Fan Night 1-On-1: Kobe Vs Westbrook

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant goes hard for his 81 points against the Raptors

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — What do you get when you pair up two of the most competitive human beings to pick up a basketball and tell them it’s a one-on-one game, winner take all?

How about an epic clash of the guard titans between Kobe Bryant and Russell Westbrook, backcourt stars of the past, present and future in this week’s installment of NBA TV’s Fan Night 1-on-1 Tournament.

Of course, this is the only place we’re going to dissect the battle between two of the most dynamic players in the league, because both Bryant and Westbrook are out with injuries right now for their respective teams. (The Lakers could use Bryant and a clone or two, or three, to get back into the Western Conference playoff mix while the Oklahoma City Thunder are rocking along just fine without Westbrook, thanks to Kevin Durant.)

Kobe in his prime was a diabolical sort, an absolute offensive assassin with the ability to shred you by air or land and the skill set to beat you inside or out. He’d take advantage of Westbrook, a physical marvel for his size but a “mouse in Kobe’s house” down low.

As much as I love Westbrook’s fearlessness, I cannot pick against the Black Mamba in this one … 

Dive in on the conversation on who would win via social media (Tweet @NBATV #1on1Kobe or #1on1Westbrook). The results will be announced during NBA TV’s postgame coverage of the Fan Night game between the surprising Phoenix Suns and the Chicago Bulls (9 p.m. ET, NBA TV) by TNT’s and NBA TV’s Ernie Johnson, Greg Anthony and Chris Webber.

VIDEO: Russell Westbrook messed around and got a triple-double


  1. LOL says:

    Westbrook all day no question I can’t even beliieve this is an argument

  2. sirsparhawk says:

    They shoulda done Kobe vs Durant. That woulda been far better, but Durant would kill kobe 1v1.

  3. fair says:

    BTW Magic is right about WB playoff performance otherwise OKC probably get a ring already but I think WB is changing for the better now

  4. fair says:

    Of course in his prime Kobe would dominate but as I recall the matches for the last few years Kobe can not even catch up with WB. both are ball hog. although Kobe has higher IQ

  5. lol says:

    Noobie Bryant is a better scorer than Westbrick! i dont like them cause they r both ballhogs though they jack shoots all the time.

  6. Lebron, oh my bad…Kobe hands down…sorry wrong 1 on 1 article…Seriously this is idiotic, a better matchup would be RW vs. Metta World Peace to the death

  7. aj24 says:

    kobe’s gonna kill him anytime. . .

  8. You know this is a good article, dont compare KOBE to WESTBROOK because they have
    a big difference. DOnt say that KOBE will win it because of what his done in the league.
    when your comparing like this one dont include the achievement and think what are they
    capable to do! This is a close one. Rwest athleticism is greater than kobe eventhough in his prime but kobe
    is way more smarter than him. Kobe will win this

  9. jdub455 says:

    Mamba will kill russ in a 1on1 game anytime.

  10. Kobe. Black Mamba. Vino. Westbrook is crazy quick but Kobe has more moves than ten games of checkers going on simultaneously in Central Park.

  11. Edub says:

    It’s not about “today” it’s about when the players were in their prime. Westbrook hasn’t gotten to his prime yet, and Kobe’s prime would kill Westbrook easily. Why is this even up for discussion?

  12. Nick says:

    What an idiotic discussion. It’s like comparing an elementary student to a Harvard graduate. Once Westbrook gets MVP awards, Championships, scoring titles, 81 pts in a game, various other accolades then we can talk. Until then its no competition. Kobe for the win

  13. okc2014 says:

    It’s really killing me to say this, because I think the Kobe of today has absolutely nothing against my man Russell Westbrook. But man against man, each in their prime, it’s a no brainer. Kobe over Westbrook without a doubt. Ouch.

  14. jonski22 says:

    Kobe all the way!!