MVP Ladder: Good Luck Catching KD!

VIDEO: Good luck trying to catch Kevin Durant on or off the court this season

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Is it too soon to declare this race over?

If Kevin Durant keeps it up, someone better find that checkered flag because no one will catch the Oklahoma City Thunder star on the KIA Race to the MVP Ladder. And that includes Miami Heat star LeBron James, who like the rest of us has admitted to marveling at Durant’s exploits this season.

Durant has already established himself as the most diabolical scorer of his generation, an absolute assassin capable of destroying opposing defenses from basically anywhere on the floor. But his current run of nine straight games with at least 30 points, not to mention his preposterous 37.0 scoring average for the month of January, has helped vault him into the all-time great category alongside the likes of James, Kobe Bryant, Kareem Abdul- Jabbar, Nate Archibald and Oscar Robertson.

His coach, Scott Brooks, has even crossed sporting lines by comparing him to an all-time great from the NFL.

“Kevin Durant, Peyton Manning,” Brooks said Tuesday night. “You just look at the parallels between the two. They just come in, they do their job every day. They don’t have to tell the world what they do, they just do it every day and it seems to work perfectly fine.”

It certainly does!

Dive in here for more on who made the cut on this week’s KIA Race To The MVP Ladder!

VIDEO: The Inside crew on the current state of the MVP race


  1. Matt says:

    @Kev C’mon man. Just c’mon. Durant is great, but Kobe is the most complete scorer to ever exist.

  2. Jerson says:

    This efficiency is surely MVP-caliber. He is scorching hot….. his lack of defensive ability that King James has is clearly compensated by his superb efficient scoring…. he will be MVP if he keeps this up…

  3. kev says:

    durant is just greaet, hands down the most pure scorer ive seen in 20 years no disrespect to kobe. dirks the man and has had a great career but he has never been on the same level that durant is on right now. not only does he score at will easier buckets than anyone in the league. but he has just as complete stats other than scoring than LBJ. durant= best hooper in the universe

  4. harris27312 says:

    Let’s talk about the heat and okc championships games if you where watching the same games I was watching you had to see the heat had help with the special friends they had on the floor with the refs and durant should have been mvp last year but everybody was stuck on lebron regardless of what he did that nobody else had a chance to win it. This year if Durant do not win the mvp and lebron get it then basketball is all about popularity instead of being a great player. What I do not get why is everybody trying to compare durant, kobe, and lebron they each bring something different and special to the game of basketball they all play a different style so why can’t they all be just great players. Although we as people have our favorite teams we still have to give props to the other players that go out there and grind every night

  5. Jintan says:

    Whatever I read “OKC won’t win a championship ever”, my mind goes off. I remember when people used to say “Lebron won’t win a ring” and now he has two.

    OKC has a great set of guys who are still growing up as players, “role players” that do exactly what they gotta do in a consistent basis and the drive to do so.

  6. pakyu says:

    the NBA must define the definition for MVP.

  7. jdub455 says:

    lebron is still the mvp… he doesnt take as much shots but look at what at his averages even in the defensive end… just dominating. people just get used to what lebron is doing that watching him play makes us forget that his stats are unbelievable. but KD cud take the MVP crown if he continues this performance… remember karl malone was given an MVP instead of MJ bec people just wanted more from MJ and his unbelievable play just became normal to us,,,

  8. okc2014 says:

    OKC2014! Kevin Durant MVP! Go Thunder!!

  9. laughing with kiwi land says:


    nba in kiwiland what finals did you see?????
    OKC never cam clear to beating miami that finals,they won 1 match and then lost 4 in a row.
    So your definbition of nearly winning should be reconsiderd

  10. Johnny says:

    Same old disrespect for blake griffin.

  11. More than 1 title KD will get before its all said and done! last year was a dissapointment with russell going down and the year they met miami in finals they nearly won it, and you can tell durants made improvements since then. He is a clutch player and has developed better pullup moves and drive pullup mid range moves instead of trying to take it all the way into traffic. How can people write this team off and say they wont win title. maybe they will maybe they wont this year. But they definetly going to be tuff to beat in 7 series and do definetly have a real chance this year! Durant has developed as a player and leader and this year has less games were hes shooting low % say 8/25, 7/21. if he hasnt got the touch that night hes finding other ways to get in games

  12. thespectator says:

    mvp sure, but an nba champion? wasnt lebron doing the same in cleveland days? eventually kd will get tired of scoring thousands of points each season and not winning the games that matter most…i hope he does become the next “king” cuz all this scoring and not winning a title doesnt mean much

  13. Dollar Man says:

    I’m a Heat fan and I say KD will be MVP this year. No doubt.

  14. dustydreamnz says:

    Way too early to be deciding MVP.

  15. KingLBjBoy says:

    Can durant win a title this season? No!!!!
    Heat r still d team to beat no way you can close heat in 7 games,

    • LakersWillWin says:

      If you are such a Heat fan, you know deep down they have been anything but exciting this season. The Chip DOES run through Miami, however, they got a lot of competition ahead of them. Indiana, Brooklyn, Oklahoma. Can they survive is the good question.

  16. Bill says:

    I agree, Durant has been great this year and deserves, so far, to be MVP. Personally I think Aldridge is #2 while LeBron has to take a hit due his team’s (relatively) lackluster performance so far this year.

    But let’s settle down a little in putting him on the short list of all time greats. Ultimately I have little doubt that he will be there one day but this recent scoring binge pales in comparison to some of the insane runs Kobe pulled off.

    During the 2005-06 season, Bryant had two months in which he scored over 40 points per game. In January 2006, the month he scored 81 against the Toronto Raptors, Bryant averaged 43.4 points. In April of that same year, he averaged 41.6 points while shooting nearly 51 percent overall and 41.3 percent from deep.

    In March 2007, Bryant averaged 40.4 points, and this run included a five-game stretch in which he scored 65, 50, 60, 50 and 43 points. After a slight hiccup of a game with 23 points, he notched 53 points in the final game of the month.

    Finally, how do we have a list of all-time great scores and not have Wilt on the list? Seriously, unacceptable omission.

  17. realist says:

    needing 25 shots for 54 points is not a typo
    he was 19 – 25 with 54 points at 1 point