Blogtable: Your Should-Be All-Star Pick?

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Give me the player you’d like to see on the All-Star team but probably won’t make it?

Steve Aschburner, Al Jefferson, Charlotte. Just wrote about the guy, the season he’s having, the career he’s had, his impact on an improving Bobcats team and his really unfortunate close call as an All-Star reserve in 2009, when he suffered a double-whammy after missing out on the West squad by immediately blowing out a knee. Don’t give me that “All Stars need to come from teams north of .500” stuff, because it’s a team game and the NBA wants top players to migrate to struggling franchises, right? A roster spot in New Orleans – site of his knee blowout, coincidentally – and a few All-Star minutes would light up Big Al like a Roman candle.

Fran Blinebury, Goran Dragic. He probably gets squeezed out by James Harden’s higher scoring average and Tony Parker playing for a Spurs team that is near the top of the West. But Dragic has been the offensive leader of the real surprise team in the conference and his play has only gone up in recent weeks without Eric Bledsoe in the lineup.

Jeff Caplan, Mike Conley and Goran Dragic are right up there for me, but from a purely show-stopping standpoint I’d love to see Clippers center DeAndre Jordan get the chance to throw down a series of lobs from the West’s great stable of table-setters. Jordan as an All-Star isn’t such a wild notion. He’s averaging 9.5 ppg and a league-best 13.9 rpg. He’s also fourth in blocked shots (2.38) as he puts together a terrific year defensively. But, hey, defense and the All-Star Game never really went hand-in-glove. That’s not what this is about. This is about pure entertainment value, and for that, no one can go up and throw it down quite like DeAndre Jordan.

Scott Howard-Cooper, Anthony Davis. At least I think he won’t be there. It would not be a shock if he is, though, and he certainly would be worthy. It has nothing to do with the hometown angle of the Pelicans’ franchise player representing in New Orleans and everything to do with talent. He is already at an All-Star level, en route to being a superstar who will make the mid-season showcase in about every one of the next 10 years. He deserves the spotlight. He has earned the spotlight.

John Schuhmann, NBA.comAnthony Davis, of course. As the last couple of games have shown, the guy’s a monster. The festivities are in his building, and he’s one of a couple of big men (Blake Griffin obviously being the other) who would be a ton of fun to watch in the All-Star Game. I don’t think Davis really deserves to go (there are a bunch of bigs on winning teams who are more deserving), but I’d love to see him there.

Sekou Smith, I’d love to see Toronto’s DeMar DeRozan on the team for so many different reasons. Mostly because I feel like he’s put together a body of work this season that clearly shows he’s earned it, but for one reason in particular — player evolution. So many times coaches run their jibbers about wanting a young player to keep his head down and just improve each and every aspect of his game, while also working for the greater good. They want young players to evolve. And so often a guy does that and never sees the reward in the way of an All-Star bid because the fans pick five of the guys and then the coaches feel obligated to hand out All-Star nods to veterans based on their reputation or status. The window for so many of these guys to make an All-Star team is tiny. So it would be nice to see everything line up for a guy like DeRozan, who has gone about his business in a way that coaches swear they love, turning himself into something much more than just the athletic, rim finisher he was branded as earlier in his career.

Lang Whitaker, All Ball blog: I’ll go with a guy who’s never been an All-Star but who is consistently one of the most exciting players in the NBA: Jamal Crawford. With the Clippers he plays largely a complementary role, which makes sense when you’re playing alongside Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, and defense has never really been something that he’s done with any sort of commitment. But he is averaging 18 points per game this season, and he’s remarkably versatile within the Clippers offense, playing the 1 and 2 and helping the Clips survive injuries to both Paul and J.J. Redick. Besides, if anyone’s game is made for an All-Star Game, it’s Jamal’s, with his ridiculous crossover dribbles and four-point plays.

Marc-Oliver Robbers, NBA Deutschland: For me as a German it isn’t very difficult to make a pick: Dirk Nowitzki. Dirk plays a great season and performs again on a high level. Not everyone expected that after the way his knee injury hampered him last year. His figures are at his career level and on good days he can still dominate every power forward in the league. But with all the great bigs in the West it would be very difficult to get nominated again.

Aldo Miguel Aviñante, NBA Philippines: Jeff Teague. He’s an underrated and under-appreciated player for the Hawks. The way he is running the team is impressive. Minus Josh Smith and Al Horford, you would think that the Hawks would become bottom-feeders in the league, but Teague has been able to keep them afloat.

Simon Legg, NBA Australia: Goran Dragic. I can’t see him getting in with all the guards in the Western Conference but this guy has been phenomenal. He has been an integral part of Phoenix’s great start to the season and has gone to another level in Eric Bledsoe‘s absence. He and LeBron James are the only players in the league with at least 19 points and 6 assists while shooting 49 percent. What’s most impressive about his shooting percentage is that his usage rate has significantly increased since Bledsoe went down.


