn’t Check A_Iverson Anytime In Their Career.

  8. Charlie says:

    Unfortunately…the question as “in their prime” and poor Rose has spent his prime injured, so we can only speculate on how good he would have progressed.

    If I had to give an unbiased opinion which means I’m disregarding media input and the personality quirks of the players…I have to pick Kobe over all four players. In his prime he was a more complete players. Remember that this is one-on-one, so his issues of ball-hogging and taking too many shots are now irrelevant.

    Kobe is his prime is a better defender, a better post player, is a bettef ball handler, and has a better inside-outside game. Labron and Durant are CLEARLY more athletic and are bigger and stronger, but this is one on one and Kobe (in his prime) was a premier defender.

    Kobe my come off as a jerk, but that doesn’t take away from his basketball skills.

  9. TROYBOY says:

    I know that this fantasy tournament is for fun but sometimes fantasies can become reality.

    Remember back then when Shaq challenged Hakeem after the Finals? Now that is the real deal. We have a chance to debate and then see who has the right opinion. That’s a fantasy of mine. I’m pretty sure that these guys don’t mind doing this for charities during the off season using the same 10 rounds format. The best part is that everyone from fans, charities, NBA TV (ratings), and especially the winner will enjoy it. Or maybe do it anually for our MILITARY GUYS to honor their services.

    As for this tounament. I don’t think anyone can beat Lebron in a real 1 on 1 game. I think the closest would be Carmelo because he can score in multiple ways. The guy is just too strong for anyone to guard. People talk about shooting but it depends whether they’re falling or not. Lebron will out muscle any player especially in a 10 round match. If you think otherwise, then ask yourself this….Can my player beat Lebron 6 out of 10? If not, then your guy is not THE GUY.

    Come on Sekou. Let’s start a campaign to make this happen. We always wonder who’s better. If this becomes reality, we’ll never wonder anymore. This league needs new ideas to take the game to the next level. Commisioner???

  10. flyman23duh says:

    Kobe on his prime would win this match hands down, I think he is among the top three 1 on 1 players of all time, among Michael Jordan and the doctor Julius… And I love MJ but I have to admit that Kobe is a more complete overall player I think he is the best 1on1 of all time. I would give more credit to MJ but I saw him struggle many times among the kind of players like Gary Payton. So I’ll give this to the mamba.

  11. jdub4551 says:

    I’m a lebron fan. But i think on a 1-on-1 game, lebron will be a killer. Its a toss up between Bron and KD. If KD will hit his outside shots like he did in their encounter with Miami (some of which were ridiculously undefendable), then KD will win. But i tell you, bron without any help defender is nasty,,, this two have the upperhand over Mamba only because his smaller and less stronger. But anytime of the day, this 3 can beat each other. its just a matter of whose shots will fall. about drose, cmon man! he’ll lose his ankle when he drives hard against this guys,,, lol!

    • Somer says:

      In their primes! I think KD is in his prime at this time playing at the level his playing in. We can safely say Rose is match for any of these three. KD is a sharpe shooter. But in his Prime Kobe was a good defender. He use to guard the best player on the opposite team and than produce on the offensive end. Kobe was just unguardable in his prime! So I wound pick kobe! So it would end up with Kobe vs lebron. Than again to comes down to the same thing. Lebron can play D but kobe can meet him above the rim as well! I doubt lebron can stop kobe in the post. His mid range guard is unguardable and he can shoot the long ball. Lebron would have to get to the rim everytime! Melo should have came out the east. His got a all around game, and is strong as lebron with the jumping ability! I think lebron is great but he doesn’t have all the weapons Kobe, KD, and melo have. KD and kobe is a good match up cause they are both scorers points come in bunches for them. Melo is up there too. I doubt lebron can keep up with Melos mid range and quick release 3s he launches up. But to win it all I would take kobe that’s a no brainer. I think KD, lebron are at a T-Mac level. Kobe I think is at a Michael jordan level. T-Mac was really good if he had not gotten injured that would have been the two players I’d put in the finals kobe vs t-Mac. But for this one it’s kobe all the way!

      • Eddie says:

        I agree with everything your saying about Kobe. He’s a monster. But I still would take Melo over everyone.

  12. okc2014 says:

    I will agree that Kobe will win this over Kevin Durant. ONLY because Kevin Durant hasn’t reached his prime and we can only determine “primes” up until now…Derrick Rose is no match for King Lebron James. C’mon.

  13. betweenthelines says:

    It’s obvious Sekou just wants a KD vs Lebron final. No, Kobe in his prime was better and the fans will prove it.