U.S. Gets Favorable World Cup Draw

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — FIBA held the draw for the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup on Monday. The United States was drawn into Group C with the Dominican Republic, Finland, New Zealand, Turkey and Ukraine.

The World Cup will take place from Aug. 30 – Sept. 14 in Spain. Group C will play preliminary games (against each of the other five teams) in Bilbao. From there, the top four teams will advance to the 16-team, single-elimination tournament against teams from Group D.

Group C could be the deepest of the four, with five teams that have a legit shot to make the round of 16. Playing at home, Turkey went 8-0 in 2010 before falling to the U.S. in the gold medal game. Both Finland and Ukraine got some good wins at Eurobasket last year, and the Dominican Republic could have Al Horford if he’s healthy. Games between the Dominican, Finland, Turkey and Ukraine will be huge.

But who’s in their group isn’t of much consequence for the U.S. At worst, they’ll go 4-1 in preliminary-round action. It is noteworthy that the other half of the draw (Groups A and B) is much stronger at the top.

2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup groups

Group A (Grenada) Group B (Sevilla) Group C (Bilbao) Group D (Gran Canaria)
Brazil Argentina Dom. Republic Angola
Egypt Croatia Finland Australia
France Greece New Zealand Korea
Iran Philippines Turkey Lithuania
Serbia Puerto Rico Ukraine Mexico
Spain Senegal USA Slovenia

Group A is certainly the strongest in spots 1-4. France, Spain and Serbia are three of the four strongest teams in Europe, while Brazil (if they bring some of their NBA bigs) is the second best team from the Americas. It’s a distinct possibility that all four of those teams will beat their Group B counterparts in the Round of 16 and face each other in the quarterfinals.

We’re getting ahead of ourselves here, though. The U.S. Team’s group will provide them with some solid competition before they face the pressure of single-elimination play. And we know they won’t have to face Spain, France, or Serbia before the final (or, perhaps, the bronze medal game). The toughest team on their half of the bracket would be Lithuania, the team they beat in the semifinals in 2010.

In 2010 though, the U.S. didn’t have to change hotels for their entire 17-day stay in Turkey. They were drawn into the group that played in Istanbul, where the entire single-elimination tournament was also played.

This time, if they were to make it to the gold medal game, they’d have to travel twice. The round-of-16 and quarterfinal games played between Groups C and D will be played in Barcelona, and the semifinals and finals will be played in Madrid.


  1. coolguy1975 says:

    To all NBA FANS please take note Idahos Pierre Jackson scored a NBA D League record 58 points tonight way to go Pierre Jackson thanks for being drafted by the stampede!

  2. coolguy1975 says:

    To all NBA fans please take note of Idahos Pierre Jackson a rookie that scored 58 points tonight a NBA D League Record For the Idaho Stampede tonight!

  3. TexMex says:

    What about Mexico?! I’m not suggesting they are going to win it all but hey, they won the Americas Tournament! I think they have proved themselves and should receive credit for it

  4. BGSM says:

    Lookin at the pool. I think Gilas Pilipinas will win 2 or 3 games from group B. However, if that happen. I don’t really see them winning a game when the single elimination round comes. Those teams are way to good and can easily step over our guys.

    • underdog says:

      which 2 games are those? They will definitely don’t stand a chance against Argentina, Greece, Croatia, and Puerto Rico.. the Balkman incident may ignite some old flames but that wouldn’t be enough.. will be a good game to watch though.. Only team they have a chance of winning is Senegal..

  5. Erik9 says:

    Finland is probably gonna be last in this Group but, they did win Greece..Turkey..Slovenia..compare fiba rankings..these were huge wins to finns.

    • Umberto says:

      And donΒ΄t forget the Finns double overtime win over Russia. When you beat 3 Top10 teams(and slovenia is 13th) at the same tournament you got yourself a team ready to play..