  1. michael k says:

    I know the west is stacked with guards but I will be BOYCOTTING the all star game because GORAN DRAGIC wasn’t chosen.
    Id take him over any of the other guards ANYDAY. BOYCOTT THE ALLSTAR GAME DRAGIC FANS!!! GO DRAGON!

  2. Med86 says:

    Kyle Lowry: He is the best PG in the eastern conference period. don’t start with John Wall or Teague, those don’t play like the Tdot general. Wall’s team has a losing record and Lowry beats Teague in stats, team winning record and leadership skill,three pct…Come on, the guy was even on the MVP ladder…Truth is nobody cares about Toronto, and I wonder if those guys on tv even watching basketball games, they just give their feelings… they say we want winning records, we want stats. hes has it all, done it all.

  3. Cash says:

    Who is your all time favorite All-Star player. The player who really dominates the All-Star game!!!!!!

  4. sebdemars says:

    Kendrick Perkins

  5. ai83 says:

    Al Jefferson absolutely he deserves to be in the ASG, in January Al Jeffeson: 22.9 pp 10.8 rb 2.5 asist 53.4%​​, and discussed his presence in the ASG, underrated player ever.

    ASG is a joke.

  6. cating says:

    by far Anderson Varejao deserve above anyone mentioned fal all he did for the cavs in his entire career

  7. mp11 says:

    Monta Ellis

  8. IT’LL BE A TRAGIC DAY IF Dirk doesn’t make the all star team

  9. joeshmofro says:

    Dragic should be an all star this year. He put this Suns on his back and is carrying them to the playoffs slim reaper style. When the Suns need a boost in the 4th quarter to get them over the top, he is always delivers.

  10. BALLER says:


  11. Vers says:

    Dragon of course

  12. john says:

    I wish the all star weekend was over and done with and we can go back to the regular season again.

  13. luckyjosh says:

    Monta Ellis

  14. JJ says:

    GORAN DRAGIC one more time last night he proved it again 30 points in less the 24 minutes…. Only the 4th player is 6 years that managed to do that with 9/13 shooting.
    I agree he should replace injured Kobe Bryant in starting 5………. yeah I said it he deserves to be a starter

  15. Art says:

    Hibbert: 11.8 pts, 7.8 reb, 1.4 ast, PIE 10.2% (7.4% in January)

    Noah: 11.7 pts, 11.4 reb, 4.2 ast PIE 14.4% (17.6% in January)

    You don’t need any comments if you completed an elementary school

  16. Looks like everyone knows; hope someone’s listening – it’s gotta be GORAN DRAGIC. The numbers above, with and increased usage rate, time on court, blowout win over Pacers. He plays like an All-Star too – like he do whatever he wants whenever he wants – and he does. Very similar to MVP Nash, but a better rebounder and a better defender. Plus, he’s called “The Dragon!”

  17. Mladen says:

    DRAGIČ for sure deserve too bee all star,GO SLOVENIA!!!

  18. NITRO says:

    GORAN DRAGIC HAS to make to the all stars… there is no doubt at all… just check the guys number and statisticks. He is there with KD and Lebron!!! The numbers tell everything…… plus hes probably one of the best TEAM players in the league……if not the best

    The CHOICE is really simple!! Go GORAN! You are the best!!!

  19. Marko says:

    Goran Dragic definitely deserve All star game! Suns are the best.

  20. john says:

    Dragic for sure! I mean the guy is just killing it this season! Pa valda, da smo Slovenci tu :))

  21. mojster1000 says:

    Without a doubt. Goran Von Slovenie.

  22. steven says:

    I think it will come to parker vs. dragic. Dragic has better numbers than parker. Spurs and suns are both good this year. If parker gets chosen it’s just because 65 milions french viewers vs. 2 milions slovenian.

  23. erazer says:

    It would be a shame if Dragic doesn’t make it. Energy of play and stats say it all!

  24. dragon says:

    Goran Dragic. He must be in the allstar team. If he doesn’t make it, the whole allstar project is a joke.

  25. Najvijac says:

    Looking Dragic shows this year , I bellive he is all star member. Respect !

  26. Lp says:

    Paul pierceee

  27. Art says:

    Dragic should replace injured Kobe

  28. jdub455 says:

    Definitely Goran Dragic

  29. kevin ramos says:

    Must be Goran “The Dragon” Dragic he plays the point guard with finesse and has much energy as those best guards in the league.

  30. Dr.Zoidberg says:

    Anderson Varejao busts his tail harder than anyone every single night.

