All-Star Reserves Named Tonight On TNT

VIDEO: The Beat crew picks the East and West reserves

We all know that coaches are never swayed by sentimentality. What they do, by its very nature, is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately kind of business.

NBA All-Star 2014Good thing, then, that a couple of golden oldies named Tim Duncan and Dirk Nowitzki are still producing like young pups.

The fate of the 37-year-old Duncan and 35-year-old Nowitzki are two of the biggest questions as the reserves for the 2014 NBA All-Star Game are announced tonight (7 ET) on TNT.

The results of the voting by the league’s 30 coaches will be revealed and discussed by Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith on a one-hour NBA Tip-Off special preceding a doubleheader that will have the Cavaliers at New York and the Clippers at Golden State.

Duncan, making a bid for a 15th All-Star Game,  is averaging 14.8 points, 9.8 rebounds and 2.2 blocked shots in leading the Spurs to the second-best record in the West. Nowitzki had a string of 11 All-Star appearances snapped a year ago due to lingering knee problems, but has the Mavericks back in the playoff hunt by averaging 21.2 points, 6.2 rebounds and 2.9 assists.

After no centers were voted into the starting lineup of either team by the fan balloting, it is expected that Dwight Howard of the Rockets and Roy Hibbert of the Pacers will be added by the coaches.

In the Eastern Conference, after Hibbert of the Pacers, Chris Bosh of the Heat, Joakim Noah of the Bulls, Paul Millsap of the Hawks and John Wall of the Wizards, the questions swirl around the two wild card slots. DeMar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry, Lance Stephenson, Arron Afflalo and Joe Johnson are top candidates.

Along with the fates of Duncan and Nowitzki, the Western coaches will pick from a frontcourt group that includes LaMarcus Aldridge, David Lee, Serge Ibaka and DeMarcus Cousins. Do-it-all small forward Nicolas Batum may be in the discussion, too. The backcourt is even more crowded. Still-injured guard Chris Paul could make it back in time for All-Star. But Kobe Bryant, elected a starter, is expected to miss the game. So coaches (and newly minted commissioner Adam Silver, who will name replacements for starters who can’t play) will pick from among Paul, James HardenDamian Lillard, Tony Parker, Klay Thompson, Mike Conley, Goran Dragic and maybe even Monta Ellis. 

The 63rd NBA All-Star Game will be exclusively televised on TNT from New Orleans Arena on Sunday, Feb. 16, 2014. The All-Star Game, also aired live on ESPN Radio, will reach fans in 215 countries and territories and be broadcast in more than 40 languages.


  1. Patty says:

    Why in the world is Kenny Smith still on TNT? Kenny Smith is one DUMB and inarticulate person.

  2. Patty says:

    Lance Stephenson should make the all star team. Shame on the NBA and the coaches if they donot select Lance Stephenson

    Lance Stephenson is an excellent player. Be Encourage!!!

  3. okc2014 says:

    I agree w/ Charles Barkley: :”Winning should be rewarded.” So what’s up w/ the Joe Johnson pick? And I don’t think it’s fair that Kobe and Chris Paul, who are injured, were still qualified to be picked. If a player is injured/not playing, they should be disqualified. And Dwayne Wade should be disqualified too, just like Charles Barkley said, he’s a “part time player”. No fair to the other players who show up all the time. I also agree that Kyle Lowry should have been chosen over Derozan, but definitely not both of them. There team isn’t that good (then Teague should have been picked)

  4. Dutch76 says:

    DeAndre Jordan…..leads the league in rebounds and shooting percentage and is #4 in blocks. The west if heavy with talent in the front court Aldridge, love, Griffin, Dirk, Lee, Duncan, Durant But I’d rather see DJ than that overrated POS Howard

    • aa says:

      Hate to break it to you, Howard is much better than DJ, DJ doesnt have alot of talent, he is big and athlethic thats pretty much it.

