Cavs Fire GM Chris Grant; Griffin Takes Over On Interim Basis

From Staff Reports

The Cleveland Cavaliers were one of the most busy and active teams in the 2013 offseason, signing free agents Andrew Bynum, Earl Clark and Jarrett Jack to contracts as well as drafting former UNLV star Anthony Bennett No. 1 overall in the 2013 Draft. All those moves were supposed to help Cleveland reverse a three-seasons (and counting) playoff-less drought.

But, that hasn’t been the case for the Cavs and the man who oversaw many of those offseason moves, general manager Chris Grant, is reportedly out of a job. According to Yahoo!Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, Grant has been fired after nearly four years on the job:

The team confirmed the reported move this afternoon and said that Vice President of Basketball Operations David Griffin will serve as acting GM. As well, team owner Dan Gilbert issued the following statement regarding Grant’s firing:

“I would like to thank Chris Grant for his eight and a half years of service with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the last three and a half as General Manager. Chris always conducted himself with class, integrity and was motivated by what he believed was right for the organization. We wish Chris and his family the best in the years to come.”

“My entire focus the past eight years has been on trying to build a team that can contend and win and provide Cleveland fans the success that they deserve,” said Grant. “I have a tremendous appreciation for the players that are here and the coaches that I have worked with, as well as our front office. I thank them for all of their dedication and commitment to the Cavaliers.”

Gilbert went on to address the current situation and the path ahead:

“This has been a very difficult period for the franchise. We have severely underperformed against expectations. Just as this is completely unacceptable to our loyal and passionate fan base, season ticket holders and corporate partners, it is also just as unacceptable to our ownership group. I can assure everyone who supports and cares about the Cleveland Cavaliers that we will continue to turn over every stone and explore every possible opportunity for improvement to shift the momentum of our franchise in the right direction. There is no one in our entire organization who is satisfied with our performance, and to say that we are disappointed is an understatement. We all know the great potential of our young talent, seasoned veterans, as well as our recent all-star addition. We believe a change in leadership was necessary to establish the best possible culture and environment for our entire team to flourish.

“There is no move, nor any amount of capital investment, we will not make if we believe it will improve our chances of competing and winning in this league for both the short and long term. The fans of this great city have invested too much time, money and effort for the kind of product we have recently delivered to them. This must change,” concluded Gilbert.

After last night’s loss to the short-handed L.A. Lakers, Cleveland is 12th in the Eastern Conference and 5 1/2 games behind Charlotte for the eighth and final playoff berth. Grant has been at his post as Cavs GM since June of 2010 and oversaw the team’s hiring of Byron Scott as coach in 2010 (as well as his firing after the 2012-13 season) and brought back Mike Brown as Cavaliers coach last summer.’s Brian Windhorst has more on the Cavs’ firing of Grant:

The team is mired in a disappointing season and a six-game losing streak that has dimmed playoff expectations that were set down before the season by team owner Dan Gilbert.

The 38-year-old GM just last week shouldered some of the blame for the Cavaliers’ poor season and addressed the team’s “unacceptable” lack of effort after a 1-4 homestand.

“We’re all accountable for it, including myself,” he said at the time. “It’s frustrating. It’s disappointing to our fans. The fans deserve better.”

Grant’s major moves since last summer have not worked including drafting Anthony Bennett with No. 1 overall pick, free agent signings Jarrett Jack and Andrew Bynum, and a recent trade for Luol Deng has failed to turn the team’s season around.

Grant was a driving force in re-hiring coach Mike Brown last year and the team has not responded to the change. Recently their lack of effort in games has brought Brown under fire as well. Wednesday the Cavs lost to a injury-depleted Los Angeles Lakers team that finished the game with only four healthy players.

The Cavs focused on the draft after losing LeBron James in free agency in 2010 and Grant worked to get six first round draft picks over the past three years. But other than Kyrie Irving, who was selected with the No. 1 overall pick in 2011, those picks have failed to turn the team around as they are on pace to miss the playoffs for a fourth straight season.

Grant, who was named general manager in 2010, had one season left on his contract.

Under Grant’s watch, Cleveland has gone 80-199.


  1. juvz says:

    — hater always be a hater… eat your karma DAN GILBERT

  2. Gillsy says:

    The Cavs need to think about what they are doing. Why is it on draft night you keep doing a T-wolves and keep drafting the same position, when you have TT at that position. Wasn’t that why they were predicted to take Noel last year to eventually take over at centre. If I was them this year I would trade my good pick for an established player at least they cant stuff it up totally that way.

  3. Art says:

    Number of 1st picks & even top 5 picks must be restricted. NBA should not allow any team to receive them over and over again until they make the right selection.
    No more than two 1st picks and four top 5 picks per 10 years sound reasonable.

  4. Christopher says:

    they should not fire mike brown. Great job with Chris Grant however

  5. Tony C says:

    The problem with the CAVS is players not wanting to play defense because Kyrie Irving doesn’t want to play defense. When your star player doesn’t want to take the lead and play defense, others will not play. Players are resentful of the undeserved press that Kyrie Irving gets and each of them wants that press that he gets so they do what he does. They imitate his one-on-one offensive play in order to get put on the highlights, and relax on defense to conserve energy for the next offensive posession. The CAVS need a real star player other than Kyrie Irving. They need a leader player that will work hard and not play games with the coaches in order to maintain his star seat. If I were Mike Brown, I’d pit Kyrie and Luol against each other in a defensive contest to see who does it better each night and then reward the winner in front of the team with some leadership responsibility for being the best on defense.

  6. dustydreamnz says:

    Yeah, I like their roster. I’m not sure you can blame their players though there are obviously chemistry issues.

