Adam Silver Receives Early Advice

Days into taking over the NBA Commissioner post, Adam Silver has plenty of people offering suggestions.

Days into taking over the NBA Commissioner post, Adam Silver has plenty of people offering suggestions.

Where to start, where to start?

Eliminate tanking or erase the U.S. debt? Resolve the Seattle dilemma or cure the common cold? Change the schedule or the weather?

Adam Silver took over as commissioner on Saturday with a lot of pressure, though at least a lot of free advice from the rest of the world, a fact that no doubt made him so, so happy. You’re welcome.

Several prominent figures around the league chipped in as part of a Bleacher Report suggestion box to coincide with Silver replacing David Stern. Some were good thoughts worth debating and maybe even seriously consider. (Others: eh. One section was titled “Figure out the situations in Seattle and Sacramento” without sound words dispensed on exactly how to close the distance between hope and actual in Seattle. Plus, the situation in Sacramento is well down the path to being figured out.)

From Ray Allen of the Heat: “I would give, some way, every team a bye week. Between a bye week and making All-Star weekend an All-Star week. Because the problem I see with the league is there’s fatigue, and guys end up getting injuries. There should be a window where guys can have time off. We say All-Star weekend, but if you’re competing, you never get the opportunity to have time off, because All-Star weekend is jam-packed with activity. And it puts the guys that are playing or competing in such a quandary, because now you don’t want to do certain things, and you want to go on vacation. So if you make it a week, I think you almost get full participation of players.”

Participation at All-Star weekend isn’t an issue because rules are already in place to, um, encourage that, but point taken. The schedule is an issue, there is little chance teams will give up games/money, and so something else must be done. Playing four times in five nights, an accepted necessity these days, hurts the product on the court.

It would mean starting the season sooner because simply shoe-horning in a league-wide bye week in the current calendar would create more games jammed together, not solve the problem. Giving teams different weeks off potentially creates problems – getting the bye close to the playoffs is a huge advantage – and there couldn’t be anything like four teams idle at the same time because scheduling is tough enough with 29 choices for an opponent. But breathing room would be nice.

Agent David Falk: “In the long term, (an idea that) David Stern shared with me many years ago was that at some point in time, the NBA will start the season right after the Super Bowl…and go through the baseball All-Star Game. Play about 60 games. And at that point in time, the season will end. And then you’ll start another season in Europe. You’ll have 25, 30 teams in Europe, in Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Milan, Amsterdam, Athens, Paris. And if you are a young Kevin Durant and you want to play all year round and get paid for it, you’ll play both venues. If you are Kevin Garnett and you want to win one more championship with Kobe Bryant, you’re only going to play one of those venues. …”

Very interesting. But it’s not going to happen. Negotiating the new TV deals with the different networks is the major issue in front of Silver, and the league is not going to give up that many games, just as owners don’t want to lose the gate, for the uncertainty of what may or may not come of the Europe gamble.

Bobcats president of basketball operations Rod Higgins: “What I’d like to see changed is the amount of time that we are able to work with our players during the offseason. Obviously this is something that would need to be collectively bargained with the players association, but I think it is something that would benefit both the players and the teams. As it stands now, from a few days after the season ends until the start of training camp, there are no official or organized workouts with the players. This is unlike the NFL, which has offseason workouts and mini-camps.

“As a result, you can go up to five months without seeing some of your players since anything they do with teams in the offseason is voluntary. It would help players with their physical conditioning, as well as their on-court basketball skills if there was more opportunity to work with them. …”

While going that long without connecting with a player if the team wants to is a rarity – assistant coaches and trainers routinely travel the world to spend time with players at home in the offseason – the idea has a lot of merit. It could lead to improved quality of play. Good luck getting the union to go along.

TNT analyst Steve Kerr, a former player and general manager: “I would hope the owners wouldn’t be shy about going to the players union and saying: Hey, let’s change the draft rule. Let’s make it the baseball rule, or let’s do two years instead of one. Let’s work together so that players come into this league more prepared. And in return we’ll give you guys this. We’ll concede on these issues that will help you make more money or that will help the guys who stay for two years, who come out of college, maybe their rookie scale goes up. … The idea obviously is that they’ve got to be better prepared. I mean, the fact that the No. 1 pick in the draft (Anthony Bennett) can’t even get on the floor, that’s pretty scary. And if you look at the last few years, so few rookies have actually made an impact. And that’s worrisome.”

Discussion on the age limit appears inevitable, with reasonable cases to be made for raising the standard or keeping it in place or even, in an unlikely outcome, going back to the old system that U.S. players could enter the draft out of high school. It is an issue before Silver one way or another.