  6. rex says:

    As I watched the teams from group B I can say that the Philippines can be competitive against all of these other European and American team in their Group. They are surely the underdog of the tournament but with that less of a pressure, I think Team Philippines will and can excel from the tournament and more so advance to the second round.

    • underdog says:

      Nah.. Gilas doesn’t stand a chance against these teams except maybe for Senegal.. Against Argentina (Ginobilli, Scola, Delfino, Prigioni) is a sure lose, also they will be mauled by Greece (Koufos, Calathes), Croatia have many Euroleague (Saric, Bogdanovic) impact players and they’re big and lights out from the 3. Puerto Rico will overwhelm them also.

  7. Richard says:

    A single win for Team Pilipinas in a world cup of basketball will bring total euphoria in our basketball craze country. US will prevail in the end, that’s for sure. But Gilas could make surprises, and make Filipinos proud. Go Gilas Pilipinas!!! PUSO!

  8. Kris Wayne says:

    As a Filipino, I can say that our team lacks in size. However, we are in the process of Naturalizing JaVale Mcgee and Andre Blatch. I can also say that our team is a high volume three point shooter. As the old adage goes you either live by the three or die by the three. I hope that its the former.

  9. justin says:

    John, Roy Hibbert can’t play for the US, cause he already played for Jamaica in international competition (which he probably regrets now). He holds dual US/Jamaican citizenship. But the US still have Demarcus Cousins,Tyson Chandler…. to choose from at Center.

  10. Lazar T. says:

    You guys all forget Who has the most GOLD MEDALS IN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS And Who beat USA in Their own home in 2002 World championship. 2010 We suposed to play USA in the final but refs, prevent that and put Turkey in the finals instead if Serbia was in the finals that year it would be completly different stroy.

  11. Go PHILIPPINES play your hearts out!
    in that pool im sure PHILIPPINES will shine!


  12. John says:

    USA will have Stephen curry, Kaye Irving, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, Roy Hibbert, Kevin love, Blake griffin, Chris Paul, Paul George. Who in the right mind will not call USA the favorites to win, not to mention none of them teams have a chance. My predictions, USA will win every game over 40 points!!!

  13. drew says:

    Phil! will prevail in group B.

    enough said.


  15. The Truth says:

    So can we skip to the finals and have USA vs Spain in a 7 game series?

  16. Pinoy. Pride. Pacman. says:

    Philippines only need 2 wins to advance to second round. They can beat Croatia and Senegal. The can also beat Greece, Argentina and Puerto Rico if have the chance. Just praying that Scola, Ginobili, and Barea will not play. Goodluck Pinas!!

    • pEnoy says:

      sorry bro, i’m a filipino too. i believe in miracles just like i believe in gilas, but in reality those teams are still superior than the philippine team 😦 . i believe they have a GOOD chance against senegal. but croatia? really? maybe you have’nt watch the europe teams. croatia is a great team. just because this team doesnt feature the GASOLS, NOWITZKI, PARKER and other nba stars, doenst mean they’re easy to beat. I dont believe they can do it but i’m praying for the Gilas to beat the hell out of em

      -good luck Philippines

  17. kobeballhog says:

    damn i hoped for philippines to be group with usa so the ending score would be philippines 20 usa 160 lol. great and fun to watch that its gonna be an all star dunk game.

  18. i Am GoD says:

    it’s a shame kyrie won’t play for australia

  19. george says:

    Tough for us (greece) but we shouldnt even be in the tournament. Watch out for our no-nonsense defence and team ball who remembers 2006

  20. Han says:

    4 teams of Group A beating Group B counterpart is of course possible, but the other way around is also not unthinkable. Argentina is perenial contender for more than a decade now, Croatia and Greece showed they could compete well in the EuroBasket, and Puerto Rico can be dangerous too. That half draw is just madness.
    The other half of the draw is a joke. Sorry, no offense to all NZ fan, but u guys are lucky to avoid all the European and North American heavyweight. Yes, I remembered 2002 when all NZ players seems to play once-in-a-lifetime game of their life, but it’s hard to shot that same ridiculous percentage again during the tournament (I cheered for them back then).