  5. GSW15 says:

    Hoping to see Lowry, derozan and stephenson make the cut for East.

  6. nick says:


  7. jay guevarra says:

    Dirk nowitzki should play on the all=star game….

  8. lupe fiasco says:

    Joe johnson should not be an all star. Dudes averagging 13 points on an okay team. Derozan has been superb aaveraging 22/5/4 on a good team. If johnson gets picked over him raptors fans should go crazy

  9. Brandon says:

    How in the heck is Al Jefferson not on this list?! Seriously, is Paul Milsap just on there because the Hawks are winning? Al’s numbers are better. C’mon man. Show some love for the Bobcats.

  10. ai83 says:

    In January Al Jeffeson: 22.9 pp 10.8 rb 2.5 asist 53.4%​​, and discussed his presence in the ASG, underrated player ever.
    Al Jefferson last 10 games: 26.9 pp 11.9 rb 2,5 asist 55.7%, and I doubt that he is chosen for the All Star, scandal, underrated player.
    Absolutely if he is not selected would be a shame.

  11. nbalegend says:

    How the HELL Joe Johnson is supposed to be a Lock and Lance stephensen! isn’t Demar Derozan way more deserving than these two and also over WADE.

  12. Mike KO says:

    I think only real choice is Dragic. If he is not seleted this All Star will be without one of biggest stars of moment in NBA!!!

  13. Stu says:

    For all the Lance haters the guy is playing in the best team in the East and having an awesome season. Toronto barely has a winning record FFS – Lance has carried the Pacers in a few games!

  14. Mark says:

    Can I please get a Sixer??

  15. artifex says:

    I didn’t get why in The Beat video Sekou and DA pick 8 reserves.
    Though the last 2 are marked, they talk about them as if both get in and DA mentions, that “DeMar DeRozan is number 13” on his list – well obviously Hibbert is no. 13…
    In the West you can make a case for injured Bryant not playing, so I went to look for any news in the east, but nothing.
    …I’m puzzled…

  16. give credit to where its due says:

    I think NBA should recognize Lance Stephenson should not be rewarded all star reserve this year. It is easy to put up big numbers when you are not the first option and other teams do not really pay attention to Stephenson as much as they would on George. Just something to keep in mind. On the other hand, Demar Derozen or Kyle Lowry are guys that led their respective team and are having a great success in doing so, i think it is fair to give either one of those guys a chance to be recognized. As for Stephenson, i am not hating, i just think that they should give him more time (maybe the next season) to prove himself more and more by posting consistent numbers for the rest of the season until the next and if it is consistent then that is when he is worthy of all star. Just my thoughts 🙂

  17. Fans are dunb says:

    If Lamarcus Aldrige does not get in it will be a very very sad day for the NBA. And it will show the same old bias “large market” vison the nba see’s. Same with kyle up north. D.Cousins should not be a all star due to the kings record. The fans voted kobe bryant in when the guy is injured. Dwight Howard belongs on the reserves, jordan can only dunk so why in the world should he be in? But don’t worry people the NBA will always drag down the smaller markets so expect the worse!!

  18. Kbball says:

    To me, the All-Star game should be an event where young players and/or players in there prime should play to give a show to us fans. Tim Duncan and Dirk are great players and have good numbers but I don’t see them entertaining me at an All-Star game.

    • Kbball says:

      They should be players who also have a good season and has helped there team win**
      In my opinion, the reserves considerations should be
      Roy Hibbert, John Wall, Demar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry, Paul Millsap,
      Dwight Howard, Lamarcus Aldridge, Damian Lillard, Goran Dragic

  19. Dhuka says:

    And what about Anthony Davis!? I think he deserves at least to be mentioned; his numbers are enough good to be all-star level and above all he is an all-star type of player…give him credit!

  20. Someone who used to be me says:

    The league should remove the farce they should have seen coming from the start known as the fan vote from the All-star game and instead allow the fans to vote for the dunk contest and/or 3 point shootout participants.

