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CP3’s return date still unknown | Nash suffers ‘tweaked’ back in practice | Report: No extension talks for Casey | La La Anthony thinks ‘Melo will stay in N.Y.

No. 1: CP3 works out, but return still unknown — The Los Angeles Clippers have done an admirable job of keeping things together since star point guard Chris Paul injured his shoulder on Jan. 3. L.A. has gone 10-3 during that span to remain in thick of the chase for the Pacific Division title. Paul continues to rehab and workout, but his return date remains largely an unknown, writes Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times:

Chris Paul got in a good, strong workout before the Clippers played the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday night.

Paul got in a good sweat shooting jumpers and runners. He got in a good sweat running up and down the court after he shot.

But Paul still is a ways away from playing because of a separated right shoulder.

The original timetable had Paul out up to six weeks, meaning he would be out another three weeks, returning sometime in mid-February.

“No one said there were any changes or a deadline or anything,” Coach Doc Rivers said. “But he feels great. I still think it’s All-Star break, in that area. I don’t think that changed.

“But he feels good. I know he’s shooting a little bit now. The fact that he can run and do the conditioning is great. But other than that, it still has to heal.”

Rivers said the final decision on when Paul will return will be up to the Clippers’ team doctors and head athletic trainer Jasen Powell.

And, Rivers said, Paul won’t be able to say he’s ready until he’s fully healed.

“On this one, this is one of those injuries where no matter how he feels, you still have to let it heal,” Rivers said.


No. 2: Nash ‘tweaks’ back, can’t practice yet — The good news for Los Angeles Lakers fans? Steve Nash‘s workouts in Vancouver with a trainer went well and he is healing up nicely from the nerve root irritation that has bothered him since Nov. 12. The bad news — if you want to take it as such — is that Nash tweaked his back in an unrelated injury and still isn’t able to practice. Trevor Wong of has more on the Lakers’ injury situation concerning Nash and others:

According to team spokesman, John Black, everything “went well” for Steve Nash in Vancouver while working with his trainer/physical therapist during the team’s 12-day road trip. Nash was expected to go through practice on Monday, but unrelatedly “tweaked his back,” and thus, did not participate.

“The plan for him is to have a practice on Thursday and he’s basically day-to-day,” Black said. “We’ll update you on whether he’ll play Friday based on how Thursday’s practice goes.”

Nash has been sidelined since Nov. 12 with nerve root irritation. Coach Mike D’Antoni remains hopeful the two-time MVP can return to the court again this season.

“I hope so,” D’Antoni said. “I hope for him. If anybody can do it, he can.”

Both Steve Blake (elbow) and Jordan Farmar (hamstring) have not been cleared for full practices yet, but are able to participate in basketball-related activities, as the two went through today.

“They’ll continue to ramp up through the week as they progress,” Black said. “Neither will play Tuesday or Friday, but the plan on them is to ramp up practices this week and we’ll update both of them at the end of this week.”

Blake was diagnosed with a torn collateral ligament in his right elbow and has been out since Dec. 13. Farmar, meanwhile, has been out since Jan. 3 after suffering a tear in his left hamstring.

“It was great,” he said. “I’ve been bored. That’s been the hardest thing. With this injury, you don’t feel too injured. It’s not painful; you don’t feel hurt. Just having to sit down, be patient and wait your turn, especially seeing them struggle, I just want to be out there and contribute.”

Xavier Henry (knee strain) went through some on-court work in Miami and was expected to be out another 10-14 days, but visited with a doctor today. There is no new update regarding his injury.

VIDEO: Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni talks about the team’s various injured players


No. 3: Report: Raptors not discussing Casey extension yet — When Dwane Casey took over as coach of the Toronto Raptors before the lockout-shortened 2011-12 season, he was dealing with a team in the midst of a rebuild following Chris Bosh’s departure to the Miami Heat a season earlier. As such, the on-court product often struggled to show progress throughout his first two seasons on the job. But the Raptors appear to have turned the corner under Casey as they are 16-9 in their last 25 games and lead the Atlantic Division. Casey, despite winning his first Coach of the Month honors in December, is in the last year of his contract and is in position for an extension, but those talks haven’t happened yet with Toronto’s brass, writes Sean Deveney of The Sporting News:

With a 16-9 record in his last 25 games, a Coach of the Month award for December on his mantle and a legitimate opportunity to get the Raptors to the playoffs for the first time in seven years, Dwane Casey could hardly be blamed for pestering the Toronto front office for a contract extension.

