All-Star Davis Gives N.O. Added Flavor

VIDEO: Anthony Davis’ top 10 plays

Not that the NBA All-Star Game is ever lacking in fireworks or flash or big names, yet it’s always a bit more fun when there is a hometown connection: Tom Chambers rolling to an MVP award before a jam-packed crowd at the vast Kingdome in Seattle in 1987, Michael Jordan at Chicago Stadium in 1988, Karl Malone and John Stockton working their magic in Salt Lake City in 1993, Kobe Bryant touching base with his Philly roots in 2002.

The 2014 All-Star Game got the spice and flavor of a hot bowl of gumbo when Pelicans’ forward Anthony Davis was named as a replacement for the injured Bryant on the Western Conference roster by new commissioner Adam Silver.

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

But it was more than just a case of home-cooking since Davis has been performing at an All-Star level from the beginning of his second NBA season, and was probably the biggest snub by the vote of the coaches when the reserves were originally named.

Davis is averaging 20.6 points, 10.5 rebounds and leads the league with 3.3 blocked shots per game and shooting 51.8 percent from the field. He’s grown in confidence and stature at the offensive end, compiling a greatest hits collection of slam dunks, while also making jaw dropping blocked shots far out on the perimeter as a defensive beast.

In January, Davis blocked 51 blocked shots in 15 games. That was more than the total compiled by three entire NBA teams: Heat (50), Cavaliers (48) and Jazz (48). Through the first 101 games of Davis’s career, he had 233 blocks and 132 steals. The only player since 1985-86 to match those numbers in his first 101 games was Spurs Hall of Famer David Robinson. Davis is also on pace to become the first player since Shaquille O’Neal in 1999-2000 to average 20-10-3 for an entire season.

Davis will also take part in the Rising Stars Challenge on Friday night of All-Star Weekend. He was the No. 1 pick by Team Chris Webber.

“I would love to be an All-Star,” Davis said in a recent conversation. “It would show that the hard work I’ve been putting into my game during the offseason and every day in practice are paying off.

“It would also bring more attention to our team, the entire Pelicans organization and make a statement, I think, that we’ve got a plan to get better and become a contender in the league. I’ve had great support from the city since I’ve joined the team and making the All-Star team would be an extra bit of excitement for everybody in New Orleans during an exciting weekend.”

Goran Dragic and the world of Suns fans will surely feel slighted that Silver didn’t replace Bryant with another guard. Their valid argument will be that the Suns have a winning record and the Pelicans are below .500. But it never hurts to have the flavor of home in an All-Star Game.


  1. Darker Lord than Sauron says:

    Davis has had a good season so far, but I can’t help feeling that Adam Silver chose him because he’s playing in the host city. In regards to the ballot though players should have to have played in 50% of their team’s games at the very least to be eligible for the ballot. It would mean the likes of Bryant wouldn’t have been eligible in the first place which would upset his fanboys and fangirls, but, he’s the least deserving person ever to be voted in.

    • kobe says:

      I believe they definitely should have picked Dragic over Davis because now you have 6 players in PF and C positions which is just ignorant. Are they going to play with 3 big men in the pain or will Davis be playing SF and hitting the corner three? Second they always talk about rewarding winning. Suns are a lot better than Pelicans period. Third dragics’ shooting percentage is over 50% which is amazing for a point guard and since Bledsoe has been gone Dragic has been carrying the Suns and keeping them in the playoffs race. And finally for someone from Slovenia who might not get another opportunity to play in an all-star game this would be a much bigger deal than someone like Davis who is going to be a multiple all-star. And if you’re really going to pick a center Cousins is left out again. Seriously??? Don’t choose a player just because the all-star game is in New Orleans. Bias as hell.

  2. OKC says:

    Dragic is better than Davis? Lets poll all of the GMs on who they would like for their franchise and see about that lol.

  3. OKC says:

    Maybe if Cousins hadn’t been complaining after that he didn’t make it Silver would have thought of him… nah we all knew if the comish picked it would be Davis for so many reasons. Firstly, he is the NBA’s newish posterchild/superstar in the making, second he is the home town hero, and third he actually REALLY deserves it averaging 20/10 and leading the league in blocks (I’d take 3 less points and 2 rebs on average for the league leader is shot blocking and shot altering).