  21. qq says:

    Nowitzki should get in, davis is playing on a bad team, while nowitzki is carrying a playoffteam.

  22. as says:

    Al Jefferson is having an allstar season, and charlotte is winning some games this year aswell, its time for him to get in.

  23. James says:

    Big Al Jefferson having a good season.

  24. Critical says:

    Why do people think Afflalo is an ALLSTAR??!?!? NONSENSE he has mediocrity written all over him. Lance Stephen is superior and will contribute to help the team WIN. WOW. was he an allstar in Denver? WOW. I also don’t like DIRK AND DUNCAN. . . man the NBA must be just giving them more accomplishments, let the young players perform. What will they do in an ALLSTAR GAME?!?!?!?! Joe Johnson is not an Allstar THATS FORSURE HE WAS 4 YEARS AGO BUT NOT ANYMORE. I’D RATHER SEE TONY PARKER/KWAHI LEONARD BE IN IT!!! MAN’s 38 years old. TIME TO LET IT GO.

  25. IMMAD says:

    Why do people think Afflalo is an ALLSTAR??!?!? NONSENSE he has mediocrity written all over him. Lance Stephen is superior and will contribute to help the team WIN. WOW. was he an allstar in Denver? WOW. I also don’t like DIRK AND DUNCAN. . . man the NBA must be just giving them more accomplishments, let the young players perform. What will they do in an ALLSTAR GAME?!?!?!?! Joe Johnson is not an Allstar THATS FORSURE HE WAS 4 YEARS AGO BUT NOT ANYMORE. I’D RATHER SEE TONY PARKER/KWAHI LEONARD BE IN IT!!! MAN’s 38 years old. TIME TO LET IT GO.

  26. issuxark says:

    DA, why can’t you pick two Raptors? You have 3 players from both Heat and Pacers. Why can’t you have 2 all-stars from a 3rd place team? Both Lowry and Derozan have carried the Raptors, especially after Gay trade.

  27. issuxark says:

    Wow DA, why can’t you pick two Raptors, when you have 3 players from Heat and the Pacers as all-stars? 3rd place team can’t have two all-stars (when they are deserving)?

  28. GoMavs says:

    Dirk Nowitzki and Tim Duncan are nothing short of all-stars. If anyone from this group of hopefulls deserves this, It is them.

  29. Robo1212 says:

    I never understood why good players never want to play in toronto, other than the fact that we usually have lousy teams, but it’s clear to me now that they get absolutely no attention around the league. Asked who his reserves are, Charles Barkley included “a raptor”, and David Aldrige say’s you have to pick “a” raptor… Not only are the raptors winning with the third best record in the east, but both Derozan and Lowry are playing at a high level and carrying this team! Give credit where credit is due, if this team was from new york city, there would be no question that both of these guys are all-stars.

  30. BoB says:

    Dragic, the guy is extremely fun to watch, the stats are great, the impact on the team impossible to measure, incredibly non-selfish player, IMO the most underrated player in the league – we miss you in houston, dragon, no defence harden is ok, but …

  31. Robo1212 says:

    lol wtf david aldridge, why can’t you pick two raptors..?

  32. bomarzo says:

    A. Davis anybody? Seems crazy to throw in DaMarcus Cousins and forget about Davis.

  33. Ivan says:

    Lance Stephenson has good numbers (maybe a tad inconsistent offensively) while playing on a very good team, but I’m not sure it’s enough to make him an All Star. He’d sure get my vote for Most Improved Player.

    Johnson, inconsistent and not exactly helping the Nets win games. Not an All Star.

    Afflalo, good numbers on a bad team. Not enough to be an All Star.

    Demar and Kyle, both have the numbers and they’re helping the Raptors win. They’re more deserving over the other three.