  7. 001078790 says:

    What about joe Dumars? Pistons fan here

  8. Koupilias says:

    If you Want to tank a season best choice is to get a mediocre or bad Coach. Makes sense to me. But with this Eastern Confernce it is certainly a big surprise how awful these Cavs really are. I don’t like looking at rookies in their first year cause there is really so much to learn. Especially for big men and point guards. Bennett maybe a good player for the NBA in 2-3 years but no way he is no.1 Pick for now. Irving is a good player but he’s too young in the league to carry the team on his back. If you look at the Roster it isn’t too bad. I haven’t really watched the Cavs lately but they could make a run for it and play postseason in the end , mostly because of the Eastern Conference mess. I mean with Derrick Rose out for another season Bulls are big question mark after trading Deng and all this talk about the Boozer amnesty this summer. If Rose didn’t have such bad luck they would never had traded Deng and would certainly be at No. 3 spot East. With Brooklyn and New York in trouble there is always hope for the Cavs but I don’t really like their chances if they don’t make a serious run. Coach Brown , you gotta play defense man… Slow the tempo and play the paint.

  9. Michael says:

    Chris Grant wasn’t that bad. He’s made some great trades.

    Mike Brown is the problem. The Cavs’ roster is better this year than it was last year. The coach is much worse. The Cavs’ defense has barely improved, and its offense has become terrible. This isn’t Grant’s fault, it’s Mike Brown’s fault, and Gilbert’s fault for rehiring him.

  10. asdf says:

    i never understood why people thought mike brown was good. I was watching cavs play since 2006 right up till Big z and James left. And the only reason brown won coach of the year and was successful was James. I am still puzzled how many still cant see it .

  11. LakeShow says:

    It’s a karma for Gilbert. Screwing the Lakers, purposedly tanking few seasons and still couldn’t get into playoff. I’m pretty sure they want to tank again this season and I hope they don’t get the top 5 pick. NBA already helped them with 2 No. 1 picks. Gilbert has himself to blame and stop playing the victim game. It has nothing to do with small/bih market. You’re a bad owner!

  12. Shawn Kemp no. 1 says:

    start with Kyrie and Dion please

  13. Shawn Kemp no. 1 says:

    will be tough to fix them, unless they trade like 8 players 😀

  14. Vic says:

    I am a Cavs fan and I have not had a problem with Grant at all. I think he has done a great job. The only exception is Bennett, but how was he or anybody else to know he was going to be what he is? One of the mistakes was hiring Mike Brown and I thought that before the season. He is not capable of coaching a NBA team. I thought they should have given Scott another year. Grant can’t change how the players play together, only the players and coach can. Chris Grant is not the problem.

  15. jiggy says:

    Probably got fired because jack isn’t living up to his warrior days and Bynum and Bennett have been so terrible. Never should have signed Bennett. Next bust after Greg oden

  16. SYDALE says:

    Please Cleveland… Hire me as your new GM! I’m not joking!

  17. Goony Mc. Goonson says:

    What they need to trade the cancer that is Dion Waiters and fire Mike Brown. How can team with that much talent not be a playoff contender in the weak Eastern Conference where the number 4 seed has a 500 record

  18. mojo says:

    How could u waste 1 pick TWO times!!! One on Irving and one on Bennet….if Bird would have such chances oh boy…what a world we living in (((

  19. joanneemery says:

    They should also fire mike brown and hand that team over to Lionel Hollins! Hollins would have known how to coach Bynum. Mike Brown got to live off of Lebron James’s genius. His offensive and defensive schemes have always been horrendous to watch even when LBJ was there. I know he’s from Ohio I get that but he’s not a pro level coach let him loose!

  20. josey says:

    Mike brown like I said when he got rehired should never have been rehired! I can run the Cavs better than whoever thinks they run the cavs! Im out of work at would work for way les than anybody they do hire! I know that Bennett should never have been the number one pick! Nobody thought he SHOULD’VE been picked! The Cavs are being run by inept people! I know that I could get make the cavs a contender for years to come if you hired me! I would be all about the Cavs 24/7! Fully committed to my home team! I just need a chance! And I won’t let u down cleveland!

  21. Big Euro says:

    No surprise there. Cleveland were blessed to get two No1 picks and two more Top5 picks since 2011. If Scott Presti had those picks, Cavs would be a home-court playoffs team in the East by now.. You can only make so many gambles as a GM, sometimes you have to go with the consensus pick.

    • Pakyaw says:

      Cleveland has a great fan base and most of them are die hard fans., but let’s be realistic here, nobody’s wants to play in Cleveland and I don’t see Irving will stay there, unless they throw ala joe Johnson contract!..

  22. al haldie says:

    They get paid to perform on trhe court —thats all that needs to be said – go out and play ur game every night….

    • Kunjaymaster says:

      They do play every night. But is not enough, motivation and a sense of direction is also as important. They have very good talent but have no clue how to make it work. They should fire everyone from top to bottom, and start fresh.

  23. Curtis says:

    they should fire mike brown to.

  24. chris says:

    about time…. all the moves they have made could have been successful if there was some sort of driving motivator behind the players .. maybe they will hire somebody that could possibly spark that…

    • pKone says:

      The Spark comes from the coach and the moves from the GM

      It seems you arguing that they should have fired Brown and keep the man who made all the moves that “could have been successful”

      I think all of his moves have flopped from 2013. Bynum was a bust, Bennett has not been a 1st round performer let alone 1st overall and Jack and Clark have both underperformed relative to last year.

      I think the man responsible for those moves will be okay with taking responsibility for the failure of those moves, with respect to improving the Cavs for this year.

      I expect Mike Brown will be next though.