  31. Marac says:

    Goran Dragic bi moral biti ALL STAR brez dileme.
    Škoda da premalo slovencev daje glasove zanj,..
    Gogi ti si legenda 🙂

  32. IZI says:

    Goran Dragić without a doubt! His numbers are huge and with that kind of energy that he plays he really deserves it. Also leading his team into the playoff picture.
    Goran Dragić all the way!

  33. Douglas says:

    It has to be the Dragon! He is killing it with the Suns this year. Surely!

  34. Jay says:

    DeRozan and Dragic, if those two dont make it, coaches are blind

  35. Iyer says:

    I feel like Demarcus Cousins deserves to be in this discussion.

  36. Pack says:

    If someone deserves All-Star, it’s Goran Dragic

  37. Smithey says:

    LOL, I just love how he said I cant leave “David Lee out of the all star since his team is killing it” and how he rewards winning teams but has Davis up in there….Suns have a better record than golden state with a horrible team (at least when compared on paper to that of warriors) and an injured top player… Dragic should make the team and not coz suns are the biggest surprise of the season but coz he’s playing great basketball and deserves to be there..

    I dont get why is CP3 in the mix when he probably aint even coming back in time ?

    In the east, Noah over Hibbert ?? freaky…

    God, the east side looks pitiful right now…. as a knicks fan Im ashamed we’re half a game from the playoffs spot with the way they’re playing

  38. JJ says:

    DRAGIC deserves to be an all star with Suns having a year nobody could dream about before the season started. The Franchise exloded while rebuilding…. I cant remeber if I ever saw this.. Its gonna be a disrespect to him if he dont make it,,,, being metioned with LJ as only two players avg 19ppg 6ast with 49 percent shooting

  39. jc says:

    Overall, DeRozan is the best 2 guard in the Eastern Conference other than Joe Johnson and D-Wade so he definitely deserves to be at the All-Star Game. If you ask me Wade shouldn’t be there because he’s been hurt so much this season and Johnson is debatable but he is the only reason that Brooklyn hasn’t been a total bust and is beginning to turn around so he deserves it. Long story short DeRozan and Johnson should be at the All-Star game and not Wade.

  40. Ryan Diggs says:

    Mike Conley for sure….He shows what he can do against elite guards

  41. Pat says:

    Demar has to make the team!!!

  42. Ben Bernstein says:

    Arron Afflalo and Anthony Davis. Forget how “allstars should be on winning teams.” The only player in this league that is soley carrying a team above .500 is Kevin Durant, so players on lousy sub-.500 teams should be allowed in. Both players can rack up 20+ points a game and Davis is fourth in the league in PER. Both players deserve to be all-stars as the players, not their teams, are being judged.

    • KeenEye's brother says:

      Afflalo dropped 10 pts on 4-11 shooting. When you are not even the every day primary option on a garbage ball club, you shouldn’t even set foot on an all-star court.

  43. Bus says:

    If the Suns don’t have an all-star this year and still make the playoffs in a toughly contested western conference, Jeff Hornacek deserves coach of the year. Goran Dragic has better numbers than quite a few guards in this league. Unfortunately, the West is so packed that there’s almost no room for him to play in the All-Star game

  44. aNewAge says:

    Dragic without a doubt. Phoenix is the biggest suprise this season and deserves to have a player in this year’s all star.

  45. Matt says:

    Monta Ellis?????????????

  46. Art says:

    It could be helpful if Sekou explained that MVP award is for current season only and not for life time achievement.
    This year KD is definitely the most valuable and the best overall player.

  47. dustydreamnz says:

    I’d hate to be picking guards in the West.

  48. Russell Eastbrook says:

    Paul George, Aldridge, Curry, Wall, Love, James >>>>>>>>>>> Durant.

  49. Russell Eastbrook says:

    Anderson Varejão

  50. James says:

    Both DD and Lowry should be there. I know Afflalo deserves it too but DD is playing for a winning team.

    • KeenEye says:

      I don’t agree with Afflalo at all. Today against the Raptors he scored just 10 points on 4-11 shooting. When you are not even the every day primary option on a weak ball club, you should even set foot on an all-star court.

  51. steppx says:

    its stupid, frankly, to suggest jamal crawford. There is a reason he keeps being traded. A great shooter who cant play defense. Not ANY defense. Id argue for dragic and Lowry…..both leading their teams to winning seasons.

    • Rockets says:

      Yes, because defense is what the All-Star game is all about.

    • pKone says:

      I am not sure you can argue Lowry, since he has a GOOD chance of being chosen, and this article is about snubs 🙂

      But Dragic is a deserving player who will likely be on the outside looking in 😦

      Anyone else notice how a lot of the snubs mentioned were in the West?