  34. ron says:

    this is bogus where dirk

  35. Nejc says:

    Goran Dragic, surely. He has improved the most, and his stats are incredible (% average).

  36. Jr says:

    joe johnson aka joe jesus aka clutch joe aka JJ

  37. kanuk says:

    the ASG is about nothing but entertainment. as such, the players playing should be selected by the following measures:

    1. are you a fun player to watch? (this is why centers are absent from the selections this year … they’re just not very entertaining)

    2. is your team successful? (conference standings of 1-4)

    3. are you an impact player / mvp for your team / do you have numbers?

    this is how things should be!

  38. JJ says:

    GORAN DRAGIC one more time last night he proved it again 30 points in less the 24 minutes…. Only the 4th player is 6 years that managed to do that with 9/13 shooting.
    I agree he should replace injured Kobe Bryant in starting 5………. yeah I said it he deserves to be a starter

  39. Jayson says:

    The Commissioner will name replacements because fans obviously can NOT be trusted with the voting. Kobe bryant a starter? really? He’s one of my fav player no doubt, but to vote someone in as a STARTER who’s played only in like 6 of 41 games? That’s ridiculous and proves that most fans are biased and shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

  40. jakeportnoy says:

    Um, this is ridiculous.

    Lance Stephenson should only be considered if DeRozan gets injured. I’d rather have Afflalo over Stephenson and Joe Johnson… he shouldn’t even be considered to be an all-star.

    Kyrie doesn’t deserve the starting spot, John Wall does. D. Wade and James Harden already said DeRozan has to be an all-star, and if Vogel chooses Stephenson and Hibbert, he will be highly criticize for favoring his players.

  41. JS says:

    Jeff Teague not making it was already a robbery, it’s clear that this system is ruled by names over skills.. atleast Millsap getting a chance. #hawksnation

  42. outsid3 says:

    Aldridge & Dragic

  43. ea says:

    Why is Joe Johnson above Kyle Lowry or Derozan? Why is he a lock… why is Stephenson a lock?

  44. Jean_Phi says:

    Again, not see Tony Parker making a conscensus is ridiculous. It’s like the reporters have a two-day memory or what?
    How can some them put him after Goran Dragic?
    Dragic’s stats are matching Parker’s even if they’re slighly different but the guy is playing more minutes and plays for a team that is only sixth in the West. Are you kidding me?

    • Jay says:

      While Im not saying Dragic is better than Parker, your statement is far from being a compelling one, I mean sure, Dragic plays 2 more minutes than Parker (a huge difference) and sure Suns are only 6th while Spurs are second BUT – Spurs are a champion contender team with a lot of talent while Suns were supposed to be the last place in the west yet are 6th in a vicious West, without one of their 2 top players and with literally nothing special on their roster (just look at them on the paper)… also Dragic is a much better defender than Parker , with all that being said I believe they both deserve to make the team, Dragic is a more deserving one IMO coz Suns are a cinderalla story of the season and one fueled by Dragic…

  45. no offense klay thompson is a great shorter but hes not an all star, but would love to see him in the three point contest

  46. well we all know that Dirk going to the all star game

  47. #ThisIsAjoke says:

    why the hell is joe johnson there over derozan. Derozans numbers are better in every category, and he has a better record. This is such a joke.

  48. Aydarus says:

    I would say that Lowry should be in the All Star Game he is having a good year this year with the Raptors aerage 21.0 points this January and for Raptor guy u dont know anything abouts Raptors bro so shut the hell up . So Lowry definetly must be in the All Star Game period IF u people disagree please feel free tp reply me

  49. Chris says:

    This is ridiculous, the coaches better reward Kyle Lowry i mean please take a look at the numbers and the position of the raptors please look somewhere else other than the U.S appreciate the talent North of the border

  50. RaptorNation says:

    Its simple…the NBA only cares about the ratings they get from the most watched players I.e kobe, LeBron, chris pual……Kobe said it himself he doesn’t deserve to play in the all star game because he hasn’t even played in the regular season yet nba still picks him?? why?? because hes popular and will attract the ratings.

