Hang Time Podcast (Episode 145) Featuring Phil Jackson

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Kevin Durant vs LeBron James (or Oklahoma City Thunder vs Miami Heat) lived up to every bit of the hype, complete with the superstar slugfest for MVP honors we all expected.

Not even Atlanta’s #Snowpacolypse2104 could keep us from the studio and taking care of our business after last week’s hiatus.

And we’ve got a heavyweight bout of our own on Episode 145 of the Hang Time Podcast featuring legendary coach Phil Jackson, he of all the rings, who sat down for an exclusive interview with our very own Rick Fox (you can also check out the full piece on Jackson on NBA TV and NBA.com). Kobe Bryant, James, Michael Jordan, his time with the Los Angeles Lakers, a return to the NBA (in some capacity) and so much more was covered during the session between Fox and his longtime mentor, a man known for telling you exactly how he feels and what he thinks.

With the All-Star reserves announcement on tap, we also discussed who might be the hits and misses this year. In addition, we do some trade deadline forecasting and guesstimating while we had the time.

We tossed in Sounds of the Game and the latest installment of Braggin’ Rights for good measure.

Check it out on Episode 145 of the Hang Time Podcast featuring SI.com’s Seth Davis.


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VIDEO: Rick Fox sits down for some quality time with legendary coach Phil Jackson

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  1. KDTrey5 says:

    Phil Jackson should be back to coaching the Lakers. It’s the only way Kobe will get his 6th ring.