    As far as Dragic goes I don’t think there is any reason he deserved the spot over Davis, unless you put a lot of stock in having the better record (which no matter what Shaq and Barkley say I don’t think the Coaches really focus on that, for example I think Cousins was snubbed for past behavioral issues). The guy is a 20 ppg 6 apg 3 rpg PG. I can literally go look up a handful of those for you in the west (Ty Lawson, Isiah Thomas, and Mike Conley). Additionally Dragic is the best player on a team doing it by comity. People are just outraged cause they are one of the best surprise stories this year, but I don’t think think that makes him an all-star.

  4. thevoice says:

    I hate that people keep comparing Dragic to davis. Ok dragic has great numbers this year. The league is filled with guards that are better. Beside Love, Duncan, Aldridge, and dirk, what other good power forwards do they have. I can name 20 guards. Beside if Rondo, Westbrook, Chris paul, and Derrick Rose played this entire season he wouldn’t have made it based off popularity alone. Also if it was based off wins kyrie irving would not be starting when is team has the 6 worst record in the entire NBA. So get off Davis about wins. Its called all-star for a reason.

  5. Faris says:

    I think they should replace Davis for dragic he has proved that he is wayyyy better than Davis (and no I Am no suns fan I am wizards fan)

    • userious says:

      Dragic better than Davis? a power forward vs a guard? Davis was a guard before her jumped up in height which makes him better as a pf but Dragic could never do wad Davis Does, not in a million years . Dragic does deserve to be an allstar but not over Davis. better luck next year homeboi.

  6. tanibanana says:

    Can we make a rule, that the host city will have an automatic representative
    no matter how bad the team is performing..
    Its a good thing they did it this way for Pelicans (Davis)..

  7. wew says:

    well, i don’t think that just because a palyer averages 20 ppg and 10 rpg he’s already an all-star. i mean, he might be good in regular season games but not in all-star game, right? well, let’s just see if he could play well in ASG

  8. Lebanese man says:

    Anthony Davis deserves All-Star.
    if Chris Paul injuries again, so Goran Dragic would be replaced

  9. Tmoney says:

    It great to hear that the young Davis made the team but…it is a absolute joke that Demarcus Cousins isn’t on the Allstar team…he has been by far the best center in the league this year and it’s not close..when you average 23 pts and 12 Rebs and can’t make a Allstar team then something is wrong..

  10. jdub455 says:

    Dragic not chosen? Well maybe nxt tym my man. Just keep improving, youll see. Well I guess him not being an all star makes coach horny the sure winner for COtY.., suns just has an amzing amazing season

  11. NBA fan says:

    I’m happy he made it but Cousins averages more in everything but blocks on a team with only four less wins. Just saying…

  12. D'up says:

    Wrong move… Stephenson of Indiana would’ve been a better choice to replace kobe….
    Even so, an All-Star Game without Kobe it ain’t no more an All-Star Game if you catch my meanning

    • allaroundballer says:

      Stephenson is from eastern conf, how could he replace kobe? No disrespect to kobe but many of his fans actualy don’t understand bball and nba. If u catch my meaning

    • JJ says:

      Wake up, Stephenson is on East Davis is on west, Drgaic should be the replacemant, Everybody on nba tv speaks about rewarding winning,,, yeah right I dont see Pelicans winning!!!!

    • MajorRock says:

      I guess they could have done that, if only Indiana had traded him to a team in the West beforehand 😉

  13. realist says:

    WOW just look at those defensive statistics! This guy is something special and he will only get better!! Very deserved selection hes as exciting to watch at both ends of the floor, well done to the new commissioner.

  14. Shash says:

    Anthony Davis my favorite player after Ben Wallace. What a true defender and amazing offensive skills. Never seen a combination of this sort. He should have been an All-Star starter!!

  15. dustydreamnz says:

    He should have been in the All Star game to start with.