Continuity Now A Strength For USA Basketball

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — USA Basketball announced its pool of 28 players that will make up the rosters for the 2014 World Cup of Basketball in Spain and the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. The roster, which includes 11 of the 12 players from the 2012 Olympic gold medalists (Kobe Bryant is the only exception), can be seen below.

Some things to know about the roster:

  • Note the word “initial” in the press release. Names could certainly be added to the roster between now and 2016. Players get hurt and have things that come up and keep them from participating. Also, there are no rookies or college kids on the list, and USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo may want to bring a couple of young guys into the fold down the line.
  • Kevin Durant and Kevin Love have committed to play this summer in Spain.
  • The lack of continuity and stability were the USA’s weaknesses from 1998-2006, but have been strengths over the last several years. Even when the U.S. went to Turkey in 2010 with a new roster, the coaching staff was taking part in its fourth international competition and had a system in place. That coach Mike Krzyzewski is back for another run and so many players continue coming back is huge.
  • If the U.S. doesn’t win the World Cup later this year, they will have to participate in the FIBA Americas tournament in 2015 to qualify for the Olympics. After winning the Olympics in 2008, the World Championship in 2010, and the Olympics again in 2012, the U.S. has skipped the FIBA Americas tournament in 2009, ’11 and ’13.
  • If a player isn’t in the pool, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Colangelo and Krzyzewski didn’t want him. It’s possible that they asked and he declined.
  • Exactly half of the 28 players have experience in a major international competition. Blake Griffin was on the 2012 Olympic Team, but suffered a knee injury in training camp and was replaced by Anthony Davis. Colangelo often speaks of players earning “equity” with the program, so guys that have been on the roster before certainly have an advantage over those who haven’t.
  • Players’ NBA positions are listed below, but those aren’t necessarily their positions with the U.S. Team, which typically plays just one big man at a time and often has two point guards on the floor. LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony are power forwards, Love is a center, and Russell Westbrook is sometimes a small forward. The team wants to play fast and aggressive, especially on defense.
  • In 2008, ’10 and ’12, the team carried just three true bigs on the roster. There are 10 in the pool, including four with Olympic gold medals.
  • In addition to Bryant, active players with an Olympic or World Championship gold medal who are not in the pool: Chauncey Billups (2010), Carlos Boozer (2008), Chris Bosh (2008), Rudy Gay (2010), Eric Gordon (2010), Danny Granger (2010), Tayshaun Prince (2008) and Dwyane Wade (2008).
  • As noted by AP writer Brian Mahoney, the pool includes each of the top-10 scorers in the NBA. Also, Nos. 12 and 13.
  • Players who were at last summer’s mini-camp that aren’t on the roster: Ryan Anderson, Harrison Barnes, Mike Conley, DeMar DeRozan, Derrick Favors, Jrue Holiday, DeAndre Jordan, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Ty Lawson, Greg Monroe, Chandler Parsons, Dion Waiters, Kemba Walker, John Wall and Tyler Zeller. It’s a testament to how deep the point guard position is that Conley, Holiday, Lawson and Wall aren’t in the pool. Rockets beat writer Jonathan Feigen tweeted Wednesday that Parsons was not happy about his exclusion.
  • The field for the 2014 World Cup of Basketball can be seen here. The four wildcard teams (there were 15 applicants) will be announced on Saturday, Feb. 1. Spain, playing at home, is obviously the U.S. Team’s biggest threat.

2014-16 Men’s National Team Roster

Player Team POS Height Age NBA Exp. National team experience
LaMarcus Aldridge POR F 6-11 28 8
Carmelo Anthony NYK F 6-8 29 11 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2012
Bradley Beal WAS G 6-5 20 2
Tyson Chandler NYK C 7-1 31 13 2007, 2010, 2012
DeMarcus Cousins SAC C 6-11 23 4
Stephen Curry GSW G 6-3 25 5 2010
Anthony Davis NOP F-C 6-10 20 2 2012
Andre Drummond DET C 6-10 20 2
Kevin Durant OKC F 6-9 25 7 2010, 2012
Kenneth Faried DEN F 6-8 24 3
Paul George IND F-G 6-9 23 4
Blake Griffin LAC F 6-10 24 4
James Harden HOU G 6-5 24 5 2012
Gordon Hayward UTA G-F 6-8 23 4
Dwight Howard HOU C 6-11 28 10 2006, 2007, 2008
Andre Iguodala GSW F-G 6-6 29 10 2010, 2012
Kyrie Irving CLE G 6-3 21 3
LeBron James MIA F 6-8 29 11 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2012
Kyle Korver ATL G-F 6-7 32 11
David Lee GSW F 6-9 30 9
Kawhi Leonard SAS F-G 6-7 22 3
Damian Lillard POR G 6-3 23 2
Kevin Love MIN F-C 6-10 25 6 2010, 2012
Chris Paul LAC G 6-0 28 9 2006, 2008, 2012
Derrick Rose CHI G 6-3 25 5 2010
Klay Thompson GSW G 6-7 23 3
Russell Westbrook OKC G 6-3 25 6 2010, 2012
Deron Williams BKN G 6-3 29 9 2007, 2008, 2012


  1. Saggy B says:

    Let Spike Lee coach (or be the mascot)

  2. Kevin says:

    Vince Carter, Ray Allen, and KG won the gold medal in Sidney in 2000 and aren’t in the pool, just throwing that out there.

