Time For Kobe To Call It A Season

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant opens up to TNT’s David Aldridge about his injury, this season and much more

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Since no one else wants to say it, I will.

It’s time Kobe Bryant, time to call it a season and hunker down and get ready for the 2014-15 season.

I don’t care that those words constitute blasphemy in the world of Kobe’s followers. Sometimes, even for a great player like Kobe, someone else has to make that call. And someone in the Lakers’ organization needs to make this one. Now that we know Kobe will miss another two to four weeks recovering from the fractured knee that has cost him the Lakers’ last 20 games (news courtesy of our man Kevin Ding from Bleacher Report).

The Lakers’ 4-16 record since the knee fracture was diagnosed is the most obvious nod to Kobe’s greatness but also the most glaring exhibit as to why he needs to forgo the rest of this season. His absence has already buried a mediocre team that is not going to recover in time to make a serious playoff push.

The hole is already too deep.

Kobe pushing it to get back in time to finish out this season in uniform would be a useless exercise for a player who should not be subject to playing exhibition games during the regular season at this stage of his career. Kobe can’t save the Lakers’ season, coach Mike D’Antoni‘s job or anything else by coming back this season. In fact, I think it helps the Lakers’ cause more if he stays off the court the rest of this season and focuses more on his recruiting effort for free agency. (Yeah, I know he said he’s not going to recruit Carmelo Anthony or anyone else, but don’t believe that hype!)

I don’t want to see a Lakers team with Kobe and Steve Nash (who is reportedly close to making his long-awaited return to active rotation duty soon) struggling to find their footing knowing that the season ends for the Lakers on April 16 against the San Antonio Spurs.

It would be different if Kobe was younger, if he was still in the physical prime of his career like Russell Westbrook or Derrick Rose. Rushing back on young legs and resilient joints and bones is a completely different challenge than what Kobe is and will deal with in the future.

Let the rebuilding job begin in the Southland, with Kobe as chief recruiter. His legacy is safe. He can afford to have a six-game season given all that he’s done in his career.

Now it’s time for him to rest up and recharge for next season and put an end to the foolish speculation as to when he’ll come back and what sort of miracles he can whip up for the Lakers this season!


  1. jdub455 says:

    Kobe, just join the heat… But of course, you must be Lebron’s Shadow Superstar… Not the otherway around… lol! just sit out this season and prepare for next year. a lot of things will happen this offseason so who knows… kobe will always be kobe! one of the greats… dunno how LAL could compete nxt yr but anything can happen and will start this season already.

  2. Harvey Odom Jr. says:

    I fill the season as far as the play off no hope for that, but as a baller let him do what he fills.

  3. Justin says:

    If he’s fit to play, I reckon he should get some games in this season. Just to start getting his game legs back. Set him up for a better preseason. Hit the ground running by the season opener.

  4. moe says:

    taking a season off at his age would be game over. kobe needs to get back as soon as he can he can to stay warm and game ready otherwise that worn down body might not respond ever agaain

  5. MPLAKERS says:

    Magic Johnson said it two weeks ago; Stephen A. Smith and a number of others have also said that Kobe should consider it. So Sekou, what? Have you been living under a rock when it comes to basketball news? YOU ARE NOT THE FIRST ONE. OTHERS HAVE ALREADY SAID IT.

  6. nick says:

    tank this season, get a good young player in the draft, let kobe heal completely and get stronger, let th chemistry form more completely between players and coach and come back stronger next year. whats not to like?

  7. tanibanana says:

    Once he’s healthy, return.
    So what if they will not make the playoffs..
    Over rest might not be a good idea as well.

  8. Mikayla says:

    Time for Kobe and Nash to retire. Lakers need to rebuild and stop living in the past. They shouldn’t have thrown so much money at Kobe. Duncan is a testament of a true player dedicated to his team.

  9. dutchlakerfan says:

    I understand what Sekou is saying here, the lakers are really far away from winning it all and there isnt really a reason for kobe to come back this season. But if he is able to play why shouldn’t he, they could use the rest of the season to tweek the chemistry and strategy between him and his possible teammates for next year. The management will need to make decisions for who they wanna keep and who they wanna sign next year. Every year after phil jackson left felt like a reset so far and its time to get a team with a plan out there, So using the rest of the season to figure out some stuff isnt a bad idea imo. Would love to see kendal marshal, jordan hill, farmar and young return next year together with kobe, nash, and if possible even Pau. Figure out roles and minutes for them and load up the roster with some vets and young guns. And maybe its time to put nash in a 6th man position next year, less minutes and the time he is on the court he can play on and off the ball more like he is used to, think it will be great to have him lead the 2nd unit.

