Kings Unveil New Viewing Technology


SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The fan shooting from halfcourt for a car during a timeout in the second quarter wore one. Slamson, the lion mascot, wore one. A musician, part of the drum line that played during another timeout, wore one. Some Kings players wore them during warmups. A coach may wear one – during the game – next time.

A Kings emcee demonstrates the Google Glass at hafttime.

A Kings emcee demonstrates the Google Glass at hafttime.

Hoping to add a new layer to viewing games, the Kings on Friday unveiled Google Glass as an important business subplot to the game against the Pacers, new technology Sacramento officials hope will grow into a regular part of the fan experience at Sleep Train Arena and beyond.

About 30 people, and big cats, took turns wearing the 12 devices similar to eyeglasses, with no lenses, but a small camera attached, a nose piece for stability and a touch panel on the band along the right temple that worked similar to a mouse on a computer keyboard. Selected clips were then used on the overhead video board, on and as part of the Kings television broadcast.

“It’s fun more than anything else,” president Chris Granger said. “What we’re trying to do for our fans is give them a unique insider experience that you couldn’t have any other way. Imagine running through the tunnel with the players, running onto the court. Imagine being in the huddle with the sideline reporter and the team. Imagine being a dancer performing in front of 17,000 people. This is really about just giving an insider experience for our fans.

The Kings said they became the first professional sports team to use the streaming technology. They expect to use it again at another game. The next time, coach Michael Malone or one of his assistants may wear the glasses.

“I think we’ll try it,” Granger said. “As you know, we had players wearing it pregame and shootaround, we had our trainer wearing it or our sideline reporter wearing it. We’re going to continue to push the edges on this and just see what comes of it.”


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