Hang Time Podcast (Episode 146) Featuring Pacers Guard Lance Stephenson

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Now that we have that pesky Super Bowl behind us (especially you Peyton Manning) we can move on to the more important business of 2014, and that’s analyzing the NBA landscape after the first half of the season.

Some of our preseason predictions don’t look nearly as good now as they did in theory … months ago. Some of the teams we assumed would dominate the conversation are doing it for all of the wrong reasons, while the pleasant surprises have been plenty. No individual has surprised us more than enigmatic Pacers swingman Lance Stephenson.

We take all that in and serve it up on Episode 146 of the Hang Time Podcast featuring Indiana Pacers’ swingman Lance Stephenson, whose omission from the Eastern Conference All-Star reserves list remains a sore spot with us here at the headquarters.

The Golden State Warriors have been added to the “List” and we delve into what’s gone wrong with Steph Curry and crew since they returned from that spectacular road trip last month. We tried our best to make some sense of what the Los Angeles lakers are trying to do with Pau Gasol and discuss a host of other hot topics from around the league.

Check out our new segment, In Focus, featuring some of the best TV and radio calls from around the league, and the latest installment of Braggin’ Rights (still on top), as well.

Check it out on Episode 146 of the Hang Time Podcast featuring Lance Stephenson.


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VIDEO: Pacers swingman Lance Stepheons gives up his body for the job


  1. Vincent says:

    Anybody else having problems downloading the Podcast as a MP3 file? The last couple of weeks I haven’t been able to do that unfortunately.

  2. Tahn says:

    Hey Sekou!

    Much respect and all, love the Hang Time Podcast and everyone in it, but… are you actually eating during the podcast?

    I thought I heard it in the last podcast and I was like, OK gross, but y’know, it’s Sekou’s show, he can do what he wants!

    But I’m sure after about 10 minutes into this podcast I can hear ya’ll munching away again, talking with a gum full of whatever.

    Am I right?

    And all this after you’ve evidently gone and lost a stack of weight. Congrats, by the way!

  3. lbj says:

    Doing podcasts will not win you any rings you need to join THE KING LeBron in miami. We will trade Hall Of Fame shooting guard James Jones for Lance Stephenson. Starting Lineup:

    1. Dwyane Wade
    2. Lance Stephenson
    3. THE KING
    4. Haslem
    5. Bosh