But, as a source told Sporting News, that hasn’t been the case—there have been, “no really significant discussions,” on extending Casey’s contract, which runs up at the end of this season.

Instead, it appears that Casey and the Raptors will finish out what has been a decidedly strange year in Toronto, and re-evaluate. That’s perfectly fine with Casey, who would have no problem returning to his home in Seattle and focusing on lures and casts rather than Xs and Os.

“I never worried about having a job,” Casey said. “I say that with all sincerity. I never worried about losing a job, getting a job. Because I learned a long time ago how to fish.”

Casey says concern over his next contract has no bearing on how he is handling his team now. When the Raptors hired a new general manager, Masai Ujiri, in the offseason, there was speculation that Ujiri would immediately make a coaching change. But after meeting with Casey—the two have known each other for years—Ujiri decided to stick with the coach, for at least one more year.

“I tell players every day, whatever happens, happens,” Casey said. “I am going to get up and approach my job the same way every day, 6:30 till whenever, midnight or whatever it is, every day, regardless of how things are going, whether we are winning or not. My job is to get the ship ashore. That’s the best way for me to approach it.”

Ujiri said Casey would not be sized up by wins and losses, but by development. Oddly enough, though, development has coincided with a revival in the standings, with the Raptors playing much better on both ends of the floor, getting themselves above .500 and into first place in the Atlantic Division.

The Raptors are still developing. The winning is just an unforeseen side effect.

“It’s difficult,” Casey said. “The question has come up quite a bit. It’s the most difficult thing in sports, is have two second-year guys as our starters and trying to win and win the division at the same time. So we talk about the process, getting better every time we play or practice, moreso than wins or losses. The development of our young guys is just as important, believe it or not, for the organization as winning is.”


No. 4: ‘Melo’s wife expects him to stay in New YorkKnicks All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony has said he plans to opt out of his deal to test the free-agent waters this summer. He’s also said in previous interviews that he both wants to try out the free-agent wooing process and that he wants to retire in New York. So which one is true? His wife, La La Anthony, says she thinks her husband will ultimately choose to stay with New York. The Associated Press has more on the story, as does

The wife of All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony says she thinks he will be back with the New York Knicks next season.Anthony has said he intends to become a free agent this summer. The Knicks can give him an extra year and some $30 million more than any other team, but their 17-27 record has created speculation he would consider leaving the team.

Speaking on “Watch What Happens Live” on Bravo on Sunday night, La La Anthony said she “definitely” thinks Anthony will stay in New York. She said he wants to stay and she supports him “where ever he wants to go.”

Anthony is averaging a team-high 27.2 points for New York, which acquired the Brooklyn native from Denver in a three-team trade in February 2011.

And here’s’s take on the story:

“I definitely think he will stay,” La La Anthony said in an interview with Bravo TV’s “Watch What Happens Live.” “I know that he wants to stay, and I support him wherever he wants to go.

“Listen, I used to live in Denver with him. If I can live in Denver, I can live anywhere. I just want him to be happy.”

La La Anthony playfully mocked those who speculate that she will have a heavy influence on her husband’s decision.

“I get blamed for everything. No matter what happens, it’s my fault,” she said. “[There are] all these talks if he’s staying in New York or not, [and] I’m somehow the mastermind behind if he stays or not.”

One potential destination is Los Angeles. The Lakers are among several teams, including the Chicago Bulls and Dallas Mavericks, that may have the requisite salary-cap space this summer to sign Anthony.

Kobe Bryant, a friend of Anthony’s, said Sunday that he will not be actively recruiting the Knicks forward to join the Lakers.

“Well, everybody wants to play in Los Angeles,” Bryant said when asked about Anthony’s potential interest in joining the Lakers. “I mean, New York is a beautiful place, don’t get me wrong, but it is colder than s— out here. You know, palm trees and beaches obviously are a little more appealing.

