MVP Ladder: Spicy Curry Stays Hot!

VIDEO: There was no snubbing Stephen Curry for the Western Conference All-Star team this time around

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The Golden State Warriors entered this season with sky-high expectations, both internal and external. It’s no secret that they have struggled to get a handle on them. But that hasn’t kept Stephen Curry from doing his thing.

The man NBA TV’s Dennis Scott likes to call “Spicy” Curry has been hot even when the Warriors go cold, piling up 14 games in which he has scored 30 or more points. He had 12 all of last season. And there is no All-Star snub to speak of this season with Curry voted in by the fans, rightfully so, as a starter on the Western Conference team. He’s also featured prominently, as he has been all season, on the KIA Race to the MVP Ladder.

Curry was at his very best Thursday night on TNT, when he shredded the Chicago Bulls for 34 points (on 13-for-19 shooting), 9 assists and 3 rebounds in a much-needed win for a Warriors team that had been reeling on its home floor, losing five of their last seven games heading into the game.

Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Blake Griffin, Paul George and LaMarcus Aldridge make up the top five of the Ladder this week. But Curry is pushing to join them at No. 6.

Dive in here for more on who made the cut on this week’s KIA Race To The MVP Ladder!


  1. Caldron Pool says:

    @Don’t Ever Click My Name and Joshua Greenfarb . . . . read it and weep. Griffin is ballin’ and rollin’. Keep hatin’ but don’t be jealous!

  2. Caldron Pool says:

    Griffin’ is balling so hard right now. Legitimate number 3 for sure. When the only guys ahead of you are KD and LBJ you are balling out of your mind!

  3. sirsparhawk says:

    Curry is a beast. He should join the thunder, Id have him over westbrook any day.

  4. bphxman says:

    How does a guy stay int he top 10 for the MVP ladder but not make the all star team? Time to see if Silver is any better than Stern. Dragic should be Kobe’s replacement next weekend,

  5. Johnny says:

    Griffin 3rd??? Wow the haters must be going insane! !!!

  6. wew says:

    steph is also a bit flopper, i noticed in some of his plays. but i agree that he is a great shooter.

    • sirsparhawk says:

      Sadly every scorer in the league is taught to fall down after every shot….. Its sad but true. I hate floppers, Leflop James is one of the biggest, infact the entire Miami team is filled with floppers >.> Such skilled players relying on acting to get the job done. Kevin Love is probably the only superstar who doesnt flop atm. That will probably change.