    No dice for the hard working players that actually deserve it and have put time in their game just because they ain’t popular or are not endorsed.

  51. gboy says:

    james harden should start for kobe.knowing tat the west shud b lilliard,aldridge,lee,cousins,parker,dragic,and dwigh,the east should b hibbert,millsap,bosh,noah, lowry,lance stephenson,and afflalo.

  52. wooderson says:

    cant pick two raptors? oh god no, don’t give the raptors any credit whatsoever that would be crazy

    • Foresight says:

      What are the Raptors? 0.500 wins. Since the Raptors finally can play “just okay” why is there this outcry that the Raptors are this Great team all of the sudden?

  53. PoorLin says:

    I see some guys here talking about Kyle Lowry and Goran Dragic. I envy them for being able to escape from Kevin McHale and James Harden (and in Lowry’s case also managed to escape from Rudy Gay) and not only that but also get a new club with head coach that can make plays and willing to put the ball on PGs to be the playmaker.

  54. john WILL says:

    Please just return the Rookie-Sophmore game back to rookies vs sophmores.

  55. wooderson says:

    derozan, lowry and dragic HAVE to make it. simple as that

    • Foresight says:

      2-3 years ago I was hoping my team would have picked up either Lowry, Drajic or Bledsoe as our main PG. It never happened! I wish that I were the one to make those diecisions. I knew All three of these guys were going to be top teir PG’s in the Leasgue and here we are discussing them as All-star reserves. (Bledsoe not mentioned due to injury).

  56. rtz says:

    Fix the link so we can see the East picks!

  57. Raptor says:

    Might as well remove Toronto Raptors from the NBA , no recognition whatsoever

    • pKone says:

      They get their props. Here in Frans article and by people in the know 🙂

      As a Raps fan I’d have Amir on the list as well! Talk about under-rated 🙂

      But that’s life up North and until we can win a round in the Playoffs, we will always be the international team that also showed up…

  58. chris says:

    HOW on gods green earth kyle lowry not in this discussion #checkthenumbers

    • pKone says:

      Another person who didn’t read the article it appears… Fran included Kyle and Double D! In fact mentioned them first on the list of players trying to snag a spot 🙂

      • Steve says:

        Its not that we didnt read it. Kyles name was definitely not in the article when it was first published. They must have edited it afterwards.

  59. TROYBOY says:

    A replacement for an all star starter should be by the votes. Just like all the starters. Why do we need the Comissioner to name the replacement? All starters are voted in by the fans. Why is the replacement any defferent?

    • pKone says:

      Because if the Fans are too Pig-Headed to not vote in an injured player, especially a player that asked his own fans not to vote for him, then the fans really can’t be trusted to do it right 😉

      I am being mildly facetious here, but really how would you go about it?

      Next in line? Who’s to say who would have gotten Kobe’s votes if he weren’t in it? Maybe all of the Kobe fans would pick Nick Young if Kobe wasn’t an option…

      Looks like having the coaches work with the Commish to get a deserving player is a good approach. Maybe your fav gets picked because he deserves it, even if he lacks popularity and all will be well 🙂

  60. NITRO says:

    Dragic has to make to the all stars!! check his number… hes there with KD and Lebron!! Phoenix is 6th in the west…and hes the biggest reason why.

    The choice is really simple…. GORAN DRAGIC >>>>> New Orleans!!!!

  61. Steve says:

    Kind of ridiculous that Kyle Lowry hasn’t been mentioned. Without him, Raptors wouldn’t be where they are in the standings today.

    • pKone says:

      Don’t worry, Fran mentioned Kyle and DeMar above,

      And since everything can be gambled on these days, odds givers are projecting Lowry as the second most probable Eastern Reserve Guard. Right after Wall, which is understandable.