“All jokes aside, I think that players, when that time comes, will have to make the best decision for them and their families. I try not to think about it too much. If he wants to call me for advice later as a friend, I will be more than happy to give it to him.”

Anthony, who is in his 11th season, said Monday that his sole motivation is to win an NBA title.

“That’s the only thing I care about. Anything else is irrelevant to me when it comes to basketball,” he said. “Championship is the only thing that’s on my mind, is the only thing I want to accomplish, I want to achieve, and I’m going to do what I got to do to get that. That’s my motivating factor. Nothing else even motivates me anymore, just that.”


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  1. emevipeelad234 says:

    chris paul please take your time, one flopper out is always a good thing.

  2. dustydreamnz says:

    If Melo wants a title he’s not going to get one at the Lakers. What sorta name is Lala, sounds like a teletubby. Dwayne Casey should get an extension easy, he’d be close to coach of the year with the job he’s done with that young team.


    Who cares about Carmelo Anthony ??????
    What did Carmelo Anthony had already won since 2003 draft ?????
    Can someone answer me please ??????
    Did he won SOMETHING as a NUGGETS ????
    He’s not even worth all that money, just trade him plzzzzz
    Who cares about 62 points, Is that makes KNICKS better team…. I don’t think so
    Why send a BALLHOGER at L.A ???? Lakers already has their ballhogger
    Did we already forgotten Carmelo + Iverson ( 2 bullhoggers)
    just think twice Mitch Kupchak

    • Raptors says:

      First of all start by reading your comments before posting them, and secondly, sine the ’03 draft ‘Melo has more money than you and he is a better basketball player than you,
      btw: “Did he won SOMETHING as a NUGGETS” makes total sense keep up the good work.

    • MELO says:

      Who has Carmelo had on his teams? Kobe always had another star who was playing well and healthy on his team when he won his championships. LeBron won NOTHING until he went to the Heat… You give Carmelo the kind of surrounding cast that Kobe had when he won his championships, and LeBron has now, and Melo will go far… Melo is clearly one of the best players in the league.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      He was last year’s NBA Scoring Champion. Don’t know if he won other Scoring Titles. He’s always one of the best scorers (right now, 2nd to KD). He almost got to the Finals once in Denver, right? He recently set Knick/MSG records with that 62-point masterpiece. He helped the 2012 Olympic Team win the Gold Medal. He set a record during that run.

      All that’s left for him is to get to the Finals as many times as possible, which he can do if he joins the Thunder. Unfortunately, this year’s Knick team is struggling to make the playoffs (which I think they will).

      Carmelo may need to be on a better team to propel to the next level.

  4. thejerr says:

    dear steve nash,



    the CBA means that teams have no loyalty to players, melo will have to do what he has to

  6. Bulls Dynasty says:

    Melo + Rose + Noa + Butler + Taj + Tom = Championship

  7. Sandeman says:

    I just think loyalty is a virtue that many of today’s players sorely lack. It’s hard to build anything when you have a guy with one foot out the door looking to “test the waters” as soon as he faces some adversity. The franchise players of the 80’s and 90’s wouldn’t have dreamed of packing up and joining a fellow superstars team. That’s why unless he shows some tenacity, and discovers the definition of sacrifice he’ll just keep jumping to different teams hoping to get handed what you need to earn. A thousand Melo’s aren’t worth one Durant.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      You’re in denial. Carmelo won last season’s Scoring Championship, barely over Kevin Durant.

      Join the Thunder, Carmelo!!! If you want multiple and EASY World Championships!

  8. Anonymous says:

    “If I can live in Denver, I can live anywhere..” What the heck is that supposed to mean ??

  9. Sandeman says:

    He’s a New York Knick right? The best player on the team? So if they aren’t winning you’d think he would have something to do with that? What’s with superstars jumping ship at the drop of a hat when things don’t go as planned? He talks about all he wants to do is win a championship, well get involved in recruiting free agents (you need an upgrade at the point guard position) and figure out a way to bring a championship to YOUR team.

