Who Will Be The Dunker Of The Night?

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — So, who ya got?

The 2014 Sprite Slam Dunk has a new format, where the Eastern and Western Conference dunkers will compete against each other in a freestyle round and a battle round.

The freestyle round has the potential to be pretty cool if the teammates plan it and execute it well. Imagine Paul George, Terrence Ross and John Wall throwing down three windmills from three different directions in the span of three seconds. It could happen.

And the battle round is straightforward. My dunk vs. your dunk.

And while it’s East vs. West, there will be an individual winner. Judges will determine the East-West winner, but for the eighth straight year, the best individual dunker will be determined by a fan vote.Β He will be crowned the Dunker of the Night and he will receive a trophy.

So, who ya got?

Here’s a look at the six participants…

Harrison Barnes

VIDEO: Harrison Barnes highlights

As a rookie, Barnes had one of the best dunks of last season. Nikola Pekovic won’t be in New Orleans to act as a prop, but Barnes doesn’t need anything in his way to make a dunk look spectacular.

Paul George

VIDEO: Paul George highlights

Personally, I still favor the Birdman Facial, but George basically announced his candidacy for this year’s dunk title with his reverse 360 against the Clippers last month. And let’s not forget this dude jumped over Roy Hibbert two years ago.

Damian Lillard

VIDEO: Damian Lillard highlights

You may think of Lillard as more of a shooter, but the reigning Rookie of the Year can get up. Heck, his first NBA highlight was a major throwdown in Summer League. At 6-3, he’s the smallest guy in the competition and little man dunks often look the best.

Ben McLemore

VIDEO: Ben McLemore highlights

The rookie is the dark horse pick, but he can certainly fly and might just have a foul-line dunk in him. This in-game dunk from November was a little Jordanesque.

Terrence Ross

VIDEO: Terrence Ross highlights

The defending champ reminded us all of what he can do when he saw Kenneth Faried in front of him on the break last week. Mercy.

John Wall

VIDEO: John Wall highlights

Wall is more known for his acceleration in a horizontal direction, but fast-twitch muscles are fast-twitch muscles and John Wall has fast-twitch muscles. He can do the in-game 360 thing too.

So, who ya got?


  1. nick says:

    I want T Ross to win . I think he could pull something crazy that will just wow the fans like Blake Griffin jumped over the car in 2011 but T Ross aint gonna do that cuz its already been done

  2. Will says:

    Paul George is a Beast and I will come down to him and Ross for the championship. George will put off something that will amaze us all and will take the crown in the end. I can’t wait to see what happens!

  3. Victor says:

    George and Ross might be favorites, but watch out for McLemore. Wall and Lillard don’t have a chance against them.

  4. lithuanian says:

    And what about “White Mamba” in this competition? He would definitely win, such a talent.

  5. mehg says:

    its actually going to be good this year not stupid

  6. okc2014 says:

    I agree. The dunk competition gets sillier and sillier. I’m not watching it. Too many capes and props.

  7. Harsh says:

    I think deandre jordan should have been a nice pick for dunk contest

  8. Bob Andreson says:

    Carlos boozer will do his boozer dunk

  9. vinsanefan says:

    not sure I like the idea of a team contest. That being said I feel like the East is going to dominate this competition. Not sure why Lillard was picked for the dunk contest when he is already participating in every other event. He’s a great dunker, but I don’t think he’s at quite the same level as some of these other guys.

  10. Syce says:

    while i use to love watching this event, over the years it’s just gotten stupid tbh, the problem is, people are just running out of unique and original ideas to make a dunk look spectacular. A lot of the dunks now are just previous years dunks just with a added prop twist to it. not that great to be honest. probably the best year ive seen for the dunk competition was in 2000 when Vince Carter won it. that was the pinnacle of this event. now its just getting to the point where its about what props the guy uses rather than the amazing dunk he is trying to perform.

  11. Seng Vue says:

    PG24 is a great player, no doubt about it, but too many people thinks he’ll win because they’re all riding on that bandwagon due to highlights and because he was the breakthrough player, but J.Wall will win. Hands down.

  12. Thomas says:

    I think Green is not in the contest because he was in too many times. P.S. Ben McLemore should win, personally I don’t like George even when he’ll probably win the dunk contest.

  13. The Voice Of Reason says:

    Its fun to see PGs *POINT GUARDS* dunk cause they are small but you need some serious hang time to be able to do sick dunks and while Wall, Lillard and even McLemore can get up, they all jump from the edge of the restricted zone so they aren’t up there very long 😦
    Gerald Green should definitely be in there but he choked BIG TIME last year, such a shame.
    Griffin should go again – he never defended his 2011 crown and he does through the legs, hand switches etc. If only LBJ would show up – seen him do sick warm up dunks but why on earth would he not enter/turn down the offer? Sad man, for a guy who calls himself “King James”…Jordan won 2, Kobe won, he should stop punking out…
    Ross and George in the finals EASY.

  14. jrbell says:

    Why isn’t Gerald Green of the Suns in this competition? I have seen more in game dunks from him on sportscenter than all these participants combined???

  15. dustydreamnz says:

    East should dominate, have the 3 highest in the poll!