  10. Denzo says:

    The guy is 35.. not 85… take it easy Sekou and stop eating donuts if you know anything.

  11. Eaglos says:

    High time for Kobe to retire as a player and seek for another post in the franchise.

  12. jake s. says:

    Time has told all, and it will tell all. He will never be the same.

  13. Gillsy says:

    I agree with J4ck Nicholson let Jennie and Phil run the team. Gasol needs to go while he still has some value. I agree Kobe needs to rest. but even if he comes back with 20 games to go they wont win more than 10. A good draft pick should be a priority along with keeping a few guys like Young, Hill, Henry. Then go after someone younger in free agency. Oh that’s right they spent that money on Kobe. I don’t think Melo will come I think he will be still in Big Apple just not playing for the Knicks. He will wait until KG retires at years end and play with Williams.

  14. J4CK Nicholson says:

    I can see Kobe’s frustration, but him being back doesn’t solve the main problems. First is for Jim Buss to step down. Really he just destroyed the team, why not let Jeannie and Phil handle the team? Second it let go of D’Antoni. Clearly he’s not the right coach for this team. Third, trade Gasol and amnesty Nash. Last, keep the young core of Meeks, Young, Henry, Hill, Johnson, and Marshall.

  15. LakersGuru says:

    Also, Kobe’s absence can only b part of the Lakers problem… The main reason for their lousy win-lost record todate is the absence of all 4 of their experienced guards….

    No other team in the NBA today could do any better with kind of a player loss….. Look at both the Heat & OKC’s struggle with just 1 guard missing…. Imagine 4 missing…

    Show me the team that overcome that while continuing to win…. Would u call for them to b disbanned as well???

  16. Jorge says:

    “The Lakers’ 4-16 record since the knee fracture was diagnosed is the most obvious nod to Kobe’s greatness but also the most glaring exhibit as to why he needs to forgo the rest of this season.”

    Lines like these are the most obvious proof of the lack of understanding of causality by Sekou.

    4-16 without Kobe means that the Lakers are a very weak team, when compared to their opponents.

    With Kobe, the same Lakers were 2-4, so, they go from 0.25 to 0.33 when adding Kobe.

    With your logic applied like this, any “best player” in a team that performs 0.33 or better would be declared a “Great.”

    Kobe has not had time to be “great” this season, his past accomplishments (championships, MVP, all-star, …) as well as his individual stats are what makes him one of the great ones to play basketball.

    In the end, Sekou hits the nail in that the Lakers, as organization, may be better of with Bryant sitting out this season, in terms of competition, but the reason Bryant got that huge contract extension is that he can make the Lakers that much money and more in sales. If he were to declare he is tanking the season and the Lakers are in rebuild/tank mode, the investment of keeping Mr. Bryant around would be for naught.

  17. Jill says:

    If Kobe wants to beat Jordan’s records he has to admit that his physical condition has limitations. He has to admit the leadership of a young star such as Melo, Harden etc. and be tolerant to that fact; otherwise, will be Howard’s Chapter 2 story by which Kobe does to allow any other player to take command of the team. The story will continue due to his personality and ego. No other player can be better than him in his team. and the Lakers will be the same mediocre team even though historically the franchise was an elite without a doubt.

  18. momoney says:

    GOOO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Tyrone says:

    Kobe already responded to Magic…..”If you give yourself an out, you give yourself leeway to not work as hard as possible.” (paraphrased)

  20. Rumplestiltskin's dad says:

    Come on Sekou you much have something better to write about than give Bryant yet more publicity. Certainly agree Bryant won’t be able to save anything, the Lakers won’t be any better with him as he is a very average player now. But to describe him as “great” is too over-rate him as he always has been throughout his career. At his best he was very good but never “great”.

    • LOL says:

      Finally someone else that thinks the same about this overrated BALLHOG that doesnt know the first thing about being a REAL teammate on a TEAM SPORT.

  21. Unkle Daddy says:

    Wouldn’t be in this shape if he wouldn’t have came back too early the first time (now I know some one will say, it was a different part of the body) yes, but as anyone who has ever been injured knows you overwork the non-injured body part to compensate. He needs to keep his old rear home, get better, take a pay cut and get some guys around him, if he doesn’t do that then he should retire because it will all be for nothing.