  3. J4CK Nicholson says:

    Starting 5:

    PG – Chris Paul
    SG – Paul George
    SF – LeBron James
    PF – Kevin Durant
    C – Dwight Howard


    PG – Kyrie Irving
    SG – James Harden
    SF – Carmelo Anthony
    PF – DeMarcus Cousins
    C – Tyson Chandler


    PG/SG – Russell Westbrook
    PF/C – LaMarcus Aldridge

    I believe this lineup has players that can play multiple positions, enough PG’s and bigs, can still run and gun and most importantly will mesh together. What do you think guys?

    • hb says:

      almost perfect. I would just switch Aldridge for Blake since he won’t make a difference anyway I wanna see Blake dunking on everyone

  4. James says:

    Where is DeAndre Jordan at on this roster it makes no sense keeping him off the team the man is a beast he would dominate down low during the Olympics

  5. carlo says:

    There are so much hating in this comment section. Some players are better than other players but they are trying to get players that are fit to the international games. The usab won 2 Olympic gold & a fiba world cup in the last 6 years. I don’t think we need to question coach k & colangelo’s decisions.

  6. dustydreamnz says:

    Kyle Korver lol. Amazing 3 pt streak but not up to that level.

  7. master says:

    Beal? Hayward? Thompson? Korver? Cmon NBA there are way better players who deserve a spot on this list. Yeah like wall, rondo, hibbert, and ill even throw in mike conely too. Defense wins games. These guys have great d.

    • That Guy says:

      The NBA didn’t come up with this list. Also those guys are really good shooters and Hayward is a good defender. Not to say they are more deserving than other players but its still respectable.

  8. KingKaash94 says:

    Quit your whining people! We all know players like Rose, Tyson Chandler, Deron Williams won’t be healthy enough to make it. I would replace Rose with John Wall, replace Chandler with Ryan Anderson but he’s not healthy so then it would be Greg Monroe, and I would replace D-Will with Mike Conley because he plays on-ball defense.

    And congratz to Cousins for making it! All these ignorant people just listen to the media without actually watching any games and think his attitude hasn’t changed. Sure he leads the NBA in techs but he’s under much better control now with the right coaching and the departure of the Maloofs.

    My Final Roster of 12 for 2014 would be:

    PG- Chris Paul, Stephen Curry
    SG- Russ Westbrook, James Harden
    SF- LBJ, KD, Melo, PG24
    PF- Kevin Love, Blake Griffin
    C- Dwight Howard, DeMarcus Cousins

  9. J says:

    DeRozan just scored 40 the other night
    john wall is arguably the best healthy point guard in the east.
    that being said, kyle krover and gordan hayward, bye bye

  10. kobe says:

    The names that stick out to me the most (not being there) is Hibbert and Chris Bosh.

  11. Bill Kovacs says:

    No Rajon Rondo, no Jeff Greene, or any other Celtic player!!! Whats going on here, your going to tell me that no Celtic player is good enough to make this team, shame on the coaches.

  12. Matt says:

    Of course Chandler Parsons should be on that list up here..

  13. Chris says:

    John Wall is a Ball-hog? His teammates don’t step up so he has to lead the charge all the time. And you are EXTREMELY mistaken if you say he is not good enough DEFENSIVELY. He is top 3 in steals in the league as well as blocks among guards. You just got taken to school Michael, how do’ya feel?

  14. Chris says:

    Why in the WORLD is John Wall not in this? He is more deserving than half the people on the roster, and don’t use that excuse “the guard position is too deep” Please Wall has outplayed Deron Willliams, DRose, Irving, Korver, and even his teammate Beal! This is honestly so outrageous. Derozan isn’t even in the mix either! Can someone please explain this, because Wall DEFINITELY deserves to be in this. #WALLin

    • jcvs101 says:

      Parsons wanna get paid next season so any exposure will be a big help. lol

    • Michael says:

      John Wall is too much of a ball hog and doesn’t play good defensively to be on this team. Westbrook doesn’t get very much playing time because of his ball stopping ways but he’s a defensive necessity at the position Cousins will be dismissed because of his attitude.

    • Jack says:

      It ‘s not an all star team. You want to pick the best possible team to play under international rules.

  15. kobeballhog says:

    Chandler parsons complaining? lol

    • jOLAN says:

      I would have included Chandler Parsons over Kyle Korver, Kawhi Leonard, Gordon Hayward, Tyson Chandler, Kenneth faried, Bradley Beal, Deron Williams (he hasn’t been good the past 3 years), and DeMarcus Cousins (guy has the talent for sure, but that attitude needs to go. This isn’t a place for him to learn). Parsons should get in when D-Will and Tyson Chandler are both hurt as usual. The only reason those two guys are on the list is because they were there before.