    • honorejr says:

      common sense and politics are never on the same street much less move in the same direction..its a shame. cause everyone who knows anything about the sport sees this. but management wont give him the oppertunity to do that.. i mean how do u explain jr smith and beno, and stats??? in my opinion tyler and a yong point guard should have been an obvious choice from the pre season.. but just look at what we got.

      • aes says:

        Yes Melo deserves a championship. I think everyone is looking in the wrong direction. Come home…John Wall and the Wizards are waiting for you.

    • Heat says:

      The biggest megastar who started this ship hoping is no one but the dude who thinks he’s the King, Lebron. That’s why when you compare MJ, Kobe, Dwade when current megastars, there is really no comparison. You win championship with the your team by showing your talents on the court and it’s so bright that it attracts other players to come to your team. That’s what legends do. Lebron needed Bosh and Wade to have enough shine to attract Battier and Allen and Lewis. History will always remember that.

  10. Melo Should Join the Bulls Got a Great Young Group of talent Everybody could Shoot & Great at Defense Melo Would also get better on Defense also Derrick Rose would take allot pressure off him when he come back they go far

  11. Melo Should Go to the Bulls they a Got a Great young Group of Talent and Tom Would Teach Him How to play Defense also when Derrick Rose Come Back they could Go Far

  12. Heat says:

    How does anthony make the same money as Lebron? The NBA should regulate salary for players base on what their stats say. Only one player should get pay the most unless there is no best individual player. How can a player rank 3rd in all time best get pay the same as a player who ranks 6th?

    • Jorge Millan says:

      Salary is a decision of the player and team. If a team wants to lure better players, it often pays them the max, in Miami’s case, they (the players) decided to go with a smaller pay-check to allow for the three of them plus key pieces to be in the roster. Nobody will argue that if you compare salaries alone, there are some that do not make sense, but it’s simply supply and demand. The best player available usually gets a max contract, even if they are not the best in the game.

    • Han says:

      Even Joe Johnson earned outrageous money for years now. It’s called business, as long as someone is willing to pay, then I don’t see any problem. Sorry to say, but your idea is a dumb one.
      Also, LBJ actually decided to get less salary (than the max allowed) to chase for championship. Yes, with tax and the image building, it’d probably work out better for him, but it’s a fact that he doesn’t get paid the max allowed because of his choice (pretty sure many NBA teams will be more than willing to give him the max salary). Chris Bosh actually has same salary as LBJ (and slightly higher than DWade), and they seems to be happy with that. In fairness, the market will eventually do the justice (LBJ certainly earn more from endorsement than Bosh), don’t worry about that.

  13. Weeedmoker says:

    a ring Anthony? –>MIAMI

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Anthony’s best destination for Championships? If he leaves New York (that’s a BIG IF), join the young Thunder. Imagine the 2 best NBA scorers on the same team. Unstoppable. One of the best teams of All Time.

      Thunder has a lot more cap space than Miami.

      You join a team like the Thunder to find the fountain of youth (like Derek Fisher has). It’s feasible Fisher could play another 5 more seasons with the current role he is in off the bench for the Thunder.

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        Or maybe Lebron James (if he is a FA this summer) could join the Thunder. To find the Fountain of Youth, extending your career even longer and winning lots of games in the long run. Miami is still great, but you get the feeling they’re gradually slipping away. They’re also not exactly getting any younger.

  14. Duke says:

    Melo needs to stay in NY of course they are not winning anything this year but we already seen what they are capable of when all are healthy and smith is not acting a fool so add the play of hardaway jr and get some decent talent from the draft and hopfully the free agent get rid of bargniani and all that money and you should be good spread the floor and let anthony shine one more year and get a consistent threat from downtown to play with anthony shumpert and tyson and they should be a decent contender in the east not championship worthy but decent enough to make the rest of the east game plan against them. problem is they have talent but dont know how to mesh them well and too many people on that team play stlye clashes like carmelo and smith should never be on the court at the same time unless they are up by like 15 and smith is shooting well and wants to seal the deal

  15. Dewayne says:

    If melo comes to la it won’t be much different than when lebron went to Miami. We won’t be nearly as good but we can contend with melo, some of our young guys, and a good coach.