  22. Lakers best chance is to rest kobe this season and come back strong and fully healthy next year and compete. For lakers to hav a chance kobe has to be 100%. Lakers have had many great years for the fans so waiting for a healthy kobe next year should be ok. If he comes back this year its his ego and chasing scoring records. If hes truly changed in2 more of a leader now and wants whats best for lakers he will rest and come strong next season! No matter what medical staff say and declare him fit to play they still cant gaurantee no injury and risk serious injury this season when its already gone. Get better Kobe and come back furious next year chasing that title with some new free agent signing and young draft talent.

  23. John says:

    Sekou, “4’16 record since his absence obvious nod to his greatness”? Why did they start the year off at .500 then? And what was their record while he was playing?

  24. Bret Hockensmith says:

    Are you kidding me? This is Kobe Bryant..he doesn’t give up. Come one. He’s coming back and he will play. Period.

  25. mart says:

    thats why u write blog and are not on the floor, kobe doesnt give up, if he can get up and down he ll play not sit like a little pencil pusher and write blog. Its allways the next game, next poss, next trophy not next year. U play or u leave and make room.

  26. KDfan says:

    I agree with Sekou and have this to add. Why did Kobe make such a big deal saying he’s “not” recruiting Melo? Let me go out on a limb and say Melo and La La (whatever she says is a red herring) will go to LAL and let’s not make a big deal out of it. If Melo and Kobe mesh well, good for the league and us fans.

  27. dustydreamnz says:

    I’m a fan of if you’re healthy you play. If you’re not up to it you should retire.
    If he plays it will help the combinations for next season so there are advantages.

  28. Lou Tam says:

    Shame on Lakers management of losing the best player in basketball history. You traded all good and best player for no reason except you stupidity. The management should be change or traded to somewhere else or to different administration. Please lift up the team sprit!!!!

  29. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    Lakers! Please tank this season and don’t let Kobe come back. At this rate you might get Wiggins/Jabari Parker. This year’s draft is full of game changing players. So what if Kobe can come back and win you a couple of games? At best Lakers will get 8th seed and a first round exit. And I doubt the turnover king can bring Lakers to 8th. Next season find a way to get hold Kobe’s ego before he ruins another young star(a la D12 or Shaq) IMO I will still keep Gasol since I think he still has a couple of good years and I always think he’svery professional even with all the trade rumors and always the scapegoat. Lakers fans! Things will look bright when Kobe’s out of the picture! Looking forward to next year’s draft. Btw, Melo not the solution.

  30. Shawn Kemp No. 1 says:

    “The Lakers’ 4-16 record since the knee fracture was diagnosed is the most obvious nod to Kobe’s greatness”


  31. jaleel Gillard says:

    If you wanna be frank, let’s go back to 2009, when kind fractured his finger.. The lakers pulled together led by Pay Gasol , they won against powerhouses such as Lebron and Cleveland, Peirce and Boston, Dwayne and Miami.. It’s called Chemistry with a real coach Phil Jackson.. Need I say more..

  32. rody says:

    Kobe wants to beat jordan’s legacy so bad that it became a curse.

    • bballjunkie1 says:

      He will never beat Jordan in the eyes of many, besides he has his own legacy to be proud of. But as the game is played records will be broken and new ones set, you can’t be it all. So hopefully he’ll do what will make him happy and not play to us bloggers and go out own his terms another championship or not still the Mamba.

  33. lino says:

    sure, sekou’s got a point, but we’re talking ego here when discussing bryant. we’ll know in 2-4 weeks whether that ego’s in check. i doubt it.

  34. Bill says:

    Personally I respect Kobe’s basic work ethic that he has expressed. Namely, that he getting paid (an amazing amount of money) to entertain LA Lakers fans and as soon as he is healthy enough to play, he will.

    He even was willing to take a hit to his ego coming back earlier this year with a lot of rust playing at a level way below his normal standard.

    Obviously Lakers are going no where this year but no one in management has offered the ticket holders a rebate so Laker organization and the payers under contract have an obligation to put the best product on the floor that they can for as many games as they can.

    Naturally, it goes without saying that Kobe, or any other player, should NOT comeback prematurely and risk their ability to perform in the future. I will place my confidence in the Lakers medical team that they won’t do that with a player under contract for $50mm. But once he is cleared to play, comeback for cripes sake.

  35. B. G. says:

    Sekou really does have a point on this.