  1. wew says:

    they should remove the fan-based voting for ASG. change the finals format to 2-2-1-1-1

  2. Shady says:

    He could stop rigging games and get rid of the sleeve jerseys.That’d be a good start.

  3. hdsnake867 says:

    There’s a lot of good in the NBA, but this is what’s BAD in the league and should be eliminated. 1. Slam Dunk contest. 2. Fan based voting for the All-Star game. Its just a popularity contest. It still pisses me off that Magic Johnson started the game in 1992 and he wasn’t even in the league. Think of the deserving player who was left off the team because of that. 3. Big market/small market. Screw that. Got to treat all of the teams equally. The league can’t favor one child over another. 4. Even if the season has to go longer, eliminate back to back games. There’s no need to wear down the players’ bodies any more than necessary. 5. Get rid of that new delay of game rule where when a player touches the ball after it goes through the net. All this does is create more delay by having to go down to the other end to shoot a free throw and then go back the other way to inbound the ball. The original intent of delay of game was on the in bounds play. That was okay, but this new wrinkle is just plain dumb. Okay. That’s enough for now. Thanks for letting me vent.

    • jOLAN says:

      How are you even a fan if it still pisses you off the magic started in 92′? Also the all-star SHOULD be decided by fans, as the whole point of it is to entertain the fans! Delay of game call is only making a longer delay at first, players will adapt and it will save time. When a player on the other side touches the ball after they score, they have to give it to the ref and then the ref to the player, this limits the ability of teams to get up the floor quicker, so its a good rule IMO.

  4. MostValuableComment says:

    defensive rules biased,players showcasing intolerable unprofessionalism , abusives star treatment by the “refs”, flops destroying the game, illegal plays in the highlights (goaltending, traveling),
    the league is soccerising and become a jerseys store
    by the way, nice all star game commissioner, nice. like an 12 year old nba2k allstar on video game console.

  5. willie says:

    in that way, teams 17-30 wouldn’t want to lose their remaining games anymore because there’s no reward in losing even if they are already eliminated in the playoff race

  6. willie says:

    to eliminate tanking, non playoff teams get 1 pingpong ball each for the rookie draft. now that’s a real lottery…..

  7. Mags says:

    Match the seasons of the big major american sport leagues, so everybody can enjoy 1 at the time 🙂

  8. J4CK Nicholson says:

    1 – Top 16 teams (regardless of conference) should be matched for the playoffs. In this case philosophy for building teams will be different. You’re not only gearing up against your own conference, but for the whole league.

    2 – Playoffs should be from best of 3, best of 5 (QF), Best of 7 (SF) with 2-2-1-1-1 format and the Finals itself, again with 2-2-1-1-1 format.

    3 – I don’t mind 82 games for as long as there’s no back to back games. Schedules should be evenly distributed and will not give favor and/or advantage to any teams.

    4 All Star games should be revised to Game 1: USA High School Selection VS. USA College Selection, Game 2: Rookies VS. Sophomores and Game 3 is Team USA Basketball VS. NBA All Star Team in order to promote competition as recent all star games are all BORING. With regards to slam dunk contest: if no big names will participate, then call the contest off.

    To readers: please feel free to comment, thanks.

    • Pakyaw says:

      Lol!.. Do you really expect a competition in a all star ” exhibition” game?.. People wants to see highlights.. But I agree on slam dunk contest…

  9. Paul says:

    I think he should stop favoring teams….It’s so obvious!! Have anyone seen the Pistons vs Heat game? I mean Pistons were playing against five players plus three refs. Didn’t get a single call they were so one sided…I mean I know it’s better for NBA that Miami goes into the NBA finals rather than some small franchise but come on….I feel bad for the players…Miami has a good team they should be able to win without the refs help…I didn’t like LeBron but now I’m losing respect for the whole Heat franchise

  10. okc2014 says:

    I thinks braids, tattoos, and giving each other daps and hugs after games should be banned. LOL.

  11. KDTrey5 says:

    Silver should take some consideration on people’s thoughts.

  12. R says:

    All star weekend is garbage.

    Bring back 6 to 8 Dunkers in the Dunk contest.

    Get rid of Shooting Stars.

    Bring back the Legends game.


    show the score after a commercial break, then let it disappear. Get rid of ticker going constantly. Everyone has a phone or internet to get this info and it clogs the TV screen.

    • justsayin says:

      Congrats, not showing the score is the worst idea I have ever heard.

      If you really want to save space in the era of ginormus TVs – do away with the superfluous in-game coach interviews they shrink down the real action to show.