  21. Alex says:

    Can someone please explain how Finland got a wildcard bid over Canada?

    • Jonny Bravo says:


    • Cl1 says:

      and Italy?

      • Mike says:

        Finland won Russia, Turkey and Greece (all in top-10) + Slovenia (13th) in Eurobasket last year. They finished ninth in the tournament, as they did in the previous Eurobasket. If the ridiculous wildcard system didn’t exist, they would have been accepted to the games anyway, as the ten best teams from Eurobasket would have made it. I think it’s just fair, that they made it.

        Of course it helped, when Russia, Italy and Germany from Europe (+ China) withdrew their wildcard applications. Apparently, the fan activity in social media played a big role in FIBA’s decision making. Finland was head and shoulders above the others applicants in this area.

        If the Finns (or the Wolfpack, as the team is called) can succeed in their own game, which is aggressive team D and great shooting from beyond the arc, they have a good chance of making the top16 in the tournament.

        Also, I’m looking forward to see Petteri Koponen going head to head with best point guards in the world. Koponen was a first-round pick in the 2007 draft and is currently owned by the Mavs. He has never played in NBA, but has had a career best year in Russia and in Euroleague and was nominated for the European Player of the Year award (which ultimately went to Tony Parker).

        Can’t wait for the games, good luck to all!

  22. Jimmy Jazz says:

    Good draw for Australia. Bogut & Mills will lead the strongest Australian team ever.

  23. Ranny-CEBU says:

    Of course we got a better pool.Y u afraid to go home early?Its time the Filipinos were shine this is our National sport.
    GO GILAS PILIPINAS win or loose . we dont care who are they..PRIDE HEART COURAGE and SPORTMANSHIP….

  24. Sam says:

    I can’t believe you think nz is the only easy bet team in pool c they have the third highest ranking in the pool. Nz will most like finish ahead of Finland and the Ukraine and battle the Dominican Republic for 3rd.

  25. Arash-Iran says:

    Group A is by far the most competitive!! D is a joke!!! Iran was the champion in Asia, how the hell Philippine and Korea got a better pool?! rigged as hell

    • Pau says:

      Looking for an easy way in? I’m Filipino and I’d happily switch places with you in Group A. Besides, your players are the CHAMPIONS in Asia. Don’t make your country look like your a bunch of p*ssies. If you think the draw is rigged, you should check out Group C.

  26. Manuel Pineda says:

    First, I have to point there is a mistake in the name of the city who host Group A, it’s Granada (all a’s)
    But let’s going to the important: Obviously, with all due respect to every team, the “Big Guys” are almost completely on Groups A and B. USA, Slovenia and Lithuania are way above the rest of teams of that side of the bracket. Turkey doesn’t count if the tournament is outside of its territory. So you have Spain,Argentina,France,Serbia,Greece,Croatia and Brazil on one side, and everyone of them have a legit (if Brazil goes with all the NBA Players) chance for a medal. Seriously, USA is going to have training games till Quarter-Finals. But in the other side of the bracket is going to be a war every single day. I hope the Gasols, Calderon and Ibaka get there well rested because they gonna need all the energy all the time.

  27. Sam says:

    C’mon John, huge omission not mentioning NZ. They have a deep team, Steven Adams doing well with the Thunder, some promising college players, the 3 time defending ANBL champions and one of the best pure shooters in the international game in Kirk Penney. It will be a huge upset if Finland beat us, Turkey are up and down and won’t have home advantage, Dominican Republic MAY have Horford and if they don’t will be vulnerable. We won’t beat the US and the Ukraine are quality but we pushed Lithuania in the last World Champs and if we play well will be competitive. Have you forgotten 2002 already?? A couple of good games and then get on a roll, anything can happen. Not to mention that NZ are ranked third in their pool going off the FIBA rankings. Not that they are necessarily a definitive guide but worth a mention i think. Average